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Wetlook - Kelevra fully clothed in river (with azure Converse)!

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Kelevra slowly soaked ALL her clothes in river. She wore azure converse all star with white ankle socks, jeans and an heavy sweater. She played with the water of the river. At the end she took off her shoes, showing wet socks and feet. For full version (28.14 minutes) go to my site www.andreagabrieli.it/wetlook or write to me: [email protected]! https://www.kelev-ra.com/ Enjoy it!
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Text Comments (13)
poika 983 (27 days ago)
Nice i like you wet look
carcarinous (27 days ago)
thank you!
Mario Arista (2 months ago)
nice wet clothes can you rip thes
Dharrel (4 months ago)
DanRage47 (4 months ago)
Is that a sweater or a long-sleeve dress? In any case, nice!
carcarinous (4 months ago)
a sweater
James stewart (4 months ago)
Yea , I definitely like to do something to these that I probably shouldn't say lol
James stewart (4 months ago)
I hate converse lol, but I sure like this Video!!!! As long as they are like pretty worn out and on a super hott female... they are seriously, starting to grow on me. !!!!!!
Ingo Börni (4 months ago)
Please More from this
Osiris Bronx (4 months ago)
500v8 (4 months ago)
Nice wet girl. 😉😉
George Schlaline (4 months ago)
my libedo is back
George Schlaline (4 months ago)
Get my libido back

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