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Mandatory mechanical requirements for chainsaws − STIHL MS 440

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This video focuses on the mandatory mechanical requirements for chainsaws. We compare the STIHL MS 440 chainsaw with a non-compliant product (PowerHaus KW-6500). More information about original STIHL tools and product piracy is available at your STIHL dealer and on our website: http://www.stihl.com/stihl-warns-about-imitations.aspx
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Text Comments (136)
rock of ages xxx (4 months ago)
Hurt to watch that , Yikes !
NO NAME (8 months ago)
u getin what u payin for 💲💲💲💲
raphael roux (10 months ago)
Stihl 👍👍👍 contrefaçon 👎👎👎👎👎👎
MANTOIUful (10 months ago)
How could someone do that to a perfectly good chainsaw
Alex Hickey (1 year ago)
The Stihl is still useable after the destruction. Im impressed
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
you can take a oem Stihl gas tank and put a china one rite next to it and just see the difference in quality and the china tank use very brittle plastic. cheap vs good
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
the china handle bars are that soft. i have had a couple and they bend very easy. not even hard on them and their bent
Mike Marley (2 years ago)
maybe sthil will come back to America now that Trump is in office.
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
Mike Marley Stihl never left
The_Burchfield (2 years ago)
2:31 that fuel line held on for dear life
ROBERT ENDERTON SR (2 years ago)
sorry, those are wimpy tests. if you want to test a saw, send it to the hills with my buddy Mike H. (remainder of last name withheld to protect the guilty) after 1 day, if it's still operational, it's going to pass any other test you can give it!
stihl è stihl!
RIccardo Faini (1 year ago)
Muta scusa MTS
RIccardo Faini (1 year ago)
i Migliori Giardinieri -Roma- sì certo ma hanno paragonato una muta da abbattimento a una motosega leggera da deprezzamento. Comunque STIHL a vita....
10dolladaddy (2 years ago)
this would matter to me if sthil didnt use chinese parts to begin with
Ron hash (2 years ago)
an this what only crap
firewatch814 (2 years ago)
They are also copiing echo saws now.
firewatch814 (2 years ago)
The stihl "copy" isn't even a copy of a stihl it's based on zenoah g4500 and 5200 saws, zenoah is by far the most copied saw out there. The Chinese are now making actual copies of ms660s, 180s, 070s, 381s, Husqvarna 365s, 365xps, 372xps, and now 395xps.
James Steele (3 years ago)
Actually this test can't be faked because it's the CE mark test done by an independent tester it's not done by stihl also only 3 stihl chainsaws are made in China. That is for the European market as stihl tools vary in different country's
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
James Steele its not faked retard. you must be a libtard?
ask steevies (3 years ago)
Everything mAde in chinas, countrys shot, buy a cheepee and beat it , itll last
Skip Raider (3 years ago)
43 secs, the stihl weights dont swing, at 1:15 the others do swing, suggesting that the sthihl WASN'T FULLY UNSUPPORTED. that's 2 out 2 tests that were fake results. I just cant watch anymore... I'll go and watch VolksWagen emission videos instead... just as fake.
Skip Raider (3 years ago)
+Sandy Wanous I KNOW, that the china poop isnt as good. But skewing the tests, does not help the fact. the times are there, the facts are there. Andreas Stihl AG & Company is a German manufacturer of chainsaws.. because we all know HOW HONEST THE GERMAN TESTING IS... DON'T WE.... VOLKSWAGEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandy Wanous (3 years ago)
really!!! We all know aftermarket parts from china are not near as strong as oem. why do you think they are? everybody knows that
Skip Raider (3 years ago)
HAHAHHAHA at 23-24 seconds in, VIEW IT 1 FRAME AT A TIME. the stihl side swings SLOWER than the other. PROOF? the stihl "hammer" appears just BEFORE the right hand side, and yet the right hand side HITS BEFORE THE STIHL. Wouldn't surprise me if this comment gets deleted, After all, less sales for a FIXED TEST. **************Just ask VolksWagen about FIXED TESTS :P ************** same guys? BOOOOO
Skip Raider (3 years ago)
+Sandy Wanous SAME ANSWER AS ABOVE> I KNOW, that the china poop isnt as good. But skewing the tests, does not help the fact. the times are there, the facts are there. Andreas Stihl AG & Company is a German manufacturer of chainsaws.. because we all know HOW HONEST THE GERMAN TESTING IS... DON'T WE.... VOLKSWAGEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Bunz (3 years ago)
This makes me want to go out and buy a nice stihl
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
bmc saws are china shit. no power heavy junk
Skip Raider (3 years ago)
+The Bunz I got a BMC - 20'' Easy Start 55cc Chainsaw £89.99, (UK) starts real easy as it says. used it for 2 years now, still as sweet as when I got it. Oregon chain, still sharp after 30 mins constant use full tank of fuel. I would have another in a heartbeat rather than spend £658 (the only one i JUST saw on the Stihl site, that had a 20 inch blade) I COULD BUY SEVEN OF THEM.
Walleye Willy (3 years ago)
Stihls are overrated now days. The old ones were top of the line. Now they use Zama carbs that are junk and made in China.
Manihote Esculenta (1 month ago)
so what if the japanese company relocate their factory to china. as long as quality is controlled, no difference other than lower labour costs.
ontarioknivesNS7 (2 years ago)
+DB Stevens iPhones are shit though.
Walleye Willy (2 years ago)
Zamas used to be a top notch carb when they were made in Japan.
ontarioknivesNS7 (2 years ago)
My 036 Pro from the mid 90s that has a Zama carb. 20 years old and I just now had to replace the oiler and carburetor tuneup.
scdevon (3 years ago)
+andybub45 Dude, consumer grade Stihl saws and even mid-level saws have Chinese parts. Check it. Stihl is very tight lipped about it. They sold out years ago to make a fast buck on their reputation from the 1960s and 1970s when they actually did make high quality German saws.
josephfaraci (3 years ago)
I fail to see the point in a real life situation; Like Charlie Mopps says I bet all the chain saws that where destroyed where still less then a Sthil professional chainsaw.
Boof (3 years ago)
I'd rather keep my old Stihl and when my son gets old enough I can teach him how to rebuild it so I can pass it down to him, And someday he can teach his son before he passes it on.
Manihote Esculenta (1 month ago)
saws are gonna be electric before long. epa might ban yr two-stroker. tree huggers might stihl it also.
scdevon (3 years ago)
+Boof Good luck getting parts that can't be substituted with generic parts. Saw makers act as if they're doing you a favor selling you insanely overpriced parts for even a 20 year old saw.
bodders1029 (3 years ago)
+Boof parts will be a problem unfortunately
barry onefull (3 years ago)
sthil saws are made in china now too, thats why they break down all the time
Manihote Esculenta (1 month ago)
ten years ago their saws were made in brazil. brushcutters too.
Mud \_ Venator (2 years ago)
Thanks for your reply. Don't get me wrong i am deeply saddened to see Stihl (Probably just like you are) just throw away a great reputation all based on quality and reliability built up over the years. They can delete my comment, it is just one small drop of the Tsunami sweeping over the World Wide Web. All the best to you my friend :-).
barry onefull (2 years ago)
Mud Venator Finally somebody that knows what their talking about ! Dont b surprized if Stihl deletes ur comment ! LOL !
Mud \_ Venator (2 years ago)
I have used Stihl my whole working life from leaving school (I am 40 now). I use Chainsaws, Hedcutters, Strimmers and even the Viking "Stihl" lawnmower range. I noticed a year or 2 ago that the quality and build had seriously downgraded to a low grade plastic unreliable machinery that kept having problems. The FS450 Strimmer, Brushcutter or Weedwacker whatever you all call it was PERFECT in every single way it was faultless. Compared to the new FS460 that keeps breaking clutch springs and just has a weak clutch altogether with all the work angles are wrong, you cant grease the head bearing, even the damn harness that comes with it if 1/4 of the quality of the old ones and needs constant re-adjustment. My local Stihl dealer told me that only the pro models are made in Germany now and the rest are all cheap Chinese parts with little to none quality control. After being a loyal customer to Stihl for my lifetime i now refuse to spend anymore money or more wasted time with their unreliable and dangerous products (Just take a look at the fixing on the MSA160T Arborist saw handle) this should be the strongest part of the saw for safety reasons!, but all that the self tapping hex bolt threads into is 1mm of plastic (This broke on the second week of purchase from new). Stihl you went from HERO to ZERO and even the dealers in my country have had enough of your downgrades and overall attitude. For the first time in my self employed career i have spent my hard earned money on a Husqvarna, because in my mind they used to be 2nd best, but now they are the best!. How is it Stihl are so blind as to not see the massive amount of negative comments on all the different tradesmen spread across such a wide variety of Stihl related products all equalling bad ratings like Arborist forums and Groundsman forums. I guess its true that all good things come to an end, its just a shame to see it happen basically overnight, a greatness, a legend and something i was ONCE proud of owning. Sometimes a transformation like a Caterpillar into a Butterfly is a g beautiful thing, like Stihl had this big bowl of fresh beautiful fruit punch, that now has a turd in it which is no longer a beautiful thing.
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
tyreecestylz (3 years ago)
I just came here to read the comments.
Skip Raider (3 years ago)
+tyreecestylz I just came to reply to them :)
Charlie Mopps (4 years ago)
Ironically, I bet if you add up the price off all the saws destroyed in this testing, they're still cheaper than  buying 1 Stihl. I guess I'll go with the cheap one and just avoid hanging several thousand pounds of weights of of it. If a tree lands on it, I'll buy a new one.
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
Charlie Mopps the china saws are garbage. Stihl rpms on a ms 250 14.000 china saw 8000 oil mix in the gas Stihl 50-1 china saw 16-1 and some 24-1 and way less power and dont last very long. the china crap use cheap internal parts thats why the low rpm and heavy oil mix.
Skip Raider (3 years ago)
+Charlie Mopps I bought a BMC Easy Start 55cc 2 Stroke, 20" Petrol Chainsaw with Oregon Chain off Ebay 2 years ago. VERY easy start and onl £90 UK (USD would be about $130?) reliable, never let me down, half an hour of GOOD cutting non stop per tankfull. They can stuff the overpriced.. FAKE TESTED (see earlier posts) stihl's.
Raiko K (4 years ago)
Theyre not pulling anything on it, they are hanging same amount of weight (as according to mandatory laws and correct testing methods) and the stihl holds the weight while other chainsaw is not holding the weight, the reason for the other chain saw testing to be longer is the fact that the support lift is being loweres slowly from under the hanging weight ( seems to be 350KG in both tests) And to those who say why are these tests relevant - i sure dont want a chainsaw running full speed [24m/sec chain speed] to break in half and cut my leg when it gets stuck in a log ( sometimes it happens) , leaving me holding the handles with a stupid face. also the first test on the chain brake - if the chain brake breaks it wont stop the chain from spinning and thus the chain will keep moving until it loses momentum ( bye bye hands and legs again)
theoriginal68niou1 (4 years ago)
Hey dummies... you're pulling on the saw in ways that are inverse to what would be dangerous during usage.  Hello!!!
Mihai Ilie (9 months ago)
The chinese are good saws but the handle bar its made of too thin aluminum wich is usable and at 50 dollars the cost of a chinese chainsaw its logical they put less aluminum in the handle,because aluminum its expensive.Only flaw i found on my chinese chainsaw is the chain tensioner that its not verry strong build.
randy suomalainen (4 years ago)
There are no quality chainsaws anymore!!! When was the last time metal was used instead of plastic and yes I don't need to be told that it's lighter and cheaper to build but it's also CHEAP! and won't last. There are still many saws from the 50's, 60's and 70's being used everyday but we won't get that from are new saws because they lack quality. Old saws are ranged in years while the new saws are ranged in hours.
Manihote Esculenta (1 month ago)
who the hell wants to lug around one of those metal saws. what if the carby is bolted directly to teh engine block of an forty year old saw & constanly goes out of tune.
ontarioknivesNS7 (2 years ago)
Plastics now can be made to very high quality and durability. Stihls professional line is made with magnesium alloy for the important parts. Extremely tough saws. Husqvarna, meh, not quite.
Dixon Cider (4 years ago)
my Stihls are my pride and joy
Bob Cornwell (4 years ago)
Stihl do make a great product it's just a pity really they have to stoop that low to discredit the chinese and in the long run discredit themselves with their bull.
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
Bob Cornwell why? the china boys copied Stihls saw???
Skip Raider (3 years ago)
+zee339 LOL.. but wait... you have a point there dude...
zee339 (3 years ago)
+Bob Cornwell so this is a racist campaign?
Brian Brady (4 years ago)
Who does that to a saw in real life
the heck2345 (3 months ago)
Dixon Cider (4 years ago)
the nutty testing facility i suppose
Bob Cornwell (4 years ago)
Besides get both saws as shown and show how you going to do the same thing in real life and in a log 
Simon COMBE (4 years ago)
Rapport qualité prix imbattable pour les produits chinois.Un bémol toutefois.Si vous tombez sur le bon numéro ça va , car sivous ou un ami  ne bricolez pas pour vous même,aucun professionnel(digne de ce nom) ne vous dépannera en cas de  petit problème   
Brett Rumler (4 years ago)
If you got a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet- there is no substitute for quality. I,d pick a Stihl any day (017,MS390,MS660 Magnum).
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (4 years ago)
This test is obviously so rigged. I don't care what kind of saw it is, with enough weight/force pulling on it, any saw will break.
KeithRa68 (4 years ago)
I don't think you understand Mandatory mechanical requirements for chain saws. That's what this test is. If you want by a non-compliant buy it.  I think homeowners shouldn't comment on commercial duty saws. I wouldn't buy a china saw to use as loggers saw. There is no way I would waste my time buying a piece of shit china saw thinking I can cut logs 6 days a week and it not fail.  It's like comparing a ford pinto to a Cadillac.
Jesse Barnes (1 year ago)
KeithRa68 well said thanks
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
KeithRa68 very true
Ivan Zivkovic (4 years ago)
Stihl 1000e price, you have one chain saw, china chain saw for 1000e, 30  chain saw`s. I think that china is better, are they?
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
Ivan Zivkovic you will need 30 cause they will fall apart that fast. you are a dumbass
Fredrick Metcalf (4 years ago)
Stihl is excellent stuff......high priced, though.....these demonstrations are just impressive irrelevance.....Stihl is good, but I always end up finding better VALUE elsewhere.....
Carroll Sanders (4 years ago)
Stihls.have always been a good dependable saw my 020 Avp is over 30 years old.and still runs good. One tough saw for tough jobs.
raulduke85 (4 years ago)
Theese test are stupid: workers will always choose a real brand because a 1000 $ chainsaw vs hundreds thousands $ of profit is fair, while an hobby man who just need to cut some large pieceses of wood, will go for a chinese 1 wich cost 100$ or so on. But thanks to show the weak parts of the chinese 1, it won't be that hard to reinforce those parts for cheap.
Ryan Long (4 years ago)
Gotta love that
Sam McPherson (4 years ago)
turns out ive been climbing trees all wrong, all I need to do is bore cut with each saw to make steps, way easier that ropes and harnesses... now how many stihls do I need to dismantle a 2.5 meter diameter pine? which stihl is easiest to stand on for accents?
hhimynameischris (4 years ago)
+Sam McPherson i think you got something there.
Sam McPherson (4 years ago)
and the back handle works as a pulley point right? I can just bore cut in my climbing saw then use my 44 bore cut as a rope break
55commodore (4 years ago)
When I need to attach weights to a saw or bash it with a giant hammer, I will consider buying a Stihl. Meanwhile I will continue cutting wood with my $99 Chinese copy which has cut tonnes of wood and still going strong. I have two Huskies and two 20" Chinese saws and I prefer to use the Chinese saws. At least the chain brake will be activated when I do flog it with a sledge hammer.
Martin Berce (4 years ago)
it's not even fair the stihl ghos like 2/3 of the way when the other one ghoes full way 
nizmojoeblows (4 years ago)
thats because it is supporting the weight. The other one never supported it so it kept falling. They just lowered the table the weights were on. They were not pulling on anything. 
Amanda Owen (4 years ago)
Stihl are struggling to survive in a world where competitors can do the same job for a quarter of the price. It's a new world and Stihl are living in the past.  
Dixon Cider (4 years ago)
+PERPARSON haha you just owned Amanda
gpb (4 years ago)
thats why stihl went from 1.6 billion dollars to 2.9 billion dollars of sales in just 5 years.... dont talk about things you don't know... 
English-Ash (5 years ago)
Ok so who pulls the handles, break bar and trigger guard off their saws then?? Stilh may be the bee's-knee's but they need to find a better way to show it
English-Ash (2 years ago)
Agreed. But have you ever pulled the break bar off your saw? In 40+ years all I've done is trap the bar. My fault, not the saw's
ontarioknivesNS7 (2 years ago)
Nobody, however when you're using your saw daily, the durability is important. Very important.
Kevin Wiles (5 years ago)
all the saws that broke are the Chinese knock off versions of Stihl chainsaws! China made stuff sucks ass! 
43128lucky4 (5 years ago)
this test is unfair, im obviously going to hang a 500 pound weight from the handle of my chainsaw, because thats obviously part of trimming a tree
Teagan Ryan (1 year ago)
no one does that purposefully, but people may accidentally drop them, or start to run them over (see the YouTube channel "human"), and the stihl could live through that.
wcjcnc (5 years ago)
Wow, I'm convinced. The next time I need to hang 150 pounds on a chainsaw I'm buying a Stihl. If I just need to cut some wood I'll just buy a cheap chainsaw. 
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
wcjcnc you dont cut much wood then
Zaisini (5 years ago)
Ihr möchten so eine Säge bedienen und nicht sich mit der aufhängen. 1350N - ca. 135 kg. So viel Wiege ich selbst nicht.
Paul (5 years ago)
yeah sthil is best but is 3 5 times expensive
ontarioknivesNS7 (2 years ago)
You get what you pay for. That saw will last 20+ years. You'll buy 7 Chinese saws in the same timeframe.
milric77 (5 years ago)
moral of the story.....don't plunge cut your saw into a tree and use it as an anchor for your ropes....
Skip Raider (3 years ago)
+milric77 HERE HERE, well said.
yamaharidr450 (5 years ago)
this doesnt come at much of a surprise China has been counterfeiting just about everything. And the funny this the government will protect the companies. BMW filed a law suet in china claiming a Chinese car maker copied their design.... Chinese car maker won .
SnowPlowLife (5 years ago)
Legend has it, the weight is still hanging from that stihl saw today
Paul & Kathy Short (5 years ago)
Just goes to show the amount of engineering and testing that goes into a quality product and the very reason I own two Stihl products myself.
boxinmetalx (5 years ago)
i'm an aborist and was asked to try one of those out b4 he allowed sum of his staff to use it for general gardening, while it would break easily and is cheaply made there is no reason wy u can't use it as long as you don't abuse it, but u won't get away with using it in a professional environment for long
bigredsetter (5 years ago)
i have just had one of these arrive from ebay with an orange top section called a MT-9999 and are rather dubious of it and.it has a poor instruction manual also apparently made in china.although the picture shows a yellow colour mine is orange.for £59.99 delivered.
freqest1 (5 years ago)
they cant, its an irelevent test.
freqest1 (5 years ago)
I have had mine for years and if you look after it they are fine, your argument is flawed.
freqest1 (5 years ago)
HORIZON8026 (5 years ago)
cheap versus professional grade and the only thing dangerous is the operator lol
Petr Pavel (6 years ago)
Nechápu smysl toho testu. S pilou takové věci dělat nebudu. Když na pilu spadne strom, nebo jí přejedu traktorem, tak je na sračky STIHL i mizerná pila z Číny. Testovat MS440 a KW-6500 je trapný, měli vzít MS230, jenže ta by se rozpadla rychleji než Čína.
miki206 (6 years ago)
You should also realize that both good products and bad products are made in China. Depending on how much the brand wants to pay for the level of quality that is manufactured in China. All of Apple's products are made in China, and we all think that Apple products are excellent brand and quality.
NitrusJunglist (6 years ago)
Yeah with the STIHL the "baggage" stops higher than the other(see the level of rthe table and instruments on the side), the other test too :D
ihasz80 (6 years ago)
Very good! breaking off the handle when pulling 60 kg. but it is not climbers, there is a chain saw. this does not occur in life. I ask the vendor that is contra to the Stihl why go at the age of 50 of today's probably why only five years? Now you can develop a technique or regress? good luck to development
D Tripp (6 years ago)
I thought they were going to saw something only a Stihl could cut :P
Daniel Boone (6 years ago)
What can you get for 59$ ??
Rednek Racing (7 years ago)
Point of this video.....don't abuse your saw....next...
TheMultiNs (7 years ago)
it's a reason that why china's unqualified imitation products are dangerous
Dev (7 years ago)
This test may not be a "real world" test, but neither is the NIHS. They test cars hitting a wall at "x" mph. It can show you a general idea of how that vehicle or in this case chainsaw can hold up. Here is an honest fact for you nay sayers! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! a simple truth!!!!
bobe8888 (7 years ago)
Not sure what a Haus saw is, maybe you mean Husqvarna? No it's not a Husqvarna, it's just a cheap Chinese piece of refuse, anyone with eyes can see that..
Dan theman (7 years ago)
Compare apples to apples !! NOT a $700 Stihl saw to a $150 Haus saw !!
tuesday (7 years ago)
damn good mounts
TheMilitarynut (8 years ago)
Jan Kowalski (8 years ago)
No porównanie prawie wyszło tylko jest jedno ale czemu czas zwisania tych obciążników w obu piłach nie jest taki sam?Bo w stihlu jest znacznie krótszy pewnie jak by powisiał tyle czasu co na chińczyku to i stihl by się rozpadł.
Garrett Jdbe (8 years ago)
Crappy Chinese saw I will never get rid of my Stihl but i will but more

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