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STIHL Brings Three New Products to Market

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Steve Meriam, manager of national sales and product development with STIHL, introduces three new products from STIHL this fall. First, the electric start backpack blower known as the BR 450 C-EF has an instant electric start. Next, the BGA 100 is a new battery-powered handheld blower. At 5.5 lbs., the BGA 100 is the lightest blower in STIHL's line of handheld products. Finally, FSA 90R trimmer is part of the STIHL-Kombi battery system. http://www/rurallifestyeldealer.com
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cbthethird (1 year ago)
In the last year EVERY Stihl product I've bought have been disappointing failure prone junk. They don't honor their warranty claims. WORST. COMPANY. EVER.

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