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Freememeskids (4 days ago)
*Like the video and Subscribe for more <3* *NEW VIDEO* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1PETMNPyps *NEW VIDEO* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1PETMNPyps *NEW VIDEO* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1PETMNPyps
I know You Idk (14 hours ago)
4:03 dead😭😭
Freememeskids LOVE your Videos!!! 💗💗💗🎥📹🎦 LOL!!! 😃😄😆😂😁😀😅
Isaac Stillwell (4 days ago)
Bruh till the end
Killer 101 (6 days ago)
Litty titty my dude
Daniel Evans (7 days ago)
GuywithAnimés (2 hours ago)
"They did a surgery, on a **Grape** "
Carson (3 hours ago)
FortniteGamer (3 hours ago)
5:59 should kill some people
FortniteGamer (3 hours ago)
5:02 im on the floor
Ian McEwan (4 hours ago)
7:52 my boy💪🏻
ya Ha (4 hours ago)
6:45 Do you know this guy?He is "Yaju-Senpai".やじゅうせんぱい
Favøur Daniels (4 hours ago)
*ahhhh he has a dick?*
Favøur Daniels (4 hours ago)
2:51 purple and brown!! Memories :p
Jeferson Mota (5 hours ago)
5:57 song?
dyanne canada (5 hours ago)
Barbie Got Wrekt (5 hours ago)
0:05 when he goes in dry
One Punch Bacon (5 hours ago)
Reaver (5 hours ago)
What movie is 1:43?
Muffin Mandatory (5 hours ago)
0:24 how dare you disrespect the amazingness that is Robert downy jr
Hecho En Mexico (5 hours ago)
hola DED
Vic_CUCU (6 hours ago)
Aquí estuvo el DED
Ahmad Irsyad (6 hours ago)
1:35 song please?
Autumn Thao (6 hours ago)
rip head phone users for the loudness lol
jorge rojas (6 hours ago)
This is so funny and my bro see that it is funny too and i like it
REALLINK23 :v (6 hours ago)
Ira pues dijo el patron ded :vvvvv
Who is the video of 4:41
ToClean Games (6 hours ago)
Bruh Can u please stop the satanic junk cuz I'm a Christian and we don't like that stuff...we don't deal with it so.
Derpy Leo (6 hours ago)
Riusaki (7 hours ago)
Alguien me dice como encontrar el vídeo de el minuto 6:48 :v es que esta chistoso
Daran Turner (7 hours ago)
Ethan Newton (7 hours ago)
Know song for 5:25
Nectar (7 hours ago)
Hola dylan ;)
Emily Palmer (7 hours ago)
BRUH where’s the muffins
Jαρσηιƒy (7 hours ago)
whats the song of 0:45
Johan Martinez (8 hours ago)
Paulo Parolanan (8 hours ago)
5:06 this guy is absolute intense
Rodrigo Vázquez (8 hours ago)
1:31 name song?
スターマンstarman (8 hours ago)
Quién vino por dylantero weon?
Alguien que me dija la canción. Del 0:27
Sexy Cow (8 hours ago)
5:00 link? Its for a homework.....
JJT GAMING (8 hours ago)
2:53 Hahahhahahahahaha
Eli Gleason (8 hours ago)
0:52 was hot
Zombi (8 hours ago)
3:56 thank me later
litboy101 (9 hours ago)
Sarahi Gamer33 (9 hours ago)
1:17 :'v
4:34 perdon alguien que able español y ingñes que me diga que dise?
PabloAlpirez :v (9 hours ago)
Vengo de Ded :v
rixterz (10 hours ago)
what the fuck is 1:20
Unknown Person Plays 101 (10 hours ago)
1:20 man it killed me
Itou ito (10 hours ago)
someone pls tell me the name or link of this clip xd pleasee hahaha 3:24
Gamma Brown (10 hours ago)
6:08 give me some time to process what the absolute FUCK is going on
D ad (12 hours ago)
At 6:44 what’s the meme for the Asian guy moan called? I’ve heard it on sodas steams
Santino Marcos (12 hours ago)
Ahh he has a dick Wow i didnt even noticed,thank you for telling me
THE KÖBA (12 hours ago)
3: 30 song?
Burngang YT (12 hours ago)
NinjaPro64 (12 hours ago)
0:25 pause
Pato GF (12 hours ago)
6:47 7:01
k89 juegos y mas (9 hours ago)
4:38 link please me for jesus christ xD
Striker098219 (13 hours ago)
2:11 lol
Erika Jaramillo Cuevas (13 hours ago)
7:34 la vergüenza de mi especie :'/
I know You Idk (14 hours ago)
xX_ae_anto_Xx (14 hours ago)
Zlatan Messi (14 hours ago)
8:20 please give this man an Oscar
pizza man (14 hours ago)
¿who can tell me the song of the minutes 6:20 and 6:42?
Zlatan Messi (14 hours ago)
What’s the name of the song from 1:40? I’ve been looking for its name for so long! Thx in advance
Spooked Mexican (7 hours ago)
Gangster's Paradise
VicenteIDontKnow (14 hours ago)
6:21 song?
RideOn 69 (15 hours ago)
Music at 0:24
Angus Scotsman (15 hours ago)
pikachu troll (15 hours ago)
Hola xd (15 hours ago)
Hola xd (15 hours ago)
pikachu troll (15 hours ago)
ShAdOw Ghost (15 hours ago)
1:34 Name of the Song?
el ded? xd
Anyelo Hernandez (17 hours ago)
Juan Velez (17 hours ago)
6:47 solo lo dejo para acordarme en donde me quede :)
Black Fire (17 hours ago)
*AAAH OOH CALL AN AMBULANCE* ... *But not for me! >:)* 10/10
GardyChan :3 (17 hours ago)
Like si estas aki por el ded
XxpackmanxX 101 (18 hours ago)
1:35 song?
Greninja Knight (18 hours ago)
0:44 song please
Syris (18 hours ago)
What did i Watch
Alvaro 52 (20 hours ago)
LeoYT (21 hours ago)
Like si vienes por el Ded xd
Pharko V (23 hours ago)
what is the game at 6:06 ?
Dloc (1 day ago)
pleas dontet call the poliec
Kacperomix (1 day ago)
2:15 music ?
L a u r i t s (1 day ago)
What the song in the second last video 9:37
AverageGamer 995 (1 day ago)
What's the song at 3:58
Koki Garzia (1 day ago)
Cual es la canción que usan con el negro?
7:05 gave me a *fucking* heart attack
Juuan 211 (1 day ago)
Like quien venga se parte de ded :v
0.44 Song?
Pablo Nila (1 day ago)
6:44 please (the girl)
secucho (1 day ago)
ira pueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
trash talk (1 day ago)
ira pues dijo el ded
Jerdzek Garcia (1 day ago)
Vine por el DED
Yadira Rangel (1 day ago)
2:14 2:15 nice
DarkLyon (1 day ago)
6:07 link please?
Sirius Doggo (1 day ago)
1:33 song name?
Samsung J2 (1 day ago)
6:59 *Name song plis*
Wolf (1 day ago)
4:35 Wtf Bro :v (argentina)
TikTokplays (1 day ago)
3:40 WTF😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leonardo Solís (1 day ago)
Song 6:24
GG EZ (1 day ago)
5:18 song?
Victor Sánchez (1 day ago)
2:22 song please
Jifter (1 day ago)
music of 5:37 please
AJSbeans Tullis (1 day ago)
Meme are life

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