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Metropole Orkest with Cory Henry & Jacob Collier - Call Me Mr Tibbs (NSJ 2017)

1264 ratings | 83305 views
Composition by Quincy Jones, transcribed and arranged by Jules Buckley Footage courtesy of NTR and North Sea Jazz
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Text Comments (56)
Skatern AG (1 month ago)
tosi take (1 month ago)
HVCP VideoProducties (2 months ago)
All great guys and girls!
Noe Berengena (4 months ago)
Why can't the stupid city I live in right now have music like this? I am sick of all the country western and conjunto music!
felix blaze (4 months ago)
audio production team shud be fired! Didn't they watch the BBC version????
SecurityDivision (4 months ago)
This song feels like someone are trying to exchange a briefcase with secret documents and stuff gets not as easy as planned :D
MrYgor44 (5 months ago)
Можно сойти с разума от такового характера и единства в передаче ритма и настроения музыкантами. Огромное наслаждение внимать их.
Renich Bon Ciric (7 months ago)
The mix really sucks. You can't make anything out of Cory's solo and one can, barely, hear some power chords and rundowns from Jacob... What a waste...
Jazziz Café (7 months ago)
Wow! Amazing version! Thanks for share it! Impresionante versión del "Call Me Mr Tibbs", que Quincy Jones compuso para la película "They Call Me Mister Tibbs!" de 1970, en manos de la Metropole Orkest junto a Cory Henry y Jacob Collier durante el North Sea Jazz de 2017, con arreglos y bajo la dirección de Jules Buckley . La película era la segunda parte de una trilogía protagonizada por Sidney Poitier como el policía Virgil Tibbs y la banda sonora de las dos primeras partes eran obra de Quincy Jones. #BigBand
BenjaminNormal (8 months ago)
What a gap in talent. I hope Jacob understood the real talent he was playing with.
cudak888 (9 months ago)
I never thought anyone would ever cover this theme, much less blow the original out of the water. How wrong I was.
clavdig (10 months ago)
Guitarist fucks up big time at 1:08.
livibassy (8 months ago)
clavdig Lol!!!! Man u made me nearly die of laughter from that comment man.
Mason Loth (11 months ago)
Are those headphones the Audioquest Nighthawk?
Jasper Selchow (11 months ago)
Fuck my life I just jumped out of my chair and starting groovin to this holy jam
AmusedChild (1 year ago)
Now THAT is music!
Karen D (1 year ago)
Ouch! Whatever I was sick of - I am cured! Such class every which way. Couldn’t stop the grin here’s to 2018 :))
Elan Frenkel (1 year ago)
i love jacob collier and cory henry (he's literally my favorite), but there collaborations with this orkestra are less than brilliant. The two need to just get together and jam and see what comes up.
Waly Co (1 year ago)
Tremendamente buenoooo!!!
Sateki Tongia (1 year ago)
This is good but the performance at proms was alot better, just my opinion
felix blaze (7 months ago)
the mix here is kina poor .. too mashed up .. proms sounded alot better .. plus i prefer Cory's solo there
stantheswimman (1 year ago)
If you consider to dislike the video, skip to 1:47 and get the finger in your face! Brilliant performance otherwise.
Paul Mahoux (2 months ago)
lol ! well observed ^ ^ +Sérgio Ribeiro
Sérgio Ribeiro (9 months ago)
That moment will be for ever my "f**k you" response to anyone that annoys me! Example: eat this https://youtu.be/teUHOhGo31s?t=1m47s
Tony McQueen (1 year ago)
Cory is such a beast! Everyone was trying to keep up! LMAO
TheLovwomen (1 year ago)
One word Fabulous !!!!
Espen Uldal (1 year ago)
Fantastic drummer!!! This guy is from Holland, but I can't remember his name. And Jules Buckley? On hel of an arranger!!!
djangowww (11 months ago)
martijn vink
Benjamin Holland (1 year ago)
5:49 even Jacob (almost) makes mistakes
Adrell Mcdonald (1 year ago)
You continue to keep making wonderful music. It's good to hear real music that's not mechanically processed .
Fischer Georges (1 year ago)
Superbe mais où est le piano ? Un seul plan sur la bassiste...il en méritait plus, quel groove !
Lionel Stefan (7 months ago)
En effet, on voit Jacob jouer, mais on ne l'entend pas.. Le problème est évoqué sur une autre vidéo du même concert.
David Griffin (1 year ago)
Ouch, this was so good it hurt. As much as I appreciate Jacob, Cory's performance was just off the scale, this man can FUNK.
Jazz (5 days ago)
Lol I read it as f**k
oldnoiseboy (1 year ago)
Many orchestras simply don't cut it with great shit like this, often just not tight enough, maybe simply through their being an orchestra (and consequently spread out across a big stage). Time can become a little elastic and where in a more classical format that is possibly kind of ok, for anything with an element of funk / groove to it can frequently prove disastrous - or at least rythmically pedestrian. So hats off to Metropole and their particularly propulsive drummer and bass guitarist for giving this so much drive in all the right places, supporting Corey's genius and making me smile. Yes, the Hammond should be a bit higher in the mix and Jacob's contributions are virtually inaudible, but otherwise a good mix and as commented by others, an impressive, effervescent performance.
Mauricio Urban (1 year ago)
Yvan Ackermann (1 year ago)
Fantastic performance but....why the keys are so low in the mix? It's a shame..
Maarten Jan de Groot (1 year ago)
The clip is back!!! deserves far more than the 2661 views it has now
Saim Mert Sarıçalı (1 year ago)
Did anybody hear jacob 's piano sound ?
Victor Vitez (8 days ago)
+Michael Keller Mate chill he wasn't jealous. He just made a joke about Cory being heard in the mix and Jacob's piano missing. And I have no idea whatsoever why boasting about your age and admittedly cool instruments helps anyone.
Michael Keller (10 days ago)
+Rodrigo Bravo As someone who is close to being BOTH your father's age, and I own a Hammond A-100 / Leslie 122, a Hammond C3, Leslie 122, a Hammond C3 / Leslie 122, a Rhodes 88 Suitcase, a Rhodes 73 Stage. two acoustic pianos and **26** other keyboard instruments, AND a fan of Cory's since he was literally a baby. I can tell you that 1) Jelly doesn't look good on you, It's an ugly color. And 2) He's a great soul that loves to have a damned good time - and, that's alright with me - AND the rest of his fans. Thanks!
franck griere (8 months ago)
I don' t hear Jaob, but I hear the guitar player on 1.07 play for bars before the good bar
Amsal Sihombing (10 months ago)
The mixing for both piano and moog were not that great
Rodrigo Bravo (11 months ago)
it´s behind the cory´s ego ... jajajaja
Loussinthesky (1 year ago)
The whole world needs to hear this !!!
MrSlimfinger (1 year ago)
Wow, mighty performance to say the least! And that bass player adds some serious stank.
Bart Kaptein (1 year ago)
Such a great musician, this Cory Henry. My feet have to move once I hear this brilliant performance!
Bart Kaptein I am so in agreement. I haven't heard of these guys till I watched Harry Connick Jr. New show On NBC. I saw collier prrform and looked him up. Great show! check it out.
Music Lovers (1 year ago)
2words: just great
Steve Murray (1 year ago)
This was great on the BBC proms too but got taken down for some reason.
stixkubwa (1 year ago)
Steve Murray Agreed my friend. The BBC says there are copyright and contract issues which only allowed 30 days free access. Take a look at the BillieJean from the same prom.
sagitte (1 year ago)
me like!!! a lot ♥
karelskanaal (1 year ago)
amazing! is the whole concert going to be uploaded?
Metropole Orkest (1 year ago)
Not unless the NTR (Dutch broadcaster) do so. They are the owners of the footage. We'll add one more though and Jacob and Cory have also shared 2 tracks. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMamzcbjYF4XPnZUJnXZPT8t_KooRpYvE

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