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Superdry hoods sports puffer winter jacket

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to keep me warm in winter http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com/ http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Patrick Gander (18 days ago)
In my opinion I like the Everest parka jacket more
Alexandru Eric Serban (28 days ago)
RAPTOR Sjk (1 year ago)
hahaha.. so Horrible is that a joke.? its probably a fake superdry jkt as the shape look Bolky already and look like the colour is gone.. 😂 i wont wear it even if u pay me seriously..
Superdry 英國帶回現貨 真品M號 男生款 可驗貨 line: imyenchen
AlfzTV (2 years ago)
Where do u get it from?
Patrick Gander (18 days ago)
The online store or outlet
Akhi Azlan (3 years ago)
is it waterproof?
Ray Rod (3 years ago)
Hi, I´m thinking of buying some SD shirts but have read they run small. I´m regularly a large and I´m 6´1¨. Do you also buy your shirts in XL?
Ray Rod (3 years ago)
+Ray Rod Just wanted to add I have your type of build, maybe a little more athletic since I work out frequently. Appreciate your input.
Bluetonic (3 years ago)
Like the guy asked below, how warm is this jacket? Enough for a good English winter?
Unboxingexperience7 (3 years ago)
it still keeps you warm below zero celsius
John Kwong (5 years ago)
Is that warm?? Well I know you live in uk but I love in NYC is that warm enought for NYC weather ?? I thinking of buying one
icookiezze (5 years ago)
nice, superdry are the best,deffo gonna get one.
Unboxingexperience7 (6 years ago)
6'2" or 187cm
midwikid1234 (6 years ago)
How tall are u? I wanna order some lumberjacks but I'm not quite sure how they fit
triggahmp (6 years ago)
nice blade
sfczd sdvsv (6 years ago)
too baggy should go to the store to get a slim fit
Unboxingexperience7 (6 years ago)
thatoldseadawg (6 years ago)
ok, thanks for responding - btw are you in europe or outside of europe?
Bear Bristol (2 years ago)
thatoldseadawg regional at best is the best
Unboxingexperience7 (6 years ago)
I wouldn't say high quality, but pretty solid quality
thatoldseadawg (6 years ago)
would you say that superdry is high quality, especially for quite a big label?

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