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How To Improve Your Style Without Buying New Clothes | Men's Fashion Tips

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• For more fashion, follow me on www.Instagram.com/DreDrexler • Hey everyone! I did a quick tutorial on my instagram last week on how to improve your style with clothing that you most likely already have. This way, if you are on a budget, you don't need to go out & purchase new clothes! Since everybody dug those short couple of videos on my IG, I decided to make a full video on it. Hope you dig it! If you do, please give it a Big Thumbs Up & Hit that Subscribe button if you are new! Thanks for watching! Mad Love, -Dre Drexler Top 3 Fav Places I Shop: ASOS: http://tinyurl.com/h8j6fes Wings of Liberty: http://wingsoflibertyclothing.com/ H&M: http://www.hm.com/us/department/MEN SONG: K E L - Blue Skies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyk1DK3BauI Be sure to follow me on social media: Snapchat - DreDrexler Instagram @DreDrexler Facebook @DreDrexler Twitter @DreDrexler Tumblr @DreDrexler Vine @DreDrexler Pinterest @DreDrexler
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Text Comments (1785)
dani toubin (2 years ago)
All my guy friends need to watch this. I am going to link it to all of them.
Miguel Angelo Velasquez (4 months ago)
dani toubin haha
Ak technology (9 months ago)
dani toubin which link
ThefManT (10 months ago)
srry but i am stylist and this isnt stylish... no hate pls
Shahzad Sheikh (10 months ago)
dani toubin hi
kiven justin (10 months ago)
dani toubin bravo😂😂😂
Brah Mcbrah (23 hours ago)
Pretty famous book your reading there with that quote.
Zayn 5 (4 days ago)
Wow That's really cool <3
DanTheBruv (11 days ago)
Just buy clothes that fit better to your preference. Don't roll up, it looks odd.
YourBoi Stephen (14 days ago)
Ayy that is from the Bible! Are you a Believer ?
raja vlog's (18 days ago)
Rasmus larsen (20 days ago)
cool93 hypixel (1 month ago)
AnselAlly (1 month ago)
How do I disguise chronic ugliness?
Andoni H. (1 month ago)
g o r g e o u s
TheWhoDatWhoady (2 months ago)
pinroll EVERYTHING!!!
Samson Gentry (2 months ago)
Uhg my legs are to long for me to rock the tuck in shirt
Juan Flores (2 months ago)
Te ves puto
Bryan Borrayo (2 months ago)
james franco
Vijay Jadhav (2 months ago)
Superb bro
Edward Brilliant (2 months ago)
Great video!
Richard Cruz Cruz (2 months ago)
I guess kids going thru puberty need this video.. thought he was really gonna say smething .. garbage
Just Monika (2 months ago)
Dont tuck shirt in😭😭
Jayshade X (2 months ago)
Sir you just got *THIS* 4:14 "quote" from the bible. You deserve a like and my *RESPECT.* Thanks for inspiring me and your fashion tips. :)
Dre Drexler (2 months ago)
appreciate the love brother. God Bless -dre
lewis silk (3 months ago)
Great video but tucking in shirts or tops without a belt is a huge no
Chres Nares (3 months ago)
I was like. "" shittt, why so handsome?? "" . 😍😍
Kevan Hudson (3 months ago)
Wasn't that a quote from the Bible ?
Purnomo Anjasmara (3 months ago)
Style Without Buying New Clothes
Faarax Shidan (3 months ago)
the conclusion was good
Dre Drexler (3 months ago)
Thanks so much ! you rockkk !!!
Josue Martinez (3 months ago)
He's jesus
TheChristenedViking (4 months ago)
Watch goes on the left hand kid.
Dre Drexler (4 months ago)
JoyElectric567 lol jeez bro, I guess I don’t know the RULES. Haha Lol neither do I want to know the rules if you gotta be that perfectly perfect all the time. Haha I honestly don’t take fashion that serious bro, I just do what I like and that’s it, sorry. It makes me feel happy knowing I can do whatever I like!! But hey, Keep following the rules though bro!!!
TheChristenedViking (4 months ago)
Yeah, but then you kind of don`t get why classics is cool. Fashion in it`s essence is rules. But you proved with your respond that you kind of "don`t get it". And when you GET the rules, you can change it. But anyways, it obviously went over your head.
Dre Drexler (4 months ago)
yeah but i can do whatever i want little bro lol
Micah Champagne (4 months ago)
that quote is from the bible
Kamalesh Kamalesh (4 months ago)
Mohamad Samy (4 months ago)
What is you Haight bro?
Immanuel Can’t (4 months ago)
Allright, the video’s message is: “roll everything you can roll” haha
John as its finest (5 months ago)
It will not work on me though coz i am handsome as you
John as its finest (5 months ago)
Lekd Dde (5 months ago)
Hey, you're hot
Matt Barrows (5 months ago)
I love that "book" too *wink
ZELUS LONDON (5 months ago)
Bobby Basic (5 months ago)
Clothes = cope
Talha Niazi (5 months ago)
Man this video really helped me alot on how i should style myself. Thanks alott
Music Brady (5 months ago)
Love uuu
Not_Avaiable (5 months ago)
Did you wear any make up
R T (5 months ago)
Don't get me wrong, but your video is about fashion tips for male under 20 or for boys, not for men...
Jorge Flores (5 months ago)
It really is amazing what tucking in your shirt will do for an outfit! I’ve recently started doing that as well and it just elevates my look completely. Love the pin rolling! I’m gonna try that out next.
pop culture collector (5 months ago)
How to look like a fuckboi
Sea Shur Jewelry (5 months ago)
Great Video!
Corntrollio Videorama (6 months ago)
So the tips are tuck and roll
The PrInc3 (6 months ago)
First style is better!
Ava Nixon (6 months ago)
Men arent men no more they want hair clothes .tan .nails..blemishes fixed.take advice off the likes of leo marky mark.shit those guys are real men.were turning nuty bad my opinion and all of my girlfreinds here agree
Ava Nixon (6 months ago)
Bit gay no????
heartless boy (6 months ago)
kobbii i (6 months ago)
Yeah where i´m from these tips might attract the same sex
L MM (6 months ago)
Other styles... https://teespring.com/stores/archibald-frederitch?page=1
Smith Ed (6 months ago)
Wow man how in the hell do you keep your arms so small
Eddy Qiyuan Li (6 months ago)
I simply enjoyed the video
Reza (6 months ago)
you looks great, I do like this style and applies on my self too haha
Dre Drexler (6 months ago)
appreciate the love and support!
Gordon Wong (6 months ago)
Awesome sharing for both the skills and the message from the book
Ice Bear (6 months ago)
Trousers that cover your ankles looks bad imo
Navin Kansara Kansara (6 months ago)
roghar related news (6 months ago)
khuseijn khurkaev (6 months ago)
Ashton Frailey (6 months ago)
I've got cool clothes, it's just nice shoes are so expensive.... I have one pair of white sneakers that look cool, but everything else looks wack.
meg lbrn (6 months ago)
3:12 this is weirdly an attractive thing
Dre Drexler (6 months ago)
Thanks for watching Meg! Means a lot. -dre
MaxMid Night (6 months ago)
Mmmm NOPE !!!
Jeong-hun Sin (6 months ago)
That's some outfit; It makes you look like a homosexual.
Miguel Rosales (6 months ago)
A lot of thirsty girls in the comments section :D
Maria Nicolae (7 months ago)
Idk dude, all you're doing is taking some pants, a t-shirt and rolling whatever the fuck can be rolled, then put your t-shirt into your pants and think you made it better.. I agree with the pants, but rolling sleeves and putting the shirt into your pants make you look funny, a bit fuckboy and gay asf =)))) I srsly just watched this because it seem interesting but it's not flattering at all
Wingsz (7 months ago)
handsome! everythink he wear still handsome that not on your clothes
Lex Mac (7 months ago)
sighhh more guys should see this!! invaluable and easy tricks and that outro😍😍😍
Mr Azoz (7 months ago)
Pin rolling my shirt actually improved the look. Thanks!
Bob Hafiz Tri Raksa (7 months ago)
“Apabila salah seorang di antara kalian berdoa, maka hendaklah ia bersungguh-sungguh dalam meminta dan janganlah sekalikali mengucap : Ya Alllah, jika Engkau berkenan, maka berilah saya, sebab Allah tidak merasa keberatan untuk memberi.”(H.R Bukhari dan Muslim)
Remes Scorpio (7 months ago)
Wow super awesome!!! Thanx man.
Anton Banana (7 months ago)
how to look gay 101
Rahul Jadli (7 months ago)
40 $ your mom do it for free
EverydayHero (7 months ago)
Idk why people say that tucking in your tshirt is tryhard hipster or even gay. Why are people so close-minded and don't appreciate the fact that everyone can wear what they like. Style has no gender or sexuality.
Joao paulo Elma (7 months ago)
Now i tried wearing your style, now everyone is following it here in Macau. love it
Study withLouis (7 months ago)
a postive guy!🤓
Aodhan Newton-Creemers (7 months ago)
Yeah nah, the sneakers with the outfits just aren’t working for me, and they way you roll your shirt sleeves kinda looks ridiculous, however tucking your shirts in and wearing a belt with this and cuffing your jeans will look much better
Serdar A (8 months ago)
Thanks bruh,you gave me good ideas
Leo Joey (8 months ago)
I aint trusting you unless you gay. you gay??? ... you single too
Parker TV (8 months ago)
Wow brother...keep inspiring us!
Zaena (8 months ago)
hes giving me david franco vibes?
Mohd Asif raja (8 months ago)
Nice bro 😍😊😊
Chris Derkovits (8 months ago)
So what kind of style does this count as?
just jhay (9 months ago)
bitch can i kiss you haha your so cute <3
Nathan Gulliver (9 months ago)
Lara K (9 months ago)
This is so funny, I'm always looking for new hair styles, hair cuts and something like this and I ALWAYS click on one of your videos by accident. This has happened for like 5 times already😂
zino RHL (9 months ago)
LINCOLN_ LINKER (9 months ago)
Wow checkout mine
Andile Mkhonza (9 months ago)
Nice legs❤
z 4u (9 months ago)
shahrukh v old
Ink Forged (9 months ago)
I don't understand how people have bare ankles, it feels so uncomfortable haha
Samuel Johnson (9 months ago)
Are u a professional model sir?
Sherwin Dimaano (9 months ago)
You're handsome 😊😊😊
Pu Ma (9 months ago)
wts is that non binary fashion week
Jatt DCR (9 months ago)
chdfashion.wooplr.com best clothes at least prices.
Ethan Escamilla (10 months ago)
What book are you reading it sounded like something out of the bible
Krotayto (10 months ago)
4:20 How to sneak the Bible into your content
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
Bisgaard (10 months ago)
watch on wrong hand...
Mohammad Safari (10 months ago)
the first one is so classic :(
DP (10 months ago)
Pa jes ti munjen?? koji ti kurac
Alex Pogrmic (10 months ago)
Cheers for the Video clip! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you considered - Lammywalness His Happiness Guide (should be on google have a look)? It is a good one off product for understanding what men really want minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my old buddy Taylor at very last got cool results with it.
sir your height plzz 😊😊😊

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