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http://stores.ebay.com/Shorts-Marine/_i.html?_fsub=21054466&_sc=1&_sop=1 http://www.ShortsMarineParts.com Winterizing a Personal Watercraft Engine PWC
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EsVedra Charter (2 months ago)
5 easy steps you must do before winterization: https://www.esvedracharter.com/en/news/5-things-you-must-do-before-store-your-waverunner/
Chris Ogley (2 months ago)
now thats a complete service, how much do you charge?
Mikeytyeahitsme (1 year ago)
How much does it cost to have all this done by a pro? Thinking about buying a jet ski
Fredy Jetski adict (1 year ago)
Mikeytyeahitsme they charge around 300 dollars on dealers in CT only for winterized it not including the oil change
supremo 222 (1 year ago)
Hi, good morning, I have a problem with my rxp215 2006. He is passing oil to the water system, check the oil radiator and it looks OK. I wonder if he has had a situation of this and if he can guide me on the matter. From already thank you very much.
Alex C. (2 years ago)
why is changing the oil at this point important If it's going to be changed again in the Spring?
Uptin Sinclaire (1 year ago)
You should change the oil at the end of the season in vehicles that sit for months so that contaminants from the engine running and convert to acid don't damage the bearings and other internals. No reason to change again when you take it out of hibernation unless you're a dealership that wants to sell more oil.
Jamio Bazilio (2 years ago)
Very cool good I lack these tools of first world
Cold Liquid 4K (2 years ago)
Good Movie !!
kanecabo (2 years ago)
Hello. do that program of computer use for seadoo jetski?
FavStaR69 (2 years ago)
This took 25 minutes after editing, I'm thinking 4 hours for a normal diy guy, I say run the antifreeze through, check the oil, stabilize the fuel and park it. If things don't seem normal then it's time to pull the pump and all the other stuff.
Seamus Henry (2 years ago)
spiderman8662 (2 years ago)
great video and i learned alot from it....thank you for taking the time to show the correct way of doing this....awesome info indeed!
Aldez (2 years ago)
Probably the best winterization I've ever watched, Your the Man I wish they all did it that way That was Spot On Bro That's better than when it came from the factory
Ryan P (3 years ago)
very professional, and you didn't just slap your way through the service. Nice
tolgahk84 (3 years ago)
I got a question maybe someone could explain to me, i just bought my first jet ski, its summer at the moment however when winter rolls around will i have to winterise my jet ski aswell? The coldest it gets where i am is about 8 degrees celcius with rare drops to about 4 degrees celcius, but these are on the extreme end of the scale, usually a winters day is about 15 degrees celcius round here. Thanks in advance
Aaron Munson (3 years ago)
what do you use to "pump" the antifreeze into the jet ski? I understand the normal water flushing with garden hose because water is under pressure but trying to figure out a way to get pressurized antifreeze in there..any suggestions or alternatives? thanks.
philip everett (1 year ago)
Aaron Munson gravity is a crazy thing that even cavemen understood. you should probably bring your equipment to a guy with a gravity simulator.
Forrest Tewey (2 years ago)
I was wondering the same thing lol
THE RATTYFIRE (3 years ago)
Some good practical heads up advice for anyone wanting to save a lot of beer tokens, thankyou I will be putting into practise your advise on my son in laws Seadoo GTX, rather than let him pay £200+ to someone for about an hours work.
christopher cox (3 years ago)
should not run a 4 tec that long out of the water , bad for the carbon ring
manstersr (3 years ago)
Hey, you didn't call the customer about the wear ring did you? Just how critical is that? Seems to me it would be a minimal performance loss.
manstersr (3 years ago)
how about just filling the entire hull with oil to prevent corrosion, :) ha ha.
manstersr (3 years ago)
Shouldn't you shoot fogger into the cylinders when you were done with the compression test?
manstersr (3 years ago)
Tom Bertrand (3 years ago)
Mine craft videos
czarandmaeve (3 years ago)
just out of curiosity, why put lock tite on the 2 screws holding the fuel rail down? im guessing number 1 that its semi permanent lock tite and possibly because of the amount of shock and vibration that the water craft sees over the season?
GRRB (3 years ago)
The manual reads for flushing "Run the engine for about 20 sec at fast idle form 4000 to 5000rpm. NOTICE: Never run engine for longer then 2 minutes, drive line seal has no cooling when craft is out of water" Forget the suggested 20 sec, you definitely run it past the 2 minutes max hooking up the computer and running the diagnostics while the engine was running...
Michael Mullen (3 years ago)
Great video. Just one thing. You don't have to flush out the exhaust with antifreeze. The manual says you can use compressed air to blow out the exhaust.
5664788 (4 years ago)
What about that new wear ring i was promised. Did you put anti seize on the spark plugs. kidding aside.  I'm about to winterize my speedster 150,. same 4 tec 1503 is it not?        I thought,.. & hear you don't have to antifreeze the closed loop non supercharged engine,..so now i'm confused,..the manual only says for the supercharged. Also ive heard 100 people say to also spray fogging oil in spark plug holes & the manual states that as well.  This guys the best i've seen,..where the hell are ya,..when i need you the most,..why are you not in my yard doing my boat.,.get over here.
esmi000 (4 years ago)
During the winter you shouldn't even have fuel in, for the next season to use fresh fuel.
Ken Smith (3 years ago)
Don't get me wrong, long periods of storage you should drain all fuel and run it out if you have carbs and I spray WD40 in the carbs after running out fuel to keep out build up from left over gas and to keep them from drying out.
Ken Smith (3 years ago)
+esmi000 Could ( if it were years) but it wont in 3 months of winter LMAO !!!  Also filling the tank up keeps moisture out. 
esmi000 (3 years ago)
Sorry but your wrong. Fuel will go bad in any weather condition If left over a period of time.
Ken Smith (3 years ago)
Fuel will not go bad over 1 winter, especially with fuel stabilizer in it.
Hello I'm from Iraq, Can I Cancel Ndham safety Almujut in Jet ski Seydou 1996 1100cc
esmi000 (4 years ago)
No you will try and turn it into a bomb !! Now fuck off !!!
Paulo Silveira (4 years ago)
yes very good. thank
Mark Gacek (4 years ago)
Does the jet pump take oil or grease?
Luis Garcia (4 years ago)
Summarization is just: Go ride it???
Luis Garcia (4 years ago)
I have an SEADOO 07 GTISE 130HP leaking oil into the hull. Any tips would be greatly appreciated😇
Sean Alexander (15 hours ago)
Oil filter not tight enough or old gasket still on.
ELVISRN1 (9 months ago)
cracked tank
Luis Garcia (4 years ago)
I will check it out sir! TY!
Braden Wuesthoff (4 years ago)
Prolly the oil pump line is corroded at is broke
Renato Dias (4 years ago)
Great video thank you
Antonio Bennett Sr. (5 years ago)
Great step by step information, and good job to your video guy keeping everything in camera view. Cudos on the post about needing to upgrade my tool arsenal!!!
Jerome Watts (5 years ago)
Excellent walk through each step, congrats on a job well done.
Bill Lukas (5 years ago)
I'm impressed. Great video. Just wa
Jay Kool (5 years ago)
How much you charge for a true and detailed winterizing?
Fikret Kasap (5 years ago)
Süper anlatım teşekkür ederim usta
Steven Huzzey (5 years ago)
Awesome video! Thank you very much, very professional!
June Hayward (5 years ago)
wow thank you so much........finally someone who knows what he's doing..... I need more tools
blahblahfuckfuck (5 years ago)
This is a proper winterising job. 101% top job and great tools too.
Kevin Wynants (5 years ago)
great video thank you
searay3400 (5 years ago)
Your Hired!
Danny Perez (5 years ago)
You are the best im going to take your advice. Now i know how winterize a jet ski.
956mik (5 years ago)
how much does this cost the customer?
JJ0three11 (5 years ago)
Excellent tutuorial. You are a consumate professional. Nice to see top quality. I'm a shade tree mech and usually pretty broke, so this is life changing for me. Thank you so much.
Stephen McMillan (5 years ago)
Good tutorial. How long does it take to remove, inspect and replace the jet pump?
Rasmus Carl Leopold (5 years ago)
What program or software are you using? It dosent look like candoo ?
gerardo anaya (6 years ago)
what if you have low compression in one cylinder?
Adnan Medic (6 years ago)
Very nice video. Master at work.

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