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5 Watch Rules ALL MEN Should Follow | STOP Wearing Your Watches WRONG!

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Text Comments (4348)
Jyotirmoy Zest (3 minutes ago)
Hi! You can use ARVOBBNPOYLK to get 15% off on Arvo on arvowear.com
OES 25 (5 hours ago)
People should check out the proper watch brands in the same price range or a little higher if they can afford it. Citizen and Seiko for example. You might need to look around a bit to find something that looks modern and fashionable. I'm guessing that's the main goal for fashion watch buyers. But when you find what you're looking for, you will in return get a good watch. And you don't have to feel scammed having payed most of the money for a worthless brand name and ended up with a cheaply made AliBaba watch. It's in most cases a marketing «scam» for people that don't know about watches.
Lukeson Gaming (6 hours ago)
Cheap G-Shock............... What the Fuck?!
Ojusva Bhatnagar (12 hours ago)
Jeramithehuman (15 hours ago)
“Right watch for the right occasion” He’s absolutely right. A vincero is the perfect “watch” for that. Occasionally I want to look like a total jackass.
rnz mnby (18 hours ago)
My man, I have watches many of your videos before. And I understand you’re getting paid to do this. But when you get a chance. Try collecting proper wristwatches. I have faith in you. Looking impeccably good will not matter if you have a proper watch on your wrist.
whatsapp status (23 hours ago)
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ThatMalDude (23 hours ago)
Sell out.
Jeyan (1 day ago)
Ha ha ha everyone's choice g shock because all are young in there heart
Kanishk Aman (1 day ago)
Chutiyaa teri maa ka
Kanishk Aman (1 day ago)
Abhishek Dodrai (1 day ago)
Bro I would rather take a G-Shock than a titan edge Rolex timex or anything those who say G-Shock is ugly are dumb really style and design doesn't matter watch and time matter and wanna know why it's overpriced becoz of its durability and passion of style really suits well for teens and rough guys rich people want to afford prices of more than 100 or 200$ atleast becoz they don't wanna lose their watch will they G-Shock can survive a 100 to 500 m fall or I don't know exactly can survive of being boiled and survive change in temperature and can survive freezing what more do u want from a watch eh really I am a middle class person. Still I can afford a watch more than 5000₹ and 80$ why can't others
Emilio Light (1 day ago)
Lol this video is trash, basically click bait for a "vincero" garbage fashion watch advertisement. I have a gshock (way better than this shit) for work (construction) and other physical activities (working out, hiking, swimming) and I have a Seiko diver as my regular nice watch that I can dress up with a nice leather band or metel bracelet for when I dress really nice like to take my fiancee out to dinner, or when I go to formal or semi formal events stuff like that. Or I can dress it's down with maybe a cool canvas strap or nato strap for when I dress more casually for everyday errands, going out to the bar or to parties with friends. Paid 120ish for the gshock and 350 for the seiko but you can find different models for as low as 100 that are still way better than the junk in the video. The point is, this video is garbage and so is the watch in it. You dont have to spend a fortune to get quality. Just do a little research.
James McJohnny (2 days ago)
One of the worst video i've seen on youtube.
TrEVILlyan 95 (3 days ago)
False, Rolex Submariner goes with any outfit
Muhammad Abdullah (3 days ago)
watches should be on right hand....Because the rotator is made for right to rotate and wear watch on left hand
Juan Daniel (3 days ago)
Checked out the website nice watches, not 100 bucks though loll
Dragon Smith (4 days ago)
Diesel still makes very big watch
Why on this world would anyone buy a cheap fashion brand watch that is nothing but a piece of crap? For 100 dolar you can buy Seiko 5, automatic watch that can serve you fir a life time ann it looks awesome on a different straps lol. You nac buy a Casio which is also A BRAND, Festina or any other watch from a watch brand with a lot of history and not that Vincero piece of crap with cheap Chinese plastic quartz movement.
PhatCrayonz (4 days ago)
Rule: your channel sucks and your me a slave to stupidity.
David David (5 days ago)
Shit advice on watch brands - no one in their right mind will wear a Vincero. If u cant spend time finding the right watch brand / history that suits your own personal style u are wasting time investing on other improvements. Having a decent watch is an investment in yourself and is probably the most important item in a gents fashion arsenal. Ditch the 15 different pairs of shoes these metrosexual youtubers preach and get a decent watch Rolex, Omega etc, Wearing a Vincero when trying to make an impression is like wearing tennis socks with a a Hugo Boss suit.
tskwared667 (5 days ago)
Why are you yelling
Very stupid dude with Aliexpress watch and much entusiasm. How is possible someone who dont know what quallity means to wear crap watch and talk for top brand like Casio like its shit hahaha its ridiculous.
Jorge Mendoza (6 days ago)
Vincero? Really? Lolololololol. Just get a seiko 5 ... thank me later
Diogo Marques (6 days ago)
This is an actual quality, low price watch https://www.ebay.com/itm/312260132602
ARYAN BARAN (7 days ago)
Kornelius Kristian (7 days ago)
i have small wrist, is using 44mm watch still ok?
Initially Interested (7 days ago)
You don't have to shout.
mike balson (8 days ago)
Buddy needs too settle down lol, it's a watch
Tom Jones (9 days ago)
Video is a ad..
Justin Egan (9 days ago)
Lost credibility when he brought up shit ass Vincero watches
Adeel Salman (9 days ago)
This channel is a fucking joke!
Noah (9 days ago)
Gshock is atleast a good beater. Vincero is a massive rip off. Maybe Id pay $30
Michael Arnold (9 days ago)
I'm sure you're not rockin' that watch in the daily, just can't see you driving a 720 rockin a hundy dollar watch
SenseiKai (9 days ago)
And you tell me that this guy deserves to wear a Royal Oak. Fucking sellout.
SenseiKai (9 days ago)
Don't waste your money on fucking Vincero. Go with Seiko, orient, timex, citizen, casio and Bulova. Not with that order.
soroosh Bagherian (11 days ago)
Fuck your shit. Be careful about G-shock
Lemonelements (12 days ago)
argh these videoes ALWAYS ends up to be just a big commercial
Shoutouts&Gaming (12 days ago)
If I see another vid on ur channel that is advertising imma unsubscribe 1&2 imma disagree I swear all ur vids r just for attention
Dogge Dill (12 days ago)
I think imma stick to my 649$ watch thank u (armani 1451)
glenn paul mingi (13 days ago)
UNSUBSCRIBE because of this rules -_-
Bobby Louis (13 days ago)
kinda lame,, i mean its an opinion sure,, and lame sales adds for lame watch..
ELECTRIC EYE MEDIA (13 days ago)
#1 You don't wear a watch on your hand. #2 A watch is worn on a wrist. Duh!
TheEugino (13 days ago)
This guy thinks he's a rapper
joey zannino (13 days ago)
what a shit video. just an ad for a crappy brand.. not cool dude
nath mishra (13 days ago)
So i should go for vencero or whatever rather than my tissot, titan, xylus, casio, Swiss army, citizen, seiko... 🤣😂🤣😂Dream on man
Orlando 80 (13 days ago)
Apple Watch!
Mikk Karmiste (14 days ago)
Vincerio is not fucking cheap Ben 10 is and it is chick magnet
Just Something (14 days ago)
F you and vincero the worst unreliable watches I've ever tried, They pay you good money hah.
Mistery Men (14 days ago)
Rohit Donkar (14 days ago)
Who the hell are you to prove G Shock cheap ?
Martin Mowbray (14 days ago)
Ah a 5 min fucking advert. Stopped watching when he started going on and on about whatever the fuck they’re called.
yogiVawish Gupta (15 days ago)
but i wear normal size watches
yogiVawish Gupta (15 days ago)
ram ram....my is all opposite to yours and i like it...
ATOMICGaming X (15 days ago)
And of course there are going to be a ton of G shock nerds with no sense in style! Grow up ! G shocks are unstylish, oversized and childish! I mean seriously,have you ever seen a good dressed celebrity wear that trash?!
Daniel D Adam (15 days ago)
I'm gonna be honest my hand suit any watch
Darren (15 days ago)
Disliked the video the moment he said “cheap G-Shock”
j unc (15 days ago)
I disagree, there is definitely a watch that fits all occasions. My personal choice would be an Omega Speedmaster. It is a nice watch that can be dressed up easily and doesn't look out of place with a suit, yet it's simple and small enough that it doesn't look "blingy" if you're just throwing on a t-shirt. It's got a chrono in case you really want to time something, and it's got history and class so a real watch guy is going to know what you've got on your wrist. Of course I'll probably never be able to afford one, but if I had one I would wear it everywhere (and pinch pennies everyday so I could afford to maintain it properly).
Itsalgud1 (16 days ago)
I’d take an honest Casio over a crappy Vincero any day.
Ahoora Assaf (16 days ago)
DO NOT buy a vincero watch
TheGodEmperorofMankind (16 days ago)
A noob for wearing it loose, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about lol. This video is so fucking stupid.
TheGodEmperorofMankind (16 days ago)
Wrong Its traditionally been the left hand, its not traditionally been the opposite of what hand you use.
s b (17 days ago)
Just saying I use the $7 Walmart watches and they lasted me about a year each and I have 4. I’d rather spend $7 on a watch that lasts me 1 year than a $100-$600 that’ll last 5 years
Vincent Smith (17 days ago)
Vincero is a disgrace to a name with “Vince” in it.
Eesar Khitran (18 days ago)
So basically you are just an advertising agent!
Japples (18 days ago)
Took my metal link watch to get it fitted, but didn't take into consideration how hot it was that day, so my arms we're slightly swollen, now when it's cool outside the watch is a bit loose, god dammit
Robert Peterson (15 days ago)
I feel you
Claire Eileen (18 days ago)
How can people be so rude? How do you let "fashion" and "labels" consume you? Some of the watches in the video were quite attractive. Each to their own, and I rarely wear a watch anymore, but I don't put the look of a watch and the brand in the same category. There are many nice looking watches through many brands. As long as it is reliable, that should be the main thing. Look at what humans are doing to this planet in the name of fashion and GREED!
Sam Wilson (18 days ago)
Fossil is the shit
semperbauhaus (18 days ago)
I cannot believe I allowed myself to subscribe to this channel. Mistake rectified. This guy is a prick.
Jason Hummer (18 days ago)
ahmad A (18 days ago)
Rule no 7 don't buy a watch if you don't have money
Shipmate (19 days ago)
This guy does NOT know watch etiquette. And who wears a turtleneck with a suit... that's mixing dress with casual; a huge no-no.
David Denis (19 days ago)
any seiko 5 > vincero
John Thomas (19 days ago)
Vincero commercial. A cheap Chinese watch. The people you are supposedly trying to impress with the "right" watch, know it is Chinese junk. Swing and a miss. Ignorance is a bitch.
Dave D (19 days ago)
Cheap junk. You will get 0 respect wearing that trash.
Nick Sardello (19 days ago)
I don’t see how Jose can push brands like vincero when he wears an audemars piguet
Rasmus Hvid (19 days ago)
1. You wear the watch on opposite hand that the crown is on, E.g. the Tudor LHD is made to be worn on the right wrist. 2. Buy a watch for its craftmanship, not its branding. 3. Dont spend 1/3rd of the video talking about a shitty watch. 4. Sized, not fitted. No one has ever said getting a metal bracelet fitted. 5. When you're at 35% dislikes, maybe just dont do watch content.
Kaiser Krysalis (19 days ago)
I use Casio Illuminator AW-82D-1AV
AceofSpades (20 days ago)
You are moving way to much, you need to unwind a little!
Figor Rahman (20 days ago)
I write use right hand, but use left hand when using knife and something heavy, so I decide wearing my watch on my feet
XIGuyIX (20 days ago)
Loud obnoxious douche bag tries to teach "Watch etiquette".
IronArmor (20 days ago)
Recommending a cheap quartz fashion watch while wearing an AP royal oak on a daily basis...I know you gotta earn something but still.
melvin chin (20 days ago)
I have a USD $2000 G-Shock MTG. Is there a problem?
Stephen Jarrell (21 days ago)
Somebody needs to teach you a lesson in getting your hair cut
Patrick O'Brien (21 days ago)
I was gonna comment on how G Shock is not cheap and is indeed a great watch, just not a dress watch; and that it's really disappointing that you then do a plug for a really shit watch right after. Then I read the other comments which echo this sentiment. Also, yea get a Seiko or hell even a fucking Timex instead, inexpensive but not a total trash fashion watch.
Patrick O'Brien (21 days ago)
This stupid shit is the reason I just unsubscribed.
World of AMEISO (21 days ago)
A watch wearing guide for idiots, by somebody who knows nothing about watches...
Claire Redfield (21 days ago)
Cut him some slack, guys. I don't know why you hate Vincero, but he actually made some good points in the video.
Shoutouts&Gaming (12 days ago)
Claire Redfield all he does is advertise clearly u don’t care n cut him some slack he doesn’t know anything
Alexy (22 days ago)
I think all this rules are up to you. I hate when watch is tight on the wrist! Also I wouldn't buy a cheap fashion watch!
Ryan Savage (22 days ago)
That awkward moment when you spend $500 on a Mudmaster g-shock to go hiking with. But I love my mudmaster and wear it almost everyday.
Osahon Osa (22 days ago)
i think he thinks we all have a thousand dollars just lyong around
Liqid Sky (22 days ago)
Álvaro Rubio (22 days ago)
Why are all these watch people on YouTube so retarded?
Joe Rutter (22 days ago)
Yeah I’ll believe someone selling fashion watches😂
iTz Noobly (23 days ago)
the hand you dont wipe with duh
Jack Nicholls (23 days ago)
I wear a stainless steel Rolex Daytona beautiful time piece so happy with it
Kaiser Krysalis (19 days ago)
Only good looking Rolex
Jack Nicholls (23 days ago)
If you can’t afford a Swiss automatic watch then do your self a favour and don’t buy fakes you will always get caught out and made to look like an idiot there are plenty of great cheap watch brands
TAWKIR AHMED (23 days ago)
fucking logic...
Joseph Tator (24 days ago)
Cheap fashion crap watch. I would never buy that crap
Lawr Est (24 days ago)
FYI, "Men" don't wear outfits.

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