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Talking Mameshiba Pea plush / bag charm SOOO CUTE

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Sooooo Kawaii!!!!! I love the cute voice. You can attach it to your bag and play with it on the train. A great way to annoy people:) Available to buy from Europe's growing Japan pop store www.omoi.fi. Products sold in Euro's. International Shipping available.
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Nicole D. (6 years ago)
YAY! Now when I go on da train again and have it, tada!
IShall EatYourBacon (7 years ago)
@omoifinland SERIOUSLY? O_O
Burnt Hombre (7 years ago)
@dogpack2003 actually its a pup pea.
Karichi Du Soleil (7 years ago)
Loooove. XD I love pea puppy! Well....my friends and I call him bean dog soo I love bean dog!. XD
Omoi MangaShop (8 years ago)
I think its says: Did you know, In French, dandelions are called pissenlit, which means "urinate in bed"
KaoriSakuragiLover (8 years ago)
whats it say o.o?

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