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[MV] JBJ _ My Flower (꽃이야)

465223 ratings | 20053227 views
[MV] JBJ _ My Flower (꽃이야) *English subtitles are now available. (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) [Notice] 1theK YouTube is also an official channel for the MV, and music shows will count the views from this channel too. :: iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/album/true-colors-ep/1336410226?l=ko&ls=1&app=itunes [ JBJ ] JBJ was in full bloom as ‘a very desirable combination’ and became a reality from fantasy in response to the calls from fans. Now, JBJ came back with its second mini album [True Colors] to show each member’s real self. The title track ‘My Flower’ is a New Pop Track with a new concept that starts with a sensitive piano melody and is finished with a Raggaeton hook in the refrain. Double Sidekick, EASTWEST and Bull$EyE created this song together only for JBJ to show JBJ’s unique fresh feel. #JBJ#MyFlower#꽃이야#Newrelease#MV#1theK#원더케이 ▶1theK FB : http://www.facebook.com/1theK ▶1theK TW : https://twitter.com/1theK ▶1theK Kakao : https://goo.gl/otRpZc
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Text Comments (26873)
Mild SUWA. (42 minutes ago)
Like choreography.😳💓
Mild SUWA. (1 hour ago)
1:36 - 1:37 Taehyun!! So cute~ 😭💕
JM C (2 hours ago)
damn gay
Anggun Lestari (8 hours ago)
Muliady Imul (9 hours ago)
happy 20 MILION view
hsuluck. 2542 (10 hours ago)
For those who dunno well and blame on yongguk,you guys can check instagram account @yongguklongguo.jbj They explained well about his case. :)))
. 박한솔 (10 hours ago)
알람 맞추다가 우연히 듣게되서 급하게 꽃이야 들으러 왔는데 추억도 돋고 활동할때 덕질하던거 생각나서 좀 울컥한다... 완전체 보고싶다
불어라휘파람을 (11 hours ago)
I don't know me either You are in full blossom Just hold me tight 그냥 친한 친군 척 남자 사람 친군 척 네 주위를 계속 맴돌기만 해 매일 보는 사인데 왜 볼 빨개지는데 이상해 말도 못 해 나 왜 이래 Everyone loves the things she do 중심을 잃어버려 네 옆에선 나도 다시 본 Blossom 어제와는 다르죠 또 가끔은 지쳐 너를 생각하면 그쯤은 감수해 I`ll be a daydreamer 아슬아슬 위험하게 내 맘 갖고 노는데 나 어떡해야 해 더 커져가고 있는데 What? 너는 나의 꽃이야 너는 나의 봄이야 계속 피어나니까 감당 안 돼 어떡해 나 이제부터는 내가 있잖아 안아줄 거야 언제나 처음 만난 그 순간부터 넌 나의 꽃이야 나의 꽃이야 왜 넌 나의 꽃이야 (왜왜) 네 앞에서만 몸치야 (Baby) 네 목소리가 달콤하게 바람에 날려 날 끌어안아 줘 난 미쳐 바라 Me like yuh I can't control myself 난 미소를 짓네 전화기에 널 담아 눈으로 찰칵 셔터 너의 갤러리 In my head 금지된 선을 이미 넘은 듯 금단의 술을 마신 듯 너에게 빠져들어 이미 취했어 아슬아슬 위험하게 내 맘 갖고 노는데 나 어떡해야 해 더 커져가고 있는데 What? 너는 나의 꽃이야 너는 나의 봄이야 계속 피어나니까 감당 안 돼 어떡해 나 이제부터는 내가 있잖아 안아줄 거야 언제나 처음 만난 그 순간부터 넌 나의 꽃이야 널 가지고 싶어 다 표현 못 해 입술이 맘대로 움직이질 않네 없어 너밖에 다 안드로메다에 Come closer 내 맘이 네 맘에 닿길 후회 없이 직진해 What? 너는 나의 꽃이야 너는 나의 봄이야 계속 피어나니까 감당 안 돼 어떡해 나 이제부터는 내가 있잖아 안아줄 거야 언제나 처음 만난 그 순간부터 넌 나의 꽃이야 나의 꽃이야
Diajeng Septiana (16 hours ago)
i miss them so bad, hing~ :'(
ellnnik (20 hours ago)
Việt nam cho tôi thấy cánh tay của các bạn
해리최 (22 hours ago)
I regret not stanning them before its too late🙃
; STAN ALL GROUPS민기 (22 hours ago)
'Fans' hacked his private account, stalked him and his dating rumor, rummaged through his trash and instead of helping his cat to get back to him, they just stared at it and accused him right away. And somehow, it was all his fault. Idols are not perfect humans, you know. I'm not saying this bc I'm defending him, I'm just stating facts. If he talked trash about the members, why are the members still hanging out with him (as seen on their ig post)? If he privately talked shit about his fans, why didn't he use chinese, a language that he was born speaking than a language he's not that fluent in? I'll let your thoughts guide you from there, uneducated haters who just read fabricated posts.
It really dissapoint me that i stan rthem after their disbandment😕
chaeyoung Park (1 day ago)
crying to listening this song.. i miss them so much😭
monbin senpai (1 day ago)
JBJ Hinoo...
Aldam (1 day ago)
Marissa (1 day ago)
I miss them :(
Me gusta
aeris_ pcy' (1 day ago)
Missin this aaawtsu
I'm miss it
R-OH (1 day ago)
젭 보고싶다 ㅜ
Kunlatda batter (1 day ago)
Miss you 😭
Armyyy !!! (2 days ago)
Lia Ferreira (2 days ago)
vkook tus patrones (2 days ago)
Tuyet Bui (2 days ago)
Youngguk anh khỏe không?? Sau khi anh đối xử với nhóm như vây :))
Aria Farhan (2 days ago)
JBJ rocks!!!!!!💙💙💙💙
상큼발랄새싹 (2 days ago)
JBJ보고싶어요...ㅠ 다시돌아와요...4월이...ㅜ
Derasila Avila (2 days ago)
I dont now because I wait in comebeak jbj I really miss you so much for all your member
Derasila Avila (2 days ago)
Miss you JBJ
ann (3 days ago)
あおい. (3 days ago)
Andrea Dai (3 days ago)
Joyfuls are still rewatching everything about JBJ, thus reaching 20million
영원히JBJ JOYFUL (3 days ago)
I O (3 days ago)
20 million 😭❤🎉🎉
i miss JBJ :( please come back!!!!!
Daena May (3 days ago)
소로리 (3 days ago)
JBJ 보고싶다
hh jin (3 days ago)
조회수 2000만회!
[WANNA ONE]라나 (3 days ago)
JBJ 그립다....
May Wang (3 days ago)
Good! 20millions!JOYFUL MISS JBJ~
Congratulations with 20 million🎊🎊😭💓
Sara R (3 days ago)
おちょ (3 days ago)
ちえこ (3 days ago)
小山志穂 (3 days ago)
JOYFULLY (3 days ago)
2000만뷰 넘었다ㅠㅠㅠ (18.12.08)
songyeon kim (3 days ago)
jbj 사랑해
I Dont Know (3 days ago)
*Happy 20M Joyfuls🎉🎊* *Next Goal: 30M🔒* *Let's do this!❤🌸*
いむととろ (3 days ago)
젭깅 (3 days ago)
영어표기 용국이 아니고 롱궈거든요 외퀴들앙 유기남 나도 존나 싫어하는데댓 볼때마다 거슬리넹
muterapper (3 days ago)
It's now December 2018, not a day goes by that I don't think of them.
유영원 (3 days ago)
이거 천 몇번만 더 보면 2000만 재생이다ㅠㅠ 근데 김용국 보기 너무 괴로워
tammy bui (3 days ago)
1 like = 1 prayer for their disbandment
anier19335 (4 days ago)
Refan army (4 days ago)
조이풀 (4 days ago)
2천만뷰 얼마 안남았다
anier19335 (4 days ago)
I miss JBJ ...😢
monsinee Fah (4 days ago)
Miss you. 💓
Fannie Loh (4 days ago)
Grazielly Ferreira (4 days ago)
Saudades! !!!!😢😢
Taetae (5 days ago)
i miss them :"(
Paula Hernandez (5 days ago)
KPOP TRASH (5 days ago)
Please I need to know who's who?
KPOP TRASH (3 days ago)
+Imaginary Enemy oh, ty~ but whyyyyy ToT
Imaginary Enemy (3 days ago)
KPOP TRASH they're a temporary group(like wanna one, IOI)
KPOP TRASH (3 days ago)
KPOP TRASH (3 days ago)
+NaYuんぁゆ tysm~
NaYuんぁゆ (3 days ago)
There are 6 members! They are already disband now tho... QWQWQWQ 0:22 is Longguo. He is Chinese. He went solo but is now under a lot of scandals. A whole mountain of it... 0:33 is Takada Kenta. He is Japanese and is now part of the duo JBJ95 with Sanggyun. 0:43 is Kwon Hyunbin. He is a model before and now he is back in modeling. He also started acting~! 1:19 Red is Sanggyun and Yellow is Taehyun. Taehyun is a really amazing dancer and he is now back in his original group, HOTSHOT. Sanggyun is part of the duo, JBJ95 with Kenta. 1:48 is Kim Dong Han. He is now doing solo activity. He is the yongest in the group (maknae) but he is also the tallest XD
KPOP TRASH (5 days ago)
How did I not see this group sooner? * slaps past self *
KPOP TRASH (5 days ago)
I'm honestly addicted to this.
Emma Kim (5 days ago)
Miss you JBJ!!!
Ashley Zhang (5 days ago)
Why is their lipstick so bright and red
Mai Bùi (5 days ago)
whatever you guys said about Longguo anymore, Taehyun Sanggyun Kenta & Donghan hang out today for the first snows together
XLiah VixxyX (5 days ago)
*When you're about to be a JBJ fan then realizes they already disband* ME:AHHHHHFDKAVDUEJCZAHRLEVSLABEJEEGEAIRKEGSLWH
NaYuんぁゆ (3 days ago)
it's never too late ;D
kanokwan praomlath (5 days ago)
Rezky Asterina (5 days ago)
LoVe JbJ ❤
wannable Trang (5 days ago)
I mis JBJ so much♥♥♥
shirley zavala leon (5 days ago)
toey Aumakorn (6 days ago)
I miss them so much if I have the chance to return them.
Levlev nana (6 days ago)
stan ATEEZ (6 days ago)
I miss hyunbin's deep voice, I miss sanggyun's rap, I miss cute face kenta, I miss sweet voice longguo, I miss angelic voice donghan, I miss taehyun who have work hard as a leader. I miss everything about JBJ. Hope one day their can reunion and make a special concert for joyful, I can't wish to jbj come back since Im also hotshot fans, all I need is a reunion 😩wishing all the best for taehyun with hotshot, jbj95,donghan and longguo. also to hyunbin, in whatever he'll doing, I'll support him until forever
stan ATEEZ (6 days ago)
Miss jbj rn!
It's Megu (6 days ago)
1:54 what crazy kenta there
anier19335 (6 days ago)
JBJ forever! Joyful forever! あと少しで 20 million views! 화이팅!⭐ 🕺🍓😲😐🔥😬
홍유 (6 days ago)
켄균소호빈 사랑해
권요근 (6 days ago)
Daren Uaenas (6 days ago)
imiss jbj😢😢😍
박진경 (6 days ago)
오랜만에 보는 꽃이야🌻
Nicole Garcia (7 days ago)
1:49 you are killing me!
하니 (7 days ago)
이 뮤비가 처음 나오던 날의 그 흥분감, 놀라움, 뿌듯함은 아직도 잊을 수 없이 생생하다....ㅜㅜㅜㅜ
bts suga (7 days ago)
Ayumi Martinez (7 days ago)
Aquí están los chicos que se ganaron todo mi amor❤
Courtney Weatherman (7 days ago)
So fans hacked Youngguk's instagram, stalked his cats, rummaged through his trash, and tracked down the women he spoke to, completely invaded his privacy in every way, and somehow Youngguk is the bad guy? The standards to which k-pop stars are held are simply ridiculous. You need to give people room to be young and make mistakes like normal human beings. I still support Youngguk, even more so with all the blind hate and lies being directed toward him.
need day6 (7 days ago)
I Miss JBJ :")
Kihyun (8 days ago)
Everyone, please dont post hate comments about yongguk on this video, go post hate comments on his solo mv. Anyways~ stan Hyunbin, Donghan, JBJ95 and Hotshot <3
Kenta volta 😭 jbj volte por favor 😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jimin's jams (8 days ago)
k-pop ff (8 days ago)
don't be sad just be joyful.
Wanna One BTS (8 days ago)
k-pop love noora (8 days ago)
k-pop love noora (8 days ago)
Who's here after HOME ??
sun flower (8 days ago)
sinto tanta falta de JBJ :( ♡
squishy gummy bears 1 (8 days ago)
I remember a few months ago when i fell for this song then..found out they were disbanded ...AND DIED! ,the end

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