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When You See a Girl Doing This - SHE IS INTO YOU

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10 secret signs which give out true feelings of girls.
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Conlan Mcnally (4 months ago)
I subbed can u sub to me plz
I got 2 girlfriends
harriet ivan (4 months ago)
Royclash_8 Gaming (4 months ago)
all of these failed me lol jk
Chrome_ Playz15 (6 months ago)
guys lemme tell you my advice do not make the first move unless your wanting to
ƏvõñØ (7 months ago)
Well im a 5th grade kid and my crush have a crush on me too when i tell jokes to her she laughs so loud in the classroom and she touches her lips while looking at me in class well i hope when i grow up shes the one who i will marry Edit:well she always hug me
Jinx Animations (7 months ago)
1:17 ssniperwolf
GW Computers (7 months ago)
Basically this video is how to make sex
Etherix (7 months ago)
I asked my crush about this and she haven’t talk to me until the last day of school and she told me she liked my brother
Kev O (7 months ago)
When you go to kiss her but she has your dick in her mouth.
tmariwogmail tmariwo (7 months ago)
So my gal like my friend
tuluvota (7 months ago)
god forbid a bitch touches me funny i'll punch her square in the face
SamuraiX Xsceptic (7 months ago)
Sssniperwolf and sausage lol
TheGolden gamer19 (7 months ago)
This never happens to me when i meet girls
Ben Shapiro (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for the inspiration I’ve been with three different women this week. The wfies not happy but what cn i say
Texas Panhandle (7 months ago)
You put a 14 year old little girl as your thumbnail
Zuzxo (7 months ago)
she said im a bitch
NWA Pimp (7 months ago)
So if my cousin looks at me in the first 45 seconds,I'm in?😤😧
DESPACITO (7 months ago)
Ice Flame (7 months ago)
All of this is absolute bullcrap. I’ve tried these for a long time and they’ve never worked out.
Jermey Jordan (7 months ago)
3:00 lele pons
Jermey Jordan (7 months ago)
Who else notices SSSnipewolf in it
Nitesh Thapaliya (7 months ago)
Soooo.... no girl is into me
Erick Araujo (7 months ago)
adnan safat (7 months ago)
Does hissing and holding a meter distance count?
Creeper9013 Good (7 months ago)
How scumbags find the girl of their drrams.. Step one locate your desired woman, step two throw a bucket of water on her, step three offer her a towel, stand back and watch what really is underneath the makeup... (To every female out there, I come with a message) You Don't Need Any Makeup to look good, just be yourself (fact, most men are attracted to women without makeup to see their natural beauty).
Brian Poteat (7 months ago)
This video has Juan from ThatWasEpic!!! Lol
Its—Me Anthony (7 months ago)
There was a girl that had a crush on me, she continued to hug me and continued to ask me to ask her to take her out. I’m like Christ, she is a reincarnation of my mother that would be a no.
Its—Me Anthony (7 months ago)
killsick120 I was not gonna end up like my father and be scared of my spouse
Openeeyes (7 months ago)
Its—Me Anthony Pussy 😂
King_zombie101 (7 months ago)
Where is thot patrol at?
BlxckDragon ダーク (7 months ago)
I bet you have yo look a certain way
Adrian Mata (7 months ago)
Her: I’m going home. I’m sorry. I just don’t like you like that. **Turns 90 degrees** Him: So you want the D? 👌😏🍆💦
Kidus Yohannes (7 months ago)
Isn't the thumbnail a 14 year old
game play (7 months ago)
Love simulator looking good!
Banjo Gaming (7 months ago)
If the girl strokes your dick, I think she is into you.
Doc Lance (7 months ago)
YOUFACT EN whats the name of this soundtrack playing in this vid
raj rana (7 months ago)
Best of fuck friends
EDJ Games (8 months ago)
youre discusting
Jay rosebud (8 months ago)
what if im a girl?
Josh Will (8 months ago)
If that’s true when I was 10 a 15 year old girl sure did like me
Spethman Jones (8 months ago)
Oh great, using 50 Shades to tell us what to do. Number 11: she asks you to manipulate and beat the sh*t out of her so she’s super into you. Gosh this channel is so stupid
Tru- KD (8 months ago)
At 0:49 that's a prank by Thatwasepic lol
joe macdonald (8 months ago)
This video is bullshit, I got slapped, called a creep, and even made a woman scream... women are so confusing!!!
Kitsune Soul (8 months ago)
What, no feminist comments or comments from offended homosexual extremists? Man YouTube, you've let me down. - Thought for sure I'd see one of them.
YBM SPAZZ (8 months ago)
AYYYEEEE @Sssniperwolf
Angelx xKitten (8 months ago)
I know another thing that girls do like if you notice them move their hair and show their neck then that means they feel safe around you but if they move their hair and cover their neck then they don't (but not even girls realize that they're doing that)
Spartan_Jake (8 months ago)
3:11 Sucks for me cuz spiders give me the creeps.
truthfilter (8 months ago)
NO women should not be touching men without conscent men are being crusified these days if they touch a womans leg so NO because of equality and all
Hu La (8 months ago)
after a woman turned 22 she no longer attractive in my eyes so i don't give a fuck if she into me or not. to me she just another dude
Brothers In Arms (8 months ago)
Why was sssniperwolf in this
Rene D (8 months ago)
the music made my ears bleed.
Baharul Islam (8 months ago)
Rene D Firefly - Jim Yosef
Frank (8 months ago)
If she files a police report afterward, she probably doesn't like you.
Dog Wood (8 months ago)
Do you have permission to use these movie clips? Lawsuits, cease and desist orders?
Black Ginger (8 months ago)
exuse me ima lady and that is no such thing
Christibro Official (8 months ago)
She broke my nose because of you
Yang Laoshi (8 months ago)
Why trouble yourself with all that learning just to get a new whore?
superduperboyx (8 months ago)
This girl I was seeing, we sat across from each other for dinner on our 1st date. I didn't think the convo was that great even though there was back and forth responses. She didn't touch herself like in the video other than keeping her hands on the table. When we said good bye, I just gave her a hug, but she then put her hand on my hand and pulled me into her and we made out. I was surprised. We had a very hot make out session.
Dhspat (8 months ago)
I stink up bathrooms to attract women. It always works.
Toby With a white fedora (8 months ago)
I got a girlfriend because of you *thankyou*
Naveed Khan (8 months ago)
Jann Bruns (8 months ago)
Why I‘m watching this shit
Rocco Wadsworth (8 months ago)
Or just grow some balls and ask her out
M r D E S H A W N R A (8 months ago)
After i watch this video, I realized that I'm in danger whith girls for many years now. Whyyyy im sooo blindddd
Wanted Traceurs (8 months ago)
When a girl looking at you more then 1 hour she probably likes you
Tony Stark Jr (7 months ago)
Stav Galon lol
Stav Galon (7 months ago)
Wanted Traceurs or a complete psychopath\stalker
Adam (8 months ago)
Ehm guys it's patched
Muminur Rhoman (8 months ago)
1:17 sniperwolf
Tree House 'DA REMIX' (8 months ago)
Tree House 'DA REMIX' (8 months ago)
Tree House 'DA REMIX' (8 months ago)
Evade me (8 months ago)
Indian girls are not like this 😂😂😂
Monster (9 months ago)
How to get pussy 101
Eidorian510 (9 months ago)
i thought the title said SHE IS A THOT
Serial Killer (9 months ago)
If her vagina is dripping wet in her panties all soaked she's into you
A. Lugo (9 months ago)
When they won’t come within 20 feet of you?
Hser Poe (9 months ago)
Guys don't get fooled how does he know if a girl likes you when he's a boy???
MasterLee2011 (8 months ago)
Better than a female telling you while she lie her ass off.
John Falcon (9 months ago)
My God, what bullshit. First thumbs down I ever gave on YT.
DeepaK AwsM (9 months ago)
BasedZeus?? ⊙_⊙
Vice clan (9 months ago)
Who is the girl in the thumbnail
Ani Mey (9 months ago)
3:06 THE FEAR OF SPIDERS IS NOT A JOKE and ANYONE who comes in and kills it is definitely a hero for sparing me the pain of having to deal with it myself😑
MasterLee2011 (8 months ago)
It's a fucking bug. It's not going to kill you, just hit it. -_-#
pedrito1ist (9 months ago)
Did anybody else realise that this was recorded the 1st of april?
James Noll (9 months ago)
you forgot that one week of the month when NONE of this works
James Noll (7 months ago)
unless it's at the end of a sentense
Sorū Bikutoria (7 months ago)
Don't make period jokes.
gaming beast (7 months ago)
Adrian Mata got that right lol
Adrian Mata (7 months ago)
James Noll Ah yes... the time of the Blood Moon... The women go through something awful! Only the greatest men survive! Th..the... PERIOD
T B (9 months ago)
I Never saw a girl do any of these before
1DOLLAR 1 PEPSI (9 months ago)
I came for the comments
The Simi (7 months ago)
Icy Panther (7 months ago)
Paradox Palace (9 months ago)
Well no dip Sherlock.
Sir_Gorillaz (9 months ago)
Great success at the end just like Borat said
TRENDING VIDEOS PROD. (9 months ago)
3:00 my favorite female youtubers!!
epic klipzs (9 months ago)
Sssniper wolf
Thomas (9 months ago)
Or if you just look like brad Pitt, I'm pretty sure he could have taken a big steamin sh*t at the table, and he still could have had success.. FML...
Zaitev (9 months ago)
Uploaded on 1st of April, nice
Soranort (9 months ago)
Damnit! I got pepper sprayed!
blocksterz (9 months ago)
Or ........ If you're rich then you can skip this shit
Quaglium Quagnarr (9 months ago)
When she laughs at your lame jokes
Fais Al (9 months ago)
Quaglium Quagnarr deffo a clear sign. Especially when you don’t even attempt to joke and a girl laughs.. and she’s the only one laughing that’s a clear sign.
Mr Bleach (9 months ago)
Ive seen this alot from them Im a introvert...
Mr Bleach in my group of friends all the boys end up liking me rather that anyone else but I don’t like talking to people most of the time especially if they have a crush on me
Bling Bling Boy (9 months ago)
i got a dick stuck in my ass
BLOOD BROTHERS501 (9 months ago)
This girl did all these signs to me but she has a bf ssssdooooo
OMG HAVKER (7 months ago)
Bang her so hard she Will be silent and no one Will ever find out.
Philip Tucker (8 months ago)
She wants attention because she isn't getting enough of it, or she's tired of it from her guy. Also, some women crave attention constantly. She could be one of those girls. She could also want some side dick
Marth SpeedRuns (8 months ago)
Her problem, not yours.
TheRealChen (9 months ago)
Why is the thumbnail a girl with a fucking boxing shorts as a BH?
Rj Nuggets (9 months ago)
Homeschooled fucks
Yu Ja Ma (9 months ago)
What film is 0:28 from?
Yu Ja Ma (9 months ago)
Void thanks
Doge (9 months ago)
Yule Mayevsky "meet joe black"
Ryan Wehr (9 months ago)
if you have lots of money, she is definitely into you
OMG HAVKER (7 months ago)
Always never failed to work before and probably wont.
Icy Panther (7 months ago)
Definitely in dem pockets
Philip Tucker (8 months ago)
She's not into you....but you'll definitely be gettin in to her 😀
Jason Goh (8 months ago)
Ryan Wehr that is gold digger
Simon0 (9 months ago)
if a girl kicks you in the face.. its a sign she doesnt like you. However.. if she comes up to you and gives you a hug.. this can be a sign that she is into you.
Etherix (7 months ago)
Tsundere does not apply to this
Blu3_ fish (7 months ago)
The Awkward Alien Called Mj what? Never had a chrush?
Reptilian alien I’ve never had a crush on anyone so I guess I wouldn’t know. I also don’t think that anyone has ever had a crush on me so......
Reptilian alien (8 months ago)
Oh yeah thanks Mr.Obvious lmao.
Simon0 she could be into you as some girls either don’t know how to express their emotions and hit you if they like you or she’s mistaking love for hate
How to know if a girl likes you? You'll know when it happens

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