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Jr Lito (6 months ago)
When government takes away citizens right to bear arms it becomes citizens duty to take away governments right to govern- George Washington
tony beng (9 months ago)
i think we should ban guns for mentally ill republicans like Cruz.
Bacchian (9 months ago)
I think the obvious explanation as for why these school attacks are happening now as opposed to when more dangerous guns were more prevalent is simply the fact that they weren't in the public consciousness. It wasn't until a couple of particularly innovative lunatics pulled one of these off and it got plastered all over the news 24/7 that other people of like mind saw it and thought, "What a neat idea." Just like how we didn't really take air travel security very serious until some innovative terrorists. Though I think a more appropriate comparison would be the whole phenomenon of postal worker's "going postal."
tony beng (9 months ago)
society is to blame for society's problems. we are all guilty
Jalu3 (9 months ago)
Another thing to focus on is the amount of mass shootings conducted at "gun free zones". It's like a guarantee to those who are about to break the law, that if there are no police onsite, that it is a resistance free location with no fear of immediate repercussion.
crystalx2k (9 months ago)
I appreciate your video. I think your are super smart and you have great insight. I wish you could have more control over the idiots running around basing everything they do off of pure emotion
Edward Aguilar (9 months ago)
Wish you pointed the finger on the intelligence failure on behalf of 17 agencies ,too many red flags,what's the school counselors doing ,they somewhat must identify problems before they get let out,parents must reach out,you are so right in every issue
Aaron Brown (9 months ago)
From what I read the biggest school shooting are all outside the US. The stabbings are another issue worldwide. Something that I have only heard one person talk about is Boka Haram and their school attacks, sure they kidnap the girls, but they kill the boys and staff.
Taco (9 months ago)
long time, first time. thanks for DSP podcast and SHLS as well. totally agree with your correlation of mental health and rise of these incidents. very astute observation so I thought I would ask an odd question regarding the topic of firearms and the second amendment given the recent law in CA regulating ammunition purchases. I am curious if there has ever been any attempt to circumvent second amendment by banning ammo outright? not just Black Talon or controversial types of ammo but all ammo? I only ask this because looking up arguments for 'the right to bear arms' usually only discusses weapons. and I think of the old phrase 'arms and armaments' in this context. also I believe I read somewhere during the Obama administration the ATF or HS bought up way too much ammo, either trying to buyout the stock or just driving the market price of ammunition up. just curious.

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