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Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour

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Watch women sizes 0 through 28 try on the exact same bodycon dress. They discuss their experiences going shopping for bodycon dresses and how they feel about wearing them. Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2gYlQqe Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour
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Text Comments (9049)
billie ?h (3 hours ago)
I'm size 2 or 0 =(
cassie mehta (4 hours ago)
Is sizing different in us to uk ?xx
Han (17 hours ago)
I am a UK size 12 which always says I'm a size 8 in the US, but I'm more the size of the size 6 woman than the size 8 woman!
munilol123 Roblox (17 hours ago)
When it said Size 0😂😂
WHY AM I ON THIS WORLD (21 hours ago)
wtf 8 out of 10 of these wamen are fat why is being fat the new "normal" in 2018
lol lipop (1 day ago)
I'm size 7 ;-;
Bob Chou (1 day ago)
Ruth Rogers-Wright (1 day ago)
awful ad for fitness regime
Tsubaki Miku (1 day ago)
MashiroMomo (1 day ago)
why would you not love it? well maybe because you're obese to the point that it's hurting your health. I'm size 6 and man would I love that type of confidence.
Kwek32 (1 day ago)
Israa Baykara (1 day ago)
Yanii size 0 no way
Israa Baykara (1 day ago)
Marcy yuck
Israa Baykara (1 day ago)
First girl ewwww
Twisted86 (1 day ago)
1:02 DOUBT IT!
Awkwyrd (1 day ago)
It shows too much
Gambiner for pres (1 day ago)
Another video i cant get out of my recommended
NebX (1 day ago)
Thumbnail be like 2+1+2=5
Roberto 0 (1 day ago)
Sean Christopher (1 day ago)
THE RINO SAYS, ”........” BATTLESHIP GRAY... (Even had a token terrorist, LoL..)
Alex (1 day ago)
I hate sjw
Legen Dairy (1 day ago)
Fat is bad
Chloe_jones616 (1 day ago)
I'm seeing everybody saying *wow it looks horrible on all of them!* and I'm just like..... It looks great on all of them but it doesn't matter what I say it just matters how they feel about it.
Oxygen Ated (1 day ago)
That’s so thin I bet it’s body tight it burst right after all wore it
Walrus (1 day ago)
Audrey and Caroline are whales
JP Magoots (1 day ago)
I watched this out of curiosity, and knowing nothing about women's clothing sizes, assumed I'd learn something about my own tastes in women. Not a good looking one the whole bunch body-wise. I'm guessing I'd go for a size 3 woman, although the video did't include one.
Beautiful confident women! Every size looks amazing (especially the one with braids and the one in the red hat)
Owen Conrad (1 day ago)
So they all love to get Obesity and die seems cool
T_T (1 day ago)
only in the US do they promote unhealthy bodies.. shm..
Spicy Greg (1 day ago)
they could only find one hot girl?
gbc sneg (1 day ago)
Stop glorifying being fat if your fat you shouldn’t be proud of your body you should look down on it and make a change. Glorifying obesity is terrible and is only done by fat fucks who have given up and rather lie to themselves
Jason (1 day ago)
now thats alot of damage
I hate bodycon dresses
Recalcitrant Muse (2 days ago)
1:22 - Size 00 = No 2:10 - Size 02 = Yes 0:13 - Size 04 = Yess! 0:42 - Size 06 = Yess 0:27 - Size 08 = Still Ok 0:17 - Size 12 = THICK 0:21 - Size 10 = Nah 2:51 - Size 14 = No 1:09 - Size 16 = No 0:55 - Size 18 = Noo 1:53 - Size 20 = Nooo 0:34 - Size 22 = Noooo 3:38 - Size 24 = Nooooo 1:04 - Size 26 = Noooooo 0:59 - Size 28 = Nooooooo
adam weeres (2 days ago)
the dress only looked good on the 3 thin woman.
OIF/OEF-0341 (2 days ago)
I see ALOT of belly's in this video!!!! Lmfao
Oliver Bäckström (2 days ago)
The best body is the one that eats healthy and exercises properly. This is usually not either skinny or fat.
asdfjk asdfg (2 days ago)
That woman at 0:21 looks like a roblox character
Vazeren (2 days ago)
I feel like I’m playing fallout 4 and I keep hitting randomize on my game character
Judah Baker (2 days ago)
Lydia the Introvert (2 days ago)
If you touched Yanii she would break 20 bones, meat where? Bones HERE
Evan Claxton (2 days ago)
yeah but, like... why?
Virgin Messiah (2 days ago)
Molly had the best body
Prisha Kapoor (2 days ago)
*i dont wanna look like a busted can of biscuits*
Kansiime Bamanyisa (2 days ago)
So I am size 2
Ay Sh (2 days ago)
I don’t think it looks flattering on any body its just a bad dress
Ay Sh (2 days ago)
Lol i would look bad af in this dress. 😂
Aly (2 days ago)
0:20, Audrey w/ the converses - her body is so beautiful! She looks awesome in a body con.
Au Tara (2 days ago)
It does not matter whether you are fat or slim because you are still beautiful.
Bagel666 (2 days ago)
There is no beauty in not taking care of yourself.
Karl Toth (2 days ago)
To my eye 0-2 looks skinny 3-6 looks normal 7-10 could lose a few pounds. Why anyone over a size 10 would wear a dress like this is beyond me.
dee sin (1 day ago)
In this video the size 12 looks better than the size 10. Gotta take into account height, build, body shape, etc.
Karl Toth (1 day ago)
not in a sausage casing.
Karl Toth You're saying size 12 doesn't look good? i think you're blind-
Amelie Taylor (2 days ago)
i love these episodes
Mr. Gandalf (2 days ago)
So let's all trade bodies to show how open-minded we are!
David Juicy (2 days ago)
lol what a brutal dress, you'd have to be delusional to rock it with any size 7 or higher
TheChannelOfSADNESS (2 days ago)
I feel the same way most of the thick women do. I am in high school, 15 years old, a sophomore. I am one of the thicker girls to but I have been told I have a "hour glass shape" I hate it honestly. I would rather be skinnier and just get it done. My uniform pants seams are coming through, and you know they have a lot of clothing that makes me feel uncomfortable. Honestly, I am very self conscious for my age. So, when things like that happen it just makes me want to throw on some sweat pants and go out of the house. But, sometimes I can't do that.
Delicate Demon (2 days ago)
That dress is honestly just ugly.
Will S (2 days ago)
Honestly, this is really, really gross.
Will S (2 days ago)
What happened to the fitness revolution? I think Doritos killed it.
Nickolai Gypsy (2 days ago)
had this dress been a different color like dark black ,or midnight black ,then it might look better on these women. gray is not really flattering .
Plutot Crever (2 days ago)
Apparently, the same compagny is about to launch some new spray painted dresses. "Spray and slay", they call em. "The ultimate freedom of movement". Hey, again, Im a guy. Im not complaining one bit.
Ed Moritz (2 days ago)
2:58 10/10 would smash until she was flat
Jesse Cab (2 days ago)
Not going to lie, Audrey with the red Chucks could get it 😍😍😍
The Cloak (3 days ago)
I respect all sizes, but size 0 and 24-28 are really unhealthy
brooklyn haynes (3 days ago)
all these women have such beautiful bodies i’m shook
Jack Parker O' Poark (3 days ago)
Bebe sit on my face
Nicoleta styles (3 days ago)
S E (3 days ago)
Yes but seriously, where can we get this dress? I think they all look fantastic. It goes with their jewelry and shoes.
Emma p (3 days ago)
They all looked so good in the dress 😍❤️
Little Llama (3 days ago)
Who else thinks the size 12 girl is beautiful?
Wiktoria F (4 days ago)
Hey, it's not about the dress. It's about appreciating all body shapes.
NewNails WhoThis (4 days ago)
Bodycon ain't for everybody
Tharaa Tharaa (4 days ago)
My size is 2
Abbey with an E ! (5 days ago)
The size 0 girl kind of creeped me out! A woman to me is curvy❤️
Nutella Tran (5 days ago)
1:23 Do you hear *Yanny* or _Laurel_
Semira (5 days ago)
they should do a vid called “fat girls go to the gym instead of trying to promote obesity.”
April G (5 days ago)
LOL despite all the comments on the dress, all the women are BEAUTIFUL. Nice diversity.
Art Vandelay (6 days ago)
I feel attracted to size 2 through size 8, but all of these lovely ladies need to turn around so I can see what they're workin' with. Ya feel me?
Cute kitten paws (6 days ago)
I'm definitely a four. Bigger in the lower half and smaller in the top half.
Chartreuse Maiden (6 days ago)
GOD! I have to get in shape. I'm sorry, if you were trying to go for another point. But this was my wake up call. After today....my dog and I are gonna be on a strict diet.....minus the booze. I'll totally sacrifice cookie for booze.
Kalyn Y (6 days ago)
Marla should be size 2 lmaooo
Charlie (6 days ago)
All these negative comments jesus, ngl when I saw the thumbnail I first thought “wow they all look amazing” !! Its a cute dress and they all look great !!
Said noone ever!
Léa H (6 days ago)
they are so beautiful honestly 💗
Chayse's Fun life (6 days ago)
size 20...................
Ash 2000 (6 days ago)
All of these women are beautiful but Audrey pulled off the dress so well
Jade Purcell (6 days ago)
Ok idk about like American sizes but how were the girls that were size 10 and size 22 not that different
Alexandra's Channel (6 days ago)
What size would I be..I'm 5'9 128 pounds?
Mavrokattou h Prwti (6 days ago)
Jesus Christ America, sizes 0-28?? The largest size I’ve seen in the UK is 18. Also, I am a size 10 but I am half the size of the girl shown here as size 8 (molly). They wouldn’t be able to shop outside the USA
Kalter Alt (7 days ago)
“It’s my body, why would I not love it?” Tell yourself that after you’re diagnosed with a heart disease cause by diabetic stuff and the fat you constantly put on your body.
sandradebil (6 days ago)
She shouldn't love her body because she is fat? The first step of losing weight is loving your body. Because when you love everything about yourself, you'll be motivated. And when you hate yourself, you'll just feel sorry and you'll eat 24/7 because you gave up on life.
soph mitchell ༄ (7 days ago)
This comment section is ugly asf
jayy sosa (7 days ago)
I love size 12 and size 26
Bob Star (7 days ago)
Fat bitches
LastOfTheMaguas (7 days ago)
Fat girls, you do not look good. MOST people lie to you to avoid you
Amazing Pil (7 days ago)
We all know black women are the ones who are curvy. White people like to bring skinny black girls or obese black women infront of the camera so that people think that we are not curvy. Bish please! Our hips don't lie ;)
Bella Boyles (7 days ago)
Not trying to be mean but the dress is ugly on them all lol their all beautiful though
Beauty Diys By Nia (7 days ago)
Finally someone understands being less than a 00. Im so happy I have someone to relate to.
Sapere Aude (7 days ago)
*Glamor* Magazine? Did you say *Glamor*? Bodycon...sounds like a con to me.
Chantelle K (7 days ago)
They are all so beautiful in that dress
RealLifeFoe IRL (7 days ago)
Soo many fat fucks in this video
Nicolas Lomo (7 days ago)
The fat one is gross
Kingjamescorona1 (7 days ago)
Draw the line at size 8. Salads exist.

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