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[1theK Dance Cover Contest] APRIL(에이프릴) _ Oh! my mistake(예쁜 게 죄)(mirrored ver.)

2615 ratings | 69170 views
[1theK Dance Cover Contest] APRIL(에이프릴) _ Oh! my mistake(예쁜 게 죄)(mirrored ver.) *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) APRIL(에이프릴) _ Oh! my mistake(예쁜 게 죄) (2018.10.21~2018.10.28) Please watch 'APRIL(에이프릴)' mirrored choreography video and apply for the contest :) Do not miss the chance to be the winner selected by APRIL(에이프릴) and get the special present! [HOW TO APPLY] Upload your cover dance video on YouTube and leave the URL on 1theK social media(FB/TW). *Video must be recorded at least 720*480 resolution #1theK_Dance_Cover_Contest#APRIL#Oh_my_mistake#에이프릴#예쁜_게_죄#Mirrored#New1theKOriginal#1theK#원더케이 ▶1theK FB : http://www.facebook.com/1theK ▶1theK TW : https://twitter.com/1theK ▶1theK Kakao : https://goo.gl/otRpZc
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Text Comments (136)
dudagames225 lindinha (8 days ago)
Essa coreografia é muito boa! Diferente das outras do April.
mina tsutsu (1 month ago)
この曲とダンスかわいすぎる! 全身黒のファッションの子が髪の毛ちょいちょい触るの気になってしまう笑
- - (1 month ago)
나만 도깨비빤쓰처럼 들리는건가?
Tori Gibson (1 month ago)
who's the one with the workout shorts and purple-ish hair w/ bangs?
kakaLGable (28 days ago)
her name is Yang Yena
주연 (1 month ago)
0:22 시작
E L (1 month ago)
Good nod to Apink move there, as always, an under appreciated group
Astaria * (1 month ago)
April you are so amazing I hope you see my video
Kyungmi_yeppeo (1 month ago)
Why i came to know this so late 😭 i wanna join the contest 😭 even so, i will still make a dance cover of this song
[버디]여자친궁 (1 month ago)
[헨설]모뇬이 (1 month ago)
진심 이 노래 대박👍
도대체 뭐가 맞는 말인가요?2주?28일까지?
이봄 (1 month ago)
이거 거울모드에요?
박민형 (1 month ago)
넹 맞습니다
임수연 (1 month ago)
파트 분배 짱이다..
고소라 (1 month ago)
Friday Cookies (1 month ago)
Omg omg omg, few days left! Fighting!)))
세정이 짱해라 (1 month ago)
이나은 너무 예쁘다 ㅠ
Icy Kim (1 month ago)
Smash Queen (1 month ago)
Two weeks or 1 week 😭
파워청순다육 (1 month ago)
Natsukashii CV (1 month ago)
kyshro (1 month ago)
4k please!
Whitney Tan (1 month ago)
have no mirrored dance?
Alba Hik (1 month ago)
just one week! :O aaaah! I hope I can finish learning the choreography~
bruno silva (1 month ago)
their outfits are on point
파워무무 (1 month ago)
애들 치마 좀 짧아보이는 건 기분 탓인가ㅜㅜ
Keith Lund (1 month ago)
This song is pretty good. It's growing on me. I like the choreography. 😍
Hidden Kard (1 month ago)
Our girls is always beautiful 😍
Yvie Jayne (1 month ago)
100% going to do this! Love this song so much! AHH so excited
Snoopy (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me the names of the members ?
Sophiriex3 (1 month ago)
At 0:12, from right to left Jinsol, Yena, Chaewon, Chaekyung, Rachel and Naeun
cadelinha do zitao (1 month ago)
mds vou dançar mto agr, ngm me segura
manyu sim (1 month ago)
2주동안?? 28일까지??? 대체 어느쪽이 맞는가...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
보이스마스터 (1 month ago)
인졍요 햇갈려요
Chan Chelsea (1 month ago)
im gonna try thisss
ᄒᄒᄒ (1 month ago)
They are all FEMINIST who support women' rights. They have feminism metaphoes in Oh! My mistake MV. You have stan them if you think women have the same rights with men If you dont stan APRIL THE FEMINIST GIRLGROUP, you are just a SEXIST. 에이프릴은 페미니스트 걸그룹입니다. 그들은 원한다 재기 of 남성 :) 당신은 알 수 있다 그것을. 그들 뮤비 속 페미니즘 상징(페미니즘 도서, 남성 성기 절단의 상징 등)을 통해. 모르면 당신 배운다 페미니즘, 소추. 만약 당신이 성평등을 stan한다면, 페미니스트 걸그룹인 에이프릴도 stan해야합니다. 그렇지 않는다면 당신은 섹스주의자이다.
IceG_ 108 (1 month ago)
Salma Sadiah (1 month ago)
Who's the leader of April? Is chaekyung?
Vita Marliyani (1 month ago)
Nope, they dont have a leader after somin kard out of this group
Hope Xiong (1 month ago)
I love them😍😍😍
leslie love (1 month ago)
This girls are amazing 💗💗💗💗
Dwurll April (1 month ago)
김건오 (1 month ago)
에이틴 더 보고시푸요 ㅠㅠ
Naeunnie Kintsukoroi (1 month ago)
I wish I can dance but I can't hahaha ♥
Jazzy Sora SV (1 month ago)
HYERL_0609 (Matt) (1 month ago)
Anyone notice the dance break in this version is different from what they are dancing to now xD
ZHEELgorod-ok (1 month ago)
В K-POP чарте ждём на последующей неделе! Думаю, в первую 10-ку попадёт! Делайте ставки, господа! :)
Only Rain (1 month ago)
I love the way they dance sexily but not too much. They are teasing us 😍
Only Rain (1 month ago)
Neukkimi neukkimi wa 😍
sunkaishin e (1 month ago)
awh i really want to join but i feel like im bad at dancing :(
ryuneko (1 month ago)
i live for yena's hairflippin XD XD
Haruhi's Fancy Tuna (1 month ago)
Everyone here please support The Eastlight in their hour of need. For years, these 15-18 year old boys have been abused by their company physically & verbally. They were beaten with baseball bats. One member, the bassist, was hit 50 times. His older brother, the leader, was choked with guitar strings. #JusticeForTheEastlight
루이안 (1 month ago)
On instagram if you guys see post like this , they post links to sign the petition!! Please help these kids out!!!
[프릴]항커벨% (1 month ago)
정말 에이프릴은 언제나 노래도 좋고 이쁜것같아요. 이번노래도 생각보다 더 좋은것같은데 안좋다고 부정적이게 생각해서 팬들있는곳에 악플다는 사람들 보면 불쾌하네요; 악플은 무시하고 화이팅해요 에이프릴❤ 파인에플 마음속엔 영원히 에이프릴이 1위에요! 현실로도 1위 갑시다!
은정 (1 month ago)
진솔이 귀여워ㅠㅠ
Chen Ji (1 month ago)
is it reallly 2 weeks? from 21 till 28 is only a week
K-pop BTS (1 month ago)
Me encanta 😍😍😍
정미형 (1 month ago)
노래제목보고 비호감 실력 외모 어디 빠지는 게 없는 얘들에 왜 이런 노래를 부르게 하는거냐?? 자뻑이다 ㅉㅉ 개성이 없어
새벽별 (1 month ago)
오히려 개성 있는데 ㅋ
Lee한 (1 month ago)
라고 파오후가 말했습니다
유앤비다해먹어 (1 month ago)
내리세요 ㅋ
예지 (1 month ago)
글 내리세요
1234 asdf (1 month ago)
삭제 안 하시면 DSP에게 넘기겠습니다.
Vasily Samoylov (1 month ago)
Wow 😍 Great dance! 👏👏👏
aldo s (1 month ago)
DSP love them so much, thank you DSP
mundo da jujuba (1 month ago)
Like ❤
phoebe hyunie (1 month ago)
who is who?? i told myself i wont stan alot more groups but here i am uwu
Kjaska (1 month ago)
Well their most loved song is "April Story". It is very sad, but beautiful.
Chan Chelsea (1 month ago)
phoebe hyunie mmmm the blue bird, tinker bell and one more I forgot
phoebe hyunie (1 month ago)
do they have other songs i should listen to?
Chan Chelsea (1 month ago)
welcome to the FIneapple fandommmmm
Kjaska (1 month ago)
In the start from left to right is is: Jinsol (black-white pattern skirt) Yena (white shirt) Chaewon (horizontal striped shirt) Chaekyung (black-shite striped blet) Rachel (black-shite pattern shirt) Naeun (short jumpsuit)
Yes, full dance 😍
Mochi Chim (1 month ago)
I fell in love with naeun bcs of a-teen... web drama
Valerie Lan (1 month ago)
TaeTae Fr (1 month ago)
حبيبها ادهم (1 month ago)
كل شي ما فتهمت
심지수 (1 month ago)
에이프릴 이번 신곡 대중성도 꽤 있는것 같고 마땅한 포인트 구간도 있는것 같아서 좋아요!!!항상 에이프릴 응원 해왔는데 이번 활동 괜찮은것 같아서 팬인 저도 같이 기분 좋아졌어요!!에이프릴 항상 화이팅이에요!!!
심지수 (1 month ago)
저는 개인적으로 oh my mistake 하는 부분이 계속 생각나더라구요..개인의 취향이라 서로 느끼는 바가 다른듯 합니다..
치킨 (1 month ago)
저..포인트가 어디죠...? 너무 이상해서 뭐지하고 여러번 듣고있는데 듣기편한구간이 안나와요ㅜㅜ
jiwoo (1 month ago)
my babies
HUMI HAN (1 month ago)
Ur babies r so cute nd talented.. Lol
Sindy Duarte (1 month ago)
Hola divas diosas🖐😊🖑
[안유진]예빈 (1 month ago)
[안유진]예빈 (1 month ago)
에이프릴 흥하자
Klara (1 month ago)
소윤 (1 month ago)
Conejita Guerrero (1 month ago)
Espero y lean esto we
ItsJustItzel x (1 month ago)
I love April ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤🖤
ItsJustItzel x (1 month ago)
I wanna do this dance
Carola Pinkert (1 month ago)
Than so it 😀
Блеск👏👏👏Молодцы девочки💐💐💐💐💐💓😍
Yasmim (1 month ago)
Go vote for April on the Starpass App. They're currently at #4!
Yasmim (1 month ago)
+Chan Chelsea You have to download the app and login. After that, if you click on the left corner your profile will show up and in the lower part there's a language box and you can put the app in English. The second tab is the pre-voting of The Show, you just have to click on April and give your votes. When I voted, I had 3 passes but you can gain more doing missions.
Chan Chelsea (1 month ago)
can u tell me how, i never know how
Геля (1 month ago)
You are very beautiful dancing!😍😍😍
E rorr (1 month ago)
Геля (1 month ago)
Геля (1 month ago)
+Flake #Love российская?
Flake #Love (1 month ago)
Hallo 😂 kannst du deutsch?
Jiwon's wink (1 month ago)
cute and sexy? April can slay it.
ONCEBUDDYBLINK Fan (1 month ago)
Jiwon's wink z
만오쿠요잇 (1 month ago)
얼마전에 만났는데 예쁘긴 예쁘드라
TV뚜루뚜루 (1 month ago)
나은언니 넘 이쁨
Jeon Jungkook (1 month ago)
Allyce Salvatore (1 month ago)
Fofaaaas de mais❤❤❤❤
Mochi Chim (1 month ago)
Naeun ah...
Elif Şahin (1 month ago)
Good morning 😃🌞☀️
bts por siempre (1 month ago)
por fin llegie temprano estas chicas son un amor jajae caen super bien I love you 😍
MONBEBE MONSTA X (1 month ago)
Yup WE will always support and love you girls Right!
서연 (1 month ago)
중독성이되게 강하구 다들이뻐용
Iara Bianca (1 month ago)
Army kart2819 (1 month ago)
Alfin llego temprano xdxd ❤
BM 1. Channel İ (1 month ago)
BM 1. Channel İ (1 month ago)
Carola Pinkert I like Germany I like Turkey I’m from turkey 🇹🇷🤝🇩🇪
Carola Pinkert (1 month ago)
Germany 🇩🇪
María :3 (1 month ago)
Milagros Jimenez (1 month ago)
Jaja Salu2
MONBEBE MONSTA X (1 month ago)
Soo cute.YOU girls really rock
Hồng Vân Phạm (1 month ago)
BM 1. Channel İ (1 month ago)
magui Kawaii :v (1 month ago)
Chandu Vadde (1 month ago)
Nice but I can't understand your south Korean language.
Jeena Hongwa (1 month ago)
there is subtitle
kpop fangirl (1 month ago)
I love you!!!!

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