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BMW 330i 325i E46 DISA Valve Operation Test

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How to completely test your DISA valve, also called the Intake Manifold Resonance Valve, for functionality before you decide to repair it. You will find this valve on an M54 engine in a BMW E46 3 series, an E39 5 series, or an E53 X5 3.0i. If you want to go one step further than the whole finger over the hole test, I'll show you how to confirm the complete electrical functionality of the unit. This video will also teach you how the valve operates. DISA is an acronym for "DIfferenzierte SAuganlage" or differentiated intake. It changes the length of the passage the air travels through inside the intake manifold. At low engine speeds you want the air to travel through a longer tube to produce torque most efficiently, and at high engine speeds you want that tube to be short. This is why your BMW engine is so torquey compared to, say, a Honda engine, which doesn't start to pick up until you rev it really high.
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Cali's Very Own (1 month ago)
I got a 2003 bmw 325i with 2.5L m56 engine I have the same problem with the disa valve but can’t find anyone who makes these aluminum replacements can Anyone help me out here
RJVBMUSIC (1 month ago)
X8R have plenty on eBay, I had mine delivered today. I have same car and worked out fine mate
s0kr4tz (1 month ago)
Google: X8R rebuild kit M56
ApaX1981 (2 months ago)
The valve most common failure is play on the hexagonal connection in between the flapper and the actuating axle. This is super cheap to fix with some epoxy. Clean the flapper, fill the hex hole with epoxy. Clean the actuating axle and coat it with teflon spray. Assemble the valve...done. The teflon prevents you from glueing the parts I together. The epoxy gets rid of all of the play ( no more rattling of the flapper).
Jaguar (3 months ago)
Mr this unit is not rebuild Is the original factory made?
Isreal Perez (4 months ago)
My 04 have a p1512 stuck closed does that mean I need a new one or no vacum and how much will u sell that to me I have 2.5
Isreal Perez (5 months ago)
What was the code that you determine that it was the disa
Aidan W (1 month ago)
As far as I am aware, P0170 and P0174 codes are common codes, pointing to vacuum leaks, but I'm sure there are other codes that point to it.
Eric Ensign (6 months ago)
Great easy to follow video. Thanks so much. Cant wait to test mine.
500dollar Bmw life (6 months ago)
Do you still have it?
Erickthepro 2008 (8 months ago)
Hello! I have a problem with my 2004 530i lose power when I accelerate and sometimes I push the accelerator pedal the car don’t respond and it feels without power can you help me I know you are from California I’m from Cali too can you replay me and maybe can you fix my car:) thanks 🙏
chuckle chuckle (9 months ago)
So what if I hold the vacuum port and the flap slowly opens?
Alfonso Alvarez (3 months ago)
Hi! How much vacumm did you apply? I have test mine and the flap operates only if you move it a little bit (45 degrees approx) from the initial position. Maybe it works better with the vacuum from the intake. I'm just capable to generate 0,3 bar vaccum. Anyway the diagnostic mode works fine. Thanks
chuckle chuckle (9 months ago)
Steve Sanchez interesting I mean it's a flap that opens and closes air into the combustion chambers so if the flap does not have the ability to close shut wouldn't that cause lean conditions witch will tell the computer to add more fuel than needed and that's were you get bad fuel economy not sure were power losses would come into play other than wack air to fuel ratios🤔 or I might be looking at this all wrong yea I'm not a mechanic neither
Steve Sanchez (9 months ago)
chuckle chuckle I’m no mechanic but I wanna say it gives you poor gas mileage and slight power loss
chuckle chuckle (9 months ago)
Steve Sanchez and what would be a symptom of that
Steve Sanchez (9 months ago)
chuckle chuckle it means that little bladder might be worn and is going bad but still functional to some point
Kenny Springer (9 months ago)
Hello 50skid I just installed new disa valve. Check vacuum it works everything functions properly however my c110 Creator tells me that it is not active, even after 4000 RPM please help
Kenny Springer (9 months ago)
Please reply!
Ryaan De Vrye (10 months ago)
Where can i buy the kit fpr disa valve for e46 330i
Jp Coward jr (1 year ago)
Hello. SO I need some help with this. Would you be able to answer some questions on here?
Charley H (1 year ago)
Am getting rough idling on my e46 I found the screws on the dissa valve very very loose can this cause an issue ?
Charley H (1 year ago)
50sKid I mean both screws where really really loose
50sKid (1 year ago)
only if the gasket is bad
Kenny Springer (1 year ago)
I just rebuilt my disa valve on my M54 but when I read my c110 scanner it tells me this evolve not active I believe it's supposed to open at 37 thousand RPM so I tried to rev the engine Speck got no reaction on my scanner should I take it off and check it this way or can I do it somehow while it's still in the car
Kenny Springer (1 year ago)
Okay I took the disa valve off pump vacuum into it after changing the flap the flap holds open when I hold my finger over the other little hole as if it has vacuum however one I do this with the pump and 12 volts it does not close as pertaining to your video please help
The O B A (1 year ago)
Can I purchase the disa valve from you ?
50sKid (1 year ago)
It has been sold a long time ago
Josh River (1 year ago)
Very nice demonstration! Thx
Domenico Caliendo (1 year ago)
Jason, in your opinion, why this flap was designed by BMW to work with vacuum? I mean wouldn't be easier to work as a simple electrovalve? (I.e. flap normally closed and open just when energized...).
50sKid (1 year ago)
They probably used vacuum because the valve is stuck into the intake manifold and the intake is always under vacuum thus, why not utilize it?
pundzsu (1 year ago)
My DISA does not work (M52TU). The vacuum test is good. Flap without damage. The connector is 13.8V → good. The flap does not move even when an external battery is connected, just clicks are heard. But when you connect the connector, there is no click.
Mud Bone (1 year ago)
My 325i does something weird like that, when I turn off the motor the relay on the disa valve is buzzing for 1 minute or so. Also the motor , when idling, surges like it got *#&^*^^#&*^^& in the &^&*^ I'm going to get a rebuild kit.
50sKid (1 year ago)
There is a smaller diaphragm in the end where the little arm moves back and forth. That's the vacuum diaphragm. Some companies make a rebuild kit that has it.
Markus Melicher (1 year ago)
@50sKid A Question. Today i checked my DISA (got an e53 6months) and found out, that the DISA is garbage. The flapper valve is glued open, assembled it back with RTV. What problems could i have/get with on always open DISA flapper? Going to check the junkyard around me for one. Thank you for reply 50's.
50sKid (1 year ago)
Just slightly reduced power at high engine speeds.
Mac Jr (1 year ago)
if u put your finger over the hole and turn the valve. if it moves but only goes halfway to the rest position is the disa valve bad. I noticed your doesn't move at all
50sKid (1 year ago)
Nah it moves a tiny bit--which is normal.
solo1racing (1 year ago)
I can hear my disa valve running when I open my hood while car is turned off. is this normal? 2004 525i
elias bou khalil (2 years ago)
hello, thank you for the video ! i have a question, on my 325ci the DISA valve is deleted when I was checking it, the interior part that opens and close was removed and they have filled the holes with some sort of grey sillicon I will replace it but what should be the diffference if it was deleted i feel no major differences in my engine do you know the symptoms or the problems that are caused by deleting this DISA VALVE (fuel economy a little of vibration...) thank you !
soundseeker63 (1 year ago)
The valve is normally shut until about 4000rpm when it opens to allow a more free airflow inside the manifold. With it permanently blocked off it will restrict airflow at high revs and reduce top end power.
50sKid (2 years ago)
You'll have less power.
Cue Rock (2 years ago)
I will buy that from you if you still have it. I need one. My car is the 2.5. If you paid $20 (like u said below)... Ill pay you $40 and pay for shipping to me :)
50sKid (2 years ago)
I sold that a long time ago, I'm afraid.
Jorge Ames (2 years ago)
hi greetings from Perú. i have a 1999 323i. my car starts good and after a while is like fuel doesnt get to engine continuesly. i press the accelerator and sometimes it goes fast and sometimes no. i scanned it and showed code 11. (fuel tank pressure sensor)
Jorge Ames (2 years ago)
Jorge Ames (2 years ago)
11 Tank Pressure Sensor (EVAP System) or Radiator Outlet Temp (MS43 Read more at http://realitypod.com/2012/06/08/bmw-complete-diagnostic-fault-code-list-e36-e46-e90-and-more/#UbLYYU9X21pwyQeE.99 Ms41 42 and 43 realitypod.com
50sKid (2 years ago)
Is that OBD2 code P0011? What are you checking this with?
Jorge Ames (2 years ago)
50sKid (2 years ago)
What OBD2 code does it have?
Lotusdriver (2 years ago)
Great little instructional video....just what l needed. Thanks!
Erol Eskinazi (2 years ago)
If anyone is looking just for the O-Ring, the following fits perfectly. www.ebay.com/itm/162117908513
50sKid (2 years ago)
Be aware that there are I believe 3 different sized o-rings for the various DISA units that were made. Be sure to check realoem.com to find your exact unit and o-ring part number.
billy mitchell (2 years ago)
here is a vid on replacing vacuum diaphragm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZnFHzvXhJo ..have tried to open it but it is bloooody hard
billy mitchell (2 years ago)
have looked all over the net for a video on removing the vacuum pot so you could be the first,that's if you can get it off
billy mitchell (2 years ago)
https://vanos-bmw.com/disa-bmw-repair-kits this is the web site for DISA and Vanos ...
billy mitchell (2 years ago)
if you still have that DISA can you see if the top is removable cause on mine it is hard,can see it move at where the vacuum tube is but that's it Spell Diaphragm 3 times fast haha I have spell check...here we spell it diaphram (AU) but comes up with the spell check redline
50sKid (2 years ago)
Ah, very interesting. I did not know the diaphragms were for sale. (Spell diaphragm 3 times fast!)
billy mitchell (2 years ago)
yes another great video...I am just in the process of replacing the flap and also the diaphragm but have you any clues to getting the vacuum top off so I can replace this unit there has to be something I missed ... I got that scanmaster program .. also been reading up on fuel trim.it is straight forward that what goes in and comes out has to add up ..am just glad I swapped from cars to motorcycles back in the 80's
50sKid (2 years ago)
Vacuum top? The only part that is removable is the little circular cover behind the flapper itself. It just pops out with a screw driver.
Jon Chambers (2 years ago)
How hard do you apply your finger for the vacuum test? I'm on the fence of buying another DISA. If I press down real hard, it will function like yours. However, if I simply cover the hole (albeit completely) it swings a bit farther than yours here, though not all the way open. Thoughts? My gut tells me to replace it, but I'd rather replace some other stuff right now than the DISA.
Sancho2Fly (2 years ago)
Thanks for explanation! You have many valuable videos. They helped me a lot to keep my car runing perfect :)
BreiZH (2 years ago)
Hello , do you think the noise is due to acute valve saying? ( https://youtu.be/I4m19S4JRe8 ) I can not figure out where the noise! Air hoses are not pierced , accessories belts are new ! I need help = / Continue your videos are awesome !!
bimmer audi (2 years ago)
Another great video. You do a great job at presentation..
50sKid (2 years ago)
+bimmer audi Thanks!
TechCheck (3 years ago)
good job on explaining things! thanks!
Bryant Cantrell (3 years ago)
So my disa valve dosn't seal the way you say it needs to. Does this mean new valve, or rebuild kit?
50sKid (3 years ago)
Thanks very much
Bryant Cantrell (3 years ago)
+50sKid Damn! Thanks for the vids! You do an exeptional job!
50sKid (3 years ago)
+Bryant Cantrell If it won't hold vacuum then, yes, you need to replace it I'm afraid.
martinv261 (3 years ago)
Great video 50sKid. Nicely explained. Do you think VOLTAGE INTAKE AIR PRESSURE and VOLTAGE SEC AIR MAS showing no values at all (see link please) http://i.imgur.com/qg50Hwu.png could be caused by DISA? My Z4 E85 2003 3.0i has issues when outside temperature below 8 degree. Engine starts and stall after 10s. It is doing that until engine temperature increases a bit. I already checked DISA - it look visually good and functioning. Haven't done test as shown here yet - have to test it that way. And secondly it looks like I have got very "hungry" car. I drove lately like 20 miles approximately and lost 5 liters. It looks to me there is something wrong with fuel/air mixture. Thank you for any ideas.
martinv261 (3 years ago)
+50sKid FYI - problem found. Replacing throttle body and resetting it solved my issue. You can use this link -http://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=455949 - to reset TBA - it worked on my Z4 with M54 engine as well. Remember to delete error codes from memory before you do that otherwise it won't work.
50sKid (3 years ago)
+martinv261 A malfunctioning DISA wouldn't cause that problem unless there was a vacuum leak because it wasn't sealing to the intake manifold properly. A bad DISA won't cause codes, it will just cost you some torque. I don't think you are supposed to have voltage on those two things--you notice that you do have voltage on "voltage air mass," which is the mass air flow sensor. Intake air pressure sounds like a MAP sensor, which the E46 doesn't have. Sec air mass sounds like "secondary" and also sounds like a MAP. Anyway, that is not a clue for your problem. Sounds like you probably have a lean condition (that would cause decreased fuel economy). Show me your fuel trims from INPA.
Stev Rex (3 years ago)
As people will come to discover. BMW does not sell a replacement O-ring for the DISA valve. There is an O-ring for a 91-94 Ford probe which is exactly the correct size. Part #35489. Assuming the valve is good, far more expeditious to replace an O-ring than a $400.00 unit. Nice series of videos.
50sKid (3 years ago)
+Stev Rex Thanks!  Actually you can get replacement O-rings on eBay for $5.  There *is* a BMW part number for each different DISA valve (I'm surprised that BMW wouldn't carry it??) which you can find out on realoem.com
xesty (3 years ago)
hey 50s kid. Great video explaining the DISA unit! I think mine is shot, I have vacuum leak lean codes as well as misfiring. I just replaced the CCV hoping it was that, but it was not. I hope this will be the last thing I need to do and it's an easy DIY
Chi Chen (2 months ago)
Did replacing DISA fixed the vacuum leak? I have a similar situation. I suspect my DISA failed because it doesn’t even have any spring to pull the door opened.
Charlton Woods (3 years ago)
great video 50skid.i was just at work the other day trying to figure a way to test a disa valve.thanks
50sKid (3 years ago)
+Charlton Woods Glad it helped you out.
Dennis Canon (3 years ago)
How much did you pick this up for at the junkyard?
Jon Chambers (2 years ago)
haha yeah I'm sure it did. :)
50sKid (2 years ago)
Who me? Hey, money changed hands. ;-)
Jon Chambers (2 years ago)
You STOLE that lol
50sKid (3 years ago)
+Dennis Canon I really can't remember because the junkyard doesn't have a "disa valve" in their system so I probably told them it was a vacuum valve or something. Probably $20
clabcon (3 years ago)
The green O-ring is a dealer servicable part on the 325 DISA, whilst the 330 DISA has a moulded orange non-(dealer) servicable seal.
50sKid (3 years ago)
+clabcon I've actually dug a little deeper into this and it appears the green/black o-ring disa unit I show in this video is for the M52 engines--basically the 323/328i, back before they switched to the moulded orange o-ring. The later M54 325/330i's have both sizes of DISA valve with the orange o-ring which you can scrape out and replace with one from eBay. Regarding the one in this video, judging by how unbelievably clean it is/the guy must have just had a dealer replace his unit recently before he got in whatever accident that sent his bimmer to the boneyard.

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