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Greek Revival Style House (Artlantis Animation)

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Demo version of Abvent software.
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dada 33426 (1 year ago)
Can You help me? If I try to render my animation, just a simple camera one like this, the quality of the rendering is really bad, with squares and an over illumination that not match with the settings. Also putting quality to high and exporting frames images gave same result.
Serge Vladinov (1 year ago)
Hello. This animation was prepared using Artlantis 4.0 at 2013 with frame size 1280-720mm, also there was HDR Image on background, output format - avi. Unfortunately I forgot details related to settings and difference between Artlantis 4.0 and new Artlantis 6.5
dada 33426 (1 year ago)
This is the result https://ibb.co/iwFjKb
Andrea Carri (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for using my song!
Serge Vladinov (5 years ago)
My test of Artlantis animation: deinterlacing methods are help somewhat to reduce edges between the fields. #animation   #architecture  
Odracirys Mediys (5 years ago)
I appreciate the info!  I might try it out.  And cool renders on your site!
Serge Vladinov (5 years ago)
Thank for comment! Yes, this animation has been prepared in free version of Abvent software. Work in progress here http://bit.ly/17CTvG0
Odracirys Mediys (5 years ago)
That's sweet!  Awesome house! (I notice the Artlantis logo on that.  Does that mean there is a free version?  Did you make that rendering in Artlantis or another program?  Have you used SketchUp?  If so, is this easier or harder than that?)

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