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Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour

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Watch women sizes 0 through 28 try on the exact same bodycon dress. They discuss their experiences going shopping for bodycon dresses and how they feel about wearing them. Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2gYlQqe Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour
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Ava Hoso (11 hours ago)
I love how they all look terrible but they can’t admit it
natalia l (12 hours ago)
I love all the "medical professionals" in the comments talking about obesity and health issues...Even if you are correct that is not why you comment on this videos. be honest with yourselves and admit that you just dont like to see fat people because we are programmed to find beauty only in thinner and stop acting like you care about anyones health .
Ana Ky (20 hours ago)
Nobody looks good on a bodycon...ever.... stop making them..just stop.
Nerina (1 day ago)
Kadija is so beautiful
Rroxy S. (2 days ago)
Das erste Mal, dass ich eine übergewichtige Asiatin seh😂😂
Aya the moon bear (2 days ago)
I’m 12 and I’m size 10...
ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ (3 days ago)
Imagine putting this on a whale.
Size 6 and 12 looked especially beautiful ❤
Lauren South (4 days ago)
I have that unfortunate body type shown at 0:21 where it's big on top and small on bottom. nothing looks good on me
Yenni Bravo (4 days ago)
La chica de talla 4 y la chica del minuto 1:39 👍👍👍👍
Animelova54 (4 days ago)
I feel as though people watching this video are not understanding the purpose of it. It's less of showing the "curves" of an individual and more of showing what one article of clothing looks like on different body types and shapes. Plus fat in the human body has it's often way off showing itself and being distributed so unless you know the females in this video and know how much they weigh then you do not know whether they are obese or not. This video is great help for someone like me, who is rather small and doesn't particularly fit to one size, and is a fashion design major in college. If these woman are standing, breathing, and living their best life then I would classify them as healthy, personally, but at the end of the day that is not for me or anyone else on the internet to decide
Linda Barry (4 days ago)
Wonderful video
When I was your age! (5 days ago)
Embutidos a la moda 😂
moonlight TT (5 days ago)
Who wore it better????
un mundo nuevo (6 days ago)
Ese vestido a ninguna talla se.le ve bien
Holland'ın Kusmuğu (6 days ago)
I think a girl with hijab shouldn’t wear bodycon dress
Nyanza Rojas (6 days ago)
Some of these women don't ever need to wear a tight dress. And in all honesty this just gave me more motivation to lose all my baby weight after I have this baby. Some people want to pretend that being fat and over weight is a beautiful thing and I'm here to say the heck it is not.
Linda coleman (6 days ago)
Are they really serious????
Tatiana D (6 days ago)
Stilte voor De Storm (6 days ago)
My reply to many of these comments: if all of these women were anorexic or were a size 00, the comments would say how they’re sick and how they need to be treated. But because this video shows so many obese/very overweight women, we should suddenly support them, even though obesity and being overweight gives just as many problems and sicknessess.. this is one of the many wrong things about the extreme left people. Don’t get me wrong: I support body positivity, but I simply don’t support an unhealthy lifestyle.
B G (6 days ago)
The girl in the chucks with the hips and the one in the hijab!!!😍😍😍
Wiktoria (6 days ago)
TexasRed (7 days ago)
I dont ever wear this type of dress. EVER. I don't have the right body type right now.
nuzhat batool (7 days ago)
Girl at 2 :10 hijabian 💥
Fedor Gref (7 days ago)
Why woman 4 size bigger than woman 6 size?
Sush SGG (7 days ago)
I m size 10, when I saw the size 10 here...I just wanted to run down the hill crying 😩
Mr. NoTeIncumbe (7 days ago)
Hay varias gordas y sólo una flaca. ¿No hay las que estamos entre esas? Jaja... Qué mal por nosotras las de talla normal. Ah, ya vi una delgada.
maria caulker (7 days ago)
this is beautiful
deathxdisco (7 days ago)
"If it's not me in a bodycon im like yes queen" If this isn't the truest statement. I think the women larger than me look fine, but i would feel like the most huge hideous thing in one. We are all too harsh on ourselves.
Laver constantine (7 days ago)
Have this same dress but in black and I have no issue with it. But then again I wear the right bra and a normal weight range.
WndrWmn72 A (7 days ago)
Celebrating obesity and calling your fat rolls "curves!" Encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle. Very sad.
Lesnnie's talks (7 days ago)
Why we don't see and hear the size 0 enough? Do you think she has nothing To say? Stop skinny shaming us please
Karan Simmons (7 days ago)
Bodycon, you guys need to stop!!! You as well as anyone looking at these women know 100% that some of them do not look good in this type of dress. Overweight is not curvy. Why are people so afraid to say a person is overweight, but will easily speak about anorexia. They are both medical conditions that need to be addressed not ignored for that almighty dollar, to sell a dress or spanks or whatever you're trying to pull off of all things!
Lxna (1 day ago)
Karan Simmons I meant to say not a healthy condition it was 4 am for me and I was having insomnia lmao sorry
Karan Simmons (1 day ago)
+Lxna im not sure if you know what morbidly obese means, because being morbidly obese is in no way shape or form healthy. Its the worst condition you can be in when it comes to weight.
Lxna (2 days ago)
Karan Simmons i mean being a few pounds overweight can be curvy but being obese/morbidly obese is a healthy condition not a body type
How cuuute is that!💕
Jgirl 27 (8 days ago)
The size 4 girl looked the best to me. She looked the best.
Chad burrito (8 days ago)
Marina E. (8 days ago)
First world problems
Pp Kronos (8 days ago)
I think all this type of bodies are beautiful! 🤗
Meow Meow (8 days ago)
Nur Sema (9 days ago)
Obesity is disease. Not normal... Don't normalise!
Brigh Geal (9 days ago)
Such a diversity. So absolutely beautiful.
Loba T (9 days ago)
I think the size 6 lady is really beautiful but she doesn't know it
12345678910 (9 days ago)
Ok people stop blaming it on the dress, they're fat and that makes them look ugly, no sugercoating it.
Lxna (2 days ago)
Candace Denton sis lets be honest, they might all have pretty faces but some of there body’s are anything but healthy, being morbidly obese is a problem that kills SO many people.
Candace Denton (9 days ago)
12345678910 Um... no it’s really the dress. By the way all these women are beautiful and there are many sizes so get your facts straight
angie nichols (9 days ago)
I think this dress looks uncomfortable at any size...wear something you feel comfortable in.
Nata Schum (10 days ago)
Девушкам всем похудеть нужно...)))
1:29 Yesssssssss! My top half is tiny whereas my hips are so wide. This is the reason I don’t ever buy structured dresses or jumpsuits.
Emmy owo (10 days ago)
Yes queens
Meeh Gold (10 days ago)
4:37 omg this is SO me
Kawaii Universe (11 days ago)
*Every shirt I wear has to be the perfect size or it'll be too short for my shoulders and show my bra.*
jess sims (12 days ago)
The body size doesn't make the dress the shape of the women is the ruling factor
•トマト (12 days ago)
Bagel (12 days ago)
As much as I love the idea of promoting body confidence and empowering plus sized woman, there is a point at which it is unhealthy. Your size doesn't matter as long as it isn't significantly negatively impacting your health, and you really can't be much larger than a size 20 or 22 without that happening. I'm just a person on the internet, though, so you really don't have to listen to me. Promoting confidence at all sizes is amazing. Promoting all sizes as healthy isn't. There is a point at which it is unhealthy and trying to convince people it isn't is blatantly wrong. If you're happy, though, you do you.
Sukhmani Sidhu (1 day ago)
+ohmygodohmygodohmygod either elaborate or excuse yourself
ohmygodohmygodohmygod (2 days ago)
+Sukhmani Sidhu you ARE wrong on so many levels
Sukhmani Sidhu (4 days ago)
+Karan Simmons "yOuR aRe WrOng oN sO MaNy LeVeLs" all im trying to do promote kindness, cool yourself. I just stated how these people are just trying to live their lives confidently. it doesn't mention anything about health. No one in the video is trying to convince people anything. They are just living and being confident. She made assumptions abut these people and i'm calling her out. When you comment something controversial publicly, you are agreeing to accept people responding to it.
Karan Simmons (4 days ago)
+Sukhmani Sidhu You are wrong on so many levels. Her opinion does count, BECAUSE once you put yiurself out there publicly,you are agreeing to accept public opinion, rather it be positive or negative. And @Bagel gave her,very true mind you, opinion very respectfully.
PaintedBooks (13 days ago)
What's wrong with saying that they're fat? I'm fat. They're fat. It's a fact. Stop getting triggered over a simple fact.
Karla vargas (13 days ago)
Subtítulos en español porfavor
dropdrop top (13 days ago)
Maybe if it was black
MintyRaindropx (15 days ago)
*busted can of biscuits.*
Maika Cote (15 days ago)
How pretty and amazing are these woman
탄가 (15 days ago)
I need Korean subtitles!!!
Inés Pardavila Prieto (15 days ago)
the dress looks like that in all of them because it’s the intention of the video. Some dresses fitted better in different types of bodies, but that type of dress fits (bad) in all of them but at least it shows all people can wear them🤷🏿‍♀️
crazygirlisabella (16 days ago)
I’m a size 0 in everything, anyone else a size 0 or am I just too skinny?
Little Blue (16 days ago)
I have never seen such a fat Korean Girl Thats a worldwonder wow
sus (16 days ago)
how come women who are anorexic are told they need help and need to fix themselves, but incredibly obese women are told to love their bodies?
+ohmygodohmygodohmygod yes?
ohmygodohmygodohmygod (2 days ago)
+hållkäftenåsegladut du obesity causes health problems
Thats such a strange thing to say. Anorexia is a psychological eating disorder.. everyone should learn to love their body, small or big, but most people with eating disorders need help because it can be very dangerous.
Glo. Kaylee (7 days ago)
That's definitely a lie. Obese women get death threats and constant insults. Stfu. And ur not any better than those ppl
Sp[iced] Coffee (16 days ago)
I think more time should've been given to the size 0 girl. I think she looks wonderful. I'm also a size 0.
Todas tienen una belleza diferente pero al final de cuentas belleza es belleza <D.
I consider that size 2 is the most beautiful of all listed.
Vav Gig (17 days ago)
Size 0, Wow😍😍😍
aseka ba (17 days ago)
12 😍😍😍
AbraxoCleaner (17 days ago)
size 6 is great
M (17 days ago)
Which country's sizing are these?
GalaxyGlitter 46 (17 days ago)
The one in the grey dress is beautiful.
RonaldWeasleysWife (18 days ago)
“Sure my stomach shows and everything, but that’s just part of my body. And that’s my body. So why would I not love it?” I LOOOOOOVE THIS!!!! So sweet, true, and empowering. :’) BLESS!!! 😍🙌🙏🙌🦄🦋✨🌟✨❤️❣️❤️
RonaldWeasleysWife (18 days ago)
We should all internalize this message, to truly love ourselves and our body, at all shapes and sizes!! 🤗🤩🥳👑 Even if your tummy hangs out — that’s just as worthy of your love, too, because it’s a part of ya, whether temporary or not... always love all parts of yourself, even if working on toning them (always in a HEALTHY manner only, of course)! 😘 while they’re there, they deserve your love, for however long you’re fat or skinny or in-between. 😊😊😊
fiusa04 (18 days ago)
I don’t think I would wear a dress like this one in my life time.
Maria Mey (18 days ago)
brooklynne richardson (18 days ago)
this is random but I love bebe.....for just not reason
Luzia (19 days ago)
The size 0 girl is so adorable ♥️
Btsmyloves Kim moon (19 days ago)
2:14 her body perfect 🤩💗
Fortnite Fan (19 days ago)
Holy fricken cow women are so fat these days.
Indigo Charles (20 days ago)
why does everyone mean to fat ppl just bc they’re fat that’s they business
Indigo Charles (20 days ago)
mind ur business
G Hs (20 days ago)
Beautiful women, ugly dress 🙄👏👏👏
HazzaMakesLouehStrong (20 days ago)
I’m a size 2 in the top part of my body and a 4/6 in the bottom part... I hate that
Zachary Williams (21 days ago)
14 is the perfect size
Paola Garcia (21 days ago)
Джон эльвис (22 days ago)
Все они различные однако из всех будто мне будто не было ни одной девицы с безупречной фигурой They are all different, but of all I think there was not a single girl with a perfect figure.
Идеальной фигуры не существует, будто такой.
svit jeram (22 days ago)
Some of em were just obese
Semper Fidelis (22 days ago)
Fantastic women, every single one of them is fantastic. Women are fantastic. That dress is really crappy, bottom-of-the-barrel crappy.
Digitus Impudicus (23 days ago)
First world problems
Digitus Impudicus (23 days ago)
Is it a commercial? The dress' ugly
OH_KAY ••• (23 days ago)
Crazy how the size ten woman and the size twelve woman had two completely different body shapes regardless of size.
Ella’s Galaxy (23 days ago)
I liked the one in the grey dress best. She was beautiful 😉
Stephany Solis (23 days ago)
I love Bebe 💕 1:05!
Deborah L (23 days ago)
No one talking bout the girl that thought Body Con was 4 letters
heather hathaway (23 days ago)
i absolutely love these videos
Shelbear (24 days ago)
Some of these girls need help, obviously being big and confident is great but at least half of them were obese, I mean do whatever you want but everyone praising obese figures encourages unhealthy lifestyles to younger impressionable kids.
MsJovaJah (25 days ago)
I think a bodycon is an interesting thing for fashion industry in a certain way (especially if it’s not basic). Its the only piece of clothing that changes its silhouette with the person who is wearing it. The dress adapts to the person and the person does not have to adapt to the shape of the garment. It can not affect your self confidence if you already have a good one. Theres something fascinating about it call me cray
It's not very good idea to promote these types of eating..dissordes..the whole idea of "love your body no matter what" it is wrong..yea you should be confident but cmon some of these women have morbid obesity...they probably have hypertension,diabetes,dyslipidemiab,heart deseases etc
Lesly Segara (26 days ago)
Am size maybe 5 comparing to the their 0 coz am 53 kilo and wish to be the max large size they have coz i lose weight easly i can loose 50 kilo in 3 weeks by just being me which nooooo apetit at all maybe 2 meal a day
Rachel Morrow (26 days ago)
The size 0 and 2 ladies are the only ones who rocked this look
Léa Pitois (26 days ago)
@ 1:54 costanzé? Is that how you say it? ( If you don't get it look at youresoloud and you'll understand)
Dexter Morgan (26 days ago)
Just i think that everybody looks bad in this dress.
Ego Vici (26 days ago)
Body what

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