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Winter wear collection from myntra, flipkart and lifestyle ,starting only 400/ #myntra #flipkart

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LIKE👍SHARE👭AND SUBSCRIBE💃 CLICK HERE FOR SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B1L3oT81XgeeGh6S12qgQ Click here to buy 😍Black and grey long cardigan http://dl.flipkart.com/dl/christy-world-women-button-solid-cardigan/p/itmf8wgrtjs6nsw6?pid=CGNF8W4PMQHFVYG5&cmpid=product.share.pp 😊BLACK AND WHITE self design carxigan http://dl.flipkart.com/dl/tab91-women-s-button-self-design-cardigan/p/itmf9g83dbj5upfk?pid=CGNF9ETTBVYMVB3V&cmpid=product.share.pp 😊RED AND WHITE SELF DESIGNE CARDIGAN BY MADAME http://www.myntra.com/mailers/Topwear/Madame/Madame-Women-Red-&-White-Self-Design-Cardigan-/2035967/buy 😊ANTS DENIM JACKET http://www.myntra.com/mailers/Topwear/ANTS/ANTS-Blue-Self-Design-Open-Front-Shrug/2314138/buy 😊CODE FRONT OPEN PINK FLEECE JACKET http://www.lifestylestores.com/Women/Winterwear/Jackets-and-Coats/LIFESTYLE-CODE-Front-Open-Fleece-Jacket/p/1000006831973 😊ONLY CREAM COLOR SELF DESIGN OPEN FRONT CARDIGAN http://www.myntra.com/mailers/Topwear/ONLY/ONLY-Women-Cream-Coloured-Self-Design-Front-Open/7332837/buy 😊FORT COLLINS BROWN JACKET http://www.myntra.com/mailers/Topwear/Fort-Collins/Fort-Collins-Women-Brown-Solid-Parka/7087367/buy 😊SASSAFRAS RED HOODEX CROP SWEATSHIRT http://www.myntra.com/mailers/Topwear/SASSAFRAS/SASSAFRAS-Women-Red-Printed-Detail-Hooded-Crop-Sweatshirt/2280936/buy 😊PINK COTTON STOLE http://www.lifestylestores.com/Women/Ethnic-Wear/Dupattas-and-Stoles/LIFESTYLE-MELANGE-Solid-Woven-Stole/p/1000006585460 😊CODE METALLIC FULL SLEEVES JACKET http://www.lifestylestores.com/Women/Top-wear/Jackets-and-Coats/LIFESTYLE-CODE-Metallic-Weave-Full-Sleeves-Jacket/p/1000006097997 Find same jacket in cheap price on myntra http://www.myntra.com/mailers/Topwear/CODE-by-Lifestyle/CODE-by-Lifestyle-Women-Black-Self-Design-Tailored-Jacket/2233806/buy 😊 I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS VIDEO...LOVE YOU ALL...AND HAPPY DHANTERAS Winterwear collection, affordable and durable winter wear, myntra clothing haul, flipkart clothing haul, lifestyle clothing haul, cheap and best winterwear,partywear jacket,winter wear for college #myntrabigfashiondaysshoppinghaul #flipkartbigbilliondaysshoppinghaul #lifestylsdussehrashopoinghaul #codemetalicblackjacket #sassfras #myntra #flipkart #lifestyle
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Text Comments (15)
upasana kulshrestha (3 hours ago)
Plz provide the link of jacket you have wore in this video...plz
Venkatesh Gurramwar (11 hours ago)
Mam can u suggest any sweater for my mom. She's 50.
Priyanka Saha (14 days ago)
Dusty pink walli bohut pyaari lag rhi hain aap par
Sanjana Gupta (15 days ago)
Aapne Jo Pehna Hai wo v Bohot pretty hai
Sanjana Gupta (15 days ago)
Denim jacket is OSm... 👌👌👌👌👌👌
cute baby lovely (15 days ago)
I hv fort Collins's 3 Jacket. It's good brand...
Sadika nazz (15 days ago)
Thanks for fulfilling my request...ordered same jacket you are wearing from myntra....
Sadika nazz (15 days ago)
Sure..!!! Checkout what I found on Myntra! Check this out CODE by Lifestyle Women Black Self Design Tailored Jacket http://www.myntra.com/mailers/Topwear/CODE-by-Lifestyle/CODE-by-Lifestyle-Women-Black-Self-Design-Tailored-Jacket/2233806/buy on Myntra
Ok...jacket is really nice for festivels and wedding...plz comment link so other people can find it on myntra
Sadika nazz (15 days ago)
Black metalic jacket from myntra
Baking Cooking Easy (15 days ago)
Baking Cooking Easy (15 days ago)

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