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Digital design and manufacturing

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[Utilizing human sensibility, knowledge, and know-how in Digital design, Digital manufacturing] The Aoyama Group research focuses on developing computer systems for design and manufacturing, by combining science and engineering with knowledge and know-how regarding digital design, digital manufacturing, CAD, and CAM. Lets take a look at the manufacturing processes in a company. Design work is conducted by sketching, and design is confirmed by making clay models, then CAD is used to create a 3D model. Design is evaluated by rapid prototyping machines. Dies and molds are manufactured using machine tools and products are formed by dies and molds, and finally, its inspected by measuring machine. The manufacturing process consists of product planning, concept design, basic and structural design, detailed design, manufacturing planning and design, manufacturing and assembly, and inspection and evaluation, leading finally to products. The Aoyama Group is studying all these processes. In digital design, the Group is researching for analyzing the esthetics of products from a scientific and engineering viewpoint and applying the analysis results to product design. And the Group is studying how to combine technology and skill of designers and engineers in digital technology. In digital manufacturing, the Group is developing support systems based on scientific and engineering principles, and ways to utilize human sensibility, knowledge, and know-how digitally. Q.My group studies design and processing from a range of perspectives. Our main activity is developing computer systems for design and manufacturing that combine knowledge and know-how with science and engineering. So let me tell you about a few of our research projects. [System for automatically generating designs from conceptual words] Generating a form from words means that a form for a design can be thought up from a plan or concept. A diverse range of designs can be automatically generated by assigning numerical values to the conceptual words such as softness, stability, strength, and so on. Presenting diverse designs using this system can stimulate designers imagination. [System for generating 3D forms from sketches] Designers make concrete ideas from abstract ideas while drawing lots of sketches. If 3D forms can be created in real time when a designer draws sketches, this can help with both embodying a design and coming up with ideas. [System for fairing forms using highlight lines] After a form has become concrete to some extent, the form fairing is often required. To do this using scientific and engineering techniques, the team is developing ways of fairing forms while maintaining the designers sensibility by analyzing changes in curvature using highlight lines, which indicate light reflections from curved surfaces. [System for designing wood grain patterns] As an example of how design efficiency can be improved by using digital technology, computer programs simulate virtual tree growth and diverse wood grain patterns are generated as cross section patterns of a virtual tree trunk. [System for digitizing and utilizing knowledge, know-how, and experience ] When products are mechanically processed, cutting tools are used. Expert workers use their experience to decide how to move the tools to process products efficiently. The Aoyama Group is developing a system to utilize experts know-how. Q.So far, I've presented a lot of system for style designs, but were also researching design systems, production systems and manufacturing systems in similar ways. To develop such systems, we also utilize virtual reality technology and CAE systems. If you're interested in our research, you're welcome to contact me at this e-mail address.
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Nice music at 1:38 and 3:35 ;-)

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