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Criss Angel Meets Dancing Fan

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FOR MORE - GO TO: www.CrissAngel.com A Dancing Fan meets Criss Angel after watching his sold out BELIEVE show at Luxor Hotel & Casino-Las Vegas.
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Violet Cameron (10 months ago)
Hi don't dance . Like to meet you someday . Love to you crissyour gorgeous handsome man . Me and you alone would be a dream . Your my fantasy
Sana Zia (11 months ago)
SUPERNATURAL Js (2 years ago)
I saw BeLIEve it was AWESOME !! I wanted a selfi but I did not get one he had to cleen up he had a neither show comeing on 10mins latter I was so :( sad upset mad and recked and crying I was younger im older I was thinking to myself OMG I JUST SAW CRISS ANGEL !!!!! I WAS SO HAPPY I SMILED AND POSTED ON TWITTER THE HOLL NIGHT TALKING ABOUT CRISS seeing him was my birthday peresint him did not know but henew all my friends but its cool im not mad just wish I got a selfi
patrea lynn (3 years ago)
he kissed my daughter for her 21st birthday and we gave him a deck of cards we had made for him and he almost cried, hes decent and his show in 2008, the beginnings of it were AMAZING. with all that incredible dancing . not just the magic part.
Leslie LoyalForever (4 years ago)
When I saw him he came into the auidence and shook my hand... maybe that will happened to me... never thought in a millions years he would have done that.... just belevie...
Samantha Bochiardy (4 years ago)
I'm sad by the time I'm old enough to go see belive his deal would be over
SUPERNATURAL Js (2 years ago)
I thought the same thing but I got to and you will to dont give up.
Jason Roof (6 years ago)
Denise L. (6 years ago)
I totally agree with you about Criss Angel's BeLIEve show at The Luxor. I have seen his show 3 times!
Denise L. (6 years ago)
That dancing lady & her friend were so lucky to have met Criss Angel!
Michi P. (6 years ago)
Ah! You lucky duck!! I guarantee i'll see it soon! I wouldn't miss it for the world!!
Candace Friesen (6 years ago)
he is amazing AND nice! BELIEVE is an amazing show. I recommend it. I saw it 2 days ago.
Michi P. (6 years ago)
I've waited 8 years or so to see him. SOMEDAY! ;D
Randi Torres (6 years ago)
They just don't like him I guess they just hate him
Randi Torres (6 years ago)
My parents hate criss angel idk why so not until I'm 21
why..? you cant see the show till 21.... ?
Randi Torres (6 years ago)
man i hate not being freaking 21 i cant my freaking idol :`-c
Randi Torres (6 years ago)
wont even allow me to go to vegas but they did get me a shirt
Randi Torres (6 years ago)
wish i could actually meet him sadly im only 13 and my parentsbw
Ilovetodraw the80s (5 months ago)
That’s 😢 sad...I saw him this year in July and couldn’t go on stage because I was too shy..I’m 15 and next year I will see him again and not be shy lol I wish I met him in person too
LoyallyAmour (6 years ago)
I don't like to dance In public especially out of the blue... Not even at a party, but I Can dance... I have performed Infront of a lot of people before, but it wasn't a solo... But yea I'd probably dance for him Lol
justonekissgoodnight (6 years ago)
That is for sure., he is still the sweet .,kind., person he was when we met when we were young..but A LOT LESS SHY..lol for sure.. love you Criss can't wait to see you..again...
justonekissgoodnight (6 years ago)
hope me and Melissa make it out to see u in Oct.. Miss u and I'm your # one fan honey.. Go for it I'll see ya in the future..
Wish I could go 2 Vagas to see Believe BUT I can't as I'm broke!!!!!!!! :o{
Stephanie Landry (6 years ago)
That is awesome! Lol!
Lorrie Malagoli (6 years ago)
This is so typical of Criss!! That is just the kind of person he really is!!! I have met him several times and he is the nicest, down to earth, for real person there is!!! I love you Criss Angel!! PS: I miss you TV show, Mindfreak!!! I hope they show reruns!! <3
Esperanza Faith (6 years ago)
I´ll always love you Mr. Sexy <3 You are so lovely and attractive <3
demonfox613 (6 years ago)
Im going in a couple years, and it is my goal and dream to be in that position that they got to. And like you say Criss, "You can dream it, you can do it." Love ya Criss! Stay awesome!
TheChrissyCabaret (6 years ago)
Nice! Very fun!
Sally (6 years ago)
criss is so sweet
Denilson Tacam (6 years ago)
I always wanted to meet Criss so I can show him a card trick where he signs a card and then something crazy happens. Getting his autograph like that would be awesome! Getting his autograph like a boss!

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