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Terry Crews Admits Hollywood’s Dark Secret

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Actor Terry Crews admits one of Hollywood's biggest secrets and reveals what few stars would ever say about the business. Order your "Liberalism: Find a Cure" t-shirt and other cool stuff here: https://teespring.com/stores/markdice - Subscribe now for more videos every day, and I'll see you tomorrow! If you love watching my videos then toss me a one-time tip at http://www.PayPal.me/MarkDice to help me stay fan-funded because YouTube is demonetizing my videos because they don't like them. Support me on Patreon: http://Patreon.com/MarkDice Did you know I'm an author? Checkout my books! Order them in paperback on Amazon.com here: http://amzn.to/1qy0VZF Download my books from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook. Contact me via email at: [email protected] Copyright © 2017 by Mark Dice. All Rights Reserved.
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Mark Dice (1 year ago)
Order your “Liberalism: Find a Cure” shirt and other cool stuff from my new online store here: https://teespring.com/stores/markdice Please help me stay fan funded if you like my videos by tipping me through www.PayPal.me/MarkDice since YouTube is screwing me by demonetizing my videos. Or support me on www.Patreon.com/MarkDice by chipping in a $1 or $2 a month and let’s keep rocking! See ya Monday, have a great weekend!
wrenchedfor30 wrench (8 months ago)
randy bridges I will,got me curious.
wrenchedfor30 wrench (8 months ago)
randy bridges Zionist! There how's that !FUCKFACE!
wrenchedfor30 wrench (8 months ago)
randy bridges what does zionest mean?
wrenchedfor30 wrench (8 months ago)
Mark Dice You rock sir! New follower here bro!
There's more sexual savagery & fucking in Hollywood than there is in every whore house and baboon enclosure in America combined... If you're a star and in "the club" you can literally walk into a house and shag a full family... That's what they do when they're not at ritual sacrifice parties or on the set.....
Lanier H (11 days ago)
The casting couch is as old as couches. Stone couches...
danlapan12 (21 days ago)
15 times higher!? Sheesh
Alvaro Sanchez (22 days ago)
Marks last real video...
Bob Hager (27 days ago)
The only true cure is a bullet
Norbero Fontanez (1 month ago)
I DON'T give a RATS ASS about the "SICK" and Famous...diabolical SCUMBAG MAGGOTS👿👿
akacraigmack (1 month ago)
"(((liberalism))) is the cause to all these problems"..... $Mark Dice$ sounds like controlled opposition, blaming the symptoms rather than the disease
M Dawson (1 month ago)
The Nado Nation (1 month ago)
Terry Cruz in a good man
VS30131968 (1 month ago)
This is what the Democrats want for the whole country. Ok America , you let the freaks out of the closet and now they are attacking you. Happy with that decision.? NO , then stop voting in Democrats.
abc xyz (2 months ago)
Hollyweird will always be a cesspool of despicable acts performed on children and adults who are trying to make it in acting. Though this may seem like justice it isn't and even though he did do those things to those women, he is only being punished because he did something else that the insiders did not like.
DAVID CAIN (2 months ago)
If we would just kill all these faggits
DAVID CAIN (2 months ago)
All faggits are sexual predators
David Luck (2 months ago)
Hollywood is up to the brim in crap.
Joshua Emina (2 months ago)
Ewww....I'm genuinely scared
I'm that 1 Cripple Kid (2 months ago)
The cure for liberalism is a nice hefty dose of mercury
Daveyboy _ (2 months ago)
y'all just fukin jealous. !You WISH you were a millionaire on the big screen .
Edmond Casasa (2 months ago)
Hollywood is nothing but a living cesspool of liberal shit heads!!
Betania La Coste (2 months ago)
As a new student I was hazed by one, and I was expelled for reporting.
ARMBREAKER713 (2 months ago)
Why is it more difficult for men? Check your privilege
J (2 months ago)
Hollywood stop trying to influence elections no) influencing others who think like you do. Because there's so many don't know there ill-informed
Eric Whitemore (2 months ago)
Being gay is a sin God calls homosexuality abomination this sick lifestyle is not right
Shadow (2 months ago)
not a place id ever visit
Steve S (2 months ago)
Hey dipshit. That Hollywood sign.. The star of david is a six pointed star.
Craig Parker (3 months ago)
F these Degenerates, Use your free speech to out these lowlifes.
Krazy Polak (3 months ago)
Markeeee. Keep doing good job. Just be careful man. I know. You telling us that true. Just be sad. If we lost another one guy like tou
jackie chan (3 months ago)
There was a story out here in Hollywood talking bout an Asian guy who was like 17-18 and said he’d go to Hollywood parties and get passed around like a food dish. I had never heard of the directors and producers he mentioned but according to the news guy 3 are very well known. Said they’d pass him around doing sexual things to him. I can only imagine. But you never heard this on the mainstream media. Got swept under the rug.
Mohammad Natsheh (3 months ago)
I really respect this Mark Dice dude, he's not like the normal American citizen brain washed like sheeps and believe anything on the media.
Mike Lock (3 months ago)
Nasty gay sons of bitches. God's got u in the end my friend. 😈😈
Crestfire (3 months ago)
Hollywood is run by Zionists.
JJ M (3 months ago)
Hollywood is full of sick people
Kevin S (3 months ago)
Chris rock is a racist ! Plane and simple
Bowl Cut (4 months ago)
so are these libtards pushing liberalism so they can legally fuck little kids down the line? rofl
Gaetana Nelson (4 months ago)
Liberalism is not the cause. It is not the enemy. Look a little further, Mark. Don't fall victim to the "good cop, bad cop" mentality stoke by the Vatican agents.
Mich Ellio (4 months ago)
Jew's ?
Richard warren (4 months ago)
Holly Wood should be arrested and nuked for giving children the aids virus.
Mitch Yyyy (4 months ago)
Next is the Teanmafia
Arun Keshavadas (4 months ago)
What the .... This is confusing... So are you against homosexuality or are you against rape? Or are you specifically against Gay Rape? I'm pretty sure rape is considered bad irrespective of what gender. the rapist is. I haven't met anyone who doesn't.
Philip Mcdonnell (4 months ago)
This is what cocaine does to you head. It turns you into a liberal queer. Just take a good look at hollyweard. It's like the gay bay.
Glen Turney (4 months ago)
It sounds more like, "HELLYWEIRD"?
CREvothegreater (4 months ago)
is maher a homo?....
Syamim Shahab (4 months ago)
May God bless you with long age, Mark. So you could cure more people from this satanic liberalism
Mary Wren Turman (4 months ago)
Put the names out there We need to know
chat rick (4 months ago)
aaah kill it with firer
AESTETHICAL (5 months ago)
Terry plays world of warcraft believe it or not
Bjorn Ironsides (5 months ago)
Hollywood is gaaaay
littlestucky1 (5 months ago)
(((Gay Mafia)))
Theodore Marakas (5 months ago)
Terry Crews is a decent man. He has very little to do with the other raping liberals in Hollywood.
Dark Blue (5 months ago)
I wouldn't want to be the guy on the receiving end of Terry Crews, when I put my hands on his ass.
WinGate Mose (5 months ago)
As a gay man my apologies to Terry Crews and James Van Der Beek. I wish they had take a gay friend with them that would have protected (backed them up ) from such sick ass clowns. Back in the day if str8 friends wanted to go to a gay bar just to see what it was like. Some would say , " I don't want to get raped or groped ", And I would tell them too say "Just tell (whomever) screws with you that you are with me and I'll kick (whomevers )ass if they mess with you",! Worked Every Time. Are( whomever) would walk right up to us and start hitting on my srt8 friends right in front of me. Rude Ass Hell ! I'd would tell (whomever ) that" He is with me",that usually Did It. If that didn't work I'd ask (whomever) if they wanted their ass kicked ? That Would For Sure Shut It Down ,Period ! To damned bad Mr Crews and Mr Van Der Beek didn' t have me with them I can assure them ,you ,eveyone that this gay bitch would have Knocked Teeth Out Over this sleazy shit.Alot of guys thought I was handsome when I came out and I learned real fast to put the Sleazy Faggots On Notice real fast. Screw with my ass and you will go home or to the hospital with some broken bones. Turned Off their Sleazy Crap On The Spot ! Never had to kick anyone's ass ever. Str8 men in Hollywierd please find yourself some gay back up. A gay man that's not afraid to kick someone's ass if it comes down to it to protect his srt8 man. Many times all I would have to say was "He's Mine ",! Short for back the Hell Off Now ! Now this didn't happen 20 times in one night not all Gay Men are this damned trashy most gay men know when to back off. There are Queerverts here and there Str8 men in Hollywood !!! Listen Up !!! This Works !!! Never saw it fail. Word To The Wise.
kyle mossi (5 months ago)
As much as I want to agree with you Mr. Dice I would be remiss if I didn't ask.....How is it possible to know how many rapes go unreported? If they are unreported then how are there stats? We inherently cannot know how many rapes go unreported by definition. I only ask this in the interest of truth and fairness. Otherwise, good job man, keep up the good work, and mad props for fighting the fight we can't.
Tim Allbritton (5 months ago)
Just sent you $10. I know it's not enough, but every little bit helps. Keep up the good work, Mark!
Paul Blanchard (5 months ago)
Just the tip of the Spielberg 😂
Nathan Explosion (5 months ago)
I got the find a cure T-shirt last week, wore it twice and already gotten several compliments. Especially at the local voting polls lol
Sharah Yasharahla (5 months ago)
Oprah , won't say anything,rich woman but must stay silent 🤔,
William Poole (5 months ago)
A simple way to destroy Hollywood and silence these holier than thou celebrities; Stop going to the movies, Stop renting movies, Stop buying movies. If you want to buy movies, find a bootlegger or just steal it off the internet.
Pieced together excellently One of your best videos
Regina Norwood (5 months ago)
Come quickly Jesus Christ and bring justice♡
Hugo Custódio Reis (6 months ago)
"The Gayd Father" :)
sigma six (6 months ago)
the US is going down the toilet...
Werewolf (6 months ago)
Play it safe & don't mention the Jewish "mafia" in Hollywood.
Edward Chance (6 months ago)
What is the poundmetoo movement
cherryclan1 (7 months ago)
Love Terry Crews in White Chicks. Classic
M21z (7 months ago)
Gay’s can’t sexually assault people... - Liberals
Lord of the Flies 666 (7 months ago)
F*** gay people they are all an Abomination we need to get them out of the breeding pool. They might not be able to reproduce but they're getting close with all this transgender s***just not natural
Conor Mason (7 months ago)
Man like fat joe
MiningMikeHD (7 months ago)
So why is that the liberal place that puts out a ton of our films and actors, is the same place that they are breaking their OWN AGENDAS by sexually harassing people. Then the left comes on and blames everyone else...
KidCity Lynnwood (7 months ago)
Terry Cruz has guts!
KulinBan777 (7 months ago)
LOL gay men ain't raping nobody, they're physically not capable of doing it, if you got raped by a gay dude you gotta hit the gym or go to BJJ classes
Marcos Rocha (7 months ago)
1- All jewish hollywood directors are perverted . 2 - All these people were unknown some years ago and could even sell their souls to the devil (actually they did) for fame, money, mansions, jewlery etc... This world is ruled by satanists jews and they control the media and the banking cartel. There is no hope for this world.
betty kuykendall (7 months ago)
raymond caruso (7 months ago)
What's the dark secret? Hollyweird is made up of immoral, drug addicted pedophiles rapistmisfit phony narcissists brain dead queer loving liberal depraved degenerates? We know!!!!!!
Michael Hall (7 months ago)
Time to send in "Snake Pliskin"...
JCP Irish (7 months ago)
Sodomwood and Hollymorrah... Turns my stomach!
Pancake Tits (7 months ago)
These people agreed to take it up the ass to be famous.
Anantavijaya Das (7 months ago)
DAMN!!! I wonder who the mother fucker was that raped that big beast!?!? BOB SAPP OR SOME SHIT!!!???
The Ringmaster (7 months ago)
Dang, how big was the guy that abused Terry Crews?!?!
RAM (7 months ago)
+Mark Dice didn't you say Anton LaVey says the Devil is real in a biography, or something like that? I want to find it before I direct someone.
Gerberger (7 months ago)
Jews exploiting non-jews.
Alejandro Arditi Volvo (7 months ago)
They coul have report it.
Personal Email (7 months ago)
Love love love Dicey
duradim1 (8 months ago)
I don't watch their movies or their networks. If something comes along and replaces YouTube then I will not watch their social media. Guaranteed.
Byron W (8 months ago)
Its not Liberalism LOL realjewnewscom
T Man (8 months ago)
Keep it up Mark! You are a teller of truth. It’s impressive how factual your reports are! You always show actual articles, interviews, etc. Our country needs you to be successful. There’s no fake news here.
StereoDeth (8 months ago)
Isn't it a bad idea to be a male rapists, who rapes fellow male soldiers? I mean, those soldiers are normal men, no big money career, but armed and skilled fighters. As long as there are no fucked up gay soldiers dominanting the crowd, I believe those rapists end up dead. At least I wouldn't expect support for them in a battle situation. "Friendly fi...I mean, man down."
Eight-bit Cartridge (8 months ago)
suck it up you rich assholes this shit happens
Devon MacDonald (8 months ago)
What the....? Harvey Levin too? I didn't know the man was gay. I have a new found respect for him. Reason: He doesn't prance around like a hypersexual teenage girl like some gay men do. He is a man who happens to prefer men over women.
N / A (8 months ago)
Next thing you know, pedophilia rights and marriage will be legal a they will call anyone against them as "pedophobic", along with using cringy LBGT-like slogans such as "Age is but a number.", "Young love.", "Beauty before age.", "I love little girls they make me feel so good!", etc. Heterosexuals and homosexuals would have to form an alliance to ban pedophile rights. BTW, Hollywood is populated with pedos as much as Cathedrals.
Tony C. (8 months ago)
*Mark* Hellywood's _Dark_ Secret is not about people with _Dark_ skin. Hellywood embraces the homosexual and pedophile agenda to their own self-dug grave. Hellywood WILL continue with plummeting ticket sales, garbage movies, and more than ever trashy television. Hellywood chooses to ignore the simple business plan which is to: Address a problem, correct the problem, then make more money. The Hellywood business model is based on circular logic. "We're Hellywood, We said something - anything, so what we said MUST be true because we're Hellywood!" Fake? ---> Praise The Lord and Godspeed to you all!! NOTHING fake here...
Destroy ZOG (9 months ago)
Wrong stars on the thumbnail!!
TexasForLife! (9 months ago)
Ya Harvey Levey is also a mason. Look at his hand sign at the end if the show....the m symbol!!
Robert Travis (9 months ago)
I was on my phone drunk and push the wrong thum its the truth!!!
Christian Kjeldsen (9 months ago)
Liberals have actual mental issues. I'm not even joking. I'm pretty sure they somehow have mental diseases
Lou Sensei (9 months ago)
Fat pedos with a foot fetish run the entertainment industry. Old news tbh..
jake fiscus (9 months ago)
do u got the find a cure in a hoodie or crew neck sweatshirt?
jake fiscus (9 months ago)
actually i can just look myself lol duh link in the bottom srry
Thomas Lowman (9 months ago)
All celebs are weirdos and should be knocked down a peg or two.
Balls lalls (9 months ago)
Wow that's so fucked. Gay political mafia in Hollywood. Fat Joe knows lots.
Karl Quetzacoatl (9 months ago)
Ohhh, but guys sexually assaulting straight men? Oh no, how dare those homophobes tell the truth about those sick degenerates?
Luciana Bs. (9 months ago)
why are you yelling?

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