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How I Style My Thin Edges + Products I Use

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Hope you guys enjoyed today's vid! Don't forget to Like, Comment, Share, & Subscribe!!! This is NOT a tutorial. I'm simply showing you all how I style the thin edges. I don't style my edges or wear a high puff in my hair more than 2 days out of the week. When I do style my edges, I do a simple technique that doesn't involve a lot of product. In no way at all am I saying that one has to style her edges, in fact, I wish people weren't so "hard up" about what the perimeter of the next girls hair looks like. Instead we should be giving each other healthy hair advise and passing on hair confidence and positivity. Shoutout to all edges, baby hairs, and hair lines whether they are thin, thick, coarse, or smooth XOXO #stylingmyedges #stylingthinedges Keep in touch:// Snapchat | TWINMSPIRED Instagram | inspiredby.mia & twinmspired.mya Seen on me:// Mya- orange distressed dress | Missguided FAQ:// How old are you? | 20 What camera do you use? | Canon t3i We do not own rights to this music:// KRS | Feel Like Do This video is not sponsored. ~"Embrace your imperfections...You wouldn't be you without them" ~ TM
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TwinMspired (1 year ago)
I forgot to mention, a really important tip is to try not to tie your hair too tight or use satin scrunchies and hair ties vs rubber bands etc. If you guys want to see my edges in action, right after I filmed this video, I filmed this summer makeup look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtWZvQDEh2s XOXO
color queen (4 months ago)
Make a video showing how to get curly pony till
Heavenlyn Appiah (1 year ago)
TwinMspired how about use his foundation instead of gel, because the constant gel will just make your edges thinner
DIVINELIYA (1 year ago)
use black castor oil my edges were also thinned out but I've been using castor oil for literally 2 days n have seen a difference wonder what they'll look like for christmas?!
I suffer from.thin edges..... the entire perimeter of my hair is thin...... im.tired living behind the dyes.....All.my life i had to fight !!!
Ms G North Carolina (15 days ago)
U did a great job! Ur edges look great! 🤗
ayuk myrene (20 days ago)
Wow after watching this video, i fell like i have nothing to worry abut, thanks so much for this video just what i needed .ur so cute😙
Vernesa Wilder (1 month ago)
Love it💜girl I got thin edges too so I feel ya, also I love dat song I was playing it.😂😂
zephaniah masson (1 month ago)
Wow and to think i was the only person with THIN edges like girl i feel you and i use black catsor oil for my edges as well but the thing is that i have one part of my head that has more edge growth than the other what a bummer for me but your Gorgeous so keep doing what you do i love it😉👌🔥
Golden B (2 months ago)
My edges arent even that thick but just too curly/long to lay nicely and sleekly!
10 Speed Quein (2 months ago)
Try [EBIN NEW YORK] 24 HOUR COLORED EDGES EDGE CONTROL # 1, 1B, on ebay for $5 bucks it has 4 different colors to choose from it'll help to fill in your edges. Let us know ou w if you tried it and how it worked in blending in with your hair color. Hope this helps.
The Co__ Melanin (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video. It made me believe i can slay my edges without complaining of how thin they are🤗
PurpleKiss Rose (3 months ago)
Atfirst I thought I had no edges but my momma said my edges are long
Tanadia Bowman (3 months ago)
I love your energy positivity 🧡
Caribbean Princesss (4 months ago)
This is my first time watching your channel.and im hearing your music and im wondering are you saint lucian because im saint lucian.But anyways im loving your channel so far
Audrey Villiers (4 months ago)
Yah jamaican
Skinny Potatoe (4 months ago)
once I clicked on this vid I realized I don't have edges, idek how I got here
Alexa Okwuosa (6 months ago)
I have thin very curly edges only along the side they are thick like the sideburns and it’s weird because my hair is so thick. My sister has gorgeous thick blonde baby hairs that lay without doing them. But I love my thin edges anyway and I’ll work on getting them to swoop because my mum used to do them so nice when I was little
ciara boone (6 months ago)
It’s not even that bad
Kim Essex (7 months ago)
Look at the Glam twins they have long thick hair they have 10 tips to growing thick hair
theyyluv nya (7 months ago)
I can definitely relate😫
Abbie Parker (7 months ago)
Try some miracle drops from therealbbjudy
Makenna B (8 months ago)
Crystal Hodge (8 months ago)
I use to stress shed around my edges and a mixture of 1 tbs Jamincan black castor oil, 1 egg yolk, 1/2 tsp of your favorite 3 oils (mine, avacado oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil) really help my new growth thicken 🙂
Tom8 Hills (9 months ago)
put vicks on ur edges it works.
Shamiah Bass (9 months ago)
Your edges don't look thin to me... You have edges
Gi Sheree (9 months ago)
Helps 🙌🏾
CoolFoxyBrown007 (10 months ago)
Hi. I’m 54. I’ve had hereditary thin edges my entire life...until I stumbled upon Shea Moisture’s Low Porosity conditioner! I don’t rinse it out. I put about three tablespoons into a glass dish, add an equal amount of olive oil, heat it in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds, and apply it to the entire perimeter of my head, every other day. I don’t use Shea Moisture anywhere else on my head, as I’ve discovered their products are too strong for my 4c fine hair. BUT, my edges? Within six months they were filled in! I found that conditioner at Target or Sally’s Beauty Supply. On the days I don’t apply Shea Moisture to my edges, I use Murray’s Edge Wax, straight from the container. It seals in moisture on those days. And I only wash my edges once a week ( my entire head every two weeks). I hope it works for you, so that you don’t spend almost an entire lifetime fighting thin edges like I did. I spent a lot of money, too........smh..... Enjoy life, young beautiful sister!
Bronia Williams (10 months ago)
My hairdresser told me edge controls help cause thin/broken edges . Nice video tho
love my kids (10 months ago)
New subbie hear I needed this thanks hun 😚
berina chem (11 months ago)
@TwinMspired omg like thank you sooooo much, i love the fact that u are not killing urself about ur thin edges, because i have reaaaaaly thin edges and i was, well still kind of insecure about it and ppl would tell me tips but they dont work, so i just style them an leave them alone cause i think their more stressed out than i am. but thank u so much.
CheekyLovesCheeseCake:) (11 months ago)
My perimeter is naturally thin/weak as well (and I got a widows peek too sis lol). Taking liquid biotin and using Jamaican black castor oil has been my god send though. Areas of my edges that hadn't grown in almost a year started sprouting in a matter of 2 weeks.
CheekyLovesCheeseCake:) (10 months ago)
Ruby .urena lmao me too! 😂😂😂
Jamielmao (10 months ago)
CheekyLovesCheeseCake:) I have a widows peak too, and I noticed that on the widows peak there’s no baby hair so I can’t lay that part down, since the hair grows upwards😩. I can only do the sides.
Orel (11 months ago)
Maybe you should try not putting it in one so often. That also pulls on edges.
Lebogang Mametja (11 months ago)
Please try out edge entity and make a review video?? That would be very cool!
Tanya Farirayi (1 year ago)
I appreciate this
Cinnamon Toastc (1 year ago)
just found this channel and i love it
Kyesha Watson (1 year ago)
rosieb (1 year ago)
Finally someone else with fickle thin edges they inherited!
Zaria Lewis (1 year ago)
Is she Jamaica its cause she is always playing Jamaican music I am Jamaican by the way
Tyquana Smith (1 year ago)
For my thinning edges i use miracle drops by darealbbjudy. They WORK WONDERS. I have the same problem as you, if you look her up on instagram the link to order is in her bio! Hope that helps!
Life of Nasia (1 year ago)
This really works you guys should try it my edges are thin to and it worked
Renaiya Fayson (1 year ago)
What remix to the song is this?
Sta High (1 year ago)
I tried Dr. Miracle’s nape and temple growth to help with edge growth. It tingles a bit, but it works!
Sandy A (1 year ago)
I feel you..thin edges struggles...coz I got it too
Zayfi Ashe (1 year ago)
beautiful affff
Debbie debz (1 year ago)
my hair is curly and super stubborn so when i lay my edges after a while it just curls up
Akwi Awazi (1 year ago)
Love the music😌
TheKeKeShow Host (1 year ago)
you look beutiful without makeup
Ary’s Corner (1 year ago)
@TwinMspired try the rapunzel hair supplements or the vitamelts for women
Divaa's World (1 year ago)
Great video, I make videos too and will love it if you check it out 🤗
Tanya Renaissance (1 year ago)
I have thin edges but they never lay down as good as u do them. Mine revert back up.
Fabulous Dae (1 year ago)
That edge control turn my edges white 😩 the other people one In the smaller container doesn’t.
Fabulous Dae (1 year ago)
Tiyawnda McGregor (1 year ago)
You made me feel so much better about thin edges 💗💗💗
Wazakauye Zulu (1 year ago)
I CAN RELATE TO 😂😂😂 we pretty much have the same exact hairline.
Portia P (1 year ago)
My edges are thin too. I have been using tea tree oil and sulfur 8. Once every other night. The only other thing that I have used that works is Organic Root Stimulator Fertilizer. It has helped to fill in my thin edges. Here in the DC area, it cost$13 a jar. Worth it though. Jamaican black castor oil is not working for my hair. Neither is Wild Growth.
ΧΛN (5 months ago)
I used bleach for my edges
Ilea's Art (6 months ago)
Adding cbd oil into coconut oil has given me the best results in reviving my edges.
Lebogang Mametja (11 months ago)
Portia P I really feel like Jamaican black castor oil is hype because I’ve been using it for so long and my edges are still thin 😞
kimberly posh (1 year ago)
kimberly posh (1 year ago)
lose the sulfur 8, use pepper oil and tea tree tree with Jamaican black castor oil or wild hair growth oil
Lacrystal N Kidz (1 year ago)
My edges grew back with the mayne choice vitamins and wild growth
koko puff (1 year ago)
So I notice that ppl who have thin edges usually wear buns, ponytails tight styles with hair pulled back. This may be the reason your edges are thin? My suggestion is tryin g a different style. Be more creative. I love the hairstyle Janet Jackson wore in the video " love will never do without u". Bangs were forward with a headbandto secure them. Just trying to encourage creativity.
Jesus HelpMe (1 year ago)
I always suffered from thin edges and even suffered alopecia a few yrs ago and it's been hard styling my thin edges but after watching this video I'm going to try this...i use black castor oil and wild grow to help with growth...but if u find a better product can u make a tutorial please 😊
LadyIsTheChamp (1 year ago)
crazy thing is since i was a kid my hair line was set far back and my edges have never filled in lol. People always say everyone has edges etc.......no not me since i was born my hair has always been this way. so it must be in the family
W Gardner (1 year ago)
blend a red onion take the juice and apply it to your edges cover your head with a plastic cap for 45 min to hour if you can take the smell you will see growth
Rossie Peter (1 year ago)
I luv this video the first i can totally relate to u guys rock
Dee Bryant (1 year ago)
Good job beautiful lady, thnx
Sarah Marie (1 year ago)
have you tried jbco with a couple drops of peppermint oil? Peppermint oil helped me
Unbothered_ ne' (1 year ago)
I am from the caribbean that song is ah big song over hair
PassionHorse Izis (1 year ago)
super video
Nice job🙂
Kacey Kent (1 year ago)
Maya has really nice skin.
nhi york (1 year ago)
Yes I use castor oil too! After having jumbo box braids in it was pulling after a while, so I took it out the next week, & that's when I brought JBCO for the first time! & hair growth for my edges & hair it's working faster then I thought. But video is very helpful❤️👍🏾
Gabrielle (1 year ago)
wait! are y'all Jamaican??
Jane Madison (1 year ago)
Or you may have a thyroid issues so take iodine pill or drops. Go to curezone.com and find a detox you can do to clean you liver and gallbladder. Thinning hair is a symptom of something going on inside of you, although we may think it genetics, but your grandma and mother could have thyroid issues or something that causes hair and skin to act up.
Jane Madison (1 year ago)
Iron pills.
Jasmin Danae (1 year ago)
I’ve “suffered” from thin edges basically my whole life as well. It runs in my family as well. Lately I’ve been using edge entity cream (Instagram shop), red pimento oil and the mane choice edge control (its meant to regrow edges). I’ve seen a real change in my edges since I started that combo...hope it works you!
Nimi Ajayi (3 months ago)
@Jasmine does the edge entity cream really work? Does it work separately?
Emily Crawford (1 year ago)
Girl same here, issa struggle trying to grow out my edges. Glad I'm not the only one😇
Tay Swish (1 year ago)
your edges are nice to me, when you slick it down it looks cute.
Rizzy Daily (1 year ago)
Yeah i was just about to say try applying oil and massaging it for a long time 5mins+ and dont do tight styles for a while bc it could be pulling your edges. *not trying to be mean just giving advice* that she probably already knew bc she said it in her video
Hare Jean-Louis (1 year ago)
You are so pretty. You look 16 with no make up in a compliment way. loll Xoxo
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Hare Jean-Louis Tysm❣️ & trust me I'm so used to hearing "You look 13" when I don't wear makeup, so hearing that I look 16 makes me happy 😂
hairCARTEL (1 year ago)
You slayed your edges girl! I've been seeing a couple youtubers who use this edge control that has color in it to fill out any sparse areas, but I can't figure out the name of it right now tho :/
Gillian Hunte (1 year ago)
Creme of Nature Argan oil black edge control
hairCARTEL (1 year ago)
TwinMspired No Problem!
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
THANKS! & Let me know when you find out the name of the product so I can add it to my list of things to try :)
jrlottery7 (1 year ago)
Try hair fibers, they'll fill in your edges and they look natural as well. Blessings
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Thank you so much hun! I'll add it to my list of products to try xoxo Be blessed
Beauty4 Ashes (1 year ago)
black cumin seed oil&olive oil
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Thank you for the suggestion :) Where did you find the black cumin seed oil & is there a specific brand I should look for?
Alaa (1 year ago)
I also thought that I had thin edges and it was genetics but I started using onion juice... let me tell you the smell was baaaaaad but I kept on with it for 3 month and it grew...
Stacy Gilbert (2 months ago)
+Alaa thanks luv! I think ill give it a shot!
Alaa (2 months ago)
+Stacy Gilbert Its been a while honestly, but I think it was on the 2nd to 3rd month of going ham at it, cause I remember my edges would form these little ringlets, and weren't as tame as they used to be. And little by little(even after stopping the hair mask) my hair line was more of a square shape now than V shape. So I think it stimulated my follicles even though I stopped cold Turkey.
Stacy Gilbert (2 months ago)
+Alaa how long b4 you saw results?
Stacy Gilbert (2 months ago)
+Alaa thanks!!!
Alaa (2 months ago)
+Stacy Gilbert it was summer vac, so I slept with it in a plastic bag and woke up and wash it of the next day. I did that more that once a week, sometimes I would just rinse it out and like condition my hair. but honestly the smell will get to you
Chisom Anyanwu (1 year ago)
girl at least you got a small forehead. with my ghost edges and huge ass forehead people be thinking I have eyebrow columns. your edges are beautiful. you slayed them
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Chisom Anyanwu 😂😂😂 Forget those people & you better work and rock your forehead and ghost edges 😘💁🏽
yeobo (1 year ago)
Trinidadian viewer🇹🇹❤️
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
bbyg-jahseh Omg so awesome! Never knew a Trinidadian 😍🖤
Curly Versatility (1 year ago)
I hear that dancehall at the beginning gurl! lol
Curly Versatility (1 year ago)
TwinMspired you're welcome. :)
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
I swear picking out the music is one of my favorite parts! I stay turning up while editing hahaha
lovelyjaee Turner (1 year ago)
I used tea tree oil and sulfur 8 to get my thin edges back thick. old school remedies but it works
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tip! I have heard a lot of good thing about tea tree oil and hair growth. I'm so excited to try some new products for my edges. Honestly, I've seen the sulfur 8 everywhere, but just never tried it
K O U R T A S I A (1 year ago)
It's always something people think you should feel insecure about but EMBRACE IT you are beautiful
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
You're so right!! Like why should we feel insecure about something that is apart of us & in a way, makes us who we are? Love you <3
carolynxoxo (1 year ago)
Now this is what I call CONFIDENT. When you were talking about your edges, you did not once talk badly about them. You've just accepted them as being a part of you and I love that. You're beautiful
Victoria 12156 (2 months ago)
You two girls are amazing, accepting that flaws are completely normal. I have extremely thin edges, even worse than this and I’m still insecure about it. I hope one day I can be brave enough to embrace them. I’ve been bullied about them for so long so I can’t wait to get that confidence you have
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Glad you enjoyed the video!! I learned a long time ago, that I have to be confident and just embrace my edges for what they are. So often now I feel like many people want us to feel insecure about our flaws, but if we listened to them, we wouldn't be able to inspire others to accept their flaws with a positive attitude <3
Traci Jones (1 year ago)
I wishhhh ..I can't even slick my edges bc I'll break out 🙃😒
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
That's the worst. :( Honestly, I have never used edge control until my roommate introduced me to the 24 hour edge tamer last year. Even when I was growing up, my mom never used edge control. She just used like creams, pink lotion, or conditioners & I hope that trying new products won't break me out
Dany Lfr (1 year ago)
you should keep on putting oil it will grow out but don't tight your hair too strong (sorry for my english i am french)
Dany Lfr (1 year ago)
TwinMspired 😉
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
I completely agree! I forgot to mention that, but it is important we wear satin hair ties vs using rubber bands, etc. When I pull my hair up I don't even double tie it, that way my bun is kept as loose as possible
SZA SZA (1 year ago)
Try using eye liner on ur edge to darker them; making it appear thicker.
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
My mom used to do this trick all the time on her hair :)
Cherrie Sharkey (1 year ago)
I have thin edges as well, and like you said they run in my family! But we still make them look good!
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Agreed! We may not have been genetically blessed with thick edges & baby hairs but we definitely make it work with what we have 😌💜
Chalsey Wilder (1 year ago)
I don't style my edges. but i find other people doing it interesting. I got the peak too
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Angie Wilder Glad u can relate! Hope u enjoyed 💛
Shalanda Doria (1 year ago)
Your edges looks awesome, l have thin edges as well, thanks for the tips!😄
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Shalanda Doria Thank you so much & you're welcome hun 😘😘
Glo Ria (1 year ago)
Lmao I freaking love your intro
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Glo Ria 😂😂😂 Clearly I was feeling myself
Jayarie (1 year ago)
Not sure but I don't understand why you're styling edges if they thin which of course tends to worsen as a result of laying edges especially with a tool
simplycbh (1 year ago)
I don't know how much you can change your genetics but your hair looks great and healthy to me ! Plus you can swoop your edges more than most people
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
simplycbh Aww THANXXX 💕
Kay Rando (1 year ago)
My edges can't be tamed lol I tried everything. I usually just comb my edges out so they won't look nappy. I'm going to try that edge control and hope they'll be laid!!! I going to start shopping at misguided as well, ya'll be slaying! Thanks
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Kayla Kay You should give the 24 hour edge tamer a try. I never liked edge control until my roommate introduced me to this one. Let me know if u try it & if u like it 😚
Angelina Curl (1 year ago)
I can relate to this!! I feel like for me the most helpful tip would be to keep from wearing tight buns or styles 💗
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Angelina Curl I love when the TwinMspired fam can relate to us! 😍 & yes, I forgot to mention that but it's super important to not wear tight buns often and to use satin scrunchies and hair ties instead of rubber bands, etc 😌
Painted Confidence (1 year ago)
I use a mixture of extra dark Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil, a little bit of mint oil, and the wild growth light oil moisturizer. A few drops along the hairline before I slay them is all I use. Oil helps to protect them from the Gel and from the scraping of the styling, but it also helps them grow healthy long and strong 👌🏾👌🏾
Painted Confidence (1 year ago)
TwinMspired no problem lol we gotta stick together 😂
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Painted Confidence Ooo these r really good tips! Thank you 😊
The forge Kudsy (1 year ago)
i clicked on the video so fast i forgot i dont have edges
Rachel Jackson (6 months ago)
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
The forge Kudsy 😂😂 LOVE YA 🖤
LoveisKEE Xo (1 year ago)
Myaaaaaaa u slayeddddd ❤️😍
LoveisKEE Xo (1 year ago)
TwinMspired u are sooo welcome
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
LoveisKEE Xo Thank you ma love 😘💟
U should try the wild growth oil in the white bottle
Kaylyn Mitchell (1 year ago)
yes. i dont know if it fully grew my hair but i put it around my edges because they were kinda thinning and it grew them back in about 2 weeks. its a nice scalp moisturizer
Caprice Robinson (1 year ago)
Hi Ladies, have you tried the Wild Growth Oil?
Julie Carey (1 year ago)
Kaylyn Mitchell I oiled my scalp every morning right after I woke up and evening right before I went to sleep consistently for 3 weeks. I still use it but now for my whole head instead of just my edges. It's made my hair soooo much thicker!
Kaylyn Mitchell (1 year ago)
Julie Carey how often did you use it I want to grow out the back of my hair and I just got it .
Julie Carey (1 year ago)
TwinMspired yes I used it for my edges but the yellow bottle and it grew my edges back in 3 weeks. But consistency is key
Najah Johnson (1 year ago)
I was gonna say castor oil, but you're on it. if the caster oil is too light mix it with another oil to cut it. it's great by its self for the winter but for the summer try mixing it with something light like jojoba oil.
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Najah Johnson Yea, I find the vitamin e and main choice growth oil better for the summer, but I'll definitely give the jojoba mix a try. Thank you! ❣️
Kamryn Collier (1 year ago)
Great tips thx
TwinMspired (1 year ago)
Kamryn Collier Np 😊 Glad you like it hun 😙❤️

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