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Canada's Dark Secret - Featured Documentaries

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Canada's Dark Secret - Featured Documentary In 1996, the last residential school in Canada was closed down, bringing to light horrifying stories about the methods used to sever indigenous children from the influence of their families and to assimilate them into the dominant "Canadian" culture. Over more than a century, tens of thousands of families were torn apart as children were kidnapped or forcibly removed from their homes Residential schools were part of an extensive education system set up by the Canadian government and administered by churches with the objective of indoctrinating Aboriginal children into the Euro-Canadian and Christian way of life. Bud Whiteye, a survivor of the Mohawk Institute Residential School, was "picked up" and taken to the school along with four other children as they walked along a public road to visit his grandmother. I'm ashamed to say I'm Canadian because of what my government has done. Ron Short, former RCMP officer "They didn't put us in a room and indoctrinate us all day long or anything like that," he explains. "It was in the routine of the place. "You didn't speak anything but English. You went to the white man's school. You went to the white man's church. You wore white mens' clothes. All those were built in. It wasn't a classroom-type lecture. It was ingrained in the system." In 2008, the Canadian government launched the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), which finally enabled survivors to give their testimonies on life in the residential schools. Abuse - mental, physical and sexual - was rife and, although research and statistics vary, it is estimated that 6,000 children died in these schools. Some evidence puts the casualties at three times that number. Denalda is also a residential school survivor. She cannot remember how she arrived at the school, only that she was there for some part of her childhood. She was also a witness to abuse at her residential school - abuse that may have resulted in the death of a friend. "I met this older girl who kind of took care of me when I was growing up. She was going to ask her mother to come and take me home to be her little sister," Denalda recalls. "But it didn't happen because she got hurt. She got hurt bad. I think somebody hit her against a tree." The education provided by the schools was also controversial. Formal schooling was often given up in favour of manual labour, such as agriculture. "I worked on a farm so long that I picked up a certain discipline for hard work, to get me where I'm going," says Bud Whiteye. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers were often charged with the task of removing children from their family homes or "picking them up" to take them to the residential schools. Families who refused to give up their children were either arrested, fined or both. Many officers still live with feelings of regret over what their government did and the role they were made to play in it. I don't think I did anything wrong to deserve a strap - ever. And yet you got it. Roberta Hill, residential school survivor "At the time I didn't like the idea of taking kids away from their family and it bothered me," says Ron Short, a former RCMP officer. "Of course, being in the RCMP I had no alternative. You couldn't complain about it. The only thing I knew about the Indian residential schools was that they were places where you could get a formal education. "Since then, I've come to realise what they were about. And I know differently now." Although survivors had begun to speak out about the atrocities in the late 1980s, it was only in the mid-1990s that courts finally ruled in favour of the witnesses, enabling them to sue the government for the abuses and claim compensation. After its formation, the TRC travelled around Canada for six years, gathering testimony from thousands who bore witness to the tragedies of the residential schools. Numerous "Aboriginal healing" programmes were put in place to help those affected to move on with their lives. "When every residential school survivor is healed, I'll be healed," reflects Short. "Until they're healed, I won't be. And I'll keep talking to anybody who will listen The story of Canada's residential school system and the indigenous survivors who bear witness to its abuses. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/
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Text Comments (790)
michael manzo (1 day ago)
This world is such a evil an sad place for so many people it's sad I wish I could help every child in need but we r useless in a world wide war on our children how did we get to a place where we can't protect our own kids from evil. Very sad
Cory Berton (2 days ago)
I recieved your message,I will not speak about this,anymore.
libertine40 (5 days ago)
No need to be ashamed about being Canadian. Be incredulous regarding the fact that it happened to *all* indigenous people from Alaska to S America, across the Caribbean and Pacific to Australia and N Zealand. It is part of the control tool of the elite; their Divide and Conquer Game implemented under the program called Colonialism. If you have any grace, as opposed to guilt, you will protest the continued oppression, exclusion and myriad other emotional, Spiritual and economic insults against them. Indigenous people and people of color *All over the World* not just Canada. A cursory governmental apology is worthless. That goes for Chattel and Trans-Atlantic Slave Holocaust descendants as well.
Rebecca valrepach (7 days ago)
Those people who ran those schools and beat, raped, and abused those poor innocent children should have been held accountable for what they done, just like the Nazis. These religious figures dressed in sheeps clothing but actually being ravenous wolf's.
Lorena Wesenberg (8 days ago)
We will never heal from all the shame we felt and the abuse. It will take a life time.
RandomMighty YT (13 days ago)
my grandma's went to "St Mary's Indian Residential School" shes a survivor of that place she almost died at the school cause she got ...sick... very bad so she got drove to the hospital were she got to see her parents i was sad when i heard that story from her...
GJ Suina (17 days ago)
I have seen many of these videos n i see alot of native American children's photos but why don't they expose the disgusting monsters the principle, the preist and whomever tortured these beautiful children.
Johnny Santi (29 days ago)
Even in Canada, every Indian is from the seventh generation.
Martin Macdonald (29 days ago)
So many "I wasn't taught this in school" comments. Sounds suspicious. The schools and media have been full of this stuff for at least 30 years now. The exaggerations are growing as the compensation grows.
Michael Heery (1 month ago)
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Nto Mo (1 month ago)
I thought Canada was the only country that was untouched by racists. Yo these people wreak havoc everywhere they go and we are supposed to be grateful for the modern world,they saved us from savagery,lol. I cringe everyday the things I find out.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Not at all man. It's been better than many other countries especially these days but it certainly isn't perfect
shanyce uwu (1 month ago)
first they take our land, then they take our children and try and destroy our culture and language. disgusting.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Im Not Here (1 month ago)
Technically the Europeans asked whoever was in charge of Canada or asked the government if they want Europe’s education. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
They did but were promised the best education in the country. Certainly not the reality.
james deen (1 month ago)
Oh but I thought Christians were peaceful
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Not at all. Most all religions have dark pasts and presents. Those in power care not for those who lack it no matter the beliefs in place.
shanta lakra (1 month ago)
They are wolves in sheep's clothing. You must read and research about Jesuits and Vatican.
lucy light (1 month ago)
why their parents allow that this is unbelievable why they didn't fight for their childrens
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Many didn't know what happened there and many had no choice. Once you're arrested then your children go anyways and have no one to return to.
Martin Macdonald (29 days ago)
The tribes voted to maintain the res school system.
lucy light (1 month ago)
people in those era I don't know but they believe everything they tell them to do
lucy light (1 month ago)
+Blake Keefer they said that yes but still the child is yours not theirs , I would fight like Bob Marley said rather die fighting for your RIGHTS than being Prisoner.
Blake Keefer (1 month ago)
It said in the video that if they tried to remove their children from the schools or got caught hiding their kids, faced arrest and imprisonment. 8:31
trashiest potato (1 month ago)
It's in Victoria a building. A statue. 2 people. One who inspired to to take more native land. The other building residential schools. Rapos sent from United States. Prests. Nuns. Sickos.
Jeremy Ksor (1 month ago)
Montagnard indigenous persecution, genocide by Vietnamese government today not different than native Canada, United States.
tracy CERMINARA (1 month ago)
this sickens me to my core, I am so ashamed of my people and not only those who committed these crimes but my generation of people who disregard make jokes and make light of what has been done to the native people of this land .... those who say the wrongs have been righted and that you are no longer entitled 2 the major benefits that have been granted that's pathetic attempt of reparation... my sisters and brothers as people of this Earth under one creator I am truly sorry
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Wow you seem like a person I'd get along with.
Partybarge 888 (1 month ago)
I am a Canadian, and even though what we did was unforgivable.i am happy that the government is owning up to their mistakes, and trying to make it right. So I say on behalf of all Canadians and from the bottom of my heart. We are sorry.
Martin Macdonald (13 days ago)
+Dayala Singh Relatively kind, kind enough to lure millions of people here. Nobody owes you kindness nor compensation if people were unkind in the past. If you were criminally abused then your abuser owes you something, not today's taxpayers. I don't know when my ancestors immigrated to Canada. I believe it was mid to late 1800's.
Dayala Singh (15 days ago)
+Martin Macdonald kind to immigrants? Maybe in recent years. Tell me did your family immigrate here?
Martin Macdonald (15 days ago)
+Dayala Singh I have seen no real evidence of any child taken by force. Why is there absolutely no video or photographs? We have had cameras for 150 years. But I have heard that if parents insisted their children remain at home then they could. You are exaggerating. The larger the exaggeration, the larger the payout. It simply does not stand to reason that a country that has been so kind to immigrants and refugees would be murderous to its own people.
Dayala Singh (16 days ago)
+Martin Macdonald a few is an understatement. The children were quite literally forcefully taken from their families.
Martin Macdonald (16 days ago)
+Dayala Singh Might be true during an epidemic of any of dozens of diseases that struck at a particular school before cures and treatments were found. More people died from disease in Canada than did soldiers. Almost all diseases became treatable in the 50's. Why do you vilify an entire program because of a few failures? Should we denunciate all teachers and doctors because of a few bad actors?
Natural Vegan Mom (1 month ago)
This should have more views. Thank you for making this. I cried. Everybody should know our history, our entire history. I am ashamed that this is hidden and not taught in schools.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
It's being taught. Trust me.
Pink Peony (1 month ago)
As a non-aboriginal Canadian, I am trying to understand why I was not taught any of this in school. What an appalling and tragic black mark in our history. I am not sure how I can help to repair the damage done to the Native Peoples of this country and I feel like weeping after watching this. A lot a racism still exists in Canada and I think a lot of this could be solved by educating our children about what happened to the aboriginal peoples of this Country. The only way to heal this stuff is to bring it out to the light....these horrible things are still festering deep inside the psyche of Canadians.
Pink Peony (28 days ago)
+Dayala Singh I graduated high school in 1992 lol, sorry I should have put that in my comment. There was never a mention of any of the 'true' history with the First Nations people of Canada for my entire 'education'. The history I learned about the Natives in Canada was whitewashed I guess you could say. Fortunately my sons are both in high school and they have both said that they did learn some things about the residential schools, but as for me and my generation the education system ignored all of this. I'm glad things are changing, and I hope as a country that there will be more of an effort towards healing as the new generations are taught more of the truth. <3
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
They're teaching this generation but me guessing your age from your profile pic and considering the last residential school closed in 1996...
TheFoxandTheRabbit (1 month ago)
they , the world, treat so many so horrible, the brits insane asylmn, and so on. this, its worse , read people of the deer. the french were horrible to them, just disgusting for greed and ?? and brittish of corse.
Zed White (2 months ago)
All roads lead back to Rome. Ask the Queen what they did with your people.. These people are PURE EVIL. Learn..
shanta lakra (1 month ago)
Yes all roads lead back to Rome.
R Jay (2 months ago)
It's sad that people to this day are making fun of Natives, but why? Is it because they have a voice today unlike the times we forced to take away their children? Is it because they are speaking the truth when we beat, raped, and murdered their children at Indian Residential Schools? Is it because they're the most poorest and most mistreated race in our country. I'm talking about the issues in Canada but it's sad how racism is still alive and Canada is blind. The reasons why have the poorest housing is because it's expensive to ship materials, they don't have contractors, and no one wants to train them. They have the poorest housing because of the wood stove they rely on causes mould and lung issues. They have the poorest education because there is no qualified teachers that meets the requirements and the ones that live in the community doesn't last the school year. They have the poorest health care because no doctors wants to go help patients in the reserves. They have the most rights to speak and seek help from the government, but what does our government do? They talk but less action.
Melody Morning Star (2 months ago)
Native Pride . My dad and my Kokum survived residential school .
NiKKi sxmnklee (2 months ago)
For White and brown and yellow canada lol okay ~ she missed black
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
I mean some would argue black and brown is the same
Dakota Felix (2 months ago)
They told us this in an all native school I remember it clearly like to rub it in our face. RCMP make me sick It not a country It's a business Keep an eye on you're government you people might be next and you just don't know it yet
marchelle ceryes (2 months ago)
I am native American 100% My daughters were taken by CPS I have been fighting for them . I am broken CPS stole my daughters have them to a white family. Now I find out the parents divorced right after they got custody. I will never stop fighting.🙏👼👼🏼
joe8075 (2 months ago)
Ernie Coombs. Exactly how did he die merely one day before this testimony before the tribunal ????
Leave Me Alone (2 months ago)
sexual abuse and human sacrifice and genocides and racism, yup typical white people
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
+Martin Macdonald yeah and pollution and monarchies. I don't think you understand the levels of democracy present in the Haudonoshonee
Martin Macdonald (2 months ago)
Typical stone age native culture. How about a little gratitude for things like metal and wheels.
Leave Me Alone (2 months ago)
CBI knows mkultra being used on innocent indians here in Canada
Leave Me Alone (2 months ago)
my life has been miserable ever since I came to this racist and evil nation
Leave Me Alone (2 months ago)
this isnt history, white nazis still do this today using mkultra and sorcery
Leave Me Alone (2 months ago)
convert us to christianity, a faith you white people dont even follow, do you love? do you do good? NO
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Yeah I'm not Christian and no more about it than people who say they're Christian
Leave Me Alone (2 months ago)
white man, always a genocidal racist pig, has been
Elizabeth Cummins (2 months ago)
Your description of the residential schools in the description box are all wrong,its propaganda. The schools were not education systems,THEY WERE CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND THE MOST HIGH WILL HANDLE THOSE THAT PARTICIPATED IN THIS GENOCIDE.....
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
+Martin Macdonald do you understand nothing
Martin Macdonald (2 months ago)
truly delusional
melvin alex (2 months ago)
Thank you for this production. I believe all the negative backlash by non-natives is a result of shame, guilt, and denial; not necessarily ignorance or bigotry. Let the history be shared, the horror stories be told, the tears be witnessed by all. This is only a fraction of the type of history that which Canada is built upon, and all should know...
aya tahery (3 months ago)
Living in Canada but in history the teacher didn't give us all that information
aryan clair (3 months ago)
Todays governments destroy Canada too so many outsiders students visitors refugees come here and destroy jobs destroy canadian laws these students visitors refugees work on the cash very little amount of money we dont want students visitors refugees in Canada send them back all after study send back all students and ban PR and work permits for students visitors refugees only give them visitor visa for one or two month and catch them who work here on cash and send them back next time don't give them visa and send back all refugees after finish the war in there country and punish all companies and factories who give them work on cash make all hard laws ban indian Chinese pakistani afgani all Islamic countries all Asian and some African countries like somalia and other islamic African countries we don't want criminals killers terrorists in Canada
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Let's have a civil discussion. I strongly disagree.
Aero Bruce (3 months ago)
I had the same experience but cfs. I was in school and was getting ready to go home until my old social worker came see me and my sister at the school. I remember just getting back living with my mom from cfs. And she asked me and my sister if we wanted go to McDonald's and yeah I went for it cause I knew her. After eating I worry about my mom, I knew she was drunk and will get mad so I wanted to go home. Than later she asked if I wanted to go see my foster parents. I really missed them too and wanted to see them so bad but then we end up staying there. And my mom told me that she didn't even know we were taken by cfs cause she was waiting for us and reported us missing children to the police until 2 day later cfs told her where we were. I think that was experience of kidnapping and wanting to go home cause I knew I would be blame. I still was blame by my mom cause I should had said no
Aero Bruce (3 months ago)
It happen around 2011 I was 10 year old in Canada. Winnipeg Manitoba
‘A man’s heart away from nature becomes hard’ Chief Standing Bear (‘chronic disturber’) Our alienation from nature undoubtedly contributes to our relentless abuses of her, as well as our perversion of priorities and total loss of cosmic grounding - Pathalogical Consumer Destuction! Hence, a disastrous evolution, enabling change, the only way humans will... by being forced to humble activities that affect the natural balance.
gautam kumar (3 months ago)
5:17 was that were the cricket bats.woh
The white Man
matthew mann (4 months ago)
Not many are aware of this truth to most it is mysterious, enigmatic, and head scratching but First Nations often treated Inuits far worse then Europeans treated First Nations
I told my fiend about this and she laughed. I was so mad.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Rubatha Klein (4 months ago)
So emotional I am ashamed to be a canadian
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
+Martin Macdonald why? Have you no decency? The government itself admitted this. The conservatives at that. Historically the most right wing.
Martin Macdonald (2 months ago)
I'm ashamed you are too
Queen Elizabeth ii (4 months ago)
Dirty uncivilized morons ruined my plan to civilize indians
Elda E (4 months ago)
Their culture and heritage is so beautiful..its so sad to see it being so violently taken away.
Tessa TRBL (4 months ago)
They got what they wanted, we forgot.
YouTube Channel (5 months ago)
I'm a 12-year old Ojibway from Eabametoong First Nation. My grandpa is a residential school survivor he said they thrown the dead children outside
Alison Kohne (5 months ago)
Every Canadian should be made to learn this. Every Canadian citizen needs to know what went on in our country.
الحل النهائي من اجل تكبير القضيب و علاج سرعة القذف و ضعف الانتصاب للاستفادة يرجى التواصل مع الدكتور مصطفى المالكي على 00212689611487 الواتساب كريم رجال الصحراء هو علاج طبيعي وكل مكوناته طبيعيه ١٠٠٪ وليس له أي أثار جانيه امن تماما. رجال الصحراء هو المنتج الرائد في دول العالم عامة وفي الشرق الأوسط خاصة بسبب لنجاحه مع كل العملاء اللذين استخدموه خلطت رجال الصحراء منتج مرخص من هيئة الغذاء والدواء فوائد كريم رجال الصحراء 1-يحفز على تكبير القضيب 2-يساعد تأخير القذف 3-يساعد على لانتصاب لا تترددوا وغيروا حياتكم للأفضل... نحن نرسل الخلطة لجميع دول الخليج و دول العالم
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
+Martin Macdonald heathen? Should all follow your religion?
Martin Macdonald (2 months ago)
speak english, heathen
world why TF (5 months ago)
I am only 29 years old, have lived in Canada my entire life, and not ONCE in school, was this discussed. I learned about it through my own life experiences and through conversations with others. Such an embarrassment. This should have NEVER happened.
+Selena Truong never mind
C (1 month ago)
I had a class literally called “Native History 12”
+Selena Truong wait a minute i think i know you
Selena Truong (1 month ago)
We learned a bit but it’s a embarrassment
I ma being taught this im from ontario
Jonezx2020 (5 months ago)
Canada must pay for this injustice. They're no better than the Nazi's.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
That's not really true but they certainly are bad.
Just a Random Potato (1 month ago)
Jonezx2020 and your no better than hitler
cognitive_player (5 months ago)
And we thought america was bad
Channy Lee (6 months ago)
I am in English 12 First Peoples, which is a newly founded course in the curriculum, only offered in two schools in CANADA. It talks about truth in reconciliation, not only that but covers the indigenous stories and missionary schools in Australia. It is absolutely my favourite course EVER. I think it should be mandatory and offered at every school in Canada. Also, the average for this course is almost 20% higher than regular English or English Literature.
Gail MacDougall (6 months ago)
Thank you for this documentary.
M.O.M. basic life skills (6 months ago)
Old news.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Really now?
Lucy Splendid (6 months ago)
This is why religion should not be funded in any way by the state or be apart of the state including welfare and education. Where were the police and the courts, had this happened in a state home and it does historic charges would have been brought.
See all you people saying it’s no God, yes it is God let this happen to them. See there are 12 tribes of Israel and the native Americans they are from the tribe of Gad. The laws and commandments are only given to the 12 tribes is Israel which includes the black Americans who you call African Americans, they have no Africans in them, you have the many different Hispanics. If these people would followed all these laws , the seed of Satan children couldn’t have done this to these people. Now the best part of this is God loves his chosen people and the devils and there children are going to be taken in a world biggest mass slaughter that will go down in history. But you must return back to the laws that god has given us. You whites cave beast demons can sit on here and cry but your tears doesn’t matter. Our god not yours is taking you out with heroine overdose, prescription drugs overdoses, very low birth rates in all countries, and suicide is the number one thing killing you useless white men lol.
hatim najmeddine (6 months ago)
H-dargalaye (6 months ago)
Canada equals south Africa apartheid no different whatsoever and still
Dayala Singh (11 days ago)
+Amelia Minnaar no there were.
Amelia Minnaar (11 days ago)
+Dayala Singh there have never been schools like this in South Africa
Dayala Singh (11 days ago)
+Amelia Minnaar no they definitely happened
Amelia Minnaar (11 days ago)
Where have you ever seen residential schools in South Africa we have many wrongs but this is not one of them,
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
The South African government came to Canada to study residential schools. You're right on man.
Mardig Bidanian (6 months ago)
This is pretty scary .
JiM Beamer (6 months ago)
More for profit … fake Indian news ... what a joke.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Martin Macdonald (6 months ago)
Canadian taxpayers fork out over $14,000,000,000 per year to reserves. This propaganda helps ensure the gravy-train keeps rolling. Victim culture at its finest.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Which costs the average Canadian 40 cents a year. Not much. Also we owe it to them
motheryuba57 (6 months ago)
I am an American. We have no Truth and Reconciliation Commission here. There is still mass ignorance surrounding history and the origens of our nation. We still teach lies about our history in our schools. First Nation's Peoples are still the most abused people in my country. This is horrific. And yet, Indigenous Peoples in my country are the leaders in the environmental protection movements. At least Canada has made steps in the right direction.
Michael Heery (1 month ago)
You will not get much from TRUMP.
kristina sedlacek (6 months ago)
My heart is broken for these people and their families
rozzie101 (6 months ago)
My late Dad went to residential school, but he never talked about his experience there.
Travis Walsh (7 months ago)
This is Canada's shame it makes me get on my hands and knees and beg for forgiveness even though I had no part in it...yet as a white man and a Canadian I feel it's my duty to never forget and make sure this never happens again I stand with the Natives
Bonnie D (7 months ago)
If i was in surry i will be taking away
Assmuncher iPod (7 months ago)
The pain and confusion in those children’s faces says it all. These schools destroyed the Indians.
Martin Macdonald (7 months ago)
People who profit from victim culture are lazy and irresponsible. It is not surprising that they would be liars, also. Life is tough for everybody. Suck it up and take advantage of the opportunities you have.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Yeah right it's ok to be raped now is it?
Amara Zaman (7 months ago)
Is this real
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Robert Tevault (7 months ago)
Al Jazeera has rescued broadcast journalism.
Connor Hines (7 months ago)
Sims 3 Forever Dude (7 months ago)
You guys really should not blame Canada for this abuse. The reason why it started in Canada, was because people from the horrible, forever corrupt country below Canada decided to move in and steal Canada, so it's not the fault of Canadian Americans, it's the fault of U.S. Americans, which is no surprise. It's also the fault of the U.S. that Cuba, Russia, and Northern Korea all have evil and bad names to them. Russia is literally one of the most beautiful countries in the World, and nobody ever gives Mother Russia credit for her spectacular beauty. Northern Korea and Cuba are also very beautiful countries, but the U.S. doesn't want the World to see that.
Martin Macdonald (7 months ago)
Completely retarded
R Jay (7 months ago)
I worked at a few communities in special education program and recently as adult education coordinator, I can tell you from what I experienced that these indigenous people are still affected by residential schools, it's called intergenerational trauma, and teenagers are so distraught, some of my best students committed suicide and it still breaks my heart into a million peices that I wish I found a way to take suicide away.
R Jay (1 month ago)
+Martin Macdonald so you believe that indigenous people doesn't deserve the same equal health care, education, housing, and recreation we get in our cities and towns that are funded by the government? Canada residents loves to cry for equality from Indigenous People, how is it equal that they don't have the same health care, education, housing, and services that we take for granted?. Do you believe that indigenous should just stop being lazy and get jobs? What jobs? Lol the economic rate in these communities are low. But from what I seen, Indigenous are skilled in self entrepreneurship from selling loads of wood, arts and crafts, baking sales, and other labor work. To this day, I am working as a Assistant Regional Coordinator for Distance and Online Education at 6 northern communities that I go to visit regularly.
R Jay (7 months ago)
+Martin Macdonald you're sickening and brainwashed by your family into believing false history, indigenous history was never taught in schools, I never learned anything about it till after I was offered a job via an old friend from school who worked in these communities, I went to these reserves as a paid individual to teach, I was never paid to go learn or engage with community leaders and residents. I could go on forever, anything else to say?
R Jay (7 months ago)
+Martin Macdonald I am going back after my maternity leave is finished you idiot, it's easy to name call me than see what I've done for these communities.
Martin Macdonald (7 months ago)
If you 'gave' 5 years of your life (which I doubt) then you were highly paid by the parasitic victim industry. It is very easy and convenient to blame rez schools. Yet dysfunction occurs where nobody ever went to rez schools. The problem and the solutions are the responsibility of people living today. Stop blaming your make-believe past. Politicians and indigenous leaders love to blame something other than themselves. It absolves them of blame and responsibility. Get real. Your story reeks of identity politics and victim culture.
R Jay (7 months ago)
+Martin Macdonald Canada is sickening that they would rather give money to foreign people than giving money to these communities with mental health crisis, no hospitals, no high schools, no colleges, etc. They reserves barely have any money left for the funeral costs some times but it does with the help of fundraising. Residential school still lurks in these communities, if you don't believe that than go live in these reserves for a month and see how long you will last. If you think that these people will leave their homes to a world where white people doesn't want them, than don't bother asking them why they don't just leave.
BottleNecked PC (7 months ago)
You know what as a Canadian this just makes me not feel proud I mean America did nothing like this.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
They just killed first Nations.
Michael Heery (1 month ago)
Just ask the SLAVES.
John Smith (7 months ago)
And Canadian government began to blame China, Russia and Saudi Arabia because of human right. Remember Canadian, this happened just 20 years ago. Last residential school was shut down in 1996.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
+annuh k. neither can I relate
annuh k. (1 month ago)
Martin Macdonald oh wait you’re just some european downgrading on natives just for attention.. can’t relate 🤷‍♀️
ben h (2 months ago)
Not only it did not stop until 1996, it lasrover a hundred years.
Martin Macdonald (7 months ago)
Canadian government didn't run that school, Indians did. Get educated.
Unique Echidna (7 months ago)
I grew up in Brantford, where the mohawk residential school still stands. You hear a lot from these survivors...very brave
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Heard a lot about the residential school there.
Carole Landry (7 months ago)
I liked, when that one native, man talked about wanting to forgive, those that hurt him, but they were not around anymore to forgive. Forgiveness is the only way, through Jesus Christ. Everyone needs forgiveness. Healing comes through Jesus christ
Carole Landry (7 months ago)
Orphanages, places just like residential, school were happening to every, race of children, all over the world, every country. The abusers had also been very much abused themselves, that is the reason, that they became abusers themselves.
danger stranger (8 months ago)
White people and religion will be the reason the world will end. This happened in America also. Just imagine what the Catholic church has done for centuries to everyone.
TheDark Nite (8 months ago)
White Christians raping other races, like iraq and Afghanistan today. never change race of predators.
Nasty shiz (8 months ago)
Canada ain't so nice after all EH!!!!
Crisp Biscuit (8 months ago)
My people were killed over 1,000,000 Native children.... not all natives know about this We were killed by white people EVEN TODAY we need to fight BACK
Martin Macdonald (7 months ago)
completely nuts
Full Clip (8 months ago)
The white man has truly behaved worse than devil's. Everywhere they go, it's always the same old story.
annuh k. (1 month ago)
the devil was everywhere. the holocaust, residential, slavery etc.
Tom Francis (8 months ago)
Many of these stories are made up. All are exaggerated. Why? Billions of dollars in compensation. Even is some of these stories are true, why dwell in it?
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
Why dwell on it? These people live today. And science science has proven that those in traumatic experiences as children when they have kids of their own are more likely to abuse said children. And so on. A cycle of pain.
Jake Anthony (8 months ago)
I knew a lady from Alert Bay on Vancouver Island, who is a survivor of the residential school system. The RCMP came onto the reserve, ripped her away from her family and put her in a residential school, where she remained for 10+ years. She once told me about how she was beaten with a wooden paddle until she could barely walk just for speaking her native language. The residential school system and horrendous mistreatment of aboriginal people is a shameful stain on Canada's history!
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
+Tom Francis yeah let's erase your history and culture but here's some money
ben h (1 month ago)
+Tom Francis what a cold blooded reply. Can I offer you money for beating you. You should know human being can't live without dignity. Apparently, you only need money.
Tom Francis (8 months ago)
So? She got her thousands of dollars. Why are you crying? Do you want money, too?
Alla Soiko (8 months ago)
I endured instituional ableism
Alla Soiko (8 months ago)
No more psychiatric survivor
Tony Karim (8 months ago)
May Allah continue to protect the victims (
hedidit (8 months ago)
the britsh where the cruellest people in the world.
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
+Tom Francis the British were pretty bad but the Belgians...
Tom Francis (8 months ago)
Except for every other country.
Nefetita (8 months ago)
The devil is in the detail. This is satanism 101:- feeding the devil with the pain, bloodshed & death of innocents, in exchange for their money & land. The more these beast worshipers feed the devil, the more the devil rewards them financially by bending reality to bring more innocent victims for the devil to feed on their blood, pain & death.
Nefetita (8 months ago)
satanist scum. and devil worshipping pedophile murderers. The Catholic church hierarchy are satan's army on earth.
RadicalRalph Russo (8 months ago)
This number represents the ones that made it to the Boarding Schools.Many others were raped to death in the field!.....This child taken is still very prevalent on many American reservation...
Dayala Singh (28 days ago)
+Tom Francis what?
Tom Francis (8 months ago)
Lol. Get help
un known (8 months ago)
love you Natives
Lauren (9 months ago)
And look at Canada now...bickering with Saudi Arabia for human rights abuses. First, deal with your own past!!!
cooldesertknight (9 months ago)
I have no idea what's wrong with "White judeo-christians" race ! Everywhere they go they commit genocide, rapes, pillages, occupation, stealing other nations/people's wealth and natural resources;..up to this date (e.g the Last Western Colony 'israel' !). Oh...also..almost every ruthless existing dictatorship is protected by one or two "Western/White judeo-christian" democracies (check Dictatorship regimes in Arab countries, etc).
Ranganath Prahlad (9 months ago)
What could be the reason for govt to run such school??. Why it was named as INDIAN Residencial School. Am from India so just for the curious.
Michael Heery (1 month ago)
Stephy Andrews (2 months ago)
Because Columbus who left Europe to find sea route to India, ends up in North America and mistaken North America to be India and thus referred the inhabitants as Indians.

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