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Seadoo Clicking - No Start Troubleshooting Opening Fuse Box, Checking Solenoid, Replacing Starter

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If your seadoo won't start and you're just getting a clicking sound, this video shows you a possible solution. This video is of my 1995 Seadoo SP, but this procedure will be applicable to many Seadoos with 587, 657, and 717 engines. I"m not sure about other engines because I've only worked on those 3 engines. These engines are in most seadoos up until 1996. Here I remove the Fuse box, test the starter solenoid, remove the starter, test the starter, and install a new one.
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Jason West (1 month ago)
Quick question, My 5 amp keeps blowing every time I connect to battery. with the 5 amp out, I can still jump the Solenoid and get the motor to crank. I've read that the diode may be the problem. Does anyone have any idea how to access the diode for testing? I've also disconnected the regulator rectifier and the 5 amp still blows.
dylan curtis (3 months ago)
mine doesn't even click man can you please really help me out I have no idea and I tried everything but when I bypass the solenoid it wants to turn over I have no power to buttons but everything is already good cuz I checked it I have no idea if you do it would be really appreciated if you could help me out please and thank you anyone
ramon zamudio (4 months ago)
Know how to fix problem , get a hammer and smash that trash , then go to the store and take out your credit card and buy a new one wala easy fix
IThought IToldYou (1 year ago)
I have a 1994 Sea-Doo XP 657X and It was doing just that Clicking and if you keep pushing the start button it will turn over and start. So I changer the starter button It was (very easy) It has been over a year and the ski now starts every time I push the new button. I had the same type of problem with the electric trim sometime the trim worked sometimes it did not, So I changed the trim buttons switch and now my trim works every time I push the button up or down.
Shannon Anderson (6 months ago)
IThought IToldYou
Tibbman (1 year ago)
+IThought IToldYou Sounds like a bad electrical connection to me. I'd check all your connections from the battery, to the switches, to the trim motor.
Leaky Hole (1 year ago)
Sweet. Thanks man
Tibbman (1 year ago)
Joel Barter (1 year ago)
thank you! very helpful video!
Esteban Perez (1 year ago)
I have 96 zxi and I had problems when I used it for about an hour I get the on click sound and it would not start. so I tried switching out the solenoid and conected backwards😁😩😵 for a few second. now it won't even start and my gauges went out. It will start when connect the postive and negative from the solenoid. Where do you think I can start looking for the problem?
gipsela nadal (1 year ago)
Esteban Perez, did you check all of the fuses?
Esteban Perez (1 year ago)
i guess I'm asking if it could be the wiring harness or could it be the cdi??? but snice it still turns over so I'm hoping that means that my cdi is still good?
Gus Ludovici (2 years ago)
My 96 Seadoo SPI isn't even clicking when started. Ive had it for 3 years and have had 0 problems with it. It sounded like it was trying to start but not firing. After trying and trying, it eventually stopped clicking all together. Hoping its a blown fuse...
Rich Brown (3 months ago)
Gus Ludovici I was watching a video an the guy changed the ground wire ??
Sam Price (1 year ago)
it will turn over but won't start
Sam Price (1 year ago)
Gus Ludovici
Joey Keys (2 years ago)
I have an issue with a 98 spx, the starter only engages 1 out of 20 times, I replaced the starter with the same issue. I was told that the starter engages a gear, not the flywheel?
Tibbman (2 years ago)
I've never experienced something like that. Do you have a video of what's happening? Maybe the gears aren't engaging properly.
Joey Keys (2 years ago)
it makes a knocking sound when it does not engage, it turns the motor when it engages?
Tibbman (2 years ago)
I'm not familiar with your model, but starters are all relatively the same. does the starter spin and just not engage the engine?
W Jansen (2 years ago)
Nice video mate! Liked and subscribed! Keep on posting!
Tibbman (2 years ago)
I just got the machine running today. Be on the lookout for the next video where I remove the carb, clean it out, change the fuel lines and get it to fire up.
DaddySyane (2 years ago)
ok I guess mine is older lol I think mine is either a 92 or 94
Tibbman (2 years ago)
You can check what model you have at http://seadoosource.com/seadoomodelreference.html

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