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Style of eye - We Are Boys [HD] Full version

500 ratings | 86510 views
Artist: Style of eye (2011) Label: Refune Records
Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (35)
merlin king of the sea (2 months ago)
IPisCrispy (1 year ago)
his best track.
droid ark (2 years ago)
este estilo no mames,!!! lo demás es puritita cueva!!!
Cat Tube (3 years ago)
Ahhhhhh, the end! The end!!! There has to be more song! Ahhhhhhh </3
thepisaller (5 years ago)
I think I prefer Rebbeca & Fiona's version of this, 'cause this sounds a little bit too girly for boys.
droid ark (2 years ago)
so we are boys, this high NRG oh boy !!!
Szkoła Select (5 years ago)
timotje25 (5 years ago)
Voices sound nothing like 'boys' more like sanitized  bitches. Nice tune nontheless
Angel Shred (5 years ago)
were can I find the accapella for this? 
László Dömötör (5 years ago)
9 girls dont like this
merlin king of the sea (2 months ago)
17 girls my good friends
João Neto (2 years ago)
11 girls now HAHa
Nikita Roumiantsev (5 years ago)
Maximilien ristagno (5 years ago)
I lové this song
Carl Eriksson (6 years ago)
lol you're funny
L T (6 years ago)
Carl Eriksson (6 years ago)
L T (6 years ago)
/watch?v=WvoW0EtrLh0 We are Girls!
An-Sofie Estenbergh (6 years ago)
can you please send me the whole cd? :( i beg you!
Josue Vargas (6 years ago)
Que Buen track No dejo de escucharlo (Y)
Federico Severin (6 years ago)
Sander Kolman (7 years ago)
who thought he was getting a message at msn at 2:02 too?
L T (7 years ago)
We are girls ...............
Chad McGuinness (7 years ago)
Class narcotic tune <3
Robert Hadchiti (7 years ago)
8 bit beat!!!!
Moa Lindgren (7 years ago)
damn it! i wanted to help out on this song but i didn't have the time to come D:
Lockstoff B_roadcast (7 years ago)
d de (7 years ago)
@SirisDaFox Haha xD
Jorge Cerezo (7 years ago)
Sailorwhut (7 years ago)
Sound different to me idky but awesome track though
DEEravesITT09 (7 years ago)
this shit is fukken sick!!
psypholicious (7 years ago)
it was ordinary till 2.47 where you have to turn the volume a notch or two...Top tune
Josh Brennecke (7 years ago)
dude amazing song! can you send it my way too?
TheKotteken (7 years ago)
@Legendetic06 CD of Tomorrowland :P Send me your e-mailaddress in a pm ;)
Robertt562 (7 years ago)
I tip my hat to you sir for getting this song a week ahead. :)

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