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Stihl Kombi KM131R - TOOL REVIEW

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Here's a review on the Stihl Kombi KM131R with the String Trimmer and Brushcutter attachments. See full specs here; Canadian http://en.stihl.ca/STIHL-Products/01478/KombiSystem.aspx http://en.stihl.ca/STIHL-Products/01478/KombiSystem.aspx USA https://www.stihlusa.com/products/multi-task-tools/professional-kombisystem/ Help me make videos! http://patreon.com/donyboy73 Watch another video of a blown 2 cycle leaf blower here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=108Mb... Follow me on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Donybo... Twitter; https://twitter.com/donyboy73 Instagram: http://instagram.com/donyboy73/ GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/1016213... Due to factors beyond the control of DONYBOY73 “The Small Engine Doctor”, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information, or improper use of this information. DONYBOY73 “The Small Engine Doctor” assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. DONYBOY73 “The Small Engine Doctor” recommends safe practices when working with power tools, hand tools, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of DONYBOY73 “The Small Engine Doctor”, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not DONYBOY73 “The Small Engine Doctor”. #DIY
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Text Comments (195)
nafnaf0 (1 month ago)
the brush knife is much better for everything than the 4 blade grass cutter head that comes with KM brush cutter head
Manihote Esculenta (1 month ago)
it looks like that black strip on the debris shield is slowing you down. can't it come off for blade work.
Manihote Esculenta (3 months ago)
when they call it a system you know it will cost you more.
Fugitive 6568 (4 months ago)
Can see you've not used a strimmer much before
Fugitive 6568 (4 months ago)
That wide blade on the head is for long grass
Travis Muhler (5 months ago)
I have the fs131. I love it. Looking to get one of these KM131 for the pole saw and cultivator
nyunixguru (6 months ago)
Nice of you to share and sacrificing your hostas lol
donyboy73 (6 months ago)
they grew back in a few weeks lol
lnesland (7 months ago)
Nice review. What do you think about the battery version of this, the KMA 130 R?
donyboy73 (7 months ago)
never tried the battery one
Mayolo Salgado (7 months ago)
Dude!! You just cut hostas and ferns.
Kenny P (8 months ago)
Nice review, I just picked up the same one, bro, did your wife kill you for cutting down her flowers?
Bob Eddy (9 months ago)
Bought one yesterday
CALVIN L. NIKONT (9 months ago)
I recently bought the KM131R power unit, the lawn edger, and the blower. Even though I have had the Makita 4-cycle string trimmer for about 6 years (I am very happy with it), I have been considering buying the brush cutter attachment. Did you like the way it worked? You should do a review of how to add a string to the trimmer.
apritchard171 (10 months ago)
The poor hosta never had a chance!
Drew Thornton (10 months ago)
My trimmer attachment has a grease plug ro put grease in
Drew Thornton (10 months ago)
Hey don i just picked up the km 131r yesterday and it's a beast it sounds like quad bike
Brian (10 months ago)
Don't tighten that knob too much, I've stripped the threads on a few of those bolts for the KM attachment. It's a cheap part to replace, but the unit is useless if you can't tighten the bolt. I recommend buying a few and keeping them on hand, since they're aluminum and likely to eventually have their threads stripped.
FREDERICK JUNEAU (11 months ago)
Hey Don are you still satisfied with the 131R? I'm looking to buy one this year and I don't want to be disappointed
FREDERICK JUNEAU (11 months ago)
donyboy73 no grass in winter 👌👌👌👌
donyboy73 (11 months ago)
yes I am but I haven't used it much
Paul Wharton (11 months ago)
Lovely - You deserve it - Your advice has helped me no end.
Grant Lukan (1 year ago)
On very low throttle does your km 131r make a metal rattle sound? Mine does and I can’t figure it out
Michael S (6 months ago)
I just got one today and was using the weed trimmer attachment. I was experiencing the same thing (the metal rattle sound). I think I heard it at 4:52 in the video. Of course, he was just starting it at that point, but mine was throughout using it. Also, I find the barrier bar (which may be useful for other attachments) digs into the inside of my upper thigh. The manual says to ALWAYS keep it attached, but gives no information about its purpose. I suspect it would be helpful for using a hedge trimmer, but so far, it is useless for weed trimming - other than for agitating me.
matthew abbott (10 months ago)
As donyboy stated is the clutch engaging
donyboy73 (1 year ago)
not yet but could be the clutch. usually not worth worrying about
Cerberus (1 year ago)
I have the older 130R and i'm satisfied with All of that. I love how you change out heads while the engine is at idle. None of my neighbors have this equipment and it takes them much longer to do their yard chores as a result, if they bother with it at all.
Bewitched Angling (1 year ago)
There is nothing 4 stroke about this...
matthew abbott (10 months ago)
Bewitched Angling the the 131, 110, and 90 are four strokes, just eliminates the crankcase oil holding tank
Crankshaft in action (1 year ago)
I wish would of got a Stihl.
Jacob Ditmer (1 year ago)
Much better than the echo
Kenneth Durham (1 year ago)
How much did that stihl kombi cost
Kenneth Durham (1 year ago)
I got a husqvarna 129lk dealer trimmer I like husqvarna too
Smells exquisite (1 year ago)
I own one this unit is a Beast.
Jacob Ditmer (1 year ago)
Donyboy73 should do a one year later review
mopartshemi (1 year ago)
Your wife's going to kill you!!!! you killed her garden!!
Réjean Beaudette (1 year ago)
I use the KM131R for versatility of implements but still prefer good old 2 stroke FS250 for whacking.
Joni English (1 year ago)
how is the KM90R similar ? but smaller Engine . this is 4mix ?
Joni English (1 year ago)
check out my lawnboy 22270 resto
Joni English (1 year ago)
what would a used one Go for ??? $ 200-300 bucks with 2 attachments ?
donyboy73 (1 year ago)
yes the KM90R is a much smaller engine and a 4mix as well
RJ Ruperto (1 year ago)
I bought the same set up earlier i this year and my trimmer head has the grease screw
AMERICAN VIKING (1 year ago)
The only period of rest mine gets is going from yard to yard... LOL.Nice review.
Jacob Ditmer (1 year ago)
I like the Stihl km131r no matter what. Donyboy73 just got the good trimmer. Also he's a Real Stihl guy.
stihldude (1 year ago)
Do you have the stihl fs 94r
Joe Jirak (1 year ago)
just got this unit, very nice. Major power cant wait to try different attachments.
Jack Daniels (1 year ago)
Yes it is a heavy little piggy but wen it comes to shire power at the head ... your not going to beat it without really braking the bank ... Love mine and it's the standard version with a full strait shaft to the head and man dose it take some heavy sh!t down explicitly with the 3 tooth brush blade, wow!
Jacob Ditmer (1 year ago)
Don you should try the edger attachment.
Skill GamerYT (1 year ago)
It's not a 4 stroke it's a 4 mix
Sidney Mathious (1 year ago)
I have a Stihl kombi trimmer and it is one of their tools which work correctly. I can't say that about their chainsaw which never worked properly for me.
Ross Hodge (1 year ago)
Mixed fuel and sounds like a 2 stroke. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck.............?
Nate Nan (1 year ago)
Must be a duck.
Grant Johnson (1 year ago)
The "Dony hates plants" episode...
Sampath K (1 year ago)
Wild Man (1 year ago)
hey dony my weed eater leaks all of the fuel out threw the muffler would appreciate any suggestions thanks love your videos
d hamby (1 year ago)
that's the same attachment. you should have gotten a bed edger or blower. the blower is more powerful than most people realize with that engine.
d hamby (1 year ago)
get 12" airecut blade for better mulching of brush and weeds.
d hamby (1 year ago)
you don't have to trim hostas.
d hamby (1 year ago)
it's easier to start cold in warm weather without any choke.
Blast357 (1 year ago)
Kombi works great, i went ahead and got the 91R 28cc engine with the pole saw attachment and its more than enough, also work great after cutting down a tree, use the pole saw you cut the branches without having to bend your back! great little tool, probably not as strong as yours but the 91R is more than enough for me!
pei broker (1 year ago)
thanks Dony ...
Jacob Ditmer (1 year ago)
I want a stihl km131r
Raoul Thomas (1 year ago)
So when you initially purchase it does it come with the weed eater attachment and then you purchase the additional attachments? Stihl's online information on this point is extremely vague! LOL
Michael S (6 months ago)
With my dealer, it was nearly $400 for the powerhead and then I had to get the weed trimmer attachment separately. There were no attachments that came with it.
Jerry H (9 months ago)
I think the string trimmer comes with the unit, but I'm pretty sure the dealer will let you choose between the trimmer, grass blade, edger and maybe the blower. I think the cost of those 4 attachments are within $10 of each other.
Pavel Paškevič (1 year ago)
So now adjustable carb is just thing of the past?
ronkpaws1 (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video but this machine is not for me.
Alex Beedie (1 year ago)
dony! not the hostas
donyboy73 (1 year ago)
p71collector (1 year ago)
I just purchased a brush cutter head this week in North Dakota and it has the removable plug to grease the gearbox. Maybe Canadian versions are different? It sure works great, glad I bought it.
Killa Momo (1 year ago)
Lol those poor hostas
loumidis15 (1 year ago)
why do you have to put oil gas mixture on a 4T engine? Any ideas?? awesome video once again Dony :)
Mario Gualtieri (1 year ago)
The flowers!! The flowers ! The flowers No!! No! The wife will get you on for this! YOU ARE IN THE DOG HOUSE FOR DOING THIS.
donyboy73 (1 year ago)
zyplex1 (1 year ago)
That's a beast of a trimer. Wow
James Proulx (1 year ago)
lol. Your killing all your plants.... At least for this year
crazyjdkid (1 year ago)
I can appreciate the engineering put into the 4-mix. But I don't understand the advantage of it over a straight gas four stroke machine. Like a Husqvarna 224L, which is powered by a Honda GX25.
Manihote Esculenta (3 months ago)
fewer moving parts.
style5tie (8 months ago)
I went with a KM94 so I don't have to deal with 4 strokes at all. It has more than enough power for me. If I'm mixing gas all year, I'll always have fresh two stroke gas for my chainsaw when I need it. I don't want to deal with valve adjustments and oil changes on handheld equipment. Both are great machines and will last many, many years if taken care of. Stihl, Echo, and Husqvarna are all top of the line. Go with which one you like and whatever dealer you like best.
d hamby (1 year ago)
Not sure of the manufacturers scheduled maintenance on a zero turn. If you kept track of the time it takes to go through one tank of fuel and multiply the tanks for how many hours I'm sure you would want to switch the 4mix like most other lawn care professionals.
crazyjdkid (1 year ago)
True. The Stihl does have a slightly higher hp/cc. That being said the 4-mix has been around for a while, and the strattocharged 2 strokes seem to be getting more popular.
crazyjdkid (1 year ago)
Yeah Ill have to agree. Its all based on preference! I like the lack of smell, lower fuel consumption,low noise and having a single fuel to use among all my equipment. I would guess that a trimmer would line up needing an oil change roughly when a zero turn does, and could be done at the same time in a commercial setting. I just do mine at the beginning of each season, takes about 5 minutes.
Michael Mac Tavish (1 year ago)
131 is the new replacement 130r my next perchuse wich for my spare and i have the both weed wacker and brush cutter attachment but i use the weed wacker for brush cutter and kept the other shaft for a spare wich saves me a trip for another one and its great on feul
WJCTechyman (1 year ago)
So, did you check out Echo's PAS and Honda's Versattach units? I find them to be quieter and typically more robust than Stihl's stuff.
Waterman one (1 year ago)
Thanks for the great video. Wish you would continue with more repair video's also. Thanks
hay head (1 year ago)
Looks like Stihl made crap from China... Echo is the way to go...
Mikel Hilton (1 year ago)
still is the best no doubt but the fs38 total China junk
Nikola Lazarevski (1 year ago)
dony i have a problem my chainsaw(MS 180) when i start her she runs on idle .can you help me how to stop that
wilson hendry (1 year ago)
Grea video thanks Donny. I have a km100 with the brush, hedge cutter and pole trimmer. Great bit of kit would be good to see a video of maintenance we need to do thanks
Ike Zarrabi (1 year ago)
I wish I had the money to buy one of those!!!😞....Nice unit, enjoy using it for a long time....peace...
Isaiah's Lawn Care (1 year ago)
Donny I feel sorry for you cutting down the flowers your wife is going to be mad
inmobiliaria Hernández (4 months ago)
Fisher101 (1 year ago)
the 4 mix engine is great. nice tip for you. if it starts to not run correctly or is getting harder to start check the valve clearance
Claiborne Taylor (1 year ago)
I have a Stihl weed eater with the steel shaft. I simply take the end off and attach other things like a brush cutter, hedge trimmer, power broom. it is lighter and less expensive than the Kombi.
mr.mamon Sanchez (1 year ago)
men you suck as a gardener. Mahalo for your videos it help me out a lot. good job brother.
A LeBlanc (1 year ago)
Four cycle that requires a 2 cycle mix always confuses me. I have a Honda string trimmer that uses straight gas and a pressurized lubrication system. It's one of the most reliable pieces of yard equipment I've ever owner (8+ years old and only required normal servicing and a new spark plug that failed at about 6 years old.) But I'll admit I have a lot of respect for Stihl; those Germans can engineer some great equipment. Thanks, Dony!!
Vassilis Koronis (1 year ago)
Very nice presentation as always.Thank you very much from Greece.
StihlnLogs (1 year ago)
Been using mine for years, its awesome.  I use .095 gator line on mine, cuts thick weeds no problem.
eadelfin (1 year ago)
From what I noticed, the 4 cycle engines do not rev as high as 2 cycles.
Pavel Paškevič (1 year ago)
Husqvarna 3354FR and before that I had Stihl FS130.
OfficialHydracor (1 year ago)
Pavel Paškevič 'Not so noisy' what 2T's are you using?!
Pavel Paškevič (1 year ago)
Yes, 2T is way to go. More controllable and not so noisy.
loumidis15 (1 year ago)
and not that responsive as well.. and much heavier... on those machine 2T all the way
Schwifty Vibes (1 year ago)
subbed <3
Steven Drake (1 year ago)
I have the same unit. Works very well for me. I have most of the attachments. also have KM 55R. you can have 2 people doing different jobs with 2 power units and several different attachments. BTW the blower is awesome
nafnaf0 (1 month ago)
I have been debating getting the blower. I have the KM 94 R. My dealer told me I would be better off with one of their dedicated units, since it is smaller and easier to get around places. I am not sure
Bruce Pender (1 year ago)
Good for you. Sometimes I get tired of a collection of older stuff too.
Peter Ford (1 year ago)
Hey Don, She sounds like a cammed out 357 Chevy,,,, well at idle anyway. Do like the ability to change heads. enjoy.
Ryan Sookdeo (1 year ago)
hey Dony boy you should do a give away
Brian Taylor (1 year ago)
I'm glad Dony isn't my gardener :-)
Patrick Stapleton (8 months ago)
You can hire him for the day
Rich X (1 year ago)
Brian Taylor that's his neighbours garden!
james birdsall (1 year ago)
Fan o Man (1 year ago)
hey don i have a free fs 45 from a friend of mine he said it has a hard time starting and when i rev it to full throttle it sounds like it is going to blow the piston so what should i do
Jon Myers (1 year ago)
Nice machine. Looks like you gave it a workout. Thanks buddy.
James Mullins (1 year ago)
David Moran (1 year ago)
My day lilies have just started blooming here in Connecticut. Hope you saved a few. I enjoy your videos, Don. Thanks and remember to take time to smell the flowers.
jj parody (1 year ago)
Stihl makes great quality. But one weakness: that line trimmer head - 25-2, I believe - is Stihl's main head unit, and the same as on my FS55R, Alas, it is the most prone to line welding of any trimmer I have owned. I have tried many different line brands and winding techniques but the result is always the same - 10 minutes into a task and the line won't advance because of welding. I know that all trimmer brands have this problem to some extent but the 25-2 seems to be the worst.
Ron Suttle (1 year ago)
When installing the line, spray it with BreakFree-CLP gun oil. It really helps with line welding. I almost never have that problem since I started spraying mine. And No, WD-40 will not work.
Lee Copland (1 year ago)
According to the manual you use a 50:1 mix?
Lee Copland (1 year ago)
But quite unusual for a 4 stroke motor particularly with the EPA
Lee Copland (1 year ago)
Looking at the user manual I didn't see any mention of 4 stroke, although it sure sounds like a 4 stroke
Stihl Freak (1 year ago)
Lee Copland that's correct. All Stihl's take a 50:1 gas and oil mixture.
ditto1958 (1 year ago)
So much for the garden. :)
sjs (1 year ago)
I bought a TORO 15 years ago that swapped cutting heads the same way. It is a real BEAST. 11 pounds gets heavy real fast.
Lucky Goose (1 year ago)
These 4 strokes have valves, and they need to be adjusted periodically.
Lucky Goose (1 year ago)
Neigbour is gonna be right pissed you mowed down his Hostas.
DandD M (1 year ago)
Great review. Does your wife know some of her flowers disappeared? Had to laugh at that.  Keep up the good work.
Charlie Zellner (1 year ago)
Interesting machine. You said that it is a four stroke that must use two stroke oil. I'm assuming it has no crankcase for lubrication.
Jay Usher (1 year ago)
+Jay Usher and their beast I have the 130r....I use either the fixed head for .95 - 110 twist line or the brush blade and never a loss for power .... even in the heavy property line thicket brush....
Jay Usher (1 year ago)
correct...Charlie.... it's a 4mix....
LoveStihlQuality (1 year ago)
I've had the KM 55R for 20 plus years which is the smallest. Originally string head. Added The weed blade and most recently straight stick edger. The 55 has had plenty of power for these. On weed blade, removed guard much easier to use. Can flip blade over and easy to sharpen on grinder.
Ron Suttle (1 year ago)
I have one with three attachments. There is an oversized shield available for the string trimmer. It is a big help, get one. I feel the Kombi unit is too heavy for string trimming, but I am a senior and I might feel different if I were younger. I go back to my small one to string trim. The string trimmer can be converted to a brush blade, You did not have to buy the extra power head. I bought the conversion kit when I bought the unit. It works very well. I think it was about $30.
MedjOOL Maker (1 year ago)
How can this 4 stroke need oil gas 2'stroke fuel?
Michael Mac Tavish (1 year ago)
my 130r 3/12 years old and still has the power but thinking of getting the km131r too for a back up incase 130r starts get ware out and takes few days get fixed and have the 131r for spare wich 131r is replaced of the km130r
MedjOOL Maker (1 year ago)
Stihl Freak yeah I understand, surprised stihl went with this method. why not have a dedicated oil tank and use straight gas. I have a small makita 4 stroke blower like this, uses 2.7 oz 10w-30 synthetic oil. Nice to use straight gas along with lawnmower, no need for premix!
Stihl Freak (1 year ago)
MedjOOL Maker Its called a hybrid 4 mix engine that uses 2 cycle gas for lubrication.
rip hostas, my mom would be so pissed, lol
Dizzy Smith (1 year ago)
I guess you don't like Hostas
William (1 year ago)
I bought this trimmer for the same reason donyboy did, I'm really happy with it. going to get the chainsaw attachment for it later down the road.
Michael Mac Tavish (1 year ago)
i have a chainsaw attachment with 2 sizes of bars i have a 12'' and a 16'' bar size for my chainsaw attachment

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