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Men's Jacket Sleeve Buttons - Why Are They There? A Little Bit Of Menswear Style History

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http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-ebook/ Click to receive my FREE 47 page eBook on Men's Style and Fashion. Have a mens style question or want to help answer? Check out my new Mens Style Q&A website - http://www.mensstyleqa.com/ Did you know that Antonio has a NEW 600+ page premium eBook with a 14 hour audio companion? Click here to learn more - http://www.mensstyleadvice.com/ Men's Jacket Sleeve Buttons - Why Are They There? A Little Bit Of Menswear History. Here is an audio I did discussing the importance of understanding what you wear - http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/history-and-menswear/
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Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
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Deepesh Shrestha (1 month ago)
Calm and informative . Respect from me sir😊
Philip Coffman (8 months ago)
Napoleon had buttons sewn onto the uniforms of his soldiers because they had a habit of wiping their noses on the sleeves and the buttons prevented that.
Fernando (27 days ago)
Thank you Philip for bringing that up which was left out of this video.....that's history!
Anthony Sforza (10 months ago)
An older video for sure, though in the military, there was a Chief whose General Military Knowledge was nothing short of astounding. In any case, he was telling us that the sleeve buttons originated from Napoleon's invasion of Russia. Being that the French buttons were made of tin and just like metals have melting points from getting too hot, they have points of getting too cold and breaking down, especially under tension... With tin's being something like -1*F. I don't recall the exact number, but it's higher than one may think. So all the French soldiers were having to hold their coats together with their hands and needless to say, a lot of guys didn't make it. Napoleon saw the ones who did wiping their noses on the sleeves of their jackets and it disgusted him... So he ordered them to retrieve as many buttons as they could from the dead and sew them onto their sleeves, so that when they'd wipe their nose, it'd get cut and they'd be incentivized to stop doing it.  Then, it just became a thing from then on... Where tailors figured that since the buttons were already fashionable to be there, they might as well give them a purpose, hence being able to unbutton them and pull them back when needed.
Милош Гашевић (10 months ago)
your voice is literaly ASMR! 😂
e james (1 year ago)
IT makes sense a vet out in the field would want to roll up his jacket sleeves when birthing a calf.....
chef souffle (1 year ago)
My 3 suits I had to remove the buttons, I have short arms and the sleeves are terriable long. I have them hemmed up and the the buttons removed. I think it looks cool. A more modern take
Bud Hadley (1 year ago)
Antonio, What is your thought on leaving the bottom sleeve button unbuttoned on jackets with functional buttonholes?
mrcvry (1 year ago)
Bud Hadley That is just to proof that those are real buttonholes and not a cheap suit with fake ones.
Jason Hatt (1 year ago)
The subscribe button isn't up there
mrcvry (1 year ago)
Somebody must have lost his button and he has sewed on Antonios instead.
Fionn Hynes (1 year ago)
If a sports coat has four buttons and I want three could I just cut one off or should I get alternated or how does that work? Also how many should I aim for in a sports coat?
WeiWeiHelps (2 years ago)
Hi Antonio, thank you very much for your informative video, I would like to ask a question, I recently sent my sport jacket to a tailor to shorten sleeves, after it is done, I found that the tailor didn't make any sleeve vent, does it mean she cut corners, or it is just another common style for sport jacket? Thank you very much for your time and help.
Andy Hardy (2 years ago)
Yes he definitely cut corners, when I shorten a sleeve, even if I have to add fabric I make a vent.
Juan Enrique Lozano (3 years ago)
Antonio, I ask to my tailor to add this feature to my tailor jacket that he is working on but he is a liitle afaid of, I wish this just like a little detail probaly unbotton one of those buttons .. what do you think ?
Tito Swing (3 years ago)
Im a 23 year old entrepreneur and also a famiy man. I cant afford to spend thousand of dollars on a suit yet, but i do like to dress sharp. I have been looking at companies like combatgent.com and theblacktux.com . cobatgent doesn't have working sleeve buttons can a tailor do that with theblacktux.com there jackets have no buttons on the sleeve and can working buttons be put on the sleves these suits are under 200 dollars. i have also looking at suitsupply.com there around 500 dollars but with working buttons please i need your advise i watch all you videos every week lol. I dont like to buy my suit in macys and stores like that because the suits are hard to fix im only 5'6 but i have strong build not body builder but i wear a medium or large depending on the clothes but i like natural shoulders in stead of alot of padding on the shoulders i already have strong shoulders and the padding doesn't complement me. Sorry for the huge paragraph.
Andy Hardy (2 years ago)
There aren't many tailors out there willing to put in the time. I however will. https://www.facebook.com/americastail...
Gerald Davis (3 years ago)
I can't get any info on it on the internet.
Tito Swing (3 years ago)
+Gerald Davis i was thinking it might be possible to get it done
Gerald Davis (3 years ago)
+Tito Swing I want to make functional button on a standard jacket.  I think it is possible to do.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Tito Swing Happy Holidays! Thank you for the support :)
Damon Martin (4 years ago)
Glad that I googled and found this video because I assumed that they were replacement buttons for the main buttons on the front of the suit jacket! LOL
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
@Damon Martin thanks - glad you enjoyed it
Joseph Baffy (4 years ago)
Damon Martin, You are the man !  Now I know why you dress so sharp>
Jan Petersen (6 years ago)
Just found your channel, great content, good quality. Keep it Up !!
Dusan Stojanovic (6 years ago)
I just heard yesterday that those buttons are there so that men would not wipe their noses with their sleeves. As silly as it sounds it makes sense considering there are jackets without tailored cuts, and can not be rolled to the elbow. Funny world we live in huh?
ong max (7 years ago)
your voice are attractive, beside your tips are usefull.Thanks for your tips hopefully more men tips video in future.
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
There are no physical CDs sir - everything is delivered electronically! - Antonio
drcrash (7 years ago)
I'm interested in your premium e-book, but I don't want the DVDs. Is there a way to purchase it alone? The DVD content, couldn't you deliver it online? I never buy physical discs.
worldisgnarly (7 years ago)
get the shirt tailored. they do it at most dry cleaning places.
25jai123 (7 years ago)
tailor made ;) doesnt have to be super expensive. it just fits like heaven.
WhoChrisLiu (7 years ago)
Gentleman's guide says that its just to show you got a big expensive bespoke suit on. I think its kind of a douchy thing to do I leave them all buttoned. Its annoying explaining every time someone tries to be smart why your buttons are unbuttoned...
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
How often do you find yourself wishing you could roll your jacket sleeves back? That'll pretty much answer that question for you :)
xShaDowDog (7 years ago)
One of my subscriptions liked this and now im subscribed, I love these vids, I'm just out of high school and i love how informative you are you helped me alot thanks :) Jacob
ZombieMurdock667 (7 years ago)
I learn something new every time I watch your videos, Thanks.
Diego Marin (7 years ago)
Love the videos man, keep them coming. I thought was dressing sharply already but definitely been learning more from you.
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
It's there - very bottom - I interview with Grant Harris and we talk about wearing clothing with confidence when you know where it comes from. I did add it after I published so there might have been a delay - reason 46,396,234 that I love YouTube:)
Gabi Celaya (7 years ago)
Think you may have forgotten the link to the article about history, Antonio :)

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