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5 Surprisingly Hyped Sneakers in Japan

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As far as the sneaker world is concerned Japan is parallel to the west in many ways. The hyped sneakers elsewhere are hyped here. But Japan still has a few surprises. Here are 5 sneakers that receive a bit more fanfare here than in other places. The Casual is the home of international street fashion, culture, and lifestyle from the perspective of Japan. Keep it locked for all the latest from Tokyo and beyond. As always, Keep it Casual. Support The Casual on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/thecasual Our Amazon Affiliate Link: http://amzn.to/2wfwpu1 See what we have in store! http://mrkt.thecasual.co Follow on social+ http://www.TheCasual.co http://instagram.com/thecasual.co http://facebook.com/thecasual.jp http://twitter.com/thecasual_co
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Text Comments (320)
Dane Mac (1 day ago)
Where would one buy the ones at 3:00 ??
That G (18 days ago)
where can i cop seeulater series ? 😭
Rashaw Leggs (1 month ago)
Char Lotte (1 month ago)
..."all the other kids with with their pumped up kicks, they'd run, better run, outrun my gun!"
Worldstar Hip-Hop (2 months ago)
I hear that Nujabes
Daniel (3 months ago)
yeah, but why are AF-1s sooo uncomfortable and missized?
Nebbz Here (3 months ago)
I would live in Japan for all of its hype clothing, but I’m a Muslim Hijabi and I heard they don’t welcome us, so I guess I’ll just admit don screen
doljung gurung (2 months ago)
Nebbz Here they welcome everybody
rMountainDewd (4 months ago)
Song at 0:27 ?
ChilledTea (4 months ago)
omg why is this loser so into japanese stuff
Reichaos (4 months ago)
The made in Chinas will never go out of style worldwide. Should top every list
illcombustion93 (4 months ago)
I feel like i randomly recognize those sound kits in the intro beat
RagingGamer2128 (4 months ago)
Those Adidas Hyke are 🔥🔥. I can’t find them anywhere
Antonyus Watts (4 months ago)
I like Jordans retro 1s💯
Secombe Ryan (4 months ago)
Damn i knew this was an older video when i saw Gel Lyte 3's
Emil Staudinger (5 months ago)
I might just have to get myself a pair of see you laters
You Tube (5 months ago)
Camden Munro (5 months ago)
We get it. You live in Japan.
THE CASUAL (5 months ago)
The premise of the channel is about Japanese street fashion... Really bruh?
I've been to Japan and the popular ones are boots, Vans, and FILA.
Meister Spectrom (5 months ago)
Yo someone want to point me to somewhere I can cop a pair of the Seeulater x Hyke shoes size 10?
DommY CS (5 months ago)
AF1 is my shit.
CJ Clark (5 months ago)
WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE sneaking Nujabes' "Tsurugi No Mai" as the background music??? Pure Awesomeness
dagumak (6 months ago)
Those reebok x masterminds are sooo sick. does anyone know where i can find those in us12 or 30cm?
BloopinDaThird (6 months ago)
He’s listing to “Tsurugi No Mai” from Samurai Champloo
Amirul Azim (6 months ago)
in Malaysia have the the same s***, mostly in Malaysia number one list it's going to be fans every kid in Malaysia have Vans shoes on they fit and thay collection and literally every hipster have more than 20 pairs of Vans shoes, Malaysia also get the special edition or limited edition Vans collaboration of Mooneye, Trasher, showroom, and local skate shop
dvwvyvwvx (6 months ago)
You forgot Onitsuka Tiger Asics
Sune Haugaard (6 months ago)
Duuuuude i just returned my seeulater sneakers to the store because my friends didn't like em ...
Kazuki Yaoita (6 months ago)
i have those vans 😍
NO NAME ARTIST (5 months ago)
yes we will. thank you for recommending.
Kazuki Yaoita (5 months ago)
NO NAME ARTIST you should come in USJ osaka
Kazuki Yaoita (5 months ago)
NO NAME ARTIST im from osaka try visiting osaka kyoto and tokyo
NO NAME ARTIST (5 months ago)
im kinda jealous but were going to japan next year and i will buy a pair of sneakers 😃😃
Kazuki Yaoita (5 months ago)
NO NAME ARTIST the skate high
Aki La (7 months ago)
they have good taste. I'm moving to Japan.
J D (7 months ago)
No bs that I would rock the highs at 3:47
REBER DESIGN AGENCY (7 months ago)
what about EVONE
TI PYROTECH (7 months ago)
Im an Adidas loyalist. I watched this 'cause of the sneakers in the thumbnail, and they turned out to be a style called Adidas seeulaters... Me and Adidas are the same stuff since that can't be a coincidence
Yoda (7 months ago)
living in japan is great
ManueL CG (7 months ago)
En lo que respecta al mundo de las zapatillas deportivas, Japón es paralelo al oeste de muchas maneras. Las zapatillas deportivas exageradas en otros lugares son promocionadas aquí. Pero Japón todavía tiene algunas sorpresas. Estas 5 zapatillas reciben un poco más de fanfarria aquí que en otros lugares.
111Renegade111 (7 months ago)
Judging by their choice of sneakers, it would appear that the Japanese have incredibly bad taste....
Mark Navarro (7 months ago)
Japan knows how to rock fashion and sneakers like nobody's business.
Vlad Tepes (8 months ago)
You sound like a complete retard. Squealing like a pig when talking about exotic color ways.
Vlad Tepes (8 months ago)
Reggie Casual Big fan of Japan and their closed off culture. You know exactly what I mean. After living in Tokyo and Nagasaki from 2010 to 2014 I grew tired of the same - being a gaijin is exhausting. I still visit once a year. That aspect is missing from your channel - the oddities of Japanese life and its effect on Japanese fashion and street wear. The collision between Japanese demeanor and Western silliness. There was no episode to forget about. "Its your boy" is cringe as fuck. You're not a boy. Squealing about color ways isn't very mature either. The channel does most things right and I will add some suggestions in that community question you posted recently. Its constructive criticism. In regards to my son...he is still in a cage, so that's that.
Reggie Casual (8 months ago)
Vlad Tepes There ya go! More authority there. Quick and to the point. Unfortunately you kinda revealed yourself with the gaijin thing. You a big fan of Japan huh? Maybe a Japanese language student? You really want to come and study a lot about the country? You may think I don't deserve to be here and would like to switch places? All G Count Drac. You can be here too! We can talk about Japan together. Our love for the culture and forget this whole episode happened! See ya soon! PS met your son Alucard. Really dope dude.
Vlad Tepes (8 months ago)
Reggie Casual Silence, gaijin.
Reggie Casual (8 months ago)
YAWN. You got any better insults? Getting rusty in your old age Count. A maniacal laugh would have served you better.
2 Blonde Swans (8 months ago)
mustis M (8 months ago)
Some sneakers are so ugly they kill a baby polarbear every time you see them on someones feet
REEE (8 months ago)
"Let it snow in the comments"
Shelby Jones (8 months ago)
How do the Nike Huaraches place on these rankings. I know they were huge in the 90's and are having a come-back but they are so comfortable and you can wear and tear them, rinse and repeat them. They have a decent amount of color ways and they also have the collabs. I'm new into the shoe industry so I just want to gain some info on what is new, comfortable, and still trendy.
Mini Panini (8 months ago)
Fuckin japan always gets the good shit.
wesley keet (8 months ago)
The reeboks are big in HK too
Neurotic Sos (8 months ago)
Insta pumps are low fire tho
savantGK3 (8 months ago)
The Reebok Instapumps are a GUARANTEE to see in Japan on any street, urban and suburban. Surprised Stan Smiths didn't make the list though. The ubiquitous Japanese shoe if there was one.
Rob cousimano (8 months ago)
What are the shoes called at 3:00
Yung Crwdkllr (6 months ago)
robert cousimano Adidas/white mountaineering seeulator PK
MrAmirtaha (8 months ago)
Only legit streerwear channel. Everyone else is about fucking repetitive off white crap
JF ST (9 months ago)
nike af1 aizome are a beauty
Blogkf Gopvu (9 months ago)
Whats the name of the collab ab 3:51?
koh (9 months ago)
the rise of bionicle shoes
log dog (9 months ago)
i love the nujabes music, instant sub
chrollo (9 months ago)
1:47 brand of this shoe ? And name please :)
Killa K (10 months ago)
Beams inside out vans slip one are crazy
mmmmm755 (10 months ago)
I just came back from Japan. These people know what they want tho
gozgaz1 (10 months ago)
i don't tend to like sneakers but the instapump is some sick shit lovely pair
Cool Beans (10 months ago)
Japanese street wear > American street wear.....Yeah I said it
Pako Lopez (10 months ago)
Danm them seeulaters are some nice ass fucking shoes
Eric Tu (10 months ago)
whats the red backpack in the background?
rexxx40 (10 months ago)
Japan is ahead of the fashion game in everyday
Luke Hills (10 months ago)
I’ve never see anybody in Tokyo wear airforce one’s
Brose Files (10 months ago)
I've been rocking the Seeulaters. I knew people would shit on them here in Canada, but i fuxx with them heavily. The Instapumps are also another dope silhouette. Got the BLVCK SCVLE collab for those!
Gustavo Xi (11 months ago)
Edits are dope, how you do those?
Xavier Eyadan (11 months ago)
On point. I lived in Japan (Tokyo/Yokohama) for nearly decade from mid 90s and saw firsthand. In my recent travels last year and this year, I observed InstaPump Fury models on the street and in the stores.
GenBloodLust (11 months ago)
i love love love my reedbok insta pumps in a blue and black
Mshina Sherman (11 months ago)
shitty doo do
alex skavronsky (11 months ago)
alex skavronsky (11 months ago)
See u later
Altair Ibn La-Ahad (11 months ago)
Instapump Fury Cupids are awesome af
Altair Ibn La-Ahad (11 months ago)
Those black Onitsukas are dope
TheOffical Nice (11 months ago)
How do you spell the name of the company that owns ascics gel lyte?
Flyboy Montana (11 months ago)
Its simply because all Hyped Beast in Japan got PhD in collecting Fire shits!
Fuck Yo U Tube Channel (11 months ago)
The Black & White SeeUlater are next up!
psychomaggot105 (11 months ago)
What are the pants in the thumbnail?
Monk Killedababy (11 months ago)
Your channel is so cool, man. Earned a sub. This is a unique perspective... refreshing.
Bongo (11 months ago)
Air forces are always popular, are you high?
Chris H (11 months ago)
coolest intro ever
joey alfaro (11 months ago)
murdered out Reebok pulps lambo feeties everything else looks like some diabetic orthopedics
Naoki Shiratori (11 months ago)
I loved your video, keep it up!!! 応援してます、とても興味深い動画でした。
deleon629 (11 months ago)
I liked this vid. Great job reminding the western world that there are other options and design schemes to go after besides what’s only happening amongst their favorite domestic socialites on Instagram
johnblaze (11 months ago)
Eggo_ Doggo (11 months ago)
2:13 tf you ain't a decepticon http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/attachments/picture-1-png.27126309/ smh
Pierre Aceus (11 months ago)
How do I get some of those JP Series VANS here in the USA
Shelby Edmonds (11 months ago)
What's the black shoe at @2:35?
M Hodges (11 months ago)
Vans are nice.. love all the different colors. The others look confused.
Joe Brooks (11 months ago)
Vans are just hyped world wide
Joe Brooks (11 months ago)
Tbh the black seeulaters are a cop
Brian Dent (11 months ago)
Is anybody nit like the dumb ass add
Zaine Rij Videaa (11 months ago)
/daaaaaaaaaamn what effects are used in the intro?
roxxxjay (11 months ago)
Got my WM seeulaters dirt cheap a while ago from an Adidas clearance store
PARISIAN (11 months ago)
living in Japan, I don’t own sneakers you’ve mentioned something like all of Japanese do. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WRONG INFO.
THE CASUAL (11 months ago)
+apple computer Nobody said ALL Japanese people. Nice try.
FrostyCactuar (11 months ago)
I hear that nujabes.
Sockmother (11 months ago)
Instapump fury is one of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen
Ken M (11 months ago)
2:55 look like socks with sandals.
og Trainwrek (11 months ago)
Anyone know what kind of camera he uses?
SAMSUNGTHUUG beda (11 months ago)
ID on the pants in the thumbnail?
Dan Horseman (7 months ago)
Justin Hipployte Pretty sure those are Adidas x White Mountaineering track pants that released with the WM Seeulater
Hugo Jonsson (11 months ago)
What is the shoe in the thumbnail?
christian metivier (1 year ago)
Japanese people are the most trendy dressed people around imo. I think you forgot the New Balance 990 series sneaker for sure tho
Mason Reed (1 year ago)
crazy that japan gets better vans collabs than me when i live like an hour away from where vans was created. smh :(
Declan O'Donoghue (1 year ago)
Such a great video
Ker Plunk (1 year ago)
japanese like new things, yet are traditional
Player Review (1 year ago)
If I ever go to Japan, I'm going to sport some LA Gear with Pump technology.

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