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Tailoring 101: How to tailor your Suits Jackets and Blazers

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Details, and what you want to know down here↓↓↓ CONNECT WITH US ↓↓↓ Business inquiries email: [email protected] INSTAGRAM ➛ http://instagram.com/gentslounge ➛ #gentslounge Hello Gents. Today's video is covering the basics about tailoring your suits, blazers, and jackets; price ranges included. Make sure to tag us #gentslounge on Instagram or Twitter with any inquiries, or if you want to show us how you style yourself using GL tips! *Full product list below PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE & WATCH IN HD! IN THE VIDEO: - Indochino blazer used for reference: similar http://bit.ly/1hK5B9G BLAKE'S WEARING: Reiss Trousers http://bit.ly/1ogNZSp Natural Born Elegance bow tie http://bit.ly/1ky6dyM RNT23 blazer http://bit.ly/1of5jue Timex watch http://tgt.biz/1qwtdP1 GEORGE IS WEARING: Banana Republic Shirt http://brstyl.es/1kBwrLN Ella Bing floral tie http://bit.ly/1l2yyyb Lucien Piccard watch http://bit.ly/1ogOZWz Taft 'No-Show' socks http://bit.ly/1mJDC6f Thanks for watching! Cheers, Blake Scott & George Laboda
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Text Comments (112)
Daemon Nice (5 days ago)
fail, there is no "how to" in this video. Retitle the video as "what you can tailor, why and how much." Also, close your mouth when you're not talking.
MR M E HAQUE (28 days ago)
Great experience for men suit jacket .👍👌😍🌟👏👏👏
Eddie Ohearn (1 month ago)
You need to update this - the tailor knows what to do and how the jacket should fit, that’s the guy to listen to. Next your pricing is way to low.
Waiata Alston (2 months ago)
We don't have the money that y'all talkin about but we still want to be gentleman and we still want to dress nice can y'all stop talkin about rich people stuff 4 second and talk about people who won the dress nice without having to spend a billion dollars on clothes
Dixieddawg (5 months ago)
What a crock of shit. Video for what to do when Mater or Pater are unavailable and the butler is on strike.
Bearded Ape Beard Care (6 months ago)
Nice video back then Guys
Odd One Out (8 months ago)
you guys are so fuckin awkward man lol
Lin Aran (8 months ago)
I'm watching this for those hot guys in suits.
Gent's Lounge (8 months ago)
Watch a more recent video!
Kaylee Jakubowski (9 months ago)
How To: Throw Money at Your Problems Until They Go Away 101
Gent's Lounge (9 months ago)
Not quite. Tailoring is probably the most important piece in trying to dress better.
kbflorida888 (1 year ago)
Didn’t ‘teach’ much, but you both look FABULOUS!
Gent's Lounge (1 year ago)
More of a pricing guide right here.
beanedtown (1 year ago)
That stock youtube music is incredibly annoying and makes it hard to understand you.
Gent's Lounge (1 year ago)
This was one of our first videos. We have moved on and up!
when are you going to show me how to tailor my Suits Jackets and Blazers?
Heath Weber (1 year ago)
I have to agree with the others, I was expecting more info on how the tailoring is actually done. None-the-less, I learned a couple things, though that isn't saying much as I'm not, nor to I aspire to be, a tailor. Where are your pocket squares, boys?
SleazyFitz (1 year ago)
Fucking garbage video
lot maakchos (1 year ago)
I like how the little mexican guy is allowed to talk.
David (10 months ago)
Pretty sure he's Asian.
DD (1 year ago)
"Tailoring 101: How to tailor your Suits Jackets and Blazers" - should be titled, "Tailoring 101: How much you should expect to pay for tailoring"
Franz (1 year ago)
Great vid, great cam work, great audio, grat light, no fucking energy on the host, dudes, be exited!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon Morgan (1 year ago)
You didn't show how to do it.
Ruby Gibson (1 year ago)
to everyone who came here trying to lear to tailor a suit yourself. i searched "DIY tailer suit" and "DIY tailor blazer" and "DIY tailor slacks" and i will be up all night watchibng the search results
Outer34 (1 year ago)
It takes atleast 2$ to tailor anything here in the philippines
Christopher (1 year ago)
Hey guys, perhaps you need a refresher in grammar. "How to tailor your suits" does NOT have the same meaning as "How to your HAVE your suits tailored". http://www.ecenglish.com/learnenglish/lessons/have-something-done/
Rach Samuraii Rach (2 years ago)
but I bought mine online, bought the smallest size. the shirt and pants fit, but the jacket it a bit big. I'm 5'1 female wearing men clothing. what to do? watch YouTube videos😂
Gent's Lounge (2 years ago)
Your tailor should be able to help.
3m0_Wr3ck (2 years ago)
I scored a jacket for $9 at a clothing store in China town. I need the sides to come in a bit, but don't want the chest to open more when unbuttoned. Any ideas?
Gent's Lounge (2 years ago)
Go to a tailor and tell him what you're looking for. He should be able to just take in the waist and leave the chest alone.
tiffany parker (2 years ago)
Good videos. I have just been watching Michael Coates The English Tailor he is good also..
Omar Rahim (2 years ago)
hi I have no idea if this comment will get a reply but is there a limit to how many inches you can have a jacket taken in until you throw of the balance of the suit? or is that not a thing.
Gent's Lounge (2 years ago)
If the jacket fits you right in the shoulders there shouldn't be more than 3-8 inches to take in the waist which should be fine.
TheRangeControl (2 years ago)
Where can I find a men's Tailor Form? I'm a 56 with a 21 neck
Vic R (2 years ago)
Tailored all but my first set of dress blues when I was in the military. These guys are actually useless... I mean, being called useless is tossed around a lot. But these 2 guys have actualized what it is to be completely and utterly without merit. I think I'll post a video on how to make homemade pasta and instead of flour and eggs, I'll have takeout and explain how it should smell.
dcgfhgjnzgfnjcbgn (2 years ago)
This is not "how to tailor a suit jacket", its "approximate cost of tailoring different parts of a suit jacket". How to videos actually show you how to do things - as in the actual process its self. They dont just tell you how much it costs to have someone else do it. I guess thats not obvious?
Kirk Soodhalter (1 year ago)
I feel like this is what two rich kids who never did anything for themselves think it means to "do something".
Mus Muhammad (2 years ago)
My thoughts exactly
nrgnz34 (2 years ago)
doesn't matter if you look a millions bucks in a tailored suit on camera, nobody is going to pay attention if they are going to have to listen to the back of your head 😂.
Jun Tao (2 years ago)
How exactly is this a "how to"?
TheRangeControl (2 years ago)
far from it...
Edgar James Godinez (2 years ago)
Can dress shirts be tailored?
dcgfhgjnzgfnjcbgn (2 years ago)
Terry Terrel (2 years ago)
how to tailor your suits??????????????????? maybe i dont undestand english anymore
keith ssemugenyii (3 years ago)
You guys don't know what your talking about
David (10 months ago)
Yeah, the video should be "What you can get tailored and how much it will cost"
Christopher Lagasse (1 year ago)
Just because you go to the tailor "every 2 weeks" (which is a bit extra) doesn't mean you know how to physically tailor a suit. Knowing how to tailor a suit and knowing how a suit should fit are two different things. The title therefore doesn't match the video.
Max Bell (1 year ago)
this guy is a bit of a tool, but whats the point of the video if you arent going to show someone actually getting something tailored? you may as well put this in a blog. if you are getting things tailored so often, perhaps make a video of what can be done to a poorly fitting blazer.
muffemod (2 years ago)
I think he came to this video with expectations on how to tailor it yourself. Like a tutorial on tailoring. That's why I clicked the vid initially but stayed for the advice.
MIS315 (2 years ago)
+keith ssemugenyii what the hell are you talking about
Erikas D (3 years ago)
maybe "how to get your suits tailored"?
Hsiu Chang (3 years ago)
Great video, thanks
wackamoleremix (3 years ago)
very informative video guys! :)
kendallarroz (3 years ago)
I'm from Chicago and I didn't know that. lol
Fpk Hk416 (3 years ago)
At 4:30 the vid went from 0-60 gay in 3.1 seconds
JasonfromMinnesota (3 years ago)
this video was so good i subd
JasonfromMinnesota (3 years ago)
i bought 4 suits 2014 Jos a Bank and i feel like my the sleeves and overall length is to long after looking at myself in pictures i'm so pissed i hope that will treat me right when i take them in to be Tailored
torontoguitar92 (3 years ago)
fucking stupid
Vic Lopez (3 years ago)
Next video should be how to wear a sports jacket with jeans.
LateToTheParty7 (3 years ago)
I really liked the history lesson at the end and this breakdown was pretty neat.
Brooks Gorden (3 years ago)
I have a very small waist and broad shoulders. My chest is 43 inches, how can i get the waist of my suit tailored to show off my taper without the bottom of my suit opening up and showing half of my tie.
David (10 months ago)
Maybe you should go to a tailor and ask them....
Dean Gillespie (3 years ago)
Wow this is horrible!
Evan Parker (3 years ago)
this video shows absolutely nothing about how to tailor anything.
Jarrod Martin (1 month ago)
Mary Catherine Love (4 years ago)
If you need more taken off the sleeves tailors can remove the buttons and replace them afterwards, if the buttons are only decorative and there aren't actual button holes.
spyrdol (4 years ago)
I just bought a suit and the jacket fits nicely in the shoulders and the top button closes with comfort. However, when I close the top button, the lapels of the jacket stand away from the chest. How do I tailor this so it lies properly?
Jeremy Diaz (4 years ago)
Thank you for telling me prices...like I could have gone to a tailor and asked him all of this. Also you guys are awkward as hell. 
SleazyFitz (1 year ago)
hieuwey you’re an idiot.
hieuwey (3 years ago)
+Jeremy Diaz, wow, and you're so cool yourself. The negativity you bring much be doing wonders for you. Keep it up.
Jeremy Diaz (3 years ago)
Also you're not supposed to button a suit while it's hanging on a rack. Notice how the fabric is bucking forward over the button. That can become permanent damage.  Maybe you guys should stick to dressing nice, because no doubt you do. But.. you're awkward and you state completely obvious things that the majority of people already know or could easily find out by calling their tailor. 
Jeremy Diaz (4 years ago)
Is this video a joke? :,)
David (10 months ago)
Are you a joke? Looks like it from your picture.
Rashid (4 years ago)
can you get none functioning to tailored to work 
Mauricio Arroyo (4 years ago)
you blokes didn't teach how to do it!
David (10 months ago)
I would highly advise you against tailoring your own suits, because you will fuck it up. You will not be able to learn how to tailor from a Youtube video in the same way that you can't learn to paint like Botticelli from a Youtube video; it takes years and years of apprenticeship on the job before you're competent.
Christopher (3 years ago)
+Mauricio Arroyo: True. Very useful information, but the video should've been entitled, "How to HAVE your suits, jackets and blazers tailored", rather than "How to tailor . . ."
Theresia Yessi (3 years ago)
+Mauricio Arroyo link please? I'm searching in Youtube and it only show me a lot of Iron Man suit or Slenderman costume DIY. 😂
Sebastian Flynn (3 years ago)
learning experience=trial and error.
Dr Moon Rat (4 years ago)
How to Tailor Your Suit:  Their answer?  Pay money. . . 
Niko Skievaski (4 years ago)
Chicago is "windy" because of politics, not weather.
L.J. Nielsen (4 years ago)
This is not a "how to" video.
John kambere (4 years ago)
What to were in summer and still keep your classes look. ?????
HadlyLamb (4 years ago)
What's the music in the background? I like it, and can't Shazam it.
J L (4 years ago)
why the hell is tailoring so expensive T_T
Melatina77 (3 years ago)
+Jan L It takes a long time to learn, it takes time to actually take garments apart and alter them, it takes equipment and there aren't many people willing to learn to sew any more so if you find someone that can do it, you'll have to pay the price.
Gent's Lounge (4 years ago)
+Avant Garde It's an art my friend.
Roman Luna (4 years ago)
Thank you soooo much for making this video! Is there a twitter I can follow both of you, on?
Gent's Lounge (4 years ago)
+Roman Luna @blakescott_ and @ atlasandmason on all our social media. -GL
Sammy Singh (4 years ago)
Hey guys, can you do a video on fall jackets? I'm curious to know what can be used for work/weekend, and still remain stylish. Thanks in advance - sammy
giothegreatest1 (4 years ago)
Would you recommend getting the sleeves of a suit tapered?
Gent's Lounge (4 years ago)
+giothegreatest1 You could, but I wouldn't go too slim because it may start to look funny at the shoulders.  But if by tapered you mean shortened at  the ends, then I would say yes as long as it doesn't get too close to the buttons.   -GL
Joseph Shoemate (4 years ago)
Great info but nothing of Actually HOW to Tailor.
The Trammell (4 years ago)
+Joseph Shoemate I agree i thought it was a tutorial
Joseph Shoemate (4 years ago)
So y is it named howntobtailor a suit? It should be called: "send it to a tailor 101". Lol
Jadon D’Souza (4 years ago)
The average person won't be tailoring their own jackets, they'll send it off to a tailor to alter specific areas of the jacket which is what George and Blake have discussed in the video.
Randy Machado (4 years ago)
I've always had this question in mind. Do you tailor cardigans?
niveklean22 (4 years ago)
I need help, but for making slimmer the arms.
The Gents Closet (4 years ago)
Love this fellas
Mike Sevilla (4 years ago)
Great vid! Always been a follower of Gent's Lounge! A follow up video on tailoring suit bottoms would be great as well. Things like how much you should have it tapered, cuffed or not cuffed, no break or full break etc.
Gent's Lounge (4 years ago)
Michael,    Follow up video to be released this week!  Stay tuned... Cheers!
Ethan Cox (4 years ago)
Hi Guys! I was wondering if there is anyway I could get parts of clothing, such as: shoes, blazers etc. Much cheaper, due to being a student I don't have much money spare!  Thanks! 
circleman40 (4 years ago)
Jack Threads
Gent's Lounge (4 years ago)
Ethan,   We here are GL are both former students.  The best advice we can share is thrift shops and stores like hm,uniqlo,forever21men.  These places all do a fantastic job at immolating modern mens fashion..Good Luck
bill webster (4 years ago)
+The Gent's Lounge I am struggling to understand how, although a new channel, you're not already bigger! I love your content, keep it up lads!
bill webster (4 years ago)
It's ok geezer, i am trying my hardest don't worry!
Gent's Lounge (4 years ago)
Thank you Sir. Please help us spread the word to Gents worldwide Cheers!

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