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Magician Shin Lim, 'AGT' Winner, Leaves Ellen Speechless

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Newly crowned "America's Got Talent" winner Shin Lim left Ellen speechless after showing her an incredible card trick that will leave you speechless too! #ShinLim #AGT #AmericasGotTalent
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Orbis Backpackers (11 hours ago)
i m wondering where does he gets his shirts from? dope choices
Lilly Brown (4 days ago)
Asians... everything they touch turns to magic. Amazing people
mee mee (4 days ago)
His short name should be "SLIM" lol🤣!
Sree Hari S.N (6 days ago)
He is illuminati
This dude secretly kissed ELLEN😍😍😍👏🏽 lucky 🍀 lucky 🍀 lucky 🍀 lucky 🍀 lucky👌
Maybe Shin can pass in "Now you see me 3?"
Edward DeBartolo (10 days ago)
this guy can double lift really well
Channel Surfing (12 days ago)
Whoa! He's fast!
keith kyalo (14 days ago)
he had the card in the mouth before the trick was even complete at exactly 2:24
ErisTV (20 days ago)
The regaliaaaa😍😍😍
Dani Burch (22 days ago)
Ellen has left
Shadow Quadz (23 days ago)
1:58 if u look closely u can tell that he flipped the deck
Sultan al aodeh (24 days ago)
10 of heart ❤️ already in his mouth before doing magic trick . U can see it in 2:25
feminime (29 days ago)
Been hooked on shin lim's performances
محمد علوی (29 days ago)
Shin lim
Top 10 (1 month ago)
He is an amazing magician!
Drifter0001 (1 month ago)
2:00 he did the switch, and the rest magic.
Tiago Senne (1 month ago)
Oh yeah! After all, Queen of Spades♤ turns in a Queen of Clubs ♧ lol
Mary Ann (1 month ago)
I love shin lim😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄👙
Lew Huey Wen (1 month ago)
Piotr Sadowski (1 month ago)
He does real magic!!!!!!! Aliens confirmed :O
Tony Tony (1 month ago)
Simple trick but I am amazed by the fact how fast his hands move. Very talented. Pure arts of misdirection. Brilliant.
Silly Ma (1 month ago)
1:27 The card is brought to the top... Audience: Silence let's wait for Ellen... Ellen: Wow Audience: OMG!!!!!
Faruq (1 month ago)
I don't understand the top or bottom joke😩😩
Elena Tvinnereim (1 month ago)
You'll understand someday 😂
ManThatUFear1423 (1 month ago)
Well when Ellen picks the same card as jimmy as shin Lim used on agt, of course the trick is gonna be easy to do. Has anyone not realized that it’s always the 10 of hearts????? I don’t know exactly what it is that he does, but I know it has something to do with that one specific card because every show he goes on seems like they all pick the 10 of hearts.
Devi Dang (1 month ago)
Dan White is used to do that on Jimmy Fallon ??
Herline Naissant (2 months ago)
Firdaus Ja'afar (2 months ago)
ham burger
ashish rawat (2 months ago)
the last one is every magicians goto trick talk show lol
rp Damdul (2 months ago)
He Looks bit like MJackson
sili doyom (2 months ago)
On the top😂😂😂
Quench Gamer TV (2 months ago)
he really deserve it congratulations im a fan
CC joseph (2 months ago)
2:24 and you see the little red 10 peeking from the side of the card~
Bishnu prasad (2 months ago)
I think at 1:56 ,he changed the card. Also I think most of his card were double coated, outer coat vanishes after sometime, then card number and category appear to be changed.
Lord Yamcha (2 months ago)
Try to change the speed into 0.5 Hahahha. Its so funny
Counter Punch Boxing (2 months ago)
Yes he switches the cards but I think it's hilarious how many people are upset that this isn't real magic people will complain about anything just enjoy the video and have fun with it.
Joy Glad (2 months ago)
He smiles like michael Jackson and is humble like MJ
Joy Glad (2 months ago)
He switched the card at 2:00
Michael Hogan (2 months ago)
He signed TWO cards and switched them. The first one he signed was pre-set in the deck
Magic Mountain (2 months ago)
He's incredible!!!
Bliss WKC (2 months ago)
Thank You sooo much dearest 💐 You’re such an inspiration 🥰 Be Blissful Eternally 🙏🏼😇
Slok Shah (2 months ago)
The flip of hearts at 2:00 :P :P
yosef sabbah (2 months ago)
I actually know how to do that trick! If anyone wants i will gladly explain in a vid
BR C (2 months ago)
after watching many videos, i finally know how this is done!!
James Carter (2 months ago)
Titis Wahyu Aji (2 months ago)
Shin lim accidenttally grab womans hands. 9 months later that woman gives birth shin lim jr.
juan dela cruz (2 months ago)
Ok so here how it's done. First: Theres two Queen of spade. The other one has a "signiture" signed by him and the other don't have. Sequence: From 2:01 he switched Elens card which is the 10 of hearts for the Queen of spade w/ a "signiture". *Elen bites the queen of spade w/ "signiture". From 2:14 he signed the other Queen of spade which is the second card. So from 2:21 he switched the second Queen of spade to Elens card which is the 10 of hearts and fold emediately and pretended. And thats it. Thats how its done. Convinced? Press like button.
Mohamed Mansour (2 months ago)
At 2:00 you see he is holding the 10 ♥ with his pinky. At 2:01 he flips the card very fast and folds the other card and gives it to Ellen. Then at 2:10 he flips the card again to reach another Q ♠, but still holds the 10 ♥ with his pinky so he doesn't loose it. At 2:20, he flips the card so that the 10 ♥ is at the top to fold it. He has very fast slight of hands!
Royal P (2 months ago)
His so good that at 2:25 it’s already 10 hearts
cool guy (2 months ago)
There are layers to this trick watch 1:28 and 1:58 and also in 2:21 in 2.5 at first u'll See him switch the cards and the second he quickly changed Ellen's card with his own card which was prepared long before the show and he switches his card with hers look at his hands carefully while he shows his back side of his hand and the card is face down which all cards look alike when it's face down he switches it but really quick
cool guy (2 months ago)
What frustrates me is that y did Ellen not check her card before biting it zzzz
cool guy (2 months ago)
Sarah Weitzman (2 months ago)
How just how
Bleach Prod. (2 months ago)
The reason he asked Ellen to pick a number card is because he already had a face car pre signed (queen of clubs) and he was afraid that Ellen would name that card
Nessy B (2 months ago)
The most magical part about all of this is that hair. 😍 Moist.
Kanguesso Kang (2 months ago)
Just when you need Cris Angel 🙄
Irvan Abidin (2 months ago)
He is amazing.. wooww 🤟🏼
Butterfly M.M (2 months ago)
Shiiiii liiiim..ur amazing
Sean Chambers (2 months ago)
Good slight of hand
pro gamer23 (2 months ago)
SwiftyZ 35 (2 months ago)
Woah I can see how he did it but it’s too smooth like holy cow
Zimpan zee (2 months ago)
Everybody was busy searching how he did all the trick by 0.25x speed , but I was watching every Shen Lim's video using 2x speed...just too bored of the repeating magic =.=
Tony Hoang (2 months ago)
I’m not going near this guy, like he has the ability to making out with anyone without using the traditional technique.
Priyanka Szenah (2 months ago)
Knowing how to do the trick is one thing, but doing it flawlessly is another !
Safras Ali (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who figured out the last trick just by watching it twice??
Yaneth Manzo (2 months ago)
Probably not
yknichz warrior (2 months ago)
Ohh, i love Ellen's FLAT AFFECT reaction... Ahahahha 😶😜😋🤣
Brian Sanguenza (2 months ago)
Omg 💙💙💖💖
Angie MontoyaCuri (2 months ago)
Top or Bottom? Me: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!! i would be that one girl who would be screaming that's what she said in the crowd tbh!😂😂 i'm 11
Angie MontoyaCuri (1 month ago)
+MrLuwid they did i'm just dirty minded
MrLuwid (1 month ago)
Well your parents need to raise you better, LOL.
Benjamin Javier Jr. (3 months ago)
Shin is cheating,he is using real magic.
1:05 she said top but he still showed bottom 🤣🤣
smack down (3 months ago)
I see some of Michael Jackson in him
Crewkie Fuentes (3 months ago)
Fidez Ramirez (3 months ago)
I love Ellen’s expression.
Raymond Sheppard (3 months ago)
I would never believe this until I'm there in person. 😑
Antonio Sanchez (3 months ago)
He has the same clothes on
Jay Cee (3 months ago)
the switch happened at 2:01 if you're wondering how he did it
LoyalGibby (3 months ago)
Shin Lim signature is different from the one he showed after signing it compared to the one Ellen had in her mouth, the camera angle switch right when he was doing his sleight of hand. Still a great trick, and his other tricks I have no idea.
it gets less impressive when you know how the trick works huh ughhh
Ary S (3 months ago)
at 2:30 u can see clearly that he had ellen's card already in his mouth :)
Randy Lanzaderas (3 months ago)
Amazing shim lim..
Quentin Fernandez (3 months ago)
That's the best way to shut up Ellen
Teeyah2 (3 months ago)
The moment where Ellen realized that the other card was in her mouth was priceless. One of the funniest things I've ever seen. That tickled me!!!
alec bald (3 months ago)
Acr1974 Tiger (3 months ago)
End of times. . .repent and ask for forgiveness, Jesus Christ is coming very soon. .🙏☝🌎
harish 98 (3 months ago)
Omg Ellen reaction
T DP (3 months ago)
At 2:25 you can see that he has the 10 of hearts in his mouth as you can see a bit of one of the hearts (and his card is a face card so that area shouldn’t be red and heart shaped ) He just did a slight of hand and swapped Ellen’s card with a prepared card with his name and put her card in his mouth. Would have been a perfect trick if he folded her card better but I’m sure it was amazing in person.
J 2 (3 months ago)
She's not a woman, she's a man,😊 never seen such a brilliant woman in my life.👍 Not subscribing though. Coz I never follows anyone 😜
Tamishra Biswas (3 months ago)
2:30 bite was hot 😉
Sarah B (3 months ago)
Mary Luvel Dequilla (3 months ago)
Carlos Lopez (3 months ago)
AsianTankPilot (3 months ago)
I actually figured that last one out, but every other trick he’s done has baffled me!
Andrew Diaz (3 months ago)
Real life Now You See It
NFAK FANS (3 months ago)
he switched the signed cards lol When he put his signed card in his mouth it wasn't his it was ellen's you can see it on .25 speed
Dakota Kline (3 months ago)
Susan Boyle deserved to win.
User (3 months ago)
He still wearing the same clothes
Michael Liang (3 months ago)
They technically kissed
Sandy Quijano (3 months ago)
He is cute
gauri tiwari (3 months ago)
He is so hot
CPA (3 months ago)
Ellen's funny!
tok tube (3 months ago)
This got me confused cuz he's wearing the same colour tshirt on 2019 too
Monica James (3 months ago)
Im pretty sure shin lim went to hogwarts
Patti Golka (3 months ago)
He's a real magician, Case Closed! Call Hogwarts!!!

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