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Stargate Atlantis Pegasus Gate Diagnostic 10 Hours

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Recorded from the Stargate Atlantis Pegasus Gate Diagnostic Screen by TheWraith517 https://stargatetributes.blogspot.co.uk/p/screen-savers.html WARNING!!! This type of video may cause permanent damage to OLED and PLASMA displays if left running for a prolonged period as some elements of this video remain static for its complete duration. LED/LCD/DLP displays will probably be ok but use at your own risk.
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Text Comments (15)
tony cline (19 days ago)
No sound at all
Praveen Singuru (3 months ago)
What the f*CK is this anyway??
Md Zahid Shams (5 months ago)
It can be use for freelancer movie maker to use for si fi type or control panel working casually.
Class1973 (5 months ago)
Nosknut (1 year ago)
Spike Snell (1 year ago)
Sion (1 year ago)
*WORTHLESS!* After 10 hours of waiting I still don't know if there is anything wrong with the gate ;P Still looks awesome though.
Just A Guy (1 year ago)
no sound no fun
hartsf33 (1 year ago)
well ok ill take a chance on it and would love to try it on my system
Star Brand (1 year ago)
Great, but wish it had sounds too.
Futuristic Tech
Paride Rotelli (1 year ago)
batteria elettrochimica page master informazioni cp
technology fun (1 year ago)
hey man nice video but can we use this in real life or in our own computer if yes! please tell me thankyou .....
deeslatrommi (1 year ago)
technology fun this video is sourced from this screen saver: https://stargatetributes.blogspot.co.uk/p/screen-savers.html you can download and install it on MS Windows.
zeppy13131 (1 year ago)
Yikes! This is a great bit of playback (how they refer to these kinds of things on-set, I believe), but I can't help wondering why you thought there'd be any advantage in posting more than, say, 10 minutes of it.
deeslatrommi (1 year ago)
It isn't exactly easy for nontechnical folks to get playback running on their smart TV. Having a 10 hour loop on YouTube means that it will be able to play on virtually any internet connected screen without much issue or technical knowhow. It just plays. Many of my subscribers like to run these videos at night especially the LCARS series that has sound: https://youtu.be/Y_4iAWobejY I did this originally for myself as a sleep aid. There is something about it that brings back memories of being fascinated by STTNG. It feels cool to wake up half asleep sometimes and have a feeling of being in the future on a starship. Anyway I hope you enjoy these! I plan on making some more when I get some time. I want to recreate the Rocinante screens from The Expanse. The studio did an amazing job on those!

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