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Stihl MS 192 T Chainsaw - Clearing Trails

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Stihl MS 192 T Chainsaw - Clearing Trails The Stihl is one of the best compact chainsaws on the market. Great for a quad box or the back of the truck. http://en.stihl.ca/STIHL-Products/Chain-saws-and-pole-pruners/Arborist-chain-saws/21371-1528/MS-192-T-C-E.aspx
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Stanley QC (2 months ago)
Man I can't wait for spring to come! I'm going to clear a whole bunch of trails that have been abandoned for 10+ years. And then eventually hunt on them. Do you think a 14'' chainsaw is enough for this (and the occasional wood cutting for firewood - I've found some old logging sites where they keep old logs that I might requisition :) )?
The Emporium Outdoors (2 months ago)
That sound like a really fun project - Excellent idea! Depending on the stuff you have to clear a 14" bar should be fine. You can always buy a larger saw and put a different bar on it for different work. I think my Stihl MS260 has a 16" bar and that is great for almost anything. The MS192T is a little special as its a one handed saw for arborists.
christophe grevet (8 months ago)
*Unpacked, set up, and went straight to the trees. No problems at all with the start up, or felling trees with this saw>>>**t.co/YLrKksuvGH**      It tackled the job with much vigor and power. So far, so good .*
The Emporium Outdoors (8 months ago)
You will be very happy I'm sure - its a fine saw!
shantal villareal (8 months ago)
Shannon Lane (1 year ago)
no chaps, safety glasses, gloves, boots, etc. Yeah you are a real safety conscious guy alright
The Emporium Outdoors (1 year ago)
That was my friend and it's his life to do with as he wishes. He has decades of experience outdoors and I'm not going to tell him what he can do. This is not an instructional video. More people die everyday through sitting on their couch eating chips, watching YouTube and getting heart disease than people using chainsaws.
john Kosheluk (1 year ago)
Great saw I am a stihl mech I am building s 193t a ms 201t and a ms 201tc out of spair parts.
The Emporium Outdoors (1 year ago)
Wow thats cool!
Ben Dover (1 year ago)
Nice saw too
Ben Dover (1 year ago)
So very true :)
The Emporium Outdoors (1 year ago)
Yup - both great brands.
Ben Dover (1 year ago)
Me too and Husqvarna also :)
The Emporium Outdoors (1 year ago)
Love the Stihl's!
Ben Dover (1 year ago)
Cute dog :)
Ben Dover (1 year ago)
Beautiful animal :)
The Emporium Outdoors (1 year ago)
Thanks Ben - she is!
Michael Dougfir (1 year ago)
Even if this is about the saw, a minimum of (discernible?) safety equipment is a good idea. Start with the ears. [huh?] One man who uses several Stihl saws in his videos was actually contacted by Stihl, asking him to amend his methods. Too many people watching his mistakes and taking them as gospel. As a modern American, you know well that a LOT of people need a good example, as they are not experienced to figure it out before they wreck something or hurt somebody. Thanks. Love your saw. Got one just like it.
The Emporium Outdoors (1 year ago)
Hi Michael - I agree will all your points fully. I was interested and encouraged that Stihl reached out to correct someone who was instructing incorrectly - but this video is not that. I also agree that leading by example is a amicable trait and one I profess personally to follow. However, I believe more that people should have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit and the dumbing down of society and treating us all like children is a greater crime. If we all cut wood like a Stihl instructional video & drove our cars like an driving instructor and any deviation was not tolerated in society, would that make life better or worse? There are certain people, even with training should not own a chainsaw but they should be free to do as they wish. It's the differences between us that makes for an interesting life, not the uniformity the government would have conform to. I will however, ensure any further chainsaw video's reference safety and include a warning for those impressionable people. I hope you enjoy the saw and thank you for a thought provoking comment!
Love2boat92 (2 years ago)
Wow those were some big logs for such a little saw. Impressive. Great video!!! I'm getting myself a top handle saw but it's not a Stihl though.
Michael Dougfir (1 year ago)
Love2boat92: The more you learn, the bigger the log you can cut with a smaller saw. You can cut over the top of the log, and in the far side toward yourself. This reduces the DIAMETER of what you have to cut through when you draw the saw back toward you in a minute or two. Then cut down. Or, cut from both sides. Another good top handle saw is the Jonsered 2139. I use both this one and the one in this video to prune trees professionally. Good saws. Another top handle saw I see tree men use in the videos is the Echo. I have not tried one, but their reputation seems to be good. I have the Echo pole pruner, and that's good, as a sample Echo product. I see Echos at Ace hardware, and I have seen Echo saw shops.
The Emporium Outdoors (2 years ago)
Stihl make some great stuff :)
John Bailey (2 years ago)
Too bad you don't like your eyes no safety glasses and you call yourself a safety guy. Gives you something to think about?
The Emporium Outdoors (2 years ago)
Not really - this isn't even me :/ Perhaps you should view a few more of my video's so you can troll the right person :D
Nathaniel Arnold (3 years ago)
Can't you go over the log
The Emporium Outdoors (3 years ago)
+nathaniel arnold Yea - I might make it over but the next guy down that trail might not. I try and clear any trails so it's easier going for everyone if I have a saw with me. Thanks for watching!
James Steele (3 years ago)
I'm a safety kinda guy, drop start or throw start the saw then using it one handed worst of all no chaps, gloves, boots, ear defenders, hard hat or glasses I always wear that when using a chainsaw
kj inohio (2 years ago)
What a crazy concept. Personal responsibility? Don't see or hear of that much anymore. LOL I have a 192 rear handle and like the little guy. I find with the lighter weight/ compact size I get a lot less tired after running more than 8 hrs. That in and of itself makes it safer as when you get tired you start getting sloppy and such. I don't do trimming for money so the extra cost for the bigger engine of the 200 or 201's is pretty hard to swallow for the average guy. That's why I bought the 660 for the log saw quicker as I didn't spend the extra $300 - $400 for a limber. By the way,tell your friend he can get a metal spur from Stihl or ebay for it and it's a bolt on. The plastic nibs are pretty worthless
orthotobi (3 years ago)
+James Steele I dont know what drop and throw start means...did you see that on the video?
The Emporium Outdoors (3 years ago)
+James Steele I appreciate the comment but the user is a grown man. If he chooses to not follow safety guidelines and looses an eye, finger or leg - I'll join you in telling him "I told you so". But if he decides not to do those things it's his choice and I respect his decision. Thanks for watching.
solrus20 (3 years ago)
I has 12 14 16" blade, which one you use in this vid?
The Emporium Outdoors (2 years ago)
12" I think on this video.
orthotobi (3 years ago)
I bet thats come in handy many times on the trail :)
The Emporium Outdoors (2 years ago)
Sure does!
lindsaysimplyliving (3 years ago)
Hey, I know that guy!
The Emporium Outdoors (2 years ago)
I hope so!
albertapeet (3 years ago)
nice saw!
The Emporium Outdoors (3 years ago)
+albertapeet Thanks for the loan of the saw for the video and doing most of the work! :)

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