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DARK SECRET PLACE #158 - San Bernadio shooting

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If you haven't heard this, you need to do yourself a favor and do so now. I was browsing for everyone's take on the San Bernardino shooting after it happened, lot of commentary, podcasts and programs on the web but this stuck out to me. By far the greatest take on the events, I still replay it, I thought, why am I depriving people of this rational nourishment, and the only place I could find it was on the terrestrial radio stations web site, so here it is. I in no way own the media presented, I'm participating in fair use, the broadcast was free on the web and am only amplifying the metaphorical radio waves so more can hear, all credit goes to rights holder [if applicable]. What you will hear here is a war vet giving his two cents after the San Bernardino shooting, common sense no PC BS or virtue signaling here. This man knows the threat, this man has faced the bullets, this man worked on the ground level with locals on a diplomatic level, We got hit again, by the very where's waldo our society refuses to acknowledge, and if we don't acknowledge it we can't address it with even the great nuance we're capable of. This man bring discussion to you that is well needed in these days of puppeted voices, you'll also hear some self defense tips, and other mindset and commentary. Thank you for choosing un_COG Stick around and check some of my other uploads, if you like what you hear in this podcast, I am also liberty minded, independence and other American embodying philosophies, in seek of personal knowledge, understanding the world around me and self betterment to be the ultimate man to provide for his children and family in any scenario. seeking truth and bringing justice and reason to those who need it.
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PeopleWant Ducks (1 year ago)
This is the best podcast in the entire world. Anyone who says otherwise is a liberal, beta male cuck.

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