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Try Not to Laugh Best Funny Pranks 2018 to Pull on Friends

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Text Comments (4416)
Aran GR (16 hours ago)
fuking pice of sith
Lqzi (19 hours ago)
Rylan Colborne (1 day ago)
what is with all the collins keys
Madox Huard (1 day ago)
I did that trick to my dad!
Tia Roberson (1 day ago)
Cobra Gamer (1 day ago)
Uzair Habib (1 day ago)
5:25 see in mirror and see real mirror tady is white and real is pink its scary
Michelle Teague (1 day ago)
My dad does the one to me that the boy said acracurdabra aha so halirous
0:34 hold on..... Was their dog watching that laptop with the kid!?! ...i wish my dog would do that...
Just a Banana (7 hours ago)
0:29 that just looks wrong
AbedPs (2 days ago)
subbing to anyone who subs me and like this post lets help each other in this comment 😍😍😍
Alguen bota comentário en português
Demorie Stratton (3 days ago)
Bust dowm thotiona
Natalie Marrero (3 days ago)
He just put ice in her bath LOL 😆 XD HAHAHAHAHA
Kushal Timilsina (3 days ago)
2019 hit like
Junainah Ahmad Esa (3 days ago)
Sometimes pranks can go wrong
chingjov Shijoh (3 days ago)
That moment 7:57,,,,,,😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SuperWiiBros08 (3 days ago)
There's like only 5 funny and aren't even really pranks
Leon Howard (4 days ago)
this video is stoupid ugh
Vishal Thakur (4 days ago)
Not funny with pregnant lady
Spider Salticidae (4 days ago)
0:29 is not funny
MiggyDaSmolPotato (5 days ago)
Big bob (5 days ago)
There are some fucked up parents out there,that little boy shit his pants when his dad ran in with the Jason mask on,W,T,F ?
hampi . ramula (5 days ago)
But, sometimes it leads to the death..🤐
hampi . ramula (4 days ago)
Stahlnecker James (4 days ago)
Really dont have much control in life. We can reduce risk but some people survive a bullet to the head, some die slipping in the shower.
Snipers_go_crazy -_- (6 days ago)
this is from afv dislike'
Fan (6 days ago)
Lol they spelled ninjago wrong
saint perth cloud (7 days ago)
9:01 was that a blender or coffee grinder
Tanishka Singh (7 days ago)
They are screaming Gery horrible
I didn't laugh
I didn't laugh
Mr Drawing (8 days ago)
5:50 lol what was that sound
railin perez (8 days ago)
mohammed irfan (8 days ago)
this video has lost my friend because we was in our house watching this video he was sitting in chair has he laughed loud the chair went back and he fall and he is died now plz never do this type of pranks so if u then......
Angela Rincon (9 days ago)
You will kill the birds you are dumb if you think the birds will survive BIRDKILLERS🐦😵
Paola Corrales (9 days ago)
Hero Kid (9 days ago)
1:58 fukn gross, bitch change ur draws.
Mia and Ellie are in this
Jason Li (11 days ago)
13:37 so that's where Shia LaBeouf has been all these years..
Etherglide (12 days ago)
Im sorry, but I don't find the video of the two little girls getting pie-faced funny at all. At all.
daroof4ever (13 days ago)
Kids are really big babies these days
Ryan Skinner (13 days ago)
Minh Hai (13 days ago)
Irfan Hazami (14 days ago)
Helo a'm momo
Arya Teja Mohammed (14 days ago)
These fail are turning into vines that butter my egg roll.
RoxyGirl ASMR (14 days ago)
Love a Good Laugh LOL😍😍😂😂
Life is Fun (14 days ago)
Hi everyone ... If you like watching funny hilarious memes than make sure to check my channel.
THE COIN MAN (15 days ago)
Haha. Its very funny...
Eduardo Cezar (15 days ago)
A lot of these only got people upset, not by far jumpscares.
Róbert Hiczpán (15 days ago)
Super funny good joob
samuel jael (15 days ago)
aal minuto 028 il padre di quella bambina dovrebbe essere preso a calci nelle palle , un vero coglione
NSavvy (16 days ago)
1:44 😂😂😂😂 ohh noooo poor kid lmfao
MB_ Squad (16 days ago)
the her water broke one waa funny
Sunny DaKingGaming66 (16 days ago)
That kid has no manners *Daaaaaaaaad*
Edgar Atayde Valdez (16 days ago)
En español porfabor
Ted Jajer (17 days ago)
Terrible way to greet your young child in the morning...It may haunt her for years and inhibit her trust in you!
Life is Fun (14 days ago)
Hi everyone ... If you like watching funny hilarious memes than make sure to check my channel.
Shannon Gurney (17 days ago)
5:00 im crying hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Kelly Stadler (17 days ago)
I love you ☺️❤️✌️😍😘😎
hamody almodiamigh (17 days ago)
5:07 world war 3
John Reed (17 days ago)
The remote control joke is always hilarious. I like jokes that don't physically hurt or put someone's life in danger
Fer González (17 days ago)
Then when her water really breaks there’s no going to the hospital
Lily Morton (17 days ago)
edward bautista (17 days ago)
This is not funny at al
Mas Ekky Dimas (18 days ago)
Anyone kow where to buy bear costum?
SpringBonnie The Bunny (18 days ago)
13:33 "OH MY GOD HOLD ON!!!" thats me drving lol
Bobby Ben (18 days ago)
Хахаха хухуху хихихи какже забавно😂😁😃😂😂😂😂😂😸😹😹😹😹😹👍👍👍👍💖💕💚💛💜👍👍👍👍👍🐱🐩😂😂😂😂
مجد المرشد (18 days ago)
ashtrko bknate
James Madison (19 days ago)
This how much we love our family lol
Kal or Aaj (19 days ago)
Angela Gacho (20 days ago)
*2019??? ~*
Mar Cause (20 days ago)
10:28 when the party started
Mar Cause (20 days ago)
10:28 when the party started
Melanie Nolan (20 days ago)
There not supposed to
Melanie Nolan (20 days ago)
2:30 I freaked they were taking BIRD Eggs
Remember kids, NEVER do pranks on an aspie
Danu Saputra (21 days ago)
0:50 tarzan face
Julie Keenan (21 days ago)
I don’t think it’s funny scaring kids half to death. The little girl in the bed was terrified.
Ethan Aamodt (18 days ago)
0:30 when you realise you just got tased and you want the pain to STOP!!! Thanks for the likes.
BortLicensePlates (19 days ago)
Six rings Of steel (20 days ago)
Six rings Of steel (20 days ago)
Ethan Aamodt just no
الي ضحك لايك😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅
هههههههههه ههههههههخخخخ😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅
Anthony Narozniak (22 days ago)
Please no more water bottle tricks it's played out
Superbosanska Krajina (22 days ago)
Lok channel FatTV
Sophie The Werewolf (23 days ago)
5:24 did anyone notice that the bear was a different color in the mirror
Crystal 444Crystal (21 days ago)
Omg it is
Adolfo Carmona (23 days ago)
He dropped the soap at 5:31
Adolfo Carmona (23 days ago)
Sub to lazar beam
victor hugo roque (23 days ago)
victor hugo roque (23 days ago)
victor hugo roque (23 days ago)
kakarin (24 days ago)
this is pure shit
j family (24 days ago)
At 2:43 my reaction would be this... 😐👎🏼😢😭😫😕🤨🤣👍🏼
9:34 I found a rare fish
Angelica Monton (24 days ago)
so scary now hehe
Bartu Mapping (25 days ago)
5:26 mirror !! Bear is white???
Dkkdjdj Kdkdjdjdjdj (25 days ago)
Priscilla's Fun Time (26 days ago)
Jeff Bourke (27 days ago)
1:58 is fucked up. doesn't belong on youtube.
That Win Named Ruby (28 days ago)
2:17 no respect for nature
People idiots. ....

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