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EXTREMELY Funny Black Guy Laughing in the Dark !

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Leave a like & comment if you enjoyed ! Really funny black guy laughing in dark with only his teeth & eyes visible ! Stay connected : www.twitter.com/BeatsbyFlyzz Black guy laughing in the dark https://www.youtube.com/user/JukinVideoDotCom
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Text Comments (2440)
Theo_ VeVo (1 day ago)
Collin Hansen (6 days ago)
Mr. Sentry (8 days ago)
Sneak 100
radafus link (8 days ago)
Mr PoPo is that you?
Guys, I'm looking for that one meme that involves A black dude/kid with a big ass forehead, and buckteeth his eyes look weird, but he was in several memes. I've been searching, but i can't find him.
Kenji Herrera (9 days ago)
A demon is now coming for me pls help
LITTY. (10 days ago)
He mastered hide and seek
송다훈 (11 days ago)
I thought this meme was yondu
FIRE_WOLF (11 days ago)
My sleep paraylisis at 3AM
Fasteroid (11 days ago)
pause on any frame where you can't see the whites of his eyes for a cursed image
I'm ganna have nightmares becuz of this
Me when I scare somebody
NakoSuga (15 days ago)
Why does this scare me
Sienjego (15 days ago)
Another Lacalut commercial.
Kitnazi GotFucked (15 days ago)
This shit used to scare me when i was little
IgNiz (16 days ago)
Bravo Six, Going Dark!
Armadillo (17 days ago)
This makes my spine wiggle
ginger doggo (18 days ago)
This guy is in the corner of you're room at night
CPU Blue Heart (19 days ago)
Kinda creepy
Bro I was playing this on the tv and my dog was watching and he gets scared at 0:05
Sans _Playz (22 days ago)
Imagine if this guy did the hehehe in blurred lines
this is *not* my nightmare
ItstillDoodbro (24 days ago)
teeth brighter than my future
mR andross guy (28 days ago)
Whenever you see something BLACK 🤔
Pampinos (29 days ago)
Spookiest video ever
PoiiSED (1 month ago)
EA games be like: Great! U bought eyes and teeth for 8.99$ , unlock full character with just 29.99$
july172 (1 month ago)
Special ops Agent Shadow
Lockheed f 22 raptor (1 month ago)
99% creepy 1% funny
PoiiSED (1 month ago)
SdjZedricc (1 month ago)
The best hide go seek player
Orin Black (1 month ago)
Everywhere I go... I see *his* face.
Faiz, Muhammad (1 month ago)
This is a modern Nosferatu
Johnny-Ray . . . (1 month ago)
Oh................................ Ok...so... I have no context..
FIRE_WOLF (1 month ago)
Jeff the killer has joined the chat
Santi Cheeks (1 month ago)
I was so scared of it but I still searched it up and now im not scared this is super funny
C0D3_ D4nnY (1 month ago)
The most aggressive nigga
virgilia catiero (1 month ago)
This character is black gggguyyyy
virgilia catiero (1 month ago)
This caracter
Shadow guy 69 (1 month ago)
i could just imagine somebody in jail dropping the soap and Bill Cosby just doing this
yee haw (1 month ago)
This is funny on YouTube but it’s creepy when that guy sends it to you
YEET (1 month ago)
This is terrifying.
WillDaBeast 850 (1 month ago)
Creepy as hell, funny as hell
WillDaBeast 850 (1 month ago)
He looks like Yondu
Sakluruu (1 month ago)
*hi sisters*
_The13thDoctor_ (1 month ago)
This is not funny. This is fucking scary!
mike the gamer (1 month ago)
Is that mr popo
Sweet_ Gacha (1 month ago)
the milky way galaxy (1 month ago)
Yeeet Boii (1 month ago)
1940: we will have flying cars in the future 2019:
Fran_Joa_07 (1 month ago)
Everywhere i go, i see his face.
LaLa Music (1 month ago)
That's just scary😂
Katie Duhh (1 month ago)
Sotya Rohfina (1 month ago)
1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 % funny
Sponge3gamingsensation (1 month ago)
I ever see this in the dark of night I’m getting the fuck outta there
Sam Douglas (1 month ago)
DarkKnightX210 (1 month ago)
This scared my lil bro
Nooi The One (2 months ago)
Insert him into season 9 cinematic when bunker doors close
ghost special ops (1 month ago)
are u talking about fortnut? go away
SONITA PUNU (2 months ago)
This is so scare
Rex Gamer Dude (2 months ago)
This isn’t scary it’s funny 🤪
Nicholas Grandfield (2 months ago)
Wiry The troll (2 months ago)
Scary but his teeth are brighter than my future
No One (2 months ago)
Ok thats just freaky
Sonic the Hedgehog!! (2 months ago)
What i see in my sleep paralysis
A C E (2 months ago)
*Hello nightmares Nice too see you again*
Ha Peenes (2 months ago)
Battle of Winterfell , 303 AC , colorized (???)
Detective Pikapool (2 months ago)
Renegade Gator (2 months ago)
Yes he uses crest white
Samantha Griffin (2 months ago)
Not to be raciest but with his skin colur blending in and only with his eyes and teeth being light up makes him look very creapy
iiLookzChunky (2 months ago)
Is this a joke ? Or a black guy being racist of himself...? OR AM I THINKING THE WRONG WAY???
Rogelio Jerome Celeste (2 months ago)
SCP 106 before
Gacha Gaming (2 months ago)
This isn't funny...it's creepy
uzair qamar (2 months ago)
Holy shit all i see is daark
fr4z3ll (2 months ago)
"EXTREMELY Funny" Uh...I'm not really sure about that.
E CONFIRMED (2 months ago)
He stood still still so long and while being quiet he mastered invisibility to others around him(NOT)
E CONFIRMED (2 months ago)
New Leaked fortnite Skin to come out in Season 13
gaming for life (2 months ago)
I never will slep again
X-gamer Pro (2 months ago)
danngog (2 months ago)
that was me how I'm only finding this now
TOAST jet stream (2 months ago)
This is what I expect to see in a dark room in a horror movie
Isaiah Villagran (2 months ago)
Wtf rip n chat
FGamer X29v (2 months ago)
This looks cool though
Dark Knight Imperium (3 months ago)
Creepy af
Kevin Liang (3 months ago)
Imagine if you saw this in a black hole
obngoy (3 months ago)
MR Popo in real life
he looks like the fucking ylyl banana
Sydkaka G (3 months ago)
Those are some nice teeth
Aqua (3 months ago)
Plot twist: hes white
Reehana Jamal (3 months ago)
I don’t feel scared And I also don’t think it’s funny Pls don’t hate Its my opinion
Rozmarin Ideas (3 months ago)
This is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen. Not because he's scary, but because I'm racist.
Gumball Wolfie spiral (3 months ago)
What is this?... *SH🌕🌕K*
Is he the n chin?
Savagebossunicorn Roblox (3 months ago)
Still scares me 😭😭
Best Craft (3 months ago)
Fuck you it's 2 am I am in the bathroom and it's dark outside of the bathroom and I am now scared to get out
Peter Parker (3 months ago)
Who is this
loket555 alahdal (3 months ago)
XxBOMBIE-LEGENDxX (3 months ago)
If Niggas didn’t have white teeth they would be lost forever I’m black by the way
Kyriptos (3 months ago)
He still sounds like Yondu
Zach Burnett (3 months ago)
First rule of Popo’s training....
Piano Princess (3 months ago)
Put it at 0.25 speed xd
Crispey Bussle (3 months ago)
This video was made even scarier for me because this guy is apparently my doppelganger. 'Us' type stuff man!
Pew Pew (3 months ago)
When your dark but the memes are darker

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