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Why the classic Forerunner art style NEEDS to return

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The new Forerunner art style... Oh how wrong you are... (mostly) Today, I'm providing the case for the classic (mostly Halo 3) Forerunner art style to return in Halo 6, because I really, really think it needs to. Most of the new, post Halo 5 Forerunner art style just doesn't fit them as a race, at all. It's far too grandiose and obnoxious, compared to 3's subtleties. Let me know your thoughts, whether you agree or even if I managed to change your mind on anything in the comments! I'd love to hear if I did, along with your thoughts - get a debate going! Thanks a lot for watching guys :D Check out the Halo Archive: www.haloarchive.com Subscribe to me here for more top tier Halo content!: https://www.youtube.com/user/HiddenXperia Follow me on Twitter!: https://twitter.com/HiddenXperia Join the Halo discussion and catch up with the latest news on the Halo subreddit! http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/ Get educated on the Halo lore and back story on the dedicated Halo story subreddit! http://www.reddit.com/r/HaloStory ►►Thanks for watching guys!
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HiddenXperia (1 year ago)
Before you pass any strong judgement, or instantly declare my opinions right/wrong, PLEASE watch the video and take into account the points I make. Thanks guys, hope y'all enjoy <3
Kai Moore (3 days ago)
Okay tow things first the brutes HW2 what do you think about the art styles? Could the new art style of the forerunners be because the building are new for example the builders in halo 5. I would like the old at styles to return.
Charlie Eldred (7 days ago)
HiddenXperia they should spend less time designing rooms and more time analyzing and critiquing their shit story/gameplay
ExponentBoat523 R (4 months ago)
HiddenXperia you realize Cortana and the Guardians are live and awake plus the warden covenant and promithians
TheBossProject xs (4 months ago)
HiddenXperia see I semi agree but it don’t think the new one is so bad and just the addition of ambiance would be perfect
I seriously don't think the Librarian programmed the Prometheans or even the Sentinels with clean-up work. Their weapons are not able to disintegrate things as small as bacteria.
Muppetmonkee (16 hours ago)
One small argument that I would make for the new art style (I typically agree with most of your views on this, I'm just playing devils advocate here) is that all of the Forerunner architecture that we saw in the original trilogy was built during the Forerunner flood war, very utilitarian, whereas the architecture in the newer games was pre-war from what I can remember, so it could be argued that these were more ornate because the forerunners could afford to be showy.
Gabriel M. (20 hours ago)
Yeah the new ones are completely over designs and take away the mystery. They now feel far more grandiose but not Godlike beings. The old in a way felt as if they were infallible. But I kind of feel as though this is due to the precursors being what the forerunners once were in good old days of halo 1
Gabriel M. (20 hours ago)
I actually prefer the new Elites. They seem more alien and interesting then the old ones. They’re scarier, look more masculine while the old ones were masculine but not as, new ones look stronger and the old ones look faster. Honestly due to the reasoning behind the change being a sub species, or so I believe that’s the reason I think we should actually see both of them in game.
Dustyn Miller (1 day ago)
The Halo warfleet book talks of why this is. The halo 3 stuff is from the end of the flood war, as the halo5 is from before the war
Xavier Hancock (1 day ago)
Personally, I found the difference in artstyle between Bungie and 343 -with the exception of 343's go at the Ark, to an extent- to fit in some way with the *intent*, and resources available for the construction of everything. More specifically, the Halos and the lesser Ark, though less so with the Ark here too, weren't made to be the flashy constructs to stroke the egos of the Forerunners as a race, but first and foremost for the defense and protection of everyone humanly (forerunnerly?) possible, while the Didact's shield worlds would have been more appropriate to feature as many creature comforts as possible, given the circumstances, while also doing this.
Melonen Konig (1 day ago)
Blue is the go-to color for scifi
Thomas McGraw (1 day ago)
I'm with you on 99% of this but I have to say I liked the turbine thing you kept showing pictures of. I say this because on it's own it looks nice and it serves a functional purpose so it's not out of character for some forerunner architect to say fuck it, it looks cool and covering it up would be pointless money being spent. But beyond that, I think some light modificationscould even make it work on some of the classic maps if you changed the color scheme, maybe made the light gold, and slowed it down a bit to give it more of that aged aesthetic.
Herb Derbler (2 days ago)
Bungie Forerunners are Frank Lloyd Wright. 343 Forerunners are Samsung kitchen appliance.
Brenden Delong (2 days ago)
It actually hurt my eyes to play halo 4 and 5 because of its shiny ness
Dreadnought 1 (2 days ago)
imagine some where in the background you see Consuela from family guy cleaning a room
Dreadnought 1 (2 days ago)
i love the old rustic wear and tear but still reman majestic kind of like Buckingham palace, it give off a feel of grandeur and purpose and in some ways functionality
Dreadnought 1 (2 days ago)
what I think its that the new art style coulbe be designs of a late or pre flood war where the forerunners had time to stylise the ascetics and the older version give a more militaristic and rustic look
Bryce Baker (2 days ago)
If I had to describe the Bungie forerunner aesthetic in one word, it'd be Monolithic. If I had to describe the 343 forerunner aesthetic in one word it'd be generic-sifi.
Spencer Rusyniak (2 days ago)
To be honest... I sort of like the Tronish Forerunner stuff. It has a sort of... untouched by time feel. Otherwise I am 100% with you. As usual classic Bungie is better.
Local Asshole (4 days ago)
My only problems at all with the artsyle comes entirely from halo 5. I enjoyed halo 4's artstyle, infact i see it as an improvement on halo 1 and 2's artstyle, and halo 3 is the one out of place, although it was a great style, and halo 5's is just bad
Kerta Losataure (4 days ago)
The new style honestly feels more Covenant to me. The change from angular design for structures to circles, lots of rounded structures, and even more moving parts feels like it makes it feel like there's two different species involved. Forerunner structures are quite capable of weathering over time as seen all over Delta Halo, and anything looking brand new that wasn't literally just manufactured is ridiculous. Exposure to atmosphere alone should result in light oxidization or just a buildup of dust. The Halos all showed off how it should be with the deeper structures that were closed off looking more clean and intact, but still showing signs of light degradation and occasional outright brokenness. The newer designs are literally too new to be old and suffer from an excess of pointless energy-wasting floaty bits that would have been far better as just a solid structure. It comes off as literal over designing of absolutely everything and the forerunner weapons themselves are one of the biggest offenders in my eyes due to the whole made of floating Lego thing going on.
The Animoose Project (7 days ago)
When I first saw the forunners and their tech, I was in awe and 2 seconds later I hated it, it feels like something you’d see in every day life
Zypher Zolei (8 days ago)
6:52, Like why does it do that. why is it moving like that? It looks like it serves no function and its there just for aesthetic reasons. So much useless animations.
Emanuel Flores (9 days ago)
I hated how 343 changed the story of the forerunners. They went from ancient humans . To a whole different species that went to war with ancient humans ....... Fucking hate that shit . Only humans could use forerunners technology. DNA technology. What a shame
Sulfur Deer (17 days ago)
Background music?
Chris Bitney (17 days ago)
Ok, I'm so confused. SO I know that there is a forerunner in the form of the Didact in Halo 4 and the following comic(s) which lead up to his death, ending the only forerunner in the galaxy right? But in Halo 5, characters say a few lines like "Those are forerunner ships..." "What are the forerunners doing here..." But the Prometheans are not forerunners, they're composed humans and we never see forerunners in Halo 5. You say the forerunners are playing a role again but what role is that? I don't see a role anywhere. Are the forerunners going to be characters in following halo stories? On a side note, am I correct in assuming that the Prometheans in Halo 5 are the ones which were created when the didact composed part of Earth?
Ashire MGTOW (21 days ago)
Sometimes you forget that you're fighting on a forerunner station. Feels like you're somewhere else
Serg3nt D0NUT (24 days ago)
I have a way to explain why this seemed so different, these structures are actually appropriated human structures. Taken by the forerunners because reasons
Assassin Sword (25 days ago)
I love halo 1,2 and 3's art style The best is halo 3 I love the forruners
Assassin Sword (25 days ago)
Cortana's just keepin it clean JK
Anton Roussev (1 month ago)
Really miss the old classic ambient sound designs and even the sound designs when you react with some of the tech. When you use a grav lift or grab an active camouflage module. Remember when you would walk on a hardlight bridge and your boots wouldnt make a clomp clomp sound but more of a tss tss tss type noise? Made the bridge seem more alive and reactive. Now you walk on a hardlight bridge and it sounds like you're walking on a concrete side walk with high heels on.
Victor Supreme (1 month ago)
Halo 4 = Pastel TRON
Shade Shaadent (1 month ago)
The structure looks good...just not for the forunners
The DarthSparX Legends (1 month ago)
Alexander Greyling (1 month ago)
15 and a half minutes in fully agree with the Halo 5 points, but am I the only one looking at the OG designs thinking it looks a bit too primitive for what the Forrunners where? It looks like classic age (greco-roman/egyptian/babilonian) architecture with some plastic lights stuck on, and even our modern architecture feels more advanced. The colorscheme is good, its just the shape of the buildings that's bugging me
Spartan117JMC (1 month ago)
you know why bungie's art style was better? it was made with love. as you know, bungie likes to end their statement to players like: "love Bungie"
kyle allam (1 month ago)
but it would make sense one style being builder and the new style being warrior class but I do prefere the old style when I played it when I was a kid I always wondered why it was built and what it done and long did it take to build it all
Of tomato by potato (1 month ago)
I did love that Humanity were inferior to the covenant in tech in Halo from Reach to 3 i guess while Halo 4 is like Humanity has taken a tech jump from caveman to caveman with granades and a rifle and also very little indepth how humanity got there.
Gh3tto Astronaut (1 month ago)
old forerunner constructs had so much mystery, I loved it. it was ancient but had that future feel to it that you didn't know what to expect
Null Nullion (1 month ago)
YES!.... I only just stumbled over this video... you put into words, so much better my biggest issue with halo 5's art direction.
The Lore Librarian (1 month ago)
So uh, does anyone else get a flashback to the tenno ship in warframe at 5:50 in the design scheme?
Sam Vimes (1 month ago)
I agree with basically everything. As someone that has been largely away from halo games since Reach, the new art styles, character designs, and story arcs don't do Bungie's groundwork justice. Far too much emphasis on "more" more shiny bits! brighter lights and more of them! you like seemingly purposeless bulges, arches, and doodads? Buddy we've got you covered. Have you ever looked at Halo 3 and thought, "yeah, it looks good, but what if Optimus Prime was an architect?" You're in for a fucking treat pal. Did you ever feel awe and wonder, and maybe a touch creeped out by the vast, beautifully simple, and long empty forerunner structures? Well, we won't burden you with complex emotions anymore, we have lights to replace those.
Mihai Lazar (1 month ago)
I have to disagree Idunno, man, but I LOVE the floaty elements of the new artstyle, and I don't think the old artstyle was "alien" enough I like how "IN YOUR FACE" the advancement of the architecture is presented I like the almost "circuit board"-like elements, but I do believe they went a bit overboard with the animations  they could have had everything with just a slight dark gap in them up until in Halo 4 when you wake up the Didact, or activate the relays so you get this grand reveal, but i DON't like the wall engravings of the old artstyle ... they're just BLODDY WALLS with BLODDY 2 centimeter deep diagonal patterns etched into them ... what is this, Space Engineers ? My point is: Sure, newer maps look "Too Alive", but the old maps don't feel "Believable" Idk, the wlls still have parts that light up, but your brain doesn't fall for that static texture AT ALL, they don't Look like real places, I'm afraid The animations of the new artstyle, altough generic, make the architecture feel believable and really sell the Idea that HOLY SHIT, M8 these guys were pretty fokin advanced  consider this : the old artstyle wasn't unique either ... if you showed the maps from 1:05 to people who have never seen Halo, they'd think it's a Quake 3 hi-rex texture mod https://media.moddb.com/images/downloads/1/84/83147/shot0000.jpg http://www.esreality.com/files/inlineimages/2010/76421-q4ctf3_1.jpg yes, i know they're not 100% same, but the wall "etching" sure evoques similarity I dunno, i just like the new one more and, if I may say so myself IT's A TOTAL EYE-GASM
TheDuckTruck Awesome (1 month ago)
The old art style has a unique design, especially for a hyperadvanced futuristic species. The new art style just seems very generic.
Roben Sifer (1 month ago)
I always took the time to stop and look at the original Forerunner architecture even if I was the move doing the mission or fighting I would look away to look at the Forerunner stuff. But the new Forerunner stuff never caught my eye even in my peripherals except the blinding blue lights. The new Forerunner look just all looks plastic to me not ancient metal
James Elford (1 month ago)
I personally like the new forunner art style.
random halo player (1 month ago)
I also like it ,well sometimes I prefer the old one ,but why they cant coexist, I have idea why not on halo infinite you enter instalation 07 classic forerunner artstylr,then cortana cames in ,everything becomes new forerunner artstyle By the way I love how prometheans and their weapons look,also forerunner tracks haven,requiem and legacy from halo 4 are pure forerunner mistery
I didnt know that was a Guardian...it appears more imposing than the birdians we got, but also shows the grace the forerunners seem to have had.
Sloth Master 25 (1 month ago)
I’m not a massive fan of the older style even though I think it’s good, but you look at how advanced they were being able to make weapons of which kill all life in the galaxy and and make structures such as the Ark which is nearly the same diameter of Jupiter in length, I just find the newer style screams out advanced race way more than the old one. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” this is a quote from da Vinci himself, so the newer style doesn’t have to show a purpose because they are so advanced the structures are able to be simplistic.
random halo player (1 month ago)
The classic shows an old instalation that hasnt been used on eons, and then new artstyle should be shown when the installation is activated
Jottan (1 month ago)
all respect to you man but it sounds like you're pronouncing Forerunner like forigner, but i agree with your thoughts on this
Garrett Garner (1 month ago)
3:55 Chief: Why is everything so... chrome? Locke: Everything is chrome in the future!
random halo player (1 month ago)
Arbiter :oh,my eyes I am getting sick of color blue and orange Locke: didnt you know,this are didacts favorite colors
coppertop1000 (1 month ago)
couldn't you just say that the new design was a tactic to tell people that they bring in to show that they were inferior to the forerunners. while the previous halo design was because they did not have time to make them look the same as the design in halo 5 since the flood reemergence towards the end of the forerunner-flood war.
Skyler Gambill (1 month ago)
IMO, the biggest difference between 343 vs Bungie styles: Bungie gave the feeling the structures were advanced. So much so that they were integrated in nature. Lets not forget that each Forerunner installation has an armada of drones, monitors, and sentinels for maintenance. From halo 1 amd onward they were present in each game. So, coming from the first installation (outskirts of galaxy) game to halo 5 (closer to home world) one can logically follow the change in aesthetic.
AntwanFuzznips (1 month ago)
Classic bungie design is essentially future art deco
random halo player (1 month ago)
Classic forerunner artstyle show it wss ancient but inactive,new forerunner artstyle tells us that ancient structures ate now active
Ethamisprime grimm (1 month ago)
One problem I have with the new designs are that they look more like just a battle field because it is only that, but the old designs make you think it's more like you're fighting in these beautiful ancient temples and buildings that or so old and ancient, I also think the flood helps tie it all in with the idea that they are old enemy's of the foruner and it help make the feeling of the temples ancientness set in, as when was halo 5 and 4 makes them like the video said..like they're new, and I agree with one of the first steps being adding more colors than just blue and also toning down the details, but I think the biggest thing that could help is what I said before about the new designs feeling more like a battle field, if they could start with having the design feel more like at least a temple of sorts that would be a good first place to start.
NovaPrime1869 (1 month ago)
About Genesis, ... you do realize that its had Exuberant Witness to maintain it, right? It wasnt totally abandoned for all that time.
Inko Gnito (1 month ago)
hahaha you made me laugh. Yes, sadly the word "Movement" has become a cringy word lol :s hm... what is this world coming to? :-/ Anyway = Full support on the old halo Art style to come back!!!
Titan Valhalla (1 month ago)
God halo fanboys are so fucking pretentious. You’re all insufferable. Bitching about the Chiefs armor (which looks better than the shitty bland old one mind you) to the colors on the fucking walls... Games evolve. Il admit the old halo walls are cool because of their intricacies. But you’re all wrong about the new armor. Old one is trash.
Nembutai (1 month ago)
Well, we have our opinions. And you have yours
I think the only point where I disagree with you is on the first time you see forerunner structure in halo 4 with the big floaty skyscraper in requiem
Cinnamon Azzy (1 month ago)
This video made me imagine Promethean Soldiers acting as janitors, sweeping the floors and dusting off the walls.
Vendrick (1 month ago)
Hidden Xperia should be contacted by 343 on how to properly design Halo because it seems 343 doesn’t know what it’s doing
Tyler Herr (1 month ago)
its all chrome fuuuuuture fuuuuuture fuuuuuture
Legendary Mjolnir (1 month ago)
Oh my god. Forget floaty bits. THE COLOR! seeing you transition from 3 to 5 was like having a stroke. 343 forerunner style is so bland and colorless. also Bungies also had a very stable, sturdy and imposing look. 343's is all tiny, sharp and light. Its like comparing big steel toed boots to tiny high heels. Its just too jarring. Also Bungies just looks amazing. Its so beautiful. 343's is like a facade of beauty. just flashing lights and floating shit. If I recall there was almost no float y bits ever, in past games.
Wolf Tree (2 months ago)
I felt that the Art style in Halo 4 was Ok for a bit of fresh content, especially considering that we were inside a Shield World, but when Halo 5 came out and we were no longer in a Shield World, it didn't make sense for the art style to be different
Minesweep (2 months ago)
TacticalGolfer (2 months ago)
I agree so much with this
David Somoza Domenech (2 months ago)
Nah, classic style is boring, "squared" and it looks like generic human architecture to me, boring, brown, and DULL. But hey, oppinions. You do you. I do agree that they could improve the modern style with moving pieces and all that tho.
Derelict (2 months ago)
Don't get me wrong, I kinda like 343's design, but to call it Forerunner is something to frown upon. I agree with Xperia's concept of the classic design being what the Forerunners should feel and be like. The new one just feels too much like Tron Legacy and not even like the original Tron, I mean the 2010 version. It's nice to look at, but it's completely unfit for this franchise.
Ruben G (2 months ago)
What’s this song
Brandon (2 months ago)
As someone who isn't really into the halo lore, I didn't even know the shiny chrome buildings were suppose to be made by the same species as halo 1-3s buildings.
Kid Engineer (2 months ago)
Why the structures are so alive is that when you go in the computers and monitors have been taking care of the buildings
Kid Engineer (2 months ago)
I think the idea of the new structures with lots of chrome shows that they were so hyper advanced that their builds stay perfect for centuries but I liked the old one too
Brandon Francis (2 months ago)
Hell I’ve played these games. If you were show me most of these images with no context I’d think it was Mass Effect. That’s how unoriginal the modern Forerunner art style is. Even modern Spartan Armor is looking Mass Effecty. Yes I know I’m a year late, bite me.
Eva San (2 months ago)
I agree with a lot of this, yet the lighting really is the worst. It is almost blinding, and quite literally blinding now that people know blue light can make you blind you physically. the light-blue is absolute horrible and should certainly be changed. the red is also not excellent also. It also has a terrible contrast of "red vs. blue" where it's either very red or very blue and makes out to be an ugly contrast and palette.
MrReddeadgaming (3 months ago)
343 need to take a page from bungie's book which is sad because a majority of 343s staff are ex bungie employees, looking at destiny and the new halo, you can see were their talented level design employees went, considering destiny is able to capture nature retaking the spaces once filled with human life. This is partially the reason I'm going to college for this, I want to make atmosphere that truly represents the story and game in general, when I imagine anceint structures that move, I would imagine the movements that would seem to stall or fidget, that could hear the ware and tear that time takes to affect it.
Bullet1520 (3 months ago)
110% agree
stephen meinhold (3 months ago)
343 have admited that they had got it wroung with the look of it and thats why they are useing the new engine and going back to the roots.
Theo Seven (3 months ago)
Maybe the new one is because is a different halo and places that modern the things but the classic halo have more ancient feel.
Olaf Brunson (3 months ago)
I don't think the hologram on Epitaph was ever officially defined as a guardian, or as anything actually.
Fraser Smith (3 months ago)
The old design is the best
odst xpheria (3 months ago)
The word is worthy of a game and not decent and not brand f***ing new
ChiefSaladRunaway (3 months ago)
I thought that Halo 4's Forerunners architecture was pretty cool looking, but I can see how it can get pretty annoying if it is overused.
woooudo (3 months ago)
Its one of many reasons why these cunts will never get my money.
Hous SweatDream (3 months ago)
In the old halos, a simple guy CAN NOT tell what the fuck is forrerunners or Covenant, this is why the new artstyle is like it is, an acient race that is not fucking extinct build rocks with lights? In halo 5 all the forerunner desings are alive and beeing use, jezz, bungie fanboys.
Casey L. (3 months ago)
I don’t even understand why 343 felt the need to change the Halo art style so drastically to begin with...
not omniduster (3 months ago)
How I kinda see it is the difference between a living room and a weapons-grade anthrax lab. Of course they're going to be different because they have different functions. Maybe the Arc and other Forerunner structures in Halos 1-3 were just made by a home decorator?
Berserkasaurus Rex (3 months ago)
The new Forerunner art style is more like the old Covenant ship art styles, particularly the blue color scheme and bright lights. Though the Covenant's used more muted purples and the lights were nowhere near as bright overall.
Riley Akkerman (3 months ago)
I agree with you but I kinda do like the new artstyle better because it gives us a symbol of what forerunner structures looked like before they all fell before the might of the halo rings
Grant And I sin (3 months ago)
"Fucking genius" True. But poor execution.
Sora Hikari (3 months ago)
i couldn't agree more. i hope 343 watch this and take notes
MrTrenttness (3 months ago)
Agree with alot of the points made in this video. I thought spaces in the Forerunner architecture felt over done. They are beautiful for sure, but even the floors you walk on seemed too new and far too impractical has a space for you to move yourself across. They just look far too complicated and it comes across has a bit ridiculous.
PlayerNineteen (3 months ago)
Never played Halo 4/5 or Reach for that matter. I'd just like to point out how clustered and cramped in the new HUD seems. There is hardly any screen left!
PC PastaFace (4 months ago)
I must be the only one who likes the new art style. Though the old Forumner is the only art style I want back.
Yas (4 months ago)
I agree. I loved CEs forerunner art style the most. Simplicity at it's best
Cecil (4 months ago)
Forerunner architecture is not subtle at all
weedlepete (4 months ago)
I’ve always preferred the old Forerunner art style, but most everyone I’ve talked to about it liked the 343 versions, which always confused us.
mjkedro haze (4 months ago)
I mean, didn't the sentinels and monitors (there's probably a lot more) keep up maintenance and keep everything up to date?
Big pein (4 months ago)
Old art style is more relaxing to look at
s. parke (4 months ago)
halo 3 aesthetic, best aesthetic
Quakeimp (4 months ago)
This is my personal opinion... but I think 343 would have stood a better chance if the Forerunners... just stayed dead. If we focused on the advancement of the human race with the rebellion of the remenants of the covenant fighting until we find an ancient one once again unleashing the flood... this could have been a very exciting Halo!
Dead Knight (4 months ago)
I think the best way they could have sold the new style would have been that we get everything until that point in the old style, but then the Prometheans wake up and restart production of anything, whilst changing certain designs up in response to new developments in the galaxy. As for the overdesigned style, it would've been best to make the overdesigned ones either come from some other civilization; one that's less monastic and humble, and more pompous and lavish; more boastful. Or they could have been from a faction of forerunners that was the same way.
TitanF2 (4 months ago)
I miss bungie they gave halo that final piece cough cough Halo Reach
Imminentwinter (4 months ago)
Epitaph has always been the best map
Shadow Clark (4 months ago)
The Bungie art style was one you could gawk at for hours in awe 343’s is one that makes for a good back drop to a game but nothing else, even that is a stretch though This is how I see it so don’t bitch at me if you don’t agree
ThePoppets (4 months ago)
Can Halo do what Postal did and just ignore 4 and 5, and reboot the second trilogy with a different story

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