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How to use the font-family CSS property

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Here we go! This is the start of becoming master manipulators of every visual component of a web page. But, we have to start with a single CSS property, and what a visually subtle yet powerful one it is.
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Ashish Saini (1 year ago)
The video that should have been after this one, is missing. At 4:30, it shows the title of the next video as "How to measure parts of ... ...CSS properties" but the next video in the playlist is something different and it has some content skipped. Please look into it.
Chris Shattuck (1 year ago)
Hi there! The videos on YouTube are just a sample of the full library on https://buildamodule.com. The next video can be found here: https://buildamodule.com/video/front-end-development-html-and-css-basics-how-to-measure-parts-of-your-screen-and-use-the-font-size-and-font-style-css-properties

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