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Why the classic Forerunner art style NEEDS to return

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The new Forerunner art style... Oh how wrong you are... (mostly) Today, I'm providing the case for the classic (mostly Halo 3) Forerunner art style to return in Halo 6, because I really, really think it needs to. Most of the new, post Halo 5 Forerunner art style just doesn't fit them as a race, at all. It's far too grandiose and obnoxious, compared to 3's subtleties. Let me know your thoughts, whether you agree or even if I managed to change your mind on anything in the comments! I'd love to hear if I did, along with your thoughts - get a debate going! Thanks a lot for watching guys :D Check out the Halo Archive: www.haloarchive.com Subscribe to me here for more top tier Halo content!: https://www.youtube.com/user/HiddenXperia Follow me on Twitter!: https://twitter.com/HiddenXperia Join the Halo discussion and catch up with the latest news on the Halo subreddit! http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/ Get educated on the Halo lore and back story on the dedicated Halo story subreddit! http://www.reddit.com/r/HaloStory ►►Thanks for watching guys!
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HiddenXperia (1 year ago)
Before you pass any strong judgement, or instantly declare my opinions right/wrong, PLEASE watch the video and take into account the points I make. Thanks guys, hope y'all enjoy <3
ExponentBoat523 R (2 months ago)
HiddenXperia you realize Cortana and the Guardians are live and awake plus the warden covenant and promithians
TheBossProject xs (2 months ago)
HiddenXperia see I semi agree but it don’t think the new one is so bad and just the addition of ambiance would be perfect
I seriously don't think the Librarian programmed the Prometheans or even the Sentinels with clean-up work. Their weapons are not able to disintegrate things as small as bacteria.
Thou Sand (3 months ago)
HiddenXperia nope fuck your points. Nostalgia ruins everything, including your minds.
Tripp (4 months ago)
HiddenXperia minty ?
Cinnamon Azzy (1 day ago)
This video made me imagine Promethean Soldiers acting as janitors, sweeping the floors and dusting off the walls.
Vendrick (2 days ago)
Hidden Xperia should be contacted by 343 on how to properly design Halo because it seems 343 doesn’t know what it’s doing
Tyler Herr (3 days ago)
its all chrome fuuuuuture fuuuuuture fuuuuuture
Legendary Mjolnir (3 days ago)
Oh my god. Forget floaty bits. THE COLOR! seeing you transition from 3 to 5 was like having a stroke. 343 forerunner style is so bland and colorless. also Bungies also had a very stable, sturdy and imposing look. 343's is all tiny, sharp and light. Its like comparing big steel toed boots to tiny high heels. Its just too jarring. Also Bungies just looks amazing. Its so beautiful. 343's is like a facade of beauty. just flashing lights and floating shit. If I recall there was almost no float y bits ever, in past games.
Wolf Tree (8 days ago)
I felt that the Art style in Halo 4 was Ok for a bit of fresh content, especially considering that we were inside a Shield World, but when Halo 5 came out and we were no longer in a Shield World, it didn't make sense for the art style to be different
Minesweep (8 days ago)
TacticalGolfer (14 days ago)
I agree so much with this
David Somoza Domenech (15 days ago)
Nah, classic style is boring, "squared" and it looks like generic human architecture to me, boring, brown, and DULL. But hey, oppinions. You do you. I do agree that they could improve the modern style with moving pieces and all that tho.
Derelict (15 days ago)
Don't get me wrong, I kinda like 343's design, but to call it Forerunner is something to frown upon. I agree with Xperia's concept of the classic design being what the Forerunners should feel and be like. The new one just feels too much like Tron Legacy and not even like the original Tron, I mean the 2010 version. It's nice to look at, but it's completely unfit for this franchise.
Ruben G (17 days ago)
What’s this song
Brandon (18 days ago)
As someone who isn't really into the halo lore, I didn't even know the shiny chrome buildings were suppose to be made by the same species as halo 1-3s buildings.
Cris Chancellor (20 days ago)
Why the structures are so alive is that when you go in the computers and monitors have been taking care of the buildings
Cris Chancellor (20 days ago)
I think the idea of the new structures with lots of chrome shows that they were so hyper advanced that their builds stay perfect for centuries but I liked the old one too
Brandon Francis (23 days ago)
Hell I’ve played these games. If you were show me most of these images with no context I’d think it was Mass Effect. That’s how unoriginal the modern Forerunner art style is. Even modern Spartan Armor is looking Mass Effecty. Yes I know I’m a year late, bite me.
Eva San (29 days ago)
I agree with a lot of this, yet the lighting really is the worst. It is almost blinding, and quite literally blinding now that people know blue light can make you blind you physically. the light-blue is absolute horrible and should certainly be changed. the red is also not excellent also. It also has a terrible contrast of "red vs. blue" where it's either very red or very blue and makes out to be an ugly contrast and palette.
MrReddeadgaming (1 month ago)
343 need to take a page from bungie's book which is sad because a majority of 343s staff are ex bungie employees, looking at destiny and the new halo, you can see were their talented level design employees went, considering destiny is able to capture nature retaking the spaces once filled with human life. This is partially the reason I'm going to college for this, I want to make atmosphere that truly represents the story and game in general, when I imagine anceint structures that move, I would imagine the movements that would seem to stall or fidget, that could hear the ware and tear that time takes to affect it.
Bullet1520 (1 month ago)
110% agree
stephen meinhold (1 month ago)
343 have admited that they had got it wroung with the look of it and thats why they are useing the new engine and going back to the roots.
Theo Seven (1 month ago)
Maybe the new one is because is a different halo and places that modern the things but the classic halo have more ancient feel.
Olaf Brunson (1 month ago)
I don't think the hologram on Epitaph was ever officially defined as a guardian, or as anything actually.
Fraser Smith (1 month ago)
The old design is the best
odst xpheria (1 month ago)
The word is worthy of a game and not decent and not brand f***ing new
ChiefSaladRunaway (1 month ago)
I thought that Halo 4's Forerunners architecture was pretty cool looking, but I can see how it can get pretty annoying if it is overused.
woooudo (1 month ago)
Its one of many reasons why these cunts will never get my money.
Hous SweatDream (1 month ago)
In the old halos, a simple guy CAN NOT tell what the fuck is forrerunners or Covenant, this is why the new artstyle is like it is, an acient race that is not fucking extinct build rocks with lights? In halo 5 all the forerunner desings are alive and beeing use, jezz, bungie fanboys.
Casey L. (1 month ago)
I don’t even understand why 343 felt the need to change the Halo art style so drastically to begin with...
not omniduster (1 month ago)
How I kinda see it is the difference between a living room and a weapons-grade anthrax lab. Of course they're going to be different because they have different functions. Maybe the Arc and other Forerunner structures in Halos 1-3 were just made by a home decorator?
Berserkasaurus Rex (1 month ago)
The new Forerunner art style is more like the old Covenant ship art styles, particularly the blue color scheme and bright lights. Though the Covenant's used more muted purples and the lights were nowhere near as bright overall.
Riley Akkerman (2 months ago)
I agree with you but I kinda do like the new artstyle better because it gives us a symbol of what forerunner structures looked like before they all fell before the might of the halo rings
Grant And I sin (2 months ago)
"Fucking genius" True. But poor execution.
Sora Hikari (2 months ago)
i couldn't agree more. i hope 343 watch this and take notes
MrTrenttness (2 months ago)
Agree with alot of the points made in this video. I thought spaces in the Forerunner architecture felt over done. They are beautiful for sure, but even the floors you walk on seemed too new and far too impractical has a space for you to move yourself across. They just look far too complicated and it comes across has a bit ridiculous.
PlayerNineteen (2 months ago)
Never played Halo 4/5 or Reach for that matter. I'd just like to point out how clustered and cramped in the new HUD seems. There is hardly any screen left!
PC PastaFace (2 months ago)
I must be the only one who likes the new art style. Though the old Forumner is the only art style I want back.
Yas (2 months ago)
I agree. I loved CEs forerunner art style the most. Simplicity at it's best
Cecil (2 months ago)
Forerunner architecture is not subtle at all
weedlepete (2 months ago)
I’ve always preferred the old Forerunner art style, but most everyone I’ve talked to about it liked the 343 versions, which always confused us.
mjkedro haze (2 months ago)
I mean, didn't the sentinels and monitors (there's probably a lot more) keep up maintenance and keep everything up to date?
Big pein (2 months ago)
Old art style is more relaxing to look at
s. parke (2 months ago)
halo 3 aesthetic, best aesthetic
Quakeimp (2 months ago)
This is my personal opinion... but I think 343 would have stood a better chance if the Forerunners... just stayed dead. If we focused on the advancement of the human race with the rebellion of the remenants of the covenant fighting until we find an ancient one once again unleashing the flood... this could have been a very exciting Halo!
Dead Knight (2 months ago)
I think the best way they could have sold the new style would have been that we get everything until that point in the old style, but then the Prometheans wake up and restart production of anything, whilst changing certain designs up in response to new developments in the galaxy. As for the overdesigned style, it would've been best to make the overdesigned ones either come from some other civilization; one that's less monastic and humble, and more pompous and lavish; more boastful. Or they could have been from a faction of forerunners that was the same way.
TitanF2 (2 months ago)
I miss bungie they gave halo that final piece cough cough Halo Reach
Imminentwinter (2 months ago)
Epitaph has always been the best map
Lucas Clark (2 months ago)
The Bungie art style was one you could gawk at for hours in awe 343’s is one that makes for a good back drop to a game but nothing else, even that is a stretch though This is how I see it so don’t bitch at me if you don’t agree
ThePoppets (2 months ago)
Can Halo do what Postal did and just ignore 4 and 5, and reboot the second trilogy with a different story
Joe Morgan (2 months ago)
To me, the earlier art style is drab and two dimensional, like a facade. The new art style goes along with the digital-reality blur that was brought up with the introduction of the Promethians. It feels like the strong metal all around you could dissolve or reappear at any moment, which makes you realize you’re fighting on their turf.
Cecil Pfister (3 months ago)
the only thing wrong with the old stily is that it doesn't look that advached it looks like some thing the unsc could make
Albert Avilla (3 months ago)
i would like to argue with HX about bungies art style vs 343 live
MemeLord (3 months ago)
The architecture is fucking boring and imo hard to look at. Just staring at steel and blue is dull
Praise the moon (3 months ago)
The only part I agree with is the lighting brightness and color
Joseph C. (3 months ago)
And the subject of most of these videos-- "Why you no Bungie enough?"
Jackson France (3 months ago)
Why not include both art styles in separate areas of the game?
KillAllCulturalMarxists (3 months ago)
I always assumed that the difference accounted for different eras in Forerunner History.
k R (3 months ago)
Do you by any chance have the epitaph halo 3 theme audio, the one with the monk singing? youtbe hs like one video about the ambient and is hard to hear there and it's so god I initially thought it was a piece of soundtrack instead of just ambient sound
MegaDani1208 (3 months ago)
Iconic…..iconic….iconic..…you guys like the old style more but it's no better, it's call ART style for a reason…..the new Forerunner style looks "alive and new" and it's a good thing becouse they should be building stuff that don't age and degrades...we now make stuff that will looks old…..not an extremely evolved race like the Forerunner.
Aaron Kamalkhani (3 months ago)
You have to remember that the forerunners had style in their architecture, I love the halo 3 style because I grew up with it, but give halo 5 a chance. Your only points that I heard was against 5 and for 3. Imagine that you had unlimited resources and energy, you would offcourse show it off. You wouldnt just build what you need, you would build your fuckin kitchen in its own palace and your bedroom into a castle. I love your vidz! But pleeeeaaase don't only go against halo 5 and 4 just because their bad games, but take pros and cons from both games. Again I love you, but plz.
ZSTE (3 months ago)
Busy to be busy.
Iain Kilcar (3 months ago)
theory: most of the architecture from halo 4 + 5 was made during the height of their power or with an over abundance of resources whereas the halo rings and the ark were desperate final constructions from the last days of the forerunners
Carter Kinoy (3 months ago)
The first rule of Forerunner architecture: No curves.
Boltingsubset 37 (3 months ago)
Bungie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 343
Mini Mini (3 months ago)
STONE! Halo 2 and halo 3 incorporated stone in the forerunner structures. USE STONE! Inscriptions. FFS
Jared Doherty (3 months ago)
U need to stop sucking bunnies cock and be less biased as ur videos actaully annoy me as you don't see anyone's opinion apart from your own
DoGlowy (3 months ago)
It's so weird that they would take a franchise called 'Halo' and forgo all religious overtones.
Edward Kenway (3 months ago)
The forerunner artstyle is really good. The platforms and stuff but the promitheans can look better
eta carinae (4 months ago)
The new structures are cliché
The Phantom One (4 months ago)
I'm mostly certain that they got the blue light idea from the outside if the halo rings
Ihaka Koraiti (4 months ago)
When you realize you wrote "what's the word" in your script, well aware of the fact that you already knew the word the whole time.
BIG Projects (4 months ago)
You know, looking at the new art style actually makes me feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic. The old art style was and always will be simply amazing, I'd just go on epitaph and look and everything, wondering what it's purpose was, and at the time I was younger and didn't play Halo much so I didn't know anything about the forerunners (or the fact that they existed) but the old style still gave me a sense that whoever made it wasn't human or covenant and of course they were super important and for me not really knowing anything about the backstory made me wonder even more, the same is not true for halo 5, nuff said.
nextMax (4 months ago)
Well the Foulrunner design is like mercedes benz then and now.
HavenElric (4 months ago)
Everything in 343’s Halo games look too polished and new. It destroys the lived-in gritty world Bungie created in Halo CE-H2-H3-Halo Reach
Xander Reynolds (4 months ago)
I think since it is in the domain or in genises I think it’s because it was in a computer or in a sheild world
Doom Metal (4 months ago)
Shiny and bright lights is how all futuristic/high tech things are portrayed.
Sk8foxx (4 months ago)
New Forerunner honestly just feels like Humanities take on how advanced species "should" look, as if 343 approached an ANCIENT advanced species, through the perspective of how humans would make it look nowadays. Nowadays humans have these Iphones and androids and robotics with electricity and wireless motion, etc. Ancient humanity must've been highly advanced to create structures we have dofficulty to now, influenced by different ideas. Modern humans wouldn't make a building to look like a colussium or pyramid, but ancient humans did. I think if Forerunner's existed today (halo 5 time), they may not use those ancient ideas either, but they are practically extinct, and I doubt the left behind AI was programmed to redesign their structures to look how humans would consider 'modern'. That being said, maybe Forerunner's weren't influenced by the same "egyptian, greek, etc" ancient influence like humanity, but Bungie already gave them a wonderful look. Why change it? Enhance it, make it look even more advanced, but influential to Forerunner structure and pattern, not just a "Notice me im BLUE AND SHINY" 'architecture'.
Jared Nagle (4 months ago)
I understand and agree with some of the criticisms but since the forerunner saga of books are considered cannon I would say that the design that 343 chose is necessary. I think that one of the problems is that while the forerunners are ancient, they are also far more advanced than us and their old architecture doesn’t really reflect this.
Breyeand Jelks (4 months ago)
You know I always thought that the forerunners were back by the billions & taking over planets Ultron style. But if that isn't the case, why are these spaces so managed & clean? Did Cortana activate the maintenance sentries? I however didn't mind the space of the rooms in halo 5 (I've always thought the rooms in halo were geometrically weird). I had never noticed you couldn't here anything in h5 on many of the maps, even if you were near something that should be making noise. I don't necessarily think it had to do with them overloading on the aesthetics of the surroundings, but more about the fame being so hyper competitive, & the noise would erk some people. I might just be digging 343 out a hole here.
DOMINIC FENIX (4 months ago)
is this jackfrags 2nd channel? xD anyway yeah man!, one wpuld assume a super advanced civilization is not "showy" and in your face with its technology, I totally agree with the abuse of lightning and the overdesigned of the new art style, geez, how hard is to leave the ego behind and just recognize what Bungie did so well and build upon, not burn and rebuild like spanish people on aztec and mayan civilization :/
yoyoweb yal (4 months ago)
Wrong achitecture design, wrong weapon design, wrong story, empty music compared to O'Donnell once... Good job pointing exactly the problems of 343i designs in this video. I know what i'm talking about, 'm a graphic designer and i totally agree with you.
Wesley Miles (4 months ago)
I get very nostalgic whenever I see halo 3 era forerunner structures, and the fact that 343 can’t get it right over the span of 3 GODDAMN GAMES makes me super angry
something (4 months ago)
The more of your videos I like, the more I like it. You've earned a subscriber, good sir.
Rory O'Brien (4 months ago)
I think forerunner tech is best when it has very few to no moving parts and it looks like it's magic
Drxgon Bxll (4 months ago)
So true, man... Sooo true. :,(
DarkAssassin 573 (4 months ago)
The old stuff felt mysterious, the new stuff is, well, new and alive
Lazypackmule (4 months ago)
I think Exuberant Witness is a good example of what's wrong with 343's art design, since it uses a classic bungie design as a base You've got the classic monitor, but with a lot of unnecessary layered metal details added, and it's so focused on being bright and shiny and sci-fi and distracting, that you literally can't even make out anything about it because the bloom lighting is so insane that it covers the entire monitor
Insane monkey Zipzap (4 months ago)
I have mixed feelings about the art styles I love the original but I do like the new style as well
TechnicBee (4 months ago)
It really doesn't tho :)
NP Jas (4 months ago)
On the point of the Domain: That is a really good point. The new Forerunner architecture fits better with the Precursors rather than the Forerunners, after all, the Forerunners based their architecture off of the Precursors’ architecture. But, and I do kinda feel bad for saying this, the new architecture does fit the Forerunners. I say that because at the height of the Forerunner Empire, it would fit perfectly, but not after 100,000 years
DragonLegend42 (4 months ago)
Bro you forgot about the forerunner juggernaut from halo 2
Sky Blailock (4 months ago)
I completely agree with you. I genuinely prefer the classic Forerunner designs compared to that of H4 and H5G. There use to be a sense of mystery to these old structures. They were simple and geometrical in design. They were well lit but dark and foggy at the same time. There were different shades of metal and stone and sometimes there was even rust. Epitaph was actually a great example of the classic. Especially because of Bungie’s Guardian Sentinel. Another great example would have been the map “Guardian” itself. The entire platform was within a huge tree trunk. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are a couple redeeming factors in the 343industries Forerunner designs. I like the concept of of floating pieces or structures. It looked cool in H4’s level “Requiem.” But 343 went overboard in H5G and just oversaturated us with it. The Forerunner structures looked amazing in H3 and Reach. But H2A was absolutely beautiful in my opinion because they mixed both classic and modern designs. This genuinely made me happy.
Gamefreak974 (4 months ago)
Here's my thoughts on this as influenced by a simple statement my friend said, "well in Halo 3 you're on the center of the ark." This made me think that perhaps the center was built long before the rest of the ark. Perhaps the climate can be a lot more harsh there which explains the beaten up look. The center of the Ark is globe like while the rest of it is curved. Perhaps that difference can affect the weathering the land will receive. As for the floaty cromey bits on everything I actually believe the weapons from future halo games would fit right in ark levels from halo 3. The sentinels in those games already float and have floaty bits. To me it actually would fit keeping in mind that the center of the ark was probably created first as they were developing their technology.
Gamefreak974 (4 months ago)
That said I'm not the biggest fan of halo 5s "sleekness" either.
Ben Sutcliffe (4 months ago)
The old Forerunner design looks angular, functional and weathered. The holograhics, the lights, the size and scope look mysterious on the surface, but a control pannel still looks like a control panel when you really look at it, the devices have recognisable properties. The halls are eerily quiet with the dim hum of ancient machines clinging on to existence in silent sanctums, long after their makers vanished from the world. Highly complex yet beautifully simple at the same time, the old Forerunner structures look like they were built with a specific purpose in mind in an age long ago for reasons not fully understood. Slowly ticking away in the background, fading from all memory. You really get the sense that these places have been left still and untouched for an unkown length of time. I haven't played 5 and do not remember 4. Going off clips I've seen the new designs are flowing, mysterious and busy. Structures ebb and flow through the landscape with curves and soft lines, ribbons of light pulsate as if driven by the rhythm of a heart. Mechanical structures and floating shapes with no apparent functional use shift, move and buzz with hidden energy. You are pulled through these almost living constructs on a philosphical journey to pay homage to mysterious, almost magical, artefacts that are beyond comprehension. Ageless relics which are continuously reborn through their own means. The look is intentionally emotional and artistic with form being over function. It feels mysterious and otherworldly. Both of these designs fit with the Forerunners brilliantly I think. The two philosophies not only come from different people but also different stories which is very important to remember. I think over all both styles fit their respective story themes and enhance them. I don't think it's possible to fit these two styles together without making something ugly but I'm not an artist so take that with a pinch of salt. Halo sucks ass now any way.
Tanner Bruning (4 months ago)
The new forunner art design looks like the future from that spongebob episode. More chrome
Taoryu (4 months ago)
Epitaph? yes I entirely agree that was by far my favorite map for all the reasons you stated for one of my most favorite screenshots https://i.imgur.com/y4KKl7T.jpg
Booty Eater (4 months ago)
I hate the floating thingys they should make them useful
Arcade Assassin (5 months ago)
in fleshing out the forerunner mythology in halo 4 through 6 i think 343 should have taken more inspiration from the way that the ancients where portrayed in the series Stargate Atlantis. i also think that if they where going to have promethians that they should have looked more like this http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ezXfXwVkn3k/TT3yDNeuZPI/AAAAAAAAAE4/UlwQhg6FbAI/s1600/ih_promethean+bullet.jpg
James Anderson (5 months ago)
I do believe the forerunner artstyle from halo 3 is the best but i think the halo 4/5 forerunner artstyle could have a place if you see sentinals beaming away dust keeping them clean but there is really no excuse for making it so monochrome and ironically quite dull I loved the bronze like steel in the original trilogy which contrast perfect with the yellow gold like projections.
Retroflection (5 months ago)
I’ve realized something: 343’s target audience are birds, since everything’s so goddamn shiny.
Julian Cavaleri (5 months ago)
never heard such stupid arguments
NoizyBoy201 (5 months ago)
I think Halo CE Anniversary's Forerunner structures were more on the ancient side, while also being beautifully technologic

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