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5 Watch Rules ALL MEN Should Follow | STOP Wearing Your Watches WRONG!

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Text Comments (4823)
Aivaras Vilimas (15 hours ago)
Umar Ibrahim (15 hours ago)
0:01 RIP every headphone user
Raj Arya (16 hours ago)
Copy shit
black Death (17 hours ago)
The only fucker who says ghsock as cheap watch! Cheap guy talking about dope watches
duvg1 (18 hours ago)
Lool g shocks can cost up to 6 thousand dollars. On top of which a man makes a suit. Suit doesn't make the man. Good video brings up solid topics Edit : Looool on avg gshocks cost more than these viceros nd are at least made by casino nd built to last. Bad ad plug in
XMarkoX M.V.X. (1 day ago)
title shoulda said reasons to buy a vicero watch
soundwave070 (1 day ago)
Rule number one for all men is "don't be a dick". You obviously failed that one. Stand the fuck still and stop talking and moving like you're in a rap video.
Tommy Hernandez (1 day ago)
Bro you’re trash. You shouldn’t even be doing videos like this.
Julian Arbelaez (1 day ago)
Wear your watches like you want, don't let the people tell you how to wear it...
MSM4U2POM (1 day ago)
The way I wear my watch is the correct way for _me,_ and also happens to be none of your goddamn business, my friend.
Jakub. M (2 days ago)
Do not buy vincero it’s absolute rubbish
Anup L k (2 days ago)
Vincero lmao 😂 please delete this video
Nathan Hunt (2 days ago)
I've never watched this dude before. Starting off, this dude reminds of Alpha M. Ew. Edit: And then disliked for being a sellout for suggesting shitty fashion watches.
Mohammed Faisal (2 days ago)
I wear casio edifice or citizen
aaryan sood (2 days ago)
Vincero is cheap af😑 stop promoting it ✋
Luis Jarama (2 days ago)
So estás haciendo advertising relojes putito de mierda
Wesley Barrett (2 days ago)
Decent rules but I must add a few things to your comments. One, the watch MUST not only be an accessory but also a functional peice. It must suit your activity and outfit. Two, you can easily adjust your own metal bands with a proper tool, and can always change your own straps. Three, rules can be bent if there is sentimental or functional reasons for the watch. Sometimes you can wear a casual watch with a suit if there is a purpose for that watch. The old school GShock or the like could have a functional purpose when in a suit. Four, unless the you are Bond, why wear a sporty dive watch with a suit? But as stated above rules can be bent or broken if the resons are sentimental or functional
Danny Edwardo (2 days ago)
Phucking shitters! I mean wow, Phuck me dead. Worse than Swuale
Leanghok Hour (2 days ago)
The promo was too long... And then I started to wonder why this guy gets so many subs... This is the first video i watched on this channel... No judge but a 5mn video with 2mn of ads is too much for me...
Karthik. DJ (2 days ago)
Basically just a vincero ad....What a load of crap...😖😖
STLND (3 days ago)
Vincero is bad.
STLND (3 days ago)
Vincero does not look luxurious.
Wong Franco (3 days ago)
Gshock cheap? I wear my gshock"s" every single dayyyyyy
Sheikh Bitcoin (3 days ago)
Should've titled it a vincero ad
Sxznx (3 days ago)
Hey guys I have a nice watch my brother gave to me and it’s a 42mm do you think I should wear it? I have 6.4 inch wrists
I Commando (4 days ago)
Hating on g shocks when you come and promote those cheap ass brands. Get out of here fool. Send a 90 dollar gshock to afghanistan and the most expensive vincero and lets see who will survive.
dirty girl (4 days ago)
I've just bought a Patek while u were chattin. Is that ok 😒
Kasper Hedegaard (4 days ago)
Damn dude. I would own a g-shock over a vincero every Damm
Nutritionist C vam (4 days ago)
Rolex at just 400http://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B00W876BNS/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=3638&creative=24630&creativeASIN=B00W876BNS&linkCode=as2&tag=shivam0fbe-21&linkId=feaf99412da9b9af692f267d038cce2e
Jay Ukryn (5 days ago)
Better idea: Timex Weekender. Will last much longer. $40, but I'll find you a discount code.
Just Passinthru (6 days ago)
Boring zźzzzz
EZA AZE (6 days ago)
despite I do not have any of those digital watches, any casio, gshocks, are miles better this vercero? or vercerro.... whatever that is...... geeez. take a look at some seiko 5s, way way better than that veceloos.
Allan Ren (6 days ago)
dont tell me how to wear my god damn watch
Martin Ivanov (7 days ago)
I have an big ass g-shock and I olny wear it in winter when Im with jacket and looks pretty nice (my english is bad bross)
JAYDOB (7 days ago)
Those watches are so cheap in quality, too big and only quarz.
Nikhilesh A (7 days ago)
G shock ain't cheap
Aiden Trager (7 days ago)
I was fine with everything in the video except the part about g shock watches. I dont own one, but i have a tactical dive style watch from casio. Its black and fits all my clothing. I side with this type because alot of these fancy watches arnt even waterproof. I have a nice watch to where if i go somewhere real formal or nice, but its not an everyday wear like a tactical type watch is.
Hi I have booked the watch yesterday after seen this video when it reachs to me & today I reviewed a notification its shows sold out
CHICAGORILLA (8 days ago)
This whole video is 1 big ass ad
hans marius Rye (8 days ago)
First step: buy a rolex
You lost me at Vincero...
Ciprian Georgiu (8 days ago)
stoped watching as soon as I saw he recommends Vincero watches. Piece of crap.
PJB Bullock (9 days ago)
Rules, what rules? Who wrote this rule book?
ALBOS TE (9 days ago)
fuck you
Toine Toine (9 days ago)
Invicta watch
Tonofbrickz (9 days ago)
Ur watch needs a pee pee timer. Cause u look like u have to go every five minutes. You suck.
The Stechp (9 days ago)
Buy this fascinating watch-- https://amzn.to/2RC4NKJ
djvidi1976 (9 days ago)
the watch that you are wearing is a bit big for your hand..that's a big no no and maybe the number 1 rule when you wearing a watch!! so rule number one..never wear an oversized watch if you wanna be a classy man!!
PokemonChronicles (9 days ago)
Jus stand in a place and talk you are not rapping for eminem besides pope wears a casio
Golum McSmeagolHomie (9 days ago)
Vincero is shit m8. No one takes that alibaba shit seriously.
Fangioparis (10 days ago)
Dicky Candra Ary (10 days ago)
5 minutes video 2 minutes ads.. fine...
AlexJP (11 days ago)
Just buy a Submariner
We use watch to know time not for fashion
Villiam Hansen (11 days ago)
I always wear my watch in my shirts chest pocket! My smart watch was always on my forehead before, because I was looking smart 😂 but yes, put it on the left arm. Unless you have injuries on left wrist, then right arm is the backup.
Kazama Muramasa (11 days ago)
What's amazing is how did you get into a pants...? Without choking your balls.😂😁🤣
Ethan Hamilton (11 days ago)
Woah, here he is again. Totally different search too
Edward Martinez (11 days ago)
The way he jumps around it does not matter what watch you wear his arms are swinging so much you don't see it!
ScratchGolfer72 (11 days ago)
I'm sorry but you lost all credibility when you promoted Vincero. Rule number 6: Spend a few extra bucks on a decent brand and stay away from trendy fashion watches.
Mochamad Asyhadi (11 days ago)
Did he said G-Shock cheap?? He didn't See Review or Unboxing "cheap" G-Shock... Would you like to put your watch inside wster for a month? Or drop it from 20 meters ? I think you will think twice.. Don't mention others Brand "cheap".. just mention range of price of it...
rock m (12 days ago)
Andre Castro (12 days ago)
That Ap at 4:22
Effa Fanai (12 days ago)
Are you a pubg mobile player
Macy Lane (12 days ago)
Rule number one, just wear a watch that you like and forget the rest of the bullshit..
chanakaZk (12 days ago)
Why do I keep remembering Alpha M. while watching this..hmmm...
mzeeshan (12 days ago)
Wearing watch on Left or Right hand also depends on cultural norms too and in some cases on religion too. The example he is giving is just a traditional/cultural norm. Example for religion base norm is .. Muslims normally use their left hand to wash their " business" in washrooms and they use right hand for eating and to do all other daily stuff and it's in their religion that the must use right hand and should not be lefty (ideally). so they don't or normally don't want to wear anything on their left hand at all.
isaias valenzuela (12 days ago)
1/2 videos is a freaking commercial. Wack AF
Hardworking American (12 days ago)
I like wearing 5 or 6 watches on each arm . Just "watch" it's the new trend .
Broken Bat (12 days ago)
With that hair and shirt...you're not telling me nuthin. Pretty funny your sponsor is the watch you reccomend lol no thanks...g shock for life.
Tomi Chiplakov (12 days ago)
This jokeman copy alphaman.
OJ Didn’t do it (12 days ago)
I wear my rose gold ap with sweatpants and tshirts
ben arellano (12 days ago)
It became an endorse vid
WooferJr (13 days ago)
As a someone who wears g shocks every time I work and a Watch enthusiast, this man does not know anything about g shocks. He is a sell out for the cheap Chinese trash.
Simon Jeppesen (13 days ago)
1 rule! Wear what you want! Obama had a Casio w-91 with a suit. Eminem = g-shock. James Bond = Cheap Casio Illuminator. 5 youtube rules 😅🥳 ........Get a grip..
Biak Hui (13 days ago)
Who's this hyperactive asshole ?
Kas M (13 days ago)
Screw all that crap. Go for the galaxy s3 frontier with the milanese loop black metal strap. Smart watches taking over.
the godfather (13 days ago)
Not useful dude
Adam Robbins (13 days ago)
There is no right or wrong way to where a watch, its your body its your wrist where it the way you want to
Oliver Embudo (14 days ago)
Who cares ... i ware mine the way i want too...by the way i ware casio... it fits my needs....between... your watch .... i choose casio.... ...dont do this lame... video again ...
Everyone commenting is just boosting his interactions
Chris Hansen (14 days ago)
C'mon at least get a Seiko.
Superstar Veeking (14 days ago)
I’m righthanded and I wear my rollie on my right wrist Foh
FUBAR 4295 (14 days ago)
Apple Watch
James Richardson (14 days ago)
I'll add my input after pausing this rubbish 20 seconds in. This may benefit 14 yr old teenagers but to adults he's just stating the obvious. Never heard of Vincero Watches, cheap here today gone tomorrow Tat. Presentation was more akin to going 12 rounds with Tyson, .....ducking, weaving, diving, bobbing, swaying, facial contortions, shouting, lurching forward and then backing off,....... I started to feel dizzy. I wonder how long he must have been on those pads and punch bag before they shouted "action." A bit of advice,....go and do a little research on your chosen subject matter, go and see what Switzerland is famous for and how they have honed their skills for 200 yrs, check out Japan to understand how they have contributed to bringing unbelievable timekeeping accuracy to the masses for very little money. Don't be hasty, don't chuck your Vincero just yet,....that would be wasteful, just wear it for working on your car or doing building work on your house like knocking walls down then when it goes "pop" just drop it in the bin Finally, ....stay off the Caffiene or at least cut it back a little, turn your volume down from 11 to a more acceptable 6 or 7, those energy drinks will be banned shortly so wean yourself off them now and it won't hit you as hard when the ban happens. !
Rob Erickson (14 days ago)
Wear your watch however the hell you want to wear your watch.
Anthony Lovato (15 days ago)
This guy probably squats to pee. Fuckin beta males
Ayub Mohamed (15 days ago)
Swe Slipknot (15 days ago)
Im right handed and cant have the watch on the left hand
kinD Guru (15 days ago)
Лох!!! Пидр !!!
K3ogh1989 (15 days ago)
It's a $5 quartz movement that's been branded. Buy a Timex.
Universal Football (15 days ago)
I can wear my Casio watch however and whenever I like. And Casio produces much more quality and expensive products than Vincero.
Alin Briceag (15 days ago)
Who the fk is Vincero ? Those watches look like you found them in a kinder surprise. Buy a doxa , seiko , festina , citizen ..
Alex Mejia (15 days ago)
Thunbs down for plugging Vincero
Rob G (15 days ago)
I don't get how you get to tell men what, when and how to wear. You should start with ...This is how "I" wear my look to give "YOU" us the viewer to listen and watch on options and choices we have. I wear my watch on my left and so what. The world is not going to freak out about it. Chill out dude!
Scott McLinden (16 days ago)
would love one but with the US exchange into Canadian just to expensive.
Jester435 (16 days ago)
Clickbait for sponsored bull shit.... nice rules... lame
D K (16 days ago)
rule number one don't buy these shitty cheap watches buy a proper Swiss, German or Japanese watch (Seiko, Hamilton or Tissot and these are plenty )
Sheikh MD. Salman (16 days ago)
Watch enthusiasts please report this cheap video which doesn't serve the pupose of the title and sells Vincero crap whatever that is... Awfulness overloaded...
Happy (16 days ago)
fingering 4:37
Ken Fujimoto (16 days ago)
Grand Seiko. Nuff said.

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