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People's Palaces - The Golden Age of Civic Architecture: Neo Classical [BBC, Full Documentary]

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Architectural historian Dr Jonathan Foyle explores some of the best Georgian and Victorian neo-classical civic buildings in the north of England. He visits town halls, concert halls, libraries, schools and galleries in Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester and Todmorden in an unlikely story of rivalry, ambition and power in the service of social responsibility. Neo-classicism harked back to Rome, democratic Athens and the Greek city-state. The regular proportion, geometry and symmetry of classical temple-style architecture suggested order in chaotically-expanding urban environments and served to associate towns regarded as squalid and unruly with the cultured ancient civilisations of antiquity. These were buildings constructed with the aim of elevating the towns in which they stood.
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Text Comments (55)
Saras Watkin (3 days ago)
This reflects the might of the British Empire in an attempt to copy the Roman Empire. Someone please tell me what do the ugly greenhouse type buildings such as the Shard and the Gherkin in London represent in the 21st Century?
American made (17 days ago)
Wonderful Documentary, now time for some Pink Floyd.
shiddi laxmi (1 month ago)
20:15 26:20
Peter Mullen (1 month ago)
"Damned BBC", always setting the bar higher for public consumption with historical context painting the intricacies of human intellectual development, the follies and glories civilization. For those of us from humble backgrounds who know little of aristocratic origins, it is a vital part of our education. Not all of us had the good fortune to attend Oxford, or to roam the halls of Cambridge. Even things as contrived as Masterpiece Theater bring enormous incite into the past. They help us understand mind set of British wealth, power, and differences between the classes. The show was fantastic, with incredible commentary, outstanding presentation. Thank you sincerely, for the intimate views of magnificent structures most ordinary people will never get to see, or understand. What a tragedy of opportunity, but what a great documentary. With (tact), (politeness), (respectful inquiry), and an occasional (bribe) of (Pizza), or (chocolate brownies) one can open the doors to architectural masterpieces hidden in plain sight all over the world. I strongly encourage all to request permission, or a tour of these unnoticed, under appreciated masterpieces. Theres gold mines of beauty, and genius everywhere you go.
Nastaran Zare (1 month ago)
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ferrarienzo564 (3 months ago)
Queen Ann style, rustic hasling 4:18
Michael Wailes (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing. A great documentary on the wonderful architectural heritage of the north of England. I’d ignore the easily triggered MAGA snowflakes in the comments below as they clearly haven’t watched more than the first five minutes of this.
Masocho Kamosho (4 months ago)
What is the music at 25:00 ?
kg280 (4 months ago)
If I wanted leftist propaganda I'd definitely not enter "architecture documentaries" in the search feild. This is a disgrace.
Claudius (3 months ago)
It could be much worse my friend, but I do agree with you. The disgusting BBC is a Marxist organisation re-writing the history of England imposing a feeling of guilt on the white man who created out of nothing the most wonderful civilization ever seen
Keyser Söze (4 months ago)
Does anyone here know of good documentaries or books that discuss construction methods of these buildings?
Stephen She (5 months ago)
Jeremy Clarkson at 17:00 wth??!!!
ess emm (5 months ago)
Love all the white guy's piping up in the comments moaning about having to hear about slavery 😒
Claudius (3 months ago)
Slavery? It happened! Move on! Stop whining! We (white men) were enslaved by the thousands by the Muslims for centuries, and we are not pestering the world, crying and whining about it. If there were no white man, there would not be Western civilisation. Of which all the parasites of the Third World benefit.
Darkvine (8 months ago)
Was letting the blind man explain the hidden floor is mysterious because it can't be seen really necessary? so cringy, you can see how he started wobbling more cuz of the stress explaining this caused him >.<
otteyful (8 months ago)
The city of Liverpool and many other cities in England and Europe were built on the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
Hamed AL-Dhanki (8 months ago)
ofr h cnhh ':;6.tteyful
Alexandria S Procter (9 months ago)
song at 38:15?
Matthew Eyre (1 year ago)
I understand that you need to provide some context and don't want to gloss over certain elements. But COME ON stop with the negativity, it ruins the viewing experience- more focus on architecture and less on oppression please.
merseybeat1963 (11 days ago)
The context goes hand in hand to put the vision and main course in perspective.
Claudius (3 months ago)
Two minutes is too much. It is about architecture, not social history!!!!
Michael Wailes (4 months ago)
Have you actually watched this? He talks about slavery for less than two minutes. Triggered much?
Daniel Mooney (1 year ago)
J. Foyle is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter. He is gifted at causing the ethos of these building projects to live vividly in the minds of those watching. Sharp dresser as well. Guess I need to head North for some sightseeing next time I'm in England.
Deon Dean (1 year ago)
anyone know the name of the last song?
Patrick Brogan (1 year ago)
Can someone please tell me what the music is in the beginning? Its fantatstic.
Deon Dean (1 year ago)
Spent all night looking for it lol. It's called "Nearly Home" by Broken Records.
Stan SonOfAFather (1 year ago)
34:42 With all the respect but how on earth a blind man can talk about architecture? What we see in a moment would take him a years to examine and remember it all. Feel sorry for him though.
Oliver Westcott (1 year ago)
Too much virtue signaling re slavery.
heyguysinternet (1 year ago)
n /a (1 year ago)
Can I take some videos to my classroom?
Luxus Häuser (1 year ago)
An impressive Presenter.
Christopher Petty (1 year ago)
This guy keeps focusing on the slaves but what about the orphaned children who were pressed into the same servitude? Crickets...
Michael Wailes (4 months ago)
Hi Chris. How much of this video did you actually watch before posting your retarded comment? I’m quite curious.
The Lord of Nonsense. (6 months ago)
Christopher Petty; Jews and Freemasons ran the slave trade. The BBC is totally owned and run by pedophile Zionist Jews and Freemasons who routinely pass the buck onto unsuspecting Goyim when it comes to the crimes of their vile ancestors, who to this day continue to trade in misery. The clue is in particular architectural elements such the Pyramids on the gate posts at Bluecoats for example. Take a look at the Dollar bill, which has the pyramid too. In fact these clues are everywhere - hidden in plain sight. The next time you go into a McDonalds, see if you can find the Eye and Pyramid in the decor. Or maybe go to the BBC Headquarters in London, where you will see the seven Stars of David carved into the architecture... It may surprise you - or not.
Abdullah Yaser (9 months ago)
Christopher Petty; he did mentioned about orphants too, orphants had no rights in these schools, they were another types of slaves,
cameronpaul (2 years ago)
"Liverpool One" - what a heap of shit.
Peter Ainsworth (1 year ago)
Half that land had been wasteland since the blitz. Seems a pretty good development to me!
donald duck (2 years ago)
I whas a Hardcore Aristocrat in my "Last" Life
jpalm32 (2 years ago)
Shame 360P
James Parsons Duncker (2 years ago)
interesting architecture and narrator. very well done. :-)
UglyhoodRAT (2 years ago)
This left wing propaganda shit forgot to mention that slaves did not exist in England since 1599 in Cartwright case law.
Jay Okal (5 months ago)
Why are you mad that most of your societies were built on slave muscle ?
Cheeseatingjunglista (10 months ago)
Liverpool was built from scratch to engage in the 3 way trade, one leg of which was slaving. Its not left wing propaganda you fucking Yank turd stream - ha has NOT mentioned the slavery enough. Go train your kid how to kill everybody in his school you vile shit
TEZ (11 months ago)
Thanks for saving me time. I'm sick of bullshit liberal propaganda. I'm going to give this documentary 5min.
heyguysinternet (1 year ago)
Chill out, Chris.
Tightmanhole (1 year ago)
Its the BBC lol
asa (3 years ago)
So basically Liverpool was built on white slave labor!!!
Claudius (3 months ago)
So what???????
victor vazquez (3 years ago)
these are truly some beautiful structures the like of which we rarely see today in our modern buildings
Mirek Heikkila (3 years ago)
Love the guys response at 36:50 about the poorest/'lowest' in society... 
Mecklenburgh Square (3 years ago)
Wonderful -- thank you for posting this. Would you happen to have the other episode of the series?
Mecklenburgh Square (3 years ago)
+playdo Fantastic! Thank you for that link. It's a great series.
playdo (3 years ago)
if the other is the one concerning Gothic architecture then it is already on YT, just in four parts 1/4 People's Palaces: The Gothic Revival

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