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Kawaii Fashion Clothing Haul! Youvimi 💗

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http://youvimi.com discount code: Billie Wig With Two Small Bun:https://bit.ly/2QqmsEQ 3-piece skirt::https://bit.ly/2AAvXau white Chiffon Blouse: https://bit.ly/2zywIkM black anime tee : https://bit.ly/2DT7GQg Angel & Little Devil's Wing Clip : https://bit.ly/2rh3RNg black Hot Pants: https://bit.ly/2zyFhfk v cutesy clothes and accessories 💗 ! love kawaii harajuku Japanese street fashion sm. I hope you all like this! i have a couple more videos like this as well and i enjoyed just sitting and talking instead of how i used to record clothing hauls! I wasn't feeling the best for awhile and was not completely happy with just doing makeup tutorials but wasn't sure how to expand what i do so i've been trying to think of some good ideas! hopefully they come to me lol! ☺️ music: Mike Vallas & Jagsy & quaggin. - Left My Heart In Pain Andromedik - Titan (Radio Mix)
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Text Comments (127)
Beth B (1 month ago)
Cute cute wig
RSD/CRPS Awareness (1 month ago)
First time ever watching one of your videos, but I have to say, you are so gorgeous! Your voice is so calm and soft/soothing! No homo though, lol
The Unicorn Diaries (1 month ago)
You are the only person I’ve ever seen that can literally have any haircolor or hairstyle and still be gorgeous!
Kelsi Jade (2 months ago)
Can you do a video wrapping up your 2018 favorites? Makeup, fashion, food, shows 🤘
Ruby dooby doo (2 months ago)
Are the wigs itchy or anything? I've had my eye on some wigs.
Kait Bailes (2 months ago)
literally perfect 20/10 and still sweet and humble kaj;lsdkjf;alskjdf;laks ily
bruce ali (2 months ago)
Plz come to Japan! !
Serenity Huffine (2 months ago)
She has an usa-chan!!
Rissa Chavez (2 months ago)
You are such a cutie 💕
Caroline Coté (3 months ago)
Bun Bun in the back!
Beautiful video 💗
Angel Freehuggs (3 months ago)
Soooooo grateful you're updating more instead of once a year!! We missed you!!!!!
Lovrich123 (3 months ago)
the anime shirt was super cute. I wish you'd upload more often! I swear if you uploaded on a regular basis with makeup and hauls your channel would grow so much lol take over the beauty community queen!
Layla O (3 months ago)
blue eyeshadow looks really cute on you ^^ u seem like a soothingperson
Diyana Diaja (3 months ago)
What does the shirt saaay??
Catapillargirl 20 (3 months ago)
No where on their website does it say where the hair for these wigs comes from or what they’re made out of. 1st item I clicked on was made out of real rabbit!!! Be careful what company you support, order from or out your name to. No thanks!
Catapillargirl 20 (3 months ago)
Billiedawnwebb i looked and it was not showing up on the mobile site. The first item I saw made of rabbit hair was a strange tiny hat. Something seems quite shady but I’m glad you are able to see an ingredients listing.
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
And they do say what they’re made from. I just checked
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
These wigs are sold on many different sites. They’re synthetic. Thx for your opinion tho
katelyn somer (3 months ago)
Honestly no matter what u do I'll still watch, u r just so adorable. 🖤
babso1999 (3 months ago)
you seem so much happier in your videos these days Billie 💖
i love you :,,,v please marry me xD
Very thoroughbred . (3 months ago)
Do a week where each day isa different hair colour or eccentric look. Bake something very different or make your up your own song! Do a safe double dare for a friend.
Very thoroughbred . (3 months ago)
More dress up shoes haul or dress my friend/boyfriend in girls footwear for a day.
HeyItsNat (3 months ago)
I love your hair so much like 🥰
Sarafina Adie (3 months ago)
Wow I swear with every vid of yours I watch im getting outfit inspo 😍😍😍
Tara MacLennan (3 months ago)
Your hair looks holographic in that lighting
mars dion (3 months ago)
You’re so thin!!💜🌸
Hobi (3 months ago)
Your hair is such a pretty color 😍
Aphmau Kitty (3 months ago)
I love how cute you look in every video
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
Thanks 😭💗
rena seydzade (3 months ago)
Can you please do video about all your tatoos ?
Manda Panda (3 months ago)
Why are you like a living anime babe?!?! You are seriously gorgeous.
Manda Panda (3 months ago)
Love youuuu😘
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
Ily 💗💗
brigitte cuntie (3 months ago)
I love showing you support.
Olen.Destler (3 months ago)
That girl is from the gambling anime on Netflix I believe she’s super adorable
Kenny LovesBacon (3 months ago)
Honey Bear (3 months ago)
She's so adorable ❤😍😭❤
Little CawfeeBean (3 months ago)
Gréta Farkas (3 months ago)
I love the wig soo much ♡
Moriah Lambier (3 months ago)
you’re so cute!! i love your videos & your insta 💕✨
Tina Louise (3 months ago)
hey billie! just wanted to give you some feedback on your videos. =) when you first started posting, you seemed a bit reserved but lately you've seemed to loosen up so much. Like you make little jokes and seem to be a bit more yourself which is really cool. You come across really funny and casual here and I really like how it seems like you've been opening up and showing your personality more. also I love the outfits you put together here =) really cool style
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
Tina Louise thank you for this I really appreciate it, I’ve been trying to open up more ☺️
Rebecca Midson (3 months ago)
You're just the cutest Billie! 💜🤘
Ariel Cory (3 months ago)
Pink haired Rachel McAdams
river (3 months ago)
Love the vibe of this video! You should make sit down hauls more often 😊😊😊
panda bb (3 months ago)
I wish i could lose fat by catching myself on fire
cat lady (3 months ago)
If your "fat" is that much of a problem diet and exercise homie. You got this. Just do it the safe and healthy way.
Time-Lost Productions (3 months ago)
I loooove the wing clips! How cute!
500daysofinternet (3 months ago)
I'd love to see a video where you do maybe 3 different makeup looks and style them with some of your wigs
LovelyPastelPuppy (3 months ago)
Ohmygosh so cute. 💝 And I wish I was super photogenic like you lol. I want the angel wing clips so bad lol.
m i n a . t u r e (3 months ago)
You are such a gorgeous lil bean❤️
Horriblyyours (3 months ago)
Hope to see you post more! Maybe try story time videos? Or cooking vids, or get ready with me, or more clothing hauls would be cool!
Kit kat (3 months ago)
What foundation do you use, its amazing 😍
brianna millie (3 months ago)
Wow you’re so cute x
alyssa tombs (3 months ago)
this stuff is all super cute!! suits u so well
Plant (3 months ago)
I’m so happy you’re uploading more
Edgyedgelord (3 months ago)
The Japanese text says, Shippen shindeiru, shippen means all at once/ one time, shi means death and shindeiru means have died, become dead or are dead. So I think it says, sudden death or at once, they died. In the context of that it all died. It's really difficult to translate because it's not written correctly bc Yuvimi isn't Japanese. Still studying so don't know if I'm correct about the translation but I know for sure that it is in the context of death.
S Laurence (3 months ago)
I had a bit of a hunch and Googled it and I think it's "Ippen, shinde miru?", something like, "Just this once, do you want to try dying?" or "Do you want to see what it's like to die?" Apparently it's from an anime called Hell Girl. But yeah, it's a bit of an awkward one since the last kanji is a Chinese one rather than a Japanese one (so is the second one but it's a lot more similar) but apparently 见 is the simplified Chinese version of 見.
Autumn Parker (3 months ago)
you're so cute and I want to be your friend 😭
Very thoroughbred . (3 months ago)
Spooky stories or hilarious ones.
Very thoroughbred . (3 months ago)
Cooking , films your shoes ....
Grace Spriggs (3 months ago)
You could have a thing where you talk about, review, or rant about animes
Little CawfeeBean (3 months ago)
Totally like this idea
sarcasticlilbitch 666 (3 months ago)
ugh, billie, you’re so stunning! loved everything you got!
Mia Crudo (3 months ago)
Cutie patootie <3
Josefine Bliss (3 months ago)
So pretty. Love the clothes especially the skirt! 💘
Jamie karate (3 months ago)
You are so gorgeous
C M (3 months ago)
Love u Billie, and all the other Youtubers who do hauls like these, but does anyone actually wear this shit out of the house besides to like conventions? 🤔
babso1999 (3 months ago)
I don't think it's very unusual clothing? I can see someone wearing that p much anywhere but maybe that's just cuz I go to an art school lol
Marisa Mire y Teran (3 months ago)
AnneMarie Nicolaides (3 months ago)
I love your nose, lol, but fr, it’s cute
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
Thanks so much! ☺️
Tina Louise (3 months ago)
Glad someone else thinks so. lol I've always thought she has this like, perfect little bunny nose thing going on
لينا القديري (3 months ago)
Omg you made the wig more beautiful when you wore it :3
Tessa Hazzard (3 months ago)
Those bat ears are SO CUTE OMG
Duftin Ozoria H (3 months ago)
i will love too see anime with any one i think you can wacth with peopple on crunchyroll
Duh Bruhh (3 months ago)
Bella Nena✨
WB Sims (3 months ago)
This might sound odd but you have such a doll face that's very much fits into the kawaii community plus you're a sweet person already
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
Witch's Brew Sims the best compliment oml thank you 💗💗
rotting doll (3 months ago)
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
Laura TwT (3 months ago)
Esa voz tan dulce😍😍😍 has asmr porfis
Emmeline Beck (3 months ago)
You’re so cute. I am happy that you exist. 💖😁
Anastasia Exposed (3 months ago)
Wardrobe goals
-- (3 months ago)
I like the anime shirt so much!
Sara Katherine (3 months ago)
You’re adorable! I love how your hair looks here too 💕
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
Thank you :D
(3 months ago)
LadyofTruth (3 months ago)
Wish I could pull off your style. It's very interesting and beautiful
Tessa Desormeaux (3 months ago)
Love the shirt! Looks like Mima from Perfect Blue, such a fantastic movie. Highly recommend it!
morgan (3 months ago)
that movie emotionally scarred me
Katie (3 months ago)
一遍、死んで见る? means “Would you like to die?”
Katie (3 months ago)
+Billiedawnwebb ^^ You're welcome! I think it's a phrase from the anime Hell Girl.
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
Oh damn! Thank you for telling me :)
undead 64 (3 months ago)
U r looking super cute too ❤
yangminunionduseg (3 months ago)
lauren (3 months ago)
kiara holbrook (3 months ago)
S Laurence (3 months ago)
"Just once, would you like to try dying?" or something to that effect. There are a few different ways you could translate it but that's the basic meaning, apparently it's from an anime (you can google "Ippen, shinde miru?" if you want to see the scene but I didn't get a lot out of it without context). It's also written in somewhat garbled Japanese as a couple of the kanji are Chinese ones that aren't actually used in Japanese.
Bry Gaitley (3 months ago)
BILLIE YOUR HAIR it’s so lovely💗💗
vitural.virgo (3 months ago)
Link to the website? & some video ideas. Would love to see you drawing, or crafts, reacting to fan pages of you, an updated playlist? 💘💞💖💕💓😄
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
Oops sorry it’s in the description :) yes nice ideas! ☺️
Meghan Thirteen (3 months ago)
The top looks super cute on you
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
Meghan Thirteen tyty!
J.NessSoReady (3 months ago)
I really enjoy your videos 😊
Angelina ø (3 months ago)
i love the vibe of this vid, btw the faded pink is so cute on you
Ryan Morrison (3 months ago)
U looked absolutely amazing and beautiful with everything u tired one Billie hope u have a great day my makeup guru friend 😊💗✌️🧡☺️
Ryan Morrison (3 months ago)
Billiedawnwebb you’re super duper welcome Billie 😊💗✌️
Billiedawnwebb (3 months ago)
Ryan Morrison thank you so much Ryan!! 😊
undead 64 (3 months ago)
Missed ya u know ._.
Hakuna Matata (3 months ago)
Hakuna Matata (3 months ago)
+Crissy Simic No, I'm British and have no idea what Poiter is haha sorry, it's actually from Brooklyn Nine Nine
Crissy Simic (3 months ago)
are u Aussie? Is that a Poiter reference or am i just an old Aussie?
Ria Greyjoy (3 months ago)

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