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Top 10 Dark Secrets From Hollywood

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Top 10 Dark Secrets From Hollywood In Hollywood it isn't showfriends it's showbusiness! Be it child actors having all their earnings stolen by their parents or the staggering sexism of the pay gap between men and women, we reveal the truth behind Tinseltown with 10 Shocking Facts About Hollywood! Click to Subscribe.. http://bit.ly/WTVC4x Where else to find All Time 10s... Facebook: http://ow.ly/3FNFR Twitter: http://ow.ly/3FNMk Minds: http://www.minds.com/Alltime10s Here are our 10 favorite videos from 2013.. Hope you have enjoyed them! :D - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLec1lxRhYOzvM9EGqneSSWZTdn7WFlR63
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Text Comments (1538)
Kevin Ceniceros (15 hours ago)
By the way, there is footage that shows the entire deaths of the actor and child actresses on YouTube from The Twilight Zone Movie.
Kevin Ceniceros (15 hours ago)
Dude, they still do fake reviews. Horrible movies these days are scoring over 80 percent. And great movies are scoring around 50 percent. Fucking 61% for Bohemian Rhapsody? Come on, Rotten Tomatoes...
Donald Smith (4 days ago)
"David Manning" was the name of a real actor in the 20's & 30's, & 40's. He was well know as a Homosexual, & leading ladies, liked him as a co-star; as he needed to keep a low profile & didn't want to be "outed," so he didn't fight for the close-ups!
Laurie Huntley (5 days ago)
A Knights Tale will always be one of my Favorite movies of all time
Renata Gross (6 days ago)
Thank you for your well researched video. These facts are Mindblowing.
gregatyis (7 days ago)
Chaplin was kicked out for having sex with a child.
Fuzzy Butkus (9 days ago)
Gender bias really?? Kinda like that wicked NBA. The WNBA is just as exciting and the woman are just as great as athletes. Lol,haha,hohoho wooooooooo haha. Stop it I think I just dropped a nut. Haha haha hehehe. Directors and producers would pretty much sell their families to get pictures made but they are being biased against woman actors. Ok
Audrey Zelenko (13 days ago)
Absolutely Right ! Stuntmen & Stuntwomen NEED an Award Section at The Oscars !!! They Literally Risk Their Lives !!!
MGM was run by Jews. Don't believe that they were big supporters of the Nazis
Mathew Ball (1 month ago)
The pay gap is a myth it's a wage gap!
Adolf Hitler (1 month ago)
The gender pay Gap does not exist it's been debunked numerous times stop Spreading your liberal propaganda
Nicole Butler (2 months ago)
How were they Nazi sympathizers when the owners of ALL the studios were Jewish?
Dennis Clark JR (3 months ago)
Watch COMEDIAN Dennis Clark JR
Pam Jack (4 months ago)
The ignorance of majority of these comments blow my mind.
Cagatay Ocal (4 months ago)
Why so much evil in the world
kysf gd (5 months ago)
im just weird (7 months ago)
The tiger in Life of Pi was actually CGI...
Diplamatik Juan (10 months ago)
That poor squirrel, failure to move
BigphilyB (11 months ago)
This is a shocking fact https://youtu.be/kdSlCVrusag
Royed King (11 months ago)
The sexism one is bullocks
DAT TRUONG (1 year ago)
Fuck Mark Wahlberg Im vietmease too
Moses Israel (1 year ago)
Or what about the fact they are run by the illuminati and free masons and that they all worship that disposable grottiest creature Satan
Moses Israel (1 year ago)
What about the satanic blood rituals and human sacrifices
Murray Lee Wilson (1 year ago)
The usual disinformation bullshit regarding pre World War Two Germany, their film industry was superior to hollywoods at the time and wouldn't have spat on Hollywood.
Annette D. (1 year ago)
fuck Hitler! fuck the catholic church.pagan religion.always was the devils church.I spit on that religion.
fanvapunk (1 year ago)
You forget the pedophilia
Enigma ___ (1 year ago)
you forgot the most important fact .... Hollywood is just another department in the Israeli government and their job is to brainwash everyone to believe that Jews are angels
CoatRack21 (1 year ago)
Gas the douchebag rich kids
Chuckle Honeybear (1 year ago)
Ah, good ol hollywood.
Chuckle Honeybear (1 year ago)
Hollywood is whitewashed af. White dude playing genghis khan? Fuck this shit
GGBABE (1 year ago)
that last one was fucked up about some guy dumping his wife because she was Jewish and then died in a concentration camp. Bastard!
BUSHWICK (2 years ago)
you lost me at 3 lol
None Ya (2 years ago)
There's a pay gap because actresses aren't on screen as long as actors, you even said this in your video. You get paid for how much work you do, not just because you were there.
Dean Bottle (2 years ago)
only clicked because Hitler's thumbnail was enough for me to watch
Ajit Pai (2 years ago)
Canada? canada...
Mark Daniel (2 years ago)
so, male actors spend twice as much time on screen and make twice as much. that sounds fair. when comments are made about media support for liberals or Facebook and Google suppressing negative things about hildebeast, the typical response is "start your own company and report what you want". why can't women create more rolls for women actors, directors etc?
NolimitS * (2 years ago)
Watch "an open secret" about Holywood you will find even more shocking stories..
Akeem Corion (2 years ago)
yo Hollywood can be very corrupt, scams artist, exploiting employees, racist and down right dangerous business.
onaturalia (2 years ago)
The one that bothers me most is the first one where they mimic losses to avoid paying royalties. This practice should be made illegal.
hddd (2 years ago)
sean penn didnt assault madonna he RAPED her get it fucking right assholes stop playing down rape with word like 'assault' its bullshit
Music For Ascension (2 years ago)
Hollywood will soon be completely destroyed by earthquake sent by God. Thank God! I'm looking forward to it.
MrPlanx (2 years ago)
LOL Sure thing. Man, you religious wackos belong in an asylum.
anirudh srinath (2 years ago)
The Tiger in Life of Pi was created by computer graphics, wonder how it almost drowned. :P
Stephen Essex (2 years ago)
"only 15% of films have female actors". Sorry, what?
Lhae Greenleaf (2 years ago)
For the record, 4:19 :^)
Lhae Greenleaf (2 years ago)
How about you go back and fucking look. He said "women only STAR in 15% of movies" meaning only 15% of movies have women playing THE LEAD ROLE
Stephen Essex (2 years ago)
+Lhaeweth Greenleaf Either he said it or he wrote it. Learn how to think. Though for the record, he said it, and he said what I stated.
Lhae Greenleaf (2 years ago)
No. He said "star" learn how to fucking read.
Dawud Yelton (2 years ago)
the number 1 was troubling...u divorce your wife and she later dies in a concentration camp...wow
qwyzl (2 years ago)
metro goldwyn mayer.  and they AIDED the nazis?  bad enough when one can't trust others.  even worse when one can't trust one's own.
Vette Hogan (2 years ago)
No wonder Sean Penn is such a humanitarian now.
Mark Daniel (2 years ago)
Vette Hogan he is a socialist, not humanitarian. he does nothing to help others, except socialist dictators, he only talks shit about America
Selinor578 (2 years ago)
Who's the guy with the long hair at 4:13?
77 34 (2 years ago)
Selinor578 Jared Leto
The Angry Martian NPC (2 years ago)
Notice how there are no lead white male with blond/brown hair and blue eyes in the majority of the Hollywood films anymore Notice how homosexuals, bi-sexuals, transgenders, genderfluid, POC and liberals are praised. Notice how cis-gender people, white males in particular, are being demonized Notice how Hollywood has a majority of jew directors who are openly hateful towards white actors (J.J. Abrams) Notice how every commercial has interracial couples, with the majority of black men and white women couples Notice how progressivism and change in Hollywood movies actually destroy the entire society, in which those societies actually brought peace (Minority Report) Notice how weak and frail white males are in every movie (do not mistake jew actors with white actors, jew actors are praised and promoted throughout Hollywood and into the movies) Notice how anti-christian Hollywood movies have become, with a huge amount of hidden symbols praising Satan (The Purge, Kingsman, the secret service). Notice how normal it has become in Hollywood films that masses of white people are getting murderd, slaughterd in the most gruesome ways, and that the minorities get *saved* (Kingsman, the secret service) Notice how communism, cultural marxism, anti-kapitalism, the idea of racism, fascism, xenophobia and death are always the main theme of Hollywood Movies (The Hunger Games, Star Wars, etc etc) Notice how quick the children movies from Hollywood change to anti-white movies for teenagers (Fifty shades of black). Notice how mentally defect people scream and cry for movies like Starwars, preffering these movies over reality (Youtube trailers) Notice how disgusting Hollywood movies are and how demonic sex is portrait (Penny Dreadful). Notice how Islam, but Judaism at most are treated with the highest respect, while Christianity is being destroyed through all means. Notice how the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan is being realized and adored by the Jew Hollywood movies and games (Overwatch). Notice how normal white families are being torn apart and/or the children killed on horrible ways, and the wife gets a new boyfriend (a POC) and gets mixed children with a happy ending (The Inventation) Notice how evil Hollywood has actually become compared to 40-50 years ago. Notice how Disney has been taken over by Jew Hollywood and creates massive non-white animations with tons of anti-white propaganda (this is actual prove that Jews are behind this) Notice how some of the white females in the movies of Hollywood are being portrayed as obese, skinny, chubby, unhealthy, skanky or ugly and are *opressed*, becoming feminist, anti-marriage, anti-children, anti-male and it is portraited as progressive and normal Notice how white male/female leaders are being replaced or killed in Hollywood movies to be replaced with POC leaders? Notice how the future setting in Hollywood movies depict white people *as a small minority* in which the POC are the majority and where the NWO is fully realized Notice how the majority of bad and evil people in Hollywood movies *are white people* and in some movies even *white babies* are evil Notice how the good guys are always POC and there are almost no bad/evil POC There is enough prove that movies like Star Wars are indeed fully anti-white. Shame on you once, Shame on you twice
fahad rehman (2 years ago)
DID some one herd the creepy sound in the background? it was like "CHUPP CHUPP"
Brendon Macnee (2 years ago)
Number 3 is bull shit
Bo Parker (2 years ago)
Male leads get twice as much screen time...... THAT'S WHY THEY MAKE TWICE AS MUCH MONEY YOU FUCKING MORONS
a smith (2 years ago)
David Knox (2 years ago)
That is the majority that are slaves and they're too fucking stupid to figure it out. No we're not being forced to fake it unless we want to, not much difference then. Its all in that dumbass magazine, reality check your verbal gaggings!Unless you want to be a slave or go be godian! NOW!That's irrefutable, or that is a lot of options we have here!
Kapsol Karkern (2 years ago)
Hollywood is nothing but crap and just a bunch of jews
MELEKH HA OLAM (2 years ago)
Careful how you cry for the "persecuted" Hollywood "victims". For one thing, you must not be aware of the extent of their horridly wicked behavior even as far back as the 1920s to even consider portraying them as such, and Joseph McCarthy is said by those who actually researched the matter to have been correct, but simply to have mislabeled the conspirators as communists as opposed to international socialists.
Bruce Fultz (2 years ago)
Chris N (2 years ago)
These are hardly dark secrets. They have been well known for years by anyone with even a casual interest in the movie industry.
NJGuy1973 (2 years ago)
The #1 should have been "Unknown." By definition, the best-kept secret is one no one knows. Except for one person out there who knows. Who could it be?
Jolly Stuxxy (2 years ago)
"Only 15% of movies star female characters" While only 0% of movies star vegans. Nobody gives a shit.
eso beatz (2 years ago)
Ummm Hollywood is controlled by Satan and the illuminati.
Liberals Destroy (2 years ago)
Check your King James Bible Now!! It has CHANGED
Namekian God (2 years ago)
WOW dark facts. NOT.
Freeda Peeple (2 years ago)
There are *no* shocking secrets in Hollywood...
Florides BB (2 years ago)
oh come on, just tell it's ruled by a Rothchild zionist member already, don't be afraid
- A (2 years ago)
Lol at the butthurt-Reddit-fedora guys in the comments that are all having strokes at the mere mention of anything feminist/sexist related.
Derp Herp (2 years ago)
Oh look a libtard, such a great argument.
- A (2 years ago)
+Mark Daniel Oh look, a Donald Trump supporter.
Mark Daniel (2 years ago)
Alex - the only racism in Hollywood, is anti-white.
- A (2 years ago)
And you're an idiot if you don't think sexism and racism is rampant in Hollywood.
Beatrix Rode (2 years ago)
catnip_360 (2 years ago)
that poor chipmunk
OXY ! (2 years ago)
what about there illuminate n devil worshippers
Jon Trollsten (2 years ago)
3 is stupid.
Ethan Ton (2 years ago)
Wasn't the tiger in Life of PI CGI?
Ethan Ton (2 years ago)
+Tweedie I didn't delete your comment? I was about to admit that you were right. I don't have the ability to delete comments, only the video owner can.
Ethan Ton (2 years ago)
+Tweedie I'm looking up "was there a real tiger used in 'Life of Pi' and I'm getting very mixed results. Half say there was no real tiger, only a model tiger overlaid with CGI and some say there was a real tiger that nearly drowned
Ethan Ton (2 years ago)
+Tweedie Four real tigers? Because they usually use greenscreen mockups or models of tigers. I suppose it depends what websites you're looking at.
Ethan Ton (2 years ago)
+Tweedie Nope, there was no real tiger used in the filming. It was nearly completely CGI overlaid on a model tiger body
Dantheman (2 years ago)
surprised they didnt say anything about the pro-israel propaganda inserted in many hollywood movies and the high % of directors and producers who are jewish
Aldo Sfalcin (2 years ago)
Why do I think the last part was BS?
MELEKH HA OLAM (2 years ago)
Does it not occur to you that being on screen twice as much could be the reason actors make twice as much?
Stick_Giraffe (2 years ago)
Why is fuck blurred and not shit? #Confusion
(2 years ago)
Wow I knew the movie was John Wayne as Genghis khan was cancer but that's just fucking ridiculous.
Luis Perez (2 years ago)
Francis Ventura (2 years ago)
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Anh Tuan (2 years ago)
Well fuck you Mark
john hoskins (2 years ago)
1:20 Disney paying off critics ha ha ha...o wait, that really happened...sort of
Dorris Baumann (2 years ago)
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MIMALECKIPL (2 years ago)
Well this time you did something good showing the dirt to the people, or at least making the info available in 1 place.
Brady Livingstone (2 years ago)
I'm John Wayne happy Thanksgiving pilgrims
joem2600 (2 years ago)
Why are NAZI's number 1 instead of the USSR, China or Islam? They are all much worst than NAZI Germany which were defeated 70ish years ago.
Long Do (2 years ago)
Mark Wahlberg American F***ing Sh*t I'm the Vietnamese
Son Nguyen (2 years ago)
Yeah fuck that guy om my god i cant believe someone be rude like that shitty guy.
John Arrington (2 years ago)
no way, not all of that can be true. shouldn't our news sources reported all of things??
Nothing much changed nowadays. In the old days, Hollywood backed Nazis but today, many of their movies and TV shows are pro-Islamic/Muslims where they highlight Muslims and Islam in a more positive outlook.
Leslie Eldridge (3 years ago)
This goes to Eleven !! Ha Ha Ha
Paula Clarke (3 years ago)
Don't forget to include Disney's Snow Dogs in your Animals Harmed category.
Ano Nymous (3 years ago)
OFF - 0:57, Lovely. ON
Van Talbert (3 years ago)
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Empress Empress (3 years ago)
Hollywood is a shit!!
Soppy Mahmood (3 years ago)
i thought the tiger from the life of pi was a green screen?!
Xesenia Martinez (3 years ago)
Rain Drifter (3 years ago)
Number 3 is such bullshit. There is nothing to stop women from becoming directors and writing their own scripts, but they don't. That's not sexism, that's laziness. Stars get paid according to their popularity not their gender. Jennifer Lawrence will be paid a lot more than Josh Hutcherson, for example. Whoever pulls in the most money at the box office gets paid the most. Simple economics. Stop looking for sexism where there isn't any!
Rain Drifter (2 years ago)
Alex - Well if she said it then that must be true! But even if her male co-stars DID reveal to her their salaries and that is, indeed, true that she was paid less, that does not negate what I said: actors are paid according to their box office worth which is very changeable. Also, their pay is dependent on the budget of the movie. On low budget flicks, actors across the board often get the same rate. There definitely would be films where Lawrence will be paid the most, even more than her male co-stars... she just won't mention it though as it's not newsworthy and doesn't fit into the current western narrative of women as victims so, ssssh. Keep it quiet.
- A (2 years ago)
Actually, Jennifer Lawrence was the star of The Hunger Games and still got paid less than Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. She even wrote an essay on it. Similar things have happened to huge A-List female actresses like Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway.
Nazi Germany (3 years ago)
Please dislike this comment 666 times.
Kevin Lopez (3 years ago)
I always knew there was a reason I hated Mark Walberg.
Kevin Miller (2 years ago)
He's a vain cheap acting bastard
ALi Ta (3 years ago)
MR.X (3 years ago)
You forgot to mention that it's filled with drug addicts, drug dealers and pedophiles
MrPlanx (2 years ago)
Oooh! $20 an hour! Wow! How impressive. ROFL
MR.X (2 years ago)
No it was great! I made like $20/hr. and was also an AV tech on the side since I majored in Film/TV using my MGIBill. You're sad and a total fucking liar.
MrPlanx (2 years ago)
Security guards are the fucking morons. Not to mention LOSERS who have no education and can't qualify for a real job. No, I never worked as a security guard. I did work in editing and as an assistant director at Paramount, though.
MR.X (2 years ago)
You obviously never worked security for WB like I did you fucking moron
MrPlanx (2 years ago)
Drug addicts? Sure. Same thing for many other occupations. Drug dealers? LOL Do you seriously imagine actors and producers are also drug dealers? Get a clue. Pedophiles? Only because the definition of "pedophile" has been extended now to any relationship where there is a significant age difference. If a 40 year old actor is dating a 20 year old woman, the media calls him a pedophile, but that's not what the word actually means.
The Fluffy Rooster (3 years ago)
This list is so messed up.
MsDjessa (3 years ago)
Suddenly I don't feel bad about watching movies for free.
MsDjessa (3 years ago)
If that couple went to see a Rob Schneider film because of a fake review they deserved back any penny and probably damage money. I mean Rob Schneider. : /

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