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BMW 330i 325i E46 Brake Bleeding Using INPA

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How to bleed your brakes using the INPA software that comes with this K+DCAN Cable that you buy off of eBay: http://goo.gl/JXoKXH See my video on Brake Pressure Bleeding: https://youtu.be/_LLJXUbQkdA Thanks for watching!
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Craig Lewis72 (2 months ago)
Thanks - very helpful video.
Raymond Reed (6 months ago)
My master cylinder ran dry. Now when I pressurize fluid leaks out the side of abs distribution block. Have you ever seen this?
A P (6 months ago)
Hi, I have a 2005 X5 that I've just replaced the brake booster on which required removal of the master cylinder/lines etc to get access. I definitely have air in my DSC pump. I need to bleed the DSC unit but my copy of iNPA (v5.0) didn't originally have E53 - it was missing. So I edited INPA.ini and now I can see E53 in the INPA menu. When I press F3 for E53, I can communicate with the DME/Read fault codes etc but when I go to "Chassis" and cycle through all the available DSC options, none of them work. Any ideas?
Spook bot (4 months ago)
It should be DXC 8 for x5 2005.
Russell Smith (8 months ago)
Are the instruction on inpa eg FR RR etc are they from the drivers seat position or front of the car?
Meantime .Smith (1 year ago)
Here is a neat trick to bleed the brakes without help. 1- Connect a clear vinyl tubing between the bleed valve at the caliper and a container with some fluid, so that the end of the tubing is submerged on the fluid. 2-open the bleeder valve making sure that the clear tube does not disconnect from the bleeder valve. (wetting the bleeder valve with fluid before attaching the tube helps the valve rotate open without detaching). 3-Go to the driver's seat and slowly push the brake pedal all the way down 8-10 times. 4- Get out of the car and check the clear tubing, if there are no bubbles in it you can close the bleeder valve, that line is done and now you can set up the rig and repeat the process with the next wheel. It is possible to bleed 2 wheels at a time with 2 tubes and 2 containers. Just make sure your brake fluid reservoir at the master cylinder does not go empty, fill it up every time you come out of the car to check your bleed tube. I guess the pedal pushing can be substituted by the INPA routine too. Thanks to the poster for his sharing of the INPA bleeding.
Meantime .Smith (1 year ago)
The procedure works even with a dry master cylinder. I just did it on my 528 wagon after replacing the rear brake lines. The Master cylinder was bone dry the following day after I took the old lines out. The bleeding took all of the air out, brakes are perfect now. I don't mean to bust your bubble, just wanted to share the facts for all those with brake bleeding needs.
50sKid (1 year ago)
The INPA bleed procedure I shared in this video is for situations where someone has accidentally run the master cylinder dry. All the bleed bottles and procedures in the world aren't gonna help you get bubbles out of the DSC unit. ;-)
bob charles (1 year ago)
Hello, this set-up that you have here ( the cable and the inpa software). Can you "reset" the transmission values to factory settings. I have a E53 (2005) from your other postings looks like you have one too (nice).
bob charles (1 year ago)
the transmission adaptation values. In the main screen with battery and ignition on. I think it is under F7 transmission. A video going into that section would be great :), just kidding.
50sKid (1 year ago)
Which values are you talking about?
William Payton (1 year ago)
On the 2000 323i, I have both the ODB2 connector and the round multiple pin connector in the engine bay. Which do I use to bleed the DSC ?
William Payton (1 year ago)
The cap is on. Inside INPA I hit shift-f6 to get to the older bmw models. I then click on e46-chasis and then dsc Mk20 blah blah blah. It then gives the IFH-009 error....... What version of INPA are you using? E46 is not the F3 option from the main menu for me.
50sKid (1 year ago)
The obd2 connector. Just make sure the cap is on the round connector.
Crypto Tee (2 years ago)
I'm gonna be replacing my abs control module , is it necessary to bleed my brakes?
50sKid (2 years ago)
Yes, I have a video on that: https://youtu.be/CvyVCwCAx1Q
E C (2 years ago)
So...do you really need a computer to bleed the brakes? will the old method work? you know, the pumping one
50sKid (2 years ago)
Only if you haven't let the master cylinder run dry and let air get into the lines.
Volvo Man (2 years ago)
can it reprogramme adaptive headlights on e91
donwingchun (2 years ago)
There's no need to tighten the bleed nipple between pedal pumps, the proper way is put the tube into a cup with brake fluid in, then no air returns.
AUSTIG M (2 years ago)
aha.... thanks again... i knew it looked sooo temptating just to click inspa and let it do the work of mechanic stuff... hhh.
AUSTIG M (2 years ago)
thanks for good info... but do i need to open the bleed screw or just do it as u did frm the driver cabin pressing break pedal only???,
50sKid (2 years ago)
+Shakib M You need to open the bleed screw otherwise the air won't get out. ;-) This video was basically telling you how to activate the dsc pump during a normal brake bleed procedure, which ever method you choose. Check out this video for how to do it with a pressure bleeder (no need to press the brake pedal) https://youtu.be/_LLJXUbQkdA and check out this video for how to bleed the brakes by working the brake pedal https://youtu.be/_aX-jP-uWgY?t=11m17s
Andy T (3 years ago)
I have watched a couple videos and read some blogs. A lot of E46 videos do not show using software. I am confused. Do you need to use the software to bleed the brakes? I have an '01 325CI.
50sKid (3 years ago)
+Andy T Yes, that is the proper way. You won't be able to remove all the old fluid because there is a filter that prevents you from inserting your suction device too deep into the reservoir. The only way you would introduce air is if you suck all the fluid out then bleed your brakes, forgetting to add new fluid before it all got sucked down into the lines, thus allowing air into the lines. This only happens when you make a mistake during bleeding. This is why I always remember to top up the fluid after bleeding each wheel. Take a look at this video for my procedure: https://youtu.be/_aX-jP-uWgY
Andy T (3 years ago)
+50sKid Thanks for the information. If I remove the old fluid from the reservoir but introduce new fluid while bleeding, then I am still okay to proceed without the software? Just thinking of minimizing pushing so much old fluid through the system. First go at this so I want to get it right.
50sKid (3 years ago)
+Andy T Only if you run your reservoir dry and let air bubbles get into the system. If you always keep adding new fluid to the reservoir while bleeding/changing, you don't need this software.
Ahmed Abd elsalam (3 years ago)
Speaking of software,what softwares do u use ? And would u make a Video about that plz ? Thank u
socrates diaz (3 years ago)
Hello maybe you can help me. Im trying to do this with the pressure bleeder way and when I start the process It tell me to open the RR bleeder so I do and press ok and then I hear the pump noise but it said to press the pedal for 3 seconds and then said is canceling the process because the pedal is not press what I doing wrong? I thought you can do this two way with or without pressing the brake pedal.
50sKid (3 years ago)
interesting. I've never seen that happen in my INPA!
CompCrasher86 (3 years ago)
Love watching your videos, they definitely have helped a couple of times with my e46.
Sylhety (3 years ago)
Did doing this get your brakes back to the normal firm pedal? I bled my brakes but the pedal feel still isn't the way it should be and I got all the bubbles out. It's like I have to depress the brake pedal a lot before I feel decent brake force. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I watched and enjoyed your other E46 videos also; thanks for the contribution.
50sKid (3 years ago)
You've got your two possibilities now.  Bleed using INPA and if that doesn't work--different pads.
Sylhety (3 years ago)
Previous owner swapped over to steel brake lines; the brakes have felt off since I bought the car. I didn't let any air back into system, but the previous owner might have when changing those lines. I'm just trying figure what else could possibly cause the problem.
50sKid (3 years ago)
If your brake booster wasn't working correctly your pedal would always be hard.  You said you noticed a difference when the engine is on, so it sounds like it's working just fine.  Why are you guessing you have air trapped in the ABS pump?  Did you run the master cylinder dry when bleeding?  Did the problem show up just after that?
Sylhety (3 years ago)
Aftermarket, but all the parts are correct. I'm guessing I have air trapped around the ABS pump or my brake booster isn't working correctly.
50sKid (3 years ago)
Have you got OEM pads/rotors or aftermarket?  You sure they are the correct parts?
Joel Garcia (3 years ago)
Never thought about pressing the brake just 80%.. Great tip thanx
mishak1990 (3 years ago)
Good videos buddy, would this software only work on windows XP, I have vista and was told the software would not work with anything but xp? Thanks
50sKid (3 years ago)
+mishak1990 Yeah it really only works in XP, but you can run XP on Windows 7. Search on google for Windows XP mode.

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