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Reinier Baas - Metropole Orkest - Edison Jazz/World Awards 2013

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Eindhoven 2013 - Optreden van Reinier Baas en het Metropole Orkest tijdens de uitreiking van de Edison Jazz/World Awards 2013 in het Muziekcentrum Frits Philips. Het orkest staat onder leiding van Daniel Jamieson. Eindhoven 2013 - Performance of Reinier Baas and the Metropole Orkest during the Edison Jazz/World Awards 2013 Gala at the Frits Philips Music Centre. Daniel Jamieson acts as conductor. Compositions by Reinier Baas, Arrangements by Daniel Jamieson
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Text Comments (14)
David Dalmazzo (11 months ago)
I can't imagine any new James Bond movie without Baas's compositions
guitar on sky (1 year ago)
I can see the drum who's nervous with the notesheet.
Jazzer Caster (2 years ago)
Man this is cool, Is Reinier just plugged straight into the 65 deluxe reverb 112 on this? or is he using some kind of gain pedal? great sound
Jonathan Zielke (7 months ago)
There are some pedals that can be seen in the beginning!
Alexis Kq (2 years ago)
aaaaah, este es un pendejaso
Aksel Coe (3 years ago)
Martijn is killing it here.
Alberto Mandis (3 years ago)
Non si puo' fare neanche un minimo di paragone con il grande Pat ,questi ragazzi imparamo teoricamente queste scale e non sanno fare altro ! la Musica deve essere Arte!!
Eat my records (3 years ago)
Infinite Plasma (4 years ago)
wow, just wow. I'd love to see Baas and Pat Metheny playing together!
Eat my records (3 years ago)
+Righteous Path that would be ...........
danibazz10895 (4 years ago)
Who´s the drummer?
quint555 (4 years ago)
Martijn Vink
Robert Leaper (5 years ago)
Beautiful playing, talented Guitarist. Well deserved
Anton Goudsmit (5 years ago)
pfoef! chapeau!

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