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10 Dark Secrets Dance Moms Has Kept Hidden For YEARS!

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The untold truth about Dance Moms. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- My world is with my girls, living on the dance floor! “Dance Moms” is one of Lifetime’s most iconic shows and it’s still beloved today. Although The Irreplaceables have now moved on, Maddie Ziegler became a big star, Mackenzie Ziegler has a singing career, and Abby Lee Miller just came out of prison, the show lives on. Did you know that Maddie Ziegler has no contact with Abby? And that “Dance Moms” actually caused a lot of mental distress to the kids on the show? Did you know that Kalani Hilliker was only meant to show up for a single performance with Maddie, but she ended up getting a permanent spot on the team? We’ll also expose the secret behind the “Dance Moms” music used for competitions! Stay tuned to hear all about 10 dark secrets “Dance Moms” has kept hidden for years! Don’t forget to subscribe to The Things and give this video a thumbs up if you love “Dance Moms”! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (3006)
Anika Ali (1 day ago)
i doubt this is fake
Shadow Midnight (1 day ago)
They're young but are forced to wear such revealing cloths
Xnny. x (1 day ago)
I fucking hate people who say Kendall is a brat because she’s not. She gets panic attacks because of what Abby does to her so all u bitches can stfu about Kendall because it’s not her fault she’s like this.
Phoebe Dawkins (1 day ago)
JoJo is amazing
Lennert Lievens (1 day ago)
Yeah we know already, its all Abby's fault.. Remember this, no Abby, no Dance Moms and no Maddie Ziegler in Sia's videoclips.
Ava James (2 days ago)
7:44 that’s Chloe. Also Kendal was asked before the audition to be on he show. Just saying
Miu Makka (2 days ago)
Wow.....Look at JoJo now.....
melody babin (2 days ago)
Chan Walsko (3 days ago)
Also btw the competitions aren't faked they just had to do it twice to get all angles of the dances if you watch nia video she explains it
MGsquared (3 days ago)
I wish you would put quotes or examples of audio in these videos. It get very frustrating when you say something that leads up to an audio clip and you don’t go through the effort of putting it in. If you say, “they use fake songs,” give an example of one of the songs!
Hello (3 days ago)
I think jojo says “hey what’s up it’s jojo and welcome back to my YouTube Chanel” in her intro?? Idek anymore
dude cx (3 days ago)
Danm this pissed me off
Ale Matei (3 days ago)
M Ma Mad Madi Madie Madi Mad Ma M
Bow beforeBros Z (4 days ago)
Wow Cool
Gypsy Hammers (5 days ago)
I swear if I was ever at a q & a and said uhm there is no way in hell I would do pushups. She can suck my big toe.
GamerGirl pro (6 days ago)
I know its all fake but abby lovd maddie and now maddie tells that abby is crazy but abby hated jojo and now jojo loves her
mcdonald’s cup song (6 days ago)
kalani is so sweet 💞
Alivia Good (6 days ago)
5 ads on a 10 minute video. Like I’m gonna watch this now.
Matthew Payne (7 days ago)
This Fat Bitch should stay in jail till she dies
Nardia McPhee (7 days ago)
My only question is why Jill was in the interview part of the show the past 2 seasons more than the moms.
Bhs Gdgd (7 days ago)
حطٌـيـﮯطٌـلَوُ بّآدُ مِـآ شّـفُتُ جَوُجَوُ
Hannah Person (8 days ago)
7:27 dancerthat
Teddy bear (8 days ago)
The whole show is fake I don't know if that is real
Ashley Grass (9 days ago)
This channel are liars
alexis brandon (9 days ago)
Lol none of this is a secret.
UrMomGotBigTits (9 days ago)
I I h I ha I hat I hate I hate j SIKE! :D
rvpstudioscanada (10 days ago)
When you get a bunch of females together... this is what you get. On ANY show.
rvpstudioscanada (10 days ago)
WHY is that dance “teacher” OVER 300 POUNDS????!!!! And SHE is “JUDGING” people???? Just like a gym teacher ..teaching how to do push ups... I would say to her... “ I DON’T know HOW to do push-ups... can you SHOW me???
simply_ alecia (10 days ago)
They are wrong because all of the other girls even nia just made a YouTube video of it proving that all the competitions are in fact real but they did do there dances twice one for the judges and the other too film
Ava Pakinson (10 days ago)
I think jojo should go in to the solos it’s not fair how she’s the only one that get shouted at she does nothing wrong I’ve watched every single video and it’s not fair she going off crying to her mum and other mums shouting at jojos mum Abby should ether be nice to her are they leave because it’s just not fair no hate are anything but I thinks it’s not fair jojo get shouted at nearly in every video so Abby should change her dirty attitude 😭💗
Nina b ASMR (11 days ago)
the sims music for silver spoons lolol
This so fake Can U tell -_-
Evelyn da gymnast!!! (11 days ago)
Picture of Peyton list in the beginning. From Jessie and bunk’s
Julia Palmadottir (11 days ago)
7:41 did somebody notice that she said Kalani? But not Chloe😂
schwift (11 days ago)
If you don't have at least one mental breakdown while doing something you love, you're not giving it your all. I remember around my 10 years in my baseball career I injured my arm in warmups before a big game. So the pain, internal feelings of failure, letting down teammates, and the head coach yelling at me calling me a pussy and to suck it up, you just breakdown. A breakdown gives you a moment to just, be, and temporarily removes the multitude of things internally plaguing you.
guest112 (11 days ago)
If Abby makes me do a push-up if I say “um” at the Q&A of Dance Moms, I will say. Nah bitch, you need to do some pushups cause you fat as fuck and you need to lose some weight.
Debbie Wilkins (11 days ago)
U rock jojo I love you I'm your #1 fan
shook (12 days ago)
The only reason I went into dance was cause of this show I have been in dance for 3 years and now I am switching to competitive cheer because dance was really hard for me.
Itsshanaya Loona (13 days ago)
All the dance moms have stepped up and now hate Abby expect some of them:jojo has sass,maddie has dance,kenzie has the song,but Abby has dong and why I didn’t include the other dancers is because I didn’t have names left but it is really sad 😔 what the dancers went through like if you agree
Living with Skye (13 days ago)
I I l I lo I lov I love I love D I love Da I love Dan I love Danc I love Dance I love Dance M I love Dance Mo I love Dance Mom I love Dance Mome
Christinah Lacy (13 days ago)
You putted a pic of Chloe instead of kaliani
renee lea turner (13 days ago)
J Jo Joj Jojo Jojo s Jojo si Jojo siw Jojo siwa Jojo siw Jojo si Jojo s Jojo Joj Jo J
Sophia Patena (13 days ago)
Has anyone noticed that a lot of the dance moms songs are in the Disney show andi Mack
Sophia Patena (13 days ago)
I had to do push-ups at a q and a
Susan Loubon (13 days ago)
I love you
Clemence TCH (13 days ago)
A Ab Abb Abby Abby L Abby Le Abby Lee Abby Lee M Abby Lee Mi Abby Lee Mil Abby Lee Mill Abby Lee Mille Abby Lee Miller Abby Lee Mille Abby Lee Mill Abby Lee Mil Abby Lee Mi Abby Lee M Abby Lee Abby Le Abby L Abby Abb Ab A
mia millwood (13 days ago)
Jojo is loud Chloe is proud Nia is strong Mackenzie has the song Maddie has the face Kendal go the paest So every body say J C N M M K
mia millwood (13 days ago)
jojo is loud chloe is proud nia is stronge
Ciara Casey (14 days ago)
Kendall didn’t actually audition for the show. Abby told her that she was gonna be on the show before she auditioned but they made it seem like she auditioned to be fair.
•Boss Ladies ALDC• (14 days ago)
I think Jojo did try out because she can be seen at one of the open call auditions and she made it pretty far. No hate just trying to help! ❤️
Diya Roy (14 days ago)
Stop. Its real
Squilliam (15 days ago)
Jojo does has entered the 7th dimension
Dang abby even left scares man that lady
Ugh I HATE dance mom's bc no one needs to watch someone yell all the time at the parents bc there daughters arn't perfect cough cough abby cough cough
Robert Bezzina (15 days ago)
I have to say some thing that I don't like jojo
santokh Chawla (15 days ago)
Abby is really mean to the girls she should not be a dance teacher
Jerrica Benton (15 days ago)
abby's a sadist. loves to make her own rules and dole out punishment, punished not being assertive punished for being too assertive, what a cunt. but its scripted so its fake but the girls have mental break downs and emotional scars? which is it?
Em Fraser (15 days ago)
I hate abby
Kaoutar Baroudi (16 days ago)
M Ma Mad Madd Maddi Maddie Maddie z Maddie zi Maddie zie Maddie zieg Maddie Ziegl Maddie Ziegle Maddie Ziegler Maddie ziegle Maddie zieg Maddie zie Maddie zi Maddie z Maddie Maddi Madd Mad Ma M
Jordan Ewings (16 days ago)
MicroNaught (17 days ago)
UPLOADING VIRUS.EXE ████████████████] 99%
TheMia904 (17 days ago)
I hope they have Abby and the original girls.
Landrie Selvey (17 days ago)
They don’t always show the good things Abby does a hey mostly show the bad and fishy One they took them out for ice cream and to the beach these are only two things there are plenty more
Christina Denis (17 days ago)
I hope she doesn't have kids because they probably would run away from home (no offence)
Joe Boswell (17 days ago)
Abby needs to join weight watchers. Her fat potato masher makes her as ugly as her disposition. Who is she to push them young girls when she won't push herself to lose all that ugly fat. Abby made fun of a young girl's lazy eye well I am making fun of Abby's fat ass. While she is in prison I hope she gets the shit beat out of her by another inmate. She deserves it. Abby is nothing more than a corn fed sweat hog Elephant ass.
I hate all the people that just ask for likes its dumb and selfish
Jailah Suggs (17 days ago)
Chloe axe like she is better than the others girls
Jhana Mendoza (17 days ago)
I don't really like Abby she put the girls in pain.
Kailees Poetry (18 days ago)
Honestly dance moms is so fucked up
Skye Smith (18 days ago)
why are they telling dance moms secrets if the dance company tried hiding them and don't want the secrets to be known by the show viewers
FatSardine (18 days ago)
(Abby joins the chat) Abby:WHO TOLD THIS YOU-TUBER OUR SECRETS?!?!?!?!
Shiftymist (15 days ago)
kahlia taylor (18 days ago)
in 5:48 did anyone else see Paige has a helix
A D (18 days ago)
(6 (6. )
Fut Fgui (18 days ago)
I don't do dance cause I don't want to get in trouble
Perry Hallow (18 days ago)
M Ma Mad Madd Maddi Maddie Maddi Madd Mad Ma M
Tamara Jessup (18 days ago)
I hope someone tells these girls that they will be adults who will be able to make their own choices, friends, and lives NO MATTER WHAT their dance teacher or mothers have done or what they did in one another's company as girls. When I was in an abusive stepfamily, it didn't occur to ANYONE - school guidance counselors or nurses, teachers who could tell I was being put through Hell, or even the ONE friend I managed to keep - to remind me of this, and I was too traumatized to think things through to that conclusion. Whether they suck or rock at adulting, THEY WILL BE ADULTS (as some likely are already) who can walk away from ALL of this if they choose.
My Philosophical Life (18 days ago)
Wait it’s always been a right ponytail instead of a left???
rosimaire lima (18 days ago)
E Eu Eu am Eu amo Eu amo a Eu amo a n Eu amo a ni Eu amo a nia
CE Bowden (18 days ago)
I hate dance moms because the moms do NOTHING FOR THERE KIDS if it was me I would slap abby right in the face!
Susan Cardillo (19 days ago)
When you said kalani you showed a picture if chloe
XmeMysticW0lf EditsX (19 days ago)
Woah i didn’t know in the thumbnail was all of jojo siwa.Just one crying and the other happy how is that a secret tears are basically what THE SHOW IS!!!
XxGabyRoblox xX (20 days ago)
**taps on vid** ooh some tea
jenna pruneau (20 days ago)
7:41 its close not kaloni
Cousins Squad (20 days ago)
This is not true
JENNA GIBSON (20 days ago)
7:41 they said kalani and showed a pic of Chole like big oof moment there sis
L 88888888 (20 days ago)
Yes I know the show has a lot of questionable moments, but without all of that do you think anyone would watch it? Also, if you hate it so much, DON’T WATCH IN HONEY! Pretty simple if you ask me.
Mahnoor Hashmi (21 days ago)
Well technically jojo did audition for the Abby lee dance company in season 4 in Orlando I saw her there
Linda Rhinehart (21 days ago)
I hate you abby
Conaday Sweet (21 days ago)
O god I hate dance moms
Acid Metal (22 days ago)
I’ve danced at her studio before. I was talented and I could of went of broadway because of her teaching method. I stretched everyday and I got insanely flexible. She’s an amazing teacher and makes kids stars. I got over wanting to become a dancer around age 13 because I found other interests. If I was still dancing today I’d be in a broadway show. I love Abby. She’s an amazing teacher. I don’t care what anyone says
jazleen sandoval (22 days ago)
I still love dance mom but I find out something on my own the electricity group dance that not there song a girl made the electricity song it on YouTube in the song dance mom use it different word
C Ch Chl Chlo Chloe Chlo Chl Ch C
evenstar04 (23 days ago)
Can we discuss Kalani's mom, and her disappearing/reappearing mole... and I swear it moves around. Anyone else worried about Jojo's balding head?
gracie (23 days ago)
You Aren’t Gonna Believe Who The Most Beautiful Person Is Read the first two lines!!!
isadora bts (23 days ago)
C Ch Chl Chlo Chloe Chloe Chlo Chl Ch C
Olivia Athya (24 days ago)
So the thumbnail it's Two different episodes look at the clothes
YerBoiShrek (24 days ago)
Holy fuck how much mid rolls do you need
Iman Ruksar (24 days ago)
that is why aby kissed maddie and stole her first kiss
Lillian Moomey (24 days ago)
L Lo Lol Lo L
Jenna Anderson (25 days ago)
These girls went through some fucked up stuff Abby was such a bitch

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