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MLP: Friendship is Magic RaNd0Mn3S5 #5

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About the video screen ratios, this is the best I could do with my video so deal with it. Phew, I'm glad to be done after all this time. Thanks to youtuber called wippe123 for helping me out with my problems and even suggesting one of the clips ideas. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ©Hasbro
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Text Comments (212)
Tosha Crowthers (1 year ago)
i like that put your ass in the air part
Juqev (1 year ago)
4:12 What "System of a Down" song was that?
Juqev (1 year ago)
1:41 "They're Coming to take Me away"
Magic Mixer (4 years ago)
"You know what?! Screw any funny and creative openings, let's just get to the clips" But I liked the openings DX
Magic Mixer (4 years ago)
So many flashes like "Why care there so many songs about _____ anyway?"
Wysteria Sparkle (4 years ago)
When Rarity is shaking her tail, it says Why are there so many songs about asses anyway?
popman1997 (4 years ago)
stay on frinkin' target
Kenpachi Ramasama (5 years ago)
bobby burchenal (5 years ago)
CMC sing DragonForce... FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
bobby burchenal (5 years ago)
Why did Luigi have to hit Rarity with a rock? WHY??????
April Connelly (5 years ago)
not joking
April Connelly (5 years ago)
I wish for you to a hundred of these
sadlobster1 (5 years ago)
Seeing the Mega Ultra Chicken line come out of that Pegasus pony's mouth was so funny
sadlobster1 (5 years ago)
Baby Rarity looks so much like Sweetie Belle. Anyone else but me notice that
LighthawkTenchi (5 years ago)
The original song is "Ass Up" by Baracuda.
pellaka wurm (5 years ago)
if you put notifications on you'll see it in the right bottom
Kalen Crux (5 years ago)
the theater of derpys mind
Roger Dodds (5 years ago)
Bethany Garber (5 years ago)
Hawksnacks (5 years ago)
:| im from Pittsburgh
Ashma (5 years ago)
hahaha so funny!
Slayex Slack (5 years ago)
And back to derpy t.v.
videoman014 (5 years ago)
Why is there not a 10 hour loop of the thing in Derpy's head dancing? Someone get on this shit!
16BBWlover (5 years ago)
He's not my girlfriend! You tell him honey!!!
Magerkidal (6 years ago)
Woops never mind, that was a different video, it says "Why are there so many songs about asses anyway?"
Magerkidal (6 years ago)
For everyone wondering what it said while Rarity was shaking her tail, it said "Why is Rarity's tail so memorizing?"
SaoirseSecrets (6 years ago)
Japan is gonna do a Japanese dub or something later on, there's some videos of the Mane 6's VAs and other stuff :)
georgemiser (6 years ago)
dat ear.
Dominik maierl (6 years ago)
i hate the long metroid intro i wait everytime for the dadadadaaa
uberRoCkattack (6 years ago)
What is that phrase that pops up in the "Put your ass in the air" song???
UltraOriginalVoid (6 years ago)
M1arine7 (6 years ago)
Holy shit, the big booty bitches clip really caught me off gaurd.
JackieDrawsCx (6 years ago)
YU GI OH ABRIDGED!!!! XD WOOOO i spend too much time on the internet .-.
TheFoxern (6 years ago)
You should do a reel that's just a bunch of different audio clips fitting Rarity swinging her tail around. xD
Randee Williams (6 years ago)
girlyfairy1 (6 years ago)
wow wow hold your ninetalls rewind that part. *rewinds too 2:15* *SQUEE* ahhhhhh it is chuggaa looks like he is gettting brony subs.now
commander9067 (6 years ago)
That simpsons clip was REALLY annoying me
commander9067 (6 years ago)
5:27 Where is that from (I mean specificaly)
Olivia Day (6 years ago)
Tareltonlives (6 years ago)
Rainbow Dash: She's not my girlfriend! Applejack: You tell him, honey!
FirestarLuver01 (6 years ago)
One of my favorites is "Fenton. Fenton. Fenton! Fenton! Oh, jesus christ! Fenton! FENTON!" I really like the other ones too. Well done.
Yendys345 (6 years ago)
benson..... Benson....... BENSON..... oh Jesus crist, BENSON! Lol laughed so hard!
Yendys345 (6 years ago)
What's that song where Rarity is singing and spike thinks she is a dude?
Aizlluna (6 years ago)
megamanaccess (6 years ago)
1:32 - Watching it for the "plot"... Eeyup.
Isz (6 years ago)
1:18 I'm now imagining that pic of Seth Green next to Pinkie Pie and laughing twice as hard.
Lt Col Rayquaza (6 years ago)
Haha I wanna watch rare do that tail thing with matching music all day
Suitor LP (6 years ago)
TheAoifeKat (6 years ago)
Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood? YOU ROCK.
Nifty19 (6 years ago)
All songs are annotated, bottom left of the video.
Kyle Hedlund (6 years ago)
What song is on 7:00?
World XCX (6 years ago)
What is the song with Twilight Psycho?
klxroly1 (6 years ago)
japanese my little pony, now that could be awesome
Hunter Hyren (6 years ago)
what is the 0:30 part from
owen000222 (6 years ago)
Question: If you don't like ponys, why are you here?
daxxonah13 (6 years ago)
7:50 and 4:11 BEST
the1lilbastard (6 years ago)
oh for the love of... thank you.
Clocktopus (6 years ago)
The Derpy bit floored me. I know I've seen that old cartoon/heard that song before. Where is it from?
Billaxle (6 years ago)
Rarity shaking her tail provides endless hours of entertainment! ^3^
World XCX (6 years ago)
That fast message was why are there so many songs about butts anyways
Casabooboo (6 years ago)
I come back from years to come to let you know, this video is still equally as homosexual as I remember it being, but then again it is a pony video, and then again I tried not to remember coming here. I try to defend my manhood by not watching a child show designed for girls.
thekillergamer64 (6 years ago)
Where is 5:44 from?
xXWinterfoxXx (6 years ago)
Fritz (6 years ago)
I lifted up my leg and my knee somehow hit me in the face. T-T
Simone The Digger (6 years ago)
Rarity drawing the dick always gets me
EDJaverson (6 years ago)
If you have the annotations on, it shows you in the bottem left corner.
Bysentenial (6 years ago)
what ep are those horns at 3:52 from?
Cheddarhead7 (6 years ago)
What are they singing at 5:25
BlazingGinger (6 years ago)
Or 2:37 to be exact :)
BlazingGinger (6 years ago)
2:40 exactly what goes through my mind during double maths :D /)
kisstein (6 years ago)
Got Simpsons?
MercenaryX21 (6 years ago)
And derpy's mind is the reason why discord will never be able to take her over.
Castle_Doom (6 years ago)
This. Is the best video ever.
the booty of fate (6 years ago)
Vi's Thighs (6 years ago)
0:48 1:40 2:29 (counts for all) 4:11 5:00 6:28 Best Parts!
webduelist (6 years ago)
does this make anybody else want to watch amv hell 4
Shadic Namikaze (6 years ago)
Seth green is a brony
gunnyport (6 years ago)
Why are there so many song about asses anyway? .... Huzaah for my fast mouse finger
brilziana (6 years ago)
What was the question at 7:06? I couldnt catch it no matter how hard i tried.
P0tluck (6 years ago)
look up dwayne and brando. sounds like their work.
HHurd2258 (6 years ago)
i smiled @2:15
Sophie Mia Marie Beck (6 years ago)
About the question at 7:06: because plot worshipping rocks ^__^
SigEpBlue (6 years ago)
I keep coming back for the dancing cow.
Zero 2o1o (6 years ago)
Why was Pink Pie dress like a 1800's whore?
ariannasv22 (6 years ago)
@GlaceonownzGarchomp ...
primeoetgrunn (6 years ago)
i feel like ndfdjydjcfganchsbhdvhdjvcgmvhdcyfjsjdtdfkuyfiyfyvytsyhgxcrsjgysyvyxiuydsduigysyuguydydiysdydftuysdjdytdfutddufdturfurhft...*breath*... ffdjfhsdghxgvhgdadhgsbgytdhhgdtsdgvtstgfgjgftufvtydulololololololololjdyhgdydtdtyddktdkd.........DEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Grifter (7 years ago)
1:29 I watch this show for the plot. ;)
ariannasv22 (7 years ago)
It's lauzina!! Lol
TheRedGameboy (7 years ago)
I favourited this just for the Dancing Queen clip. I don't like Abba, I didn't like the Share/Care song. yet I SCREAMED LIKE A BELIEBER WHEN THEY WERE COMBINED. so 2 wrongs DO make a right.
GlitchDetector (7 years ago)
1:30 My favorite
GlitchDetector (7 years ago)
Hiffchakka (7 years ago)
So all bronys are 16 years old? Huh, I guess that makes me 4 years younger than I thought I was! Thanks man :D
TheGarfield0 (7 years ago)
@NukemLulz surely, you are a master troll. They shall be heralding your victory for years to come
Casabooboo (7 years ago)
bronyfags inb4ragecusyou'reall16yearsold
electrosmash73 (7 years ago)
anybody know the song at 5:03
likes2muvit (7 years ago)
Whats the song playing in derpy's head?
Wizardxeze (7 years ago)
3:22 - 3:52 nice timing
Star*Gate (7 years ago)
I couldn't stop laughing through this whole thing... I barely heard what was actually going on because i was too busy laughing :D
Nobu Nobu (7 years ago)
3:48 Well don't ask luigi all he has is a foot ball
Random Fanguy (7 years ago)
We need more Matrix ponies. At least some more Agent Smiths.
Roxakur (7 years ago)
ROFL! Insta-fave thanks to chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-Chuggaaconroy xDD

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