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Original Risitas,with english subtitles! Very Funny Laugh in TV Show!!!!

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Old but Epic!!! Subtitles: Go to the player settings, Subtitles/CC, Translate captions - English, enable subtitles and enjoy!
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Text Comments (4780)
Nights (7 hours ago)
Bandolero HAS (7 hours ago)
Laltain Mama.....
what the fuck (10 hours ago)
4:40 4:40 4:40 4:40 4:40 4:40
The Greg Playz (14 hours ago)
6:13 when your car doesn’t want to turn on
Spencer Gill (19 hours ago)
Change speed to 2x Thank me later🤣
Staarrliner49 (19 hours ago)
Andalusians. The hillbillies of Spain.
Dusko Jovanovic (23 hours ago)
07:03 Wtf bro?
La Vie Devant Soi (1 day ago)
A goat? A dolphin? Definitely not a man
trangle ganger boi (1 day ago)
I come from NotToTalkHand
fake pro (1 day ago)
Hehe noob
George_Saladbar (1 day ago)
Me looking at James Charles subcount
AShgar AShiro (1 day ago)
_"Laughing can extend your life"_ I feel immortal after watching this
Mark Rico (1 day ago)
Thank you very much for the english subtitle I died laughing because I understand the story🤣🤣
Butt_Sacc Right Nut (1 day ago)
Hisname evn before was risitas 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AcrylicCarp7135 (1 day ago)
Dillun_Chillun (1 day ago)
i watch this when im having some sort of anxiety breakdown its honestly more helpful then deep breathing n shit lol idk how to explain to therapist
Claudiu Marcello (2 days ago)
7:40 YAY thomas the train is here YAYAYAYAY!!!!
AYAMSEMPAK (2 days ago)
*C H I C K E N M A N!*
GamerBoy XD (2 days ago)
what ulsema,paluluman,bum bum and talktohand uses
Dodge The Streamer (2 days ago)
I have no idea what is he saying, even the english subtitles too, it's because of the laugh 😂😂😂
Adi DJ (2 days ago)
ZzozZ (2 days ago)
Donald j Trump (2 days ago)
5:30 when your girl say i am pregnant
GamerDwDOwOYT QQ (3 days ago)
Osa Ma (3 days ago)
it starts at 4:39 thanks me later 🤣😂
Mozilla FireFox (3 days ago)
4:12 where the golden joke of comedy begins
BottleCapBrony (3 days ago)
4:37 for the part you all came to see.
Udhay Raja (3 days ago)
Nate Doggie (4 days ago)
4:43 meme
VIKAS (4 days ago)
my jaws are hurting lol
Roger Samuel (4 days ago)
This is guy is going to die laughing like that lol
Adrian GaminG (4 days ago)
Copyright by my door
Lilloyu (4 days ago)
Pablo Escobar in one year in russia
Anaisse Steighart (4 days ago)
The man in yellow was losing his fucking shit
Aries Thibodeaux (4 days ago)
4:40 me when I stay up all night long and I start to lose my mind.
Jack Rippon (4 days ago)
Ahh hiii Ah hiii XD
SHNAHUA22 (4 days ago)
Me parto los cojones
Vinodh Thiagarajan (4 days ago)
Fireworks starts @ 4:38
Anthony Soyka (4 days ago)
His forehead is shiney
Anthony Soyka (4 days ago)
He sounds like a squeaky rubber ducky toy when he laughd
StevenCreationStudios (5 days ago)
6:23 my car wont start
Darth Maul (5 days ago)
4:49 💯
Darth Maul (5 days ago)
4:59 💯
Ty Nguyen (5 days ago)
Cigna YT (5 days ago)
Only this make my day
A Roblox User (5 days ago)
SCOR PION (5 days ago)
That legendary laughter never dies like jacksepticeye said "LAUGHT"
Sade Fade (5 days ago)
4:48 4:59
Jack Black (6 days ago)
Did he act in Torrente?
George P (6 days ago)
I think dolphins can understand him 😂
Its Abby! (6 days ago)
Red PlayZ (6 days ago)
Doctor: Do you smoke? Me:No Doctor: 6:11
Denis Ngara (6 days ago)
Halimah Nur (6 days ago)
4:38 how i finish this semester
Allan Ganzman (6 days ago)
Allan Ganzman (6 days ago)
NameNick1234 (6 days ago)
Me: i forgot my phone at home Everyone in a 10 mile radius: (u know what)
TOPIX top TWOS (7 days ago)
your classmates during sex ed
Dhyey Thakkar (7 days ago)
4:39 4:39 4:39 4:39 4:39 4:39
Sanod (8 days ago)
can somebody translate this XD?
s1r_dr2g0n (8 days ago)
That Moment When You Realize You Can Understand What They're Saying w/o Sub/Dub, Because You're Born in Mexican(or US)/Latinos.. Me: :o
Jay Porteous (8 days ago)
What a guy😂 bless him
Triston Ong (8 days ago)
He sounds like a dolphin/broken air horn/car tire/me at 3 am
Foxy The legend (8 days ago)
What a legend we will remember in 2020
JayTeeXD (9 days ago)
Jawstin .Y (9 days ago)
is there remix in this?
Jim G (10 days ago)
I didnt even know youtube had subtitles!
Liaqat Shah (10 days ago)
When ever I m feeling bore and upsad I m watching this guy laughing...hahahhha... Very interesting
CommanderTaco (10 days ago)
My tire has a hole in it
Carlos haiguan (10 days ago)
One risitas a day keeps the doctor away 😂
Soundwave Gabe (10 days ago)
Joey (11 days ago)
04:35 is where the interview really begins
StAtUs WhAtSaPp (11 days ago)
Nicole White (11 days ago)
7:40 on 0:25x I can’t even 💀
Lance Vlogs (11 days ago)
7:40 when the mongolian children in your basement starts a gang fight
Bloxy (11 days ago)
Honestly y'all came bcuz of 4:37
Dumb TheVlogger (11 days ago)
The legend is born
BBY CNOTE (11 days ago)
Teachers:aDDICKted 7th graders: 4:40
The_Admiral (12 days ago)
*"When i got to the beach, the tide had risen."* Perfect way to describe it.
Alfin Gaming (12 days ago)
HahHahaahahaha motherfucker
T0xic Ma rkus (13 days ago)
1:00 my car when it dont starts
NitroJam (13 days ago)
If you really wanna laugh your balls out put the videos speed on 2x its funny as hell 😂😂👌👌
Prince Yeshowah (13 days ago)
4:44 seagull impersonation
Susnata Goswami (13 days ago)
daheck is innu
Owethu Mabeloane (13 days ago)
😂😂😂made my day
Der Pfannkuchenmann (13 days ago)
Fuck you son of a bitch
DoThiNgocDiem GodYT (13 days ago)
Selling this like button if you click this 4:39 4:39 4:39 4:39 4:39 4:39 4:39
Stefan Clarkowski (11 days ago)
Hanz Judilla (13 days ago)
Hahahaha noob
_ Falcon (9 days ago)
Here is a replay button for - noob 4:50
lmao (14 days ago)
It gets even funnier when you see his majestic teeth in 2x
unnie unniee (14 days ago)
Im crying af
saly clemenceau (15 days ago)
This laugh make me so happy
YukiArt UωU (15 days ago)
Un comentario en español :u
Teh jingyuan (15 days ago)
I thought this was voiceover
Naizzer Wadja (15 days ago)
I Report this video because I died
Naizzer Wadja (15 days ago)
He looks like hello neighborhood
Remmidy 14 (16 days ago)
Kto od VDR? 😂😂😂
Frozen-Island (16 days ago)
play it in times 2 speed it is 10x funnier
CraZe_Taco (16 days ago)
4:42 ur welcome
Byce Grounds the one (16 days ago)
Haha no no thats to funny

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