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Fastest Sport Motorcycle Tires of 2018

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With great power comes great responsibility. More precisely, the responsibility to slap the stickiest and fastest sport donuts on your road-going rocket. Gear breakdown: 0:11 - Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 - https://frt9.co/dj1gia 2:51 - Shinko 003 Stealth Ultra-Soft Tires - https://frt9.co/udcyks 4:07 - Michelin Power RS Tires - https://frt9.co/9hdmzn 6:23 - Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II - https://frt9.co/bbtopj -- Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada -- Credits: Rocket artwork : Freepik
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Text Comments (510)
Muhammad Muneer (1 day ago)
if I was too much into tires i would definately had subscribed you for the presentation
Muhammad Muneer (1 day ago)
0:51 that eekh as lit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
bailey9r (17 hours ago)
I replayed it several times and lol-ed just as much each time!
Kouc52 (5 days ago)
I have been waffling on a new tire after getting the Dunlop Q3 and Q3+ and not digging them. They lack feel and feedback, especially when cornering... they are just too effortless for me. I am a former die-hard Michelin Power Pilot Buyer, as much as I would like to stay American I am gonna give the Power RS a try. I don't do track days, I just drive my 2016 ZX-10r KRT 50+ miles to and from work 5 days a week. We all "Like ]To Go Fast" and lean into corner with confidence but dislike paying 2 to 3 hundred on a tire every 3 to 5 k. Hopefully, these are the perfect tire? Excellent review and description as always! Thanks!
Eric Wang (19 days ago)
I am actually struggling between SuperCrosa SP and Rosso Crosa 3, i dont know how bad the SuperCrosa really are when dealing with wet road or raining... I would like to have a tire can use on Track Day and open road both... Can anyone give me a suggestion? I just move to Toronto, not sure how much rain in summer here.
mercoid (23 days ago)
Ha ha ha Hee hee heee
MGTOW DIRT BIKER (24 days ago)
The fastest tire is the one on my bike. Whatever bike or tire that may be.
incognito 82 (24 days ago)
Where are the Bridgestone tires
Steve Henry (29 days ago)
I keep going back to the m7rr
antuan sumiel (1 month ago)
Man this was awesome wish I had seen it before I brought the tires I would have went with yhe RS. But I brought V3s for my Busa they are gettin put on tomorrow. Question about how many miles do you think I'll get outnof them? My guess once I got them and felt how soft they are was about 1000 to 1500. 😢😛
tosmjspakonc (1 month ago)
I got 2500 km out of my SPv2...Bmw XR, pretty aggressice drive style in corners...You can't slide, too much grip and I always felt in control. Now I went for Pirelli Angel GT's, because those were pretty problematic in even slightly wet conditions...
Carl wood 758 (1 month ago)
I own a 2006 zx10r and recently purchased a maxxis super diamond rear tyre.i must say its a very good tyre and great value for money
Excalibur John Deere (1 month ago)
I want to put motorcycle tires on my car. For real. I won't lower weight longest lasting possible do not care about performance does not need to be rain ready. Light weight long lasting 17 inch rim. Tires are going on space savers. It's to reduce rotational mass. Whatever your weight times four. Inertia mass. Low weight Low performance low cost anything come to mind recommendations please. Thank you for your videos!
HaJo Schatz (1 month ago)
Pause that for a second! Did that Canook just talk about Schpätzle in the context of Metzeler who is, well, was, a Bavarian company before the Italians invaded? My due respect that you even know about the term Spätzle, but if our paths ever cross I shall treat you to a plate of the home-made real thing with a s***-load of cheese and roast onions, not the fake they serve in Bavaria. Greets from a Swabian in Taiwan 😀
nuggex (1 month ago)
Thanks for another great video, getting the Power RS based on this for my Z900.
D.J.EBAZAPELO (1 month ago)
Where is Continental?
The Hillbilly Piper (2 months ago)
I’m riding on Dunlop Q3 tires .
Daryl Lonigan (2 months ago)
I will NOT get 10k out of my Power RS on the Donkey... The Pony, sure. 100hp. The Donkey, at 200hp.. It's not going to happen.
Shawa PatchKid (2 months ago)
i love how u got straight to the point. sub’d
Ayush Sharma (2 months ago)
Why do the SP V3 tyres get a mention over the Supercorsa SC V3? If you're going to be "silly" with tyre choice, might as well go all the way, right?
Karl (2 months ago)
So where does the Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ fall? I just ordered some for my L1 GSXR 600.
kawi lifezx10r (2 months ago)
Supercoras, racetech rr, best for track not suitable for rain. Rs10, q4 , best overall sticky/rain. S21's not as sticky but still.sticky qhen hot aqeskme in rain and godd longevity. Ive ridden on supercoras, rs10's, q3, Michelin pilot powers, conti motions(garbage) and s21's.
Max Mazourov (3 months ago)
Michelin RS - LETHAL in the wet (even a little), had a bad high side on Michelin . Best do it all for me: Bstone RS10R, not the quickest to warm up, but brilliant when hot with nice even wear and STABLE in corners even if not the fastest steering
Wiremu (3 months ago)
Is the Bridgestone S22 any good? Asking because where I live its a lot cheaper than the others and I'm not interested in Shinko.
Wiremu (3 months ago)
@FortNine Wow, thanks for the reply mate.
FortNine (3 months ago)
Yeah the S22 is great - just putting together a video on it now. ~RF9
Jason (3 months ago)
New Michelin Road 5 is great for sportbikes in wet climates - more sport touring tire.
Jeremy Reddoor (3 months ago)
How does the Michelin Power RS compare to the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III?
Sokol Marku (3 months ago)
Seriously....great vids sir...always fun to watch em
Caio Nunes Arsky Vianna (3 months ago)
10.000km on power RS, I don't think so... more likely 5-6km or 2-3 trackdays + 3.000km to wear all the center but still an pretty fast tire!
Veli Montana (3 months ago)
what did say? I dont know english
Dar Tice (3 months ago)
Shinko, Perelli and Michellin? There's a lot more tire brands than that, Bridgestone makes good tires and the s21 is a about the best bang for your buck.
Zaki Wafi (3 months ago)
J17M/C × MT3.50 DOT DOT : Department of Transportation M/C stands for MotorCycle? And what does "J" and "MT" stand for? Anyone know?
CrypticApathy (3 months ago)
You will never get me on a pair of shinko's unless im drag racing. Other then that they are shit tires.
joejoe1738 (3 months ago)
Thank you for your knowledge Ryan. You are always the first one I click on then I have questions about my 1400cc Scooter
brawl blackfrost (3 months ago)
Hi rayn can u give a review on Maxxis F1 sport pleass give review
Cliff D (3 months ago)
Hoping the Power RS does as welll as the PP3. Sad Michelin got rid of the PP3. Logged over 15000 miles total over a few sets of those things.
TAN MAN (4 months ago)
Any input on the dunlop q3+
Haunie Rymbuii (4 months ago)
Why M7 RR not considered??
Ryan Proulx (4 months ago)
Damn you just scienced the hell out of tires!
Ikemesit Nkereuwem (4 months ago)
Super Very Informative and Enlightening
Benson Wang (4 months ago)
Hmm Power RS can do 10K? I am really considering trying it then. Have been on Q3 and Q3+s and they really don't do more than 4k for me. What's your thoughts?
mike mcclernon (4 months ago)
Nice road-rash.
lillnemo1 (4 months ago)
His vids are shot slick, but, he talks like shit, he talks shit ... he has NO idea what he s talking about.
Krejza82 (4 months ago)
Shinko Stealth, 120/70, 150/60, DR-Z 400 SM. Would you consider this tire as a rain tire on this bike riding top level MotoGymkhana races? I've been looking for the best DOT tire I can use in the rain. No good result so far.
31keyser (5 months ago)
I love my Diablo Rosso Corsa II tyres...
bulls eye (5 months ago)
Those diablos supercorsas are too sick
Hristo Jankov (5 months ago)
Again that time of the year when people start wondering what tires to try for the new season.. I am looking forward for your next updated review with some of the newest models (Dunlop Sportsmart TT, etc.) So far it is hard to get a tyre with 10k km mileage but this old Michelin Pilot Power 2 CT proved itself last year on a summer trip in Italy, Switzerland, Denmark where 6000 km it was fresh as 30% used tyre and I ended up the season on 10 000 where the center is scalped but still ridable for another 1-2 k may be. So how come they sell this old (7-8 years) model still and they have not focused on doing better than it for the last years.. If they still sell it, it means it is top deal and it is. Keep it up and we are watching you :D
Jackson Whole Experience (6 months ago)
You must have been testing out the lean angles on new tires before they were released to the public. #RoadRash Yet, still, another great video!
dead chris bounce (6 months ago)
On a fat pig like an rc51 which would you think would be more fun on road? I was going to go with the Michelin rs this time but now I'm unsure.
MotoZest (6 months ago)
Like João Soares said the Michelin Power RS came in last in the 2017 Motorrad magazine supersport tire test. A few months later it also came in last in the 2018 German PS magazine hypersport tire test - the first in that test was the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 2.
420 Friendly (6 months ago)
Do you have reviews on full race tires?
HBY (6 months ago)
when im running a 200hp+ bike, I will not risk my life with a shinko
Chicken Strips (6 months ago)
wait wait wait wait WAIT, the Michlein Power RS's really lasts for 10k km?!! can anyone verify? most people say it doesnt... does it last longer than the Q4's?
King (7 months ago)
...No track tyre is warming up on slow city streets....... First time here.. Mate you got style...!👍
sfhang (7 months ago)
Anakee wild are best for all roads
Sam B (7 months ago)
Very well presented
Kano S (7 months ago)
ISLE OF MAN TT TYRE WINNERS (ROAD RACING) not track.... Dunlop Dunlop Dunlop Dunlop
Stronk Komrade (4 months ago)
Michael Dunlop sure is the winner.. but does the winners use Dunlop tyre?
TMAN (7 months ago)
Hi- Could you tell me what is the difference between Bridge RS10 and RS10-G? Looking for replacement tire for my RSV4.. thanks
vourkosdude (8 months ago)
Hi there! Can you please make a list of the best cafe racer tyres? There is NO such list or video in the youtubes... Cheers!
Elisha Shevchenko (8 months ago)
The laugh of a serial killer, 0:49-0:51 SWEET TIRE Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3
David Miatke (8 months ago)
What about the Dunlop Q3 Plus, or the Dunlop Sportsmart TT or even the Dunlop Sportsmart 2 Max ?
Bill Smart (8 months ago)
The most useful super sport gear reviews ITW!!! I'm a track & street rider, and want to know what works and how.
Dark_Place (8 months ago)
FortNine what would you recommend for those weekend hair on fire blitzes (straight)? Which tire? 2014 GSXR1000
I Luv Sweater Puppets (8 months ago)
Well done Ryan and thanks for the info.
Fahim Mosharrof Ratul (8 months ago)
Ryan roasts Italians better than Italians roast pepperoni for their pizzas.
David Miatke (8 months ago)
The Ducati 848 Streetfighter came out with 180/60 Pirelli Rosso 2
Pinoy keyboard warrior (9 months ago)
Ryan, dude, you seem to have light abrasions in your posterior left forearm running from elbow to wrist.
Max Poxlightner (9 months ago)
How is the michelin power RS in the rain?
Kevin (9 months ago)
Who gets 10000 out of a Sport tyre I Birne My rosso corsa down in 4500 with 48 horsepower of street triple "power"
Jason O'Brien (9 months ago)
It is a sports tyre, you are thinking of the Pilot Road series which are designed for the street only. Pilot Power ride the line between no compromise dry grip and long tyre life / not squaring off hence the dual compounds and silica for fast tyre warm up on the street. I did about 50 1/4 mile passes on the GSX-R and they wouldn't spin at all even with no burnouts.
Kevin (9 months ago)
@Jason O'Brien Pilot Power is not really a Sport tyre and still i dont know how you guys do that
Jason O'Brien (9 months ago)
I did 5000km on the Pilot Power 3 with a GSX-R 1000 including many runs at the 1/4 mile and it was barely worn. Don't doubt for a second these will do 10,000
Frat Daddy (9 months ago)
You have a very punchable face , but love the vids!!!!keep it up !
K B (9 months ago)
Heat cycles - especially important to mention on the SC2
Tim V (9 months ago)
Good video. But which of these tyres need warmers or which warmup the fastest?
kamza DC (10 months ago)
Can you maybe sometime in future discuss different front tyre sizes currently I got some very old 130 section front tyres that I just needed to use for a few weeks and they are really great
Mārtiņš Pēcis (10 months ago)
CORSA it has more grip than i have balls...lol
SAMFICOM (10 months ago)
What happened to your arm?
Selfkyller (10 months ago)
Really Great Video but 10k on the RS?? NEVER! Maybe if you push your bike from a-b. 😂
turkishexpress (10 months ago)
What happened to the q4?
ReverndTexDeVille (10 months ago)
What's the maximum speed radio..I need 200 plus
TheKez1a (10 months ago)
Would you take a Q3+ or a Pilot Power RS for a long-ish lasting road/very occasional track sport tyre?
Chase Null (11 months ago)
No love for the Dunlop Q3's?
FortNine (11 months ago)
Oh, there's love. Just over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFn_6XvutxI ~RF9
Sonic Boove (11 months ago)
This guy is mint.
Darvish 27 (11 months ago)
Someone is a closeted squid
dantae666 (11 months ago)
Fortnine you need to do the best rain tire for the different bikes
LazySN (11 months ago)
Road rash,. No roadrash,
djwordnyc (11 months ago)
What about the Dunlop Q3+ or the new Q4? Do you not like Dunlop?
Jimmy Baggs (11 months ago)
Why no Dunlop Q3+ or Q4?
Eugene Smiley (11 months ago)
This was a great video! I live in Florida and right now it rains heavily everyday. I am going to look into the Shinko’s after another view of this video. Thanks Man!
João Soares (11 months ago)
The Power RS, the tire considered here the best doughnut since sliced bread, was the worst supersport tire in the 2017 Motorrad test (by far the most respected tire test in the industry). The best was the Pirelli Rosso III, followed by the Metzeler M7RR (then the Dunlop SportSmart2 Max, the Bridgestone Battlax S21 and the Continental Sport Attack 3). In terms of wear - which seems to be one of the main reasons Ryan considers it the best tire - it also came in last.
MotoZest (6 months ago)
The Power RS also came in last in the 2018 PS magazine test of hypersport tires.
lemster101 (10 months ago)
I just ordered them for my old Fireblade. I can imagine the new 200 hp+ bikes causing problems for them, but I loved the Pilot Power 2CT and I'm pretty confident this won't be any worse than that.
João Soares (10 months ago)
https ://www. motorradonline. de/motorradreifen-und-raeder/pirelli-diablo-rosso-iii-im-test.839966. html (remove the spaces)
João Soares (10 months ago)
Oh no, who should we trust now: a panel of professional motorcycle experts that conducted a large number of scientific tests or the opinion of an aggressive imbecile on the internet? Hmm, tough one.
DominicanOps (10 months ago)
My thing when it comes to tires is look at the overall opinion of a large group of riders. For example, the Supercorsa is universally regarded as the best sportbike tire on the market. It is when you go into mid level tires where opinions vary. I think you can't go wrong with mainstream companies. Now if you go to Shinko, which are universally regarded as cheap then that is a different story. I just bought some Diablo Rosso Corsa II and look forward to running them.
DynamiteDirk (11 months ago)
Amazing review and video content. Informative and of very high quality. Extremely well done!
Bikke Chettri (11 months ago)
This dude completely forget tyres like Dunlop D212 & D213 GP Pro. Far superior tyre
T L (11 months ago)
Just got a V4, I'll let you guys know how long they last. I wonder if Michielen will make a 200/60 Z17 profile rear tire if I want to get a little more mileage when I'm not on the track.
David Claudio (11 months ago)
Thank you Robert deniro's illegitimate son for this fantastic video, my pirelli diablo rosso III's dont seem to wear that great or last too long so I've been researching another brand of tire that will wear more evenly and last longer for my monster 821. I really do a mix of Pennsylvania country windy roads and straight highway speed runs to work that last about a hour each way...subscribed....
Tony Stadele (11 months ago)
what ? no Dunlop ?.... or Bridgestone....
ILLF8TED - (11 months ago)
So your going to review Shinko tires and Rosso 2 tires over Dunlop Q3+ and Q4? What about Bridgestone RS10?You sir have just lost all your riding credibility!!
bulls eye (5 months ago)
Fucken crybaby your weak tires didnt make the cut go cry some where else
Adam (6 months ago)
He hasn't lost a thing. You simply don't understand how he reviews products.
JULIO SPOLZINO (11 months ago)
Tommy Robertson (11 months ago)
Dry peak contend eqygnt world northwest apparently via mine
Nani Bahra (11 months ago)
Great vid. Funnily enough just bought some Diablo sp’s they are the bomb
akupehsluarketatAR (1 year ago)
Been watching plenty of videos on tyres and thought of trying out different tyres but i still kept sticking to Angel GT..
1EVILZ06 (1 year ago)
I’m a Michelin fan boy. So the RS would be my weapon of choice. Hell I still love the 2CT...best bang for the buck.
Okipouros (1 year ago)
multi compound tyres suck for fast riding, try braking in a straight line, and the rear dances, and when you drift in, it grips suddenly when it changes compounds
Bob Dato (1 year ago)
What about bettelax s21 or s22
Robert Martinez (1 year ago)
I intended to watch the whole video until I saw in the description that the Dunlop Q4, which was launched in May, wasn’t included. You can’t assign the “fastest tire of 2018” moniker to any tire unless you include all top competitors. That’s like a “Best 300cc” shootout and not including the R3.
The video is terrible where are the Q3 +, Q4, R10, EVO R11 what you did was a Pirelli commercial

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