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YOLO Blackout Funny Moments - NOT YOUR FATHER

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Random squads on Blackout don't often go right, even for the C.O. More full episodes coming soon! ► Help me reach 2 MILLION subs: http://bit.ly/StoneGoal ► Help me reach 200k subs to my gameplay 2nd channel: http://bit.ly/StonePlays 🔥Become a supporter https://www.facebook.com/becomesupporter/StoneMountain64/ Social: 🎥 Daily Streams on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StoneMountain64 🐦 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/StoneMountain64 👥 Discord: http://discord.gg/stonemountain64 📸 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/StoneMountain64 🙌 Swag store: http://dbh.la/stonemountain64 🎮 How I capture gameplay, Elgato: http://e.lga.to/stonemountain64 ☕ Fuel yourself with Madrinas Coffee & save 40%, code “STONE”: https://madrinascoffee.com/stonemountain Info: 🌏 Upload/stream schedule: http://bit.ly/StoneSchedule 🎮 Gaming setup: http://bit.ly/SM64setup Sponsors: Fnatic gaming keyboard, headset and more (10% off code "Stone") - http://fna.tc/STONE How I capture gameplay, Elgato: http://e.lga.to/stonemountain64 ★ World's Best Gaming Clips = http://bit.ly/BestClipShow Top PUBG plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysPUBG Top Battlefield 1 plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysBF1 Top R6 Siege plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysR6S Top Battefield 4 plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysBF4 ★ YOLO on the Battlefield, serious next level gaming: http://bit.ly/YOLOBattlefield ★ Casting randoms from my basement: http://bit.ly/AWALcasting I am a YouTuber and Facebook livestreamer uploading commentaries, YOLO, casting, and top plays with new episodes every Monday. StoneMountain64 is my gamertag and online name. Video games mainly featured are shooters including PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Battlefield 1, Rainbow 6 Siege, Overwatch, For Honor, now including a variety of other games as well. Join the community of legends http://bit.ly/StoneGoal. #YOLO #Blackout #StoneMountain64
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Text Comments (368)
Marcos Urbina (9 days ago)
Why are you not making more of these !?
Marcos Urbina (9 days ago)
On BO4 I mean
Drizz Nation (16 days ago)
6:30 dude sounded like he was going to shit himself when he shot stone🤣
Drizz Nation (16 days ago)
Stone you won a fight against Shrond that fckin great😁👌
J Young Channel (22 days ago)
That healing reject happened to me the other day playing down but not out. I think I still have that clip saved.
Xantek 2612 (25 days ago)
Man lov YA attitude u are God of positive gaming skilled and positive Gos bless YA man
02silvias15 (26 days ago)
How do u get a clip to get futured on ur videos?
Isaiah D (30 days ago)
Wait were you playing against Shroud?
Filip Kindblad (30 days ago)
trauma ohhh yeahhh
TheDax 02 (1 month ago)
Jajaj me cae bien este men
James Stafford (1 month ago)
glad to see Yolo on the blackout ! great content
Ernie012 (1 month ago)
We need lots of these videos best thing ever love cod videos like this
Mike Valdez (1 month ago)
this was the funniest game vid ive ever seen
Joshua Abada (1 month ago)
The reason why I found this channel ist because of your YOLO vids. Please keep it up. More vids.
BabbaKush TV (1 month ago)
So funny xD
KindredGh0st (1 month ago)
KindredGh0st (1 month ago)
Hostile plant...lol
Jake Blair (1 month ago)
First video I've seen of yours. Lol this is a beautiful masterpiece
Im_2 good (1 month ago)
Can you put your boy under your wings so I learn how to edit like you
Angel benedict Reveche (1 month ago)
You are the best commanding officer in the world..
TheFlat Joker. (1 month ago)
That was fucking hilarious
Zulla Fh (1 month ago)
Yeahhhh.... you got shroud there commander.i really would like to watch you team up with shroud 1 day.shroud under stone command.
Chest Rockwell (1 month ago)
This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time...thank you Dad
MobilePro PH (1 month ago)
Im surprised shroud is in this video and you didnt used it on the title. So be advised shroud in this video guys
Winter Soldier AD (1 month ago)
Holy fcks the best fucking video i've seen today lmaooooo
Deny Fauzi (1 month ago)
China numba 1
TheO_ (1 month ago)
The one the only STONE MOUNTAIN UNIT 64
Killa Killz (1 month ago)
Your hilarious bro
Jacob Wiman (1 month ago)
”Im’a China numba’ 1 mothda fukka”
Thomas Henshaw (1 month ago)
Thanks man made me laugh so hard bud. Keep em coming
Swanworks Carrie (1 month ago)
I love u! I’m legit dying watching. Fracking hysterical! Do you ever play on Xbox? Dude I would die to play a game with you!!!!!!!! Please commanding officer?!!!
Kevin Beattie (1 month ago)
“I’m sorry captain!!”
Omar 408 (1 month ago)
5:14 Lmfao!!!!!
NecrosaderGaming (1 month ago)
U is a pretty shit med keybind... you realise you can move with using meds?
redtesta (1 month ago)
lmao....gotta play with this guy
redtesta (1 month ago)
hmm see the "snap" at the end at 2:10 right at end?
Evil Inferno (1 month ago)
That’s sick
Jose Romero (2 months ago)
This nigga really killed shroud and his squadron
Avalanche2 (2 months ago)
God damn I want to play with this dude.
Ty Bry’s One Lines (2 months ago)
Hahaha this shit is super entertaining
jacktownvillan (2 months ago)
Shit was kinda lame!
Kamil Piwowarczyk (2 months ago)
You have inspired me to act like a lunatic on the mic now. WOOOOOO!
Aman Kumar (2 months ago)
Man u nailed it............
Richard Wilson (2 months ago)
*standing applause*
Trenton Bland (2 months ago)
Hostile plant. Copy.
Marco antonio Reyes (2 months ago)
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😛😛 bravooo bravoooo siiii yessss muy bueno 😂 you are funny very funny.
Flintlock (2 months ago)
Commanding officer. Lol
trex gall (2 months ago)
Lol hell yea I'm taking this to Maury to see if he is the father
HYSTRUNG_NA (2 months ago)
Best damn stuff I ever seen, had me crying!!! HAHAHA
J S (2 months ago)
Your so f$$king funny!!!!!
Darren Wiedeman (2 months ago)
That was funny as hell, good vid and please make more
Jimmynojuice Reactz (2 months ago)
Yup subscribed!!!!
HULKGQ Nissan Patrol (2 months ago)
#1 China guy shooting his commanding officer! Lmfao
Sean Fisher (2 months ago)
The yelling isn't the funny part, it's your humor as the random soldier.
Gabriel Isturiz (2 months ago)
What cool
DarthLightYear 94 (2 months ago)
dude do you play ps4? lmao i killed someone making those noices like if i was actually shooting him lmao i thought it was funny af
Gabriel Martinez (2 months ago)
This guy makes me fucken laugh so hard
SKJ DEFENDER (2 months ago)
chimp (2 months ago)
This had me in absolute stitch
Logai74 (2 months ago)
"I am china number one!" Keeps shoting Stone! :)
The 24 Soldier (2 months ago)
Check your damn fire MOB!!! LMAO 😂
The dude (2 months ago)
This mode has to be the best I’ve played. With a lot of issues. A bunch of campers waiting around the last 3 rings... fix it and I’ll be perfect
Tyler King (2 months ago)
Hahaha legitimate asf dude. China set you up hahaha
Gio B (2 months ago)
I need to play with this guy
troy moore (2 months ago)
I just wanna know if stonemountains family was military or was he military or did he just watch alot of military movies growing up? The terminology he uses is actually pretty accurate and you typically dont see that unless the person is former military or grew up around it.
chris jenkins (2 months ago)
Hey stone can u please make more Yolo videos I love these
Extra Special Man (2 months ago)
Damian Betancourt (2 months ago)
You should play Free fire
Charles Box (2 months ago)
This takes me back to the good old days
corey mac (2 months ago)
"I can't heal. Am I dead. Lordy am I dead?"
Eric (2 months ago)
Jack Carreno (2 months ago)
This actually was pretty funny. Lol
Austin D (2 months ago)
Love this series and you father ❤
Wejammin Heslin (2 months ago)
Lol nice one
Defend Demolition (2 months ago)
I live for this guy!! 😂😂
Michael Bickel (2 months ago)
This is why we love stone I am dying
Peer (2 months ago)
I like China numba one lol
Matthew Tharp (2 months ago)
Give this man an Oscar!!!! NOW!!
tank 1984 (2 months ago)
Great voice over
JK2527 (2 months ago)
love this
Buschbeans _ (2 months ago)
Love it lmao keep it up
AnubisGamingg (2 months ago)
6:38 LMAO
ricky oldaker (2 months ago)
I was already going to congratulate you on being the classiest streamer of all time before I knew you killed Shroud and didn't use it for clickbait
Trevor Jordan (2 months ago)
that last Asian dude was pricless lol I laughed so hard while I'm pooping it didn't even need too push
IOEntretenimento (2 months ago)
Incrível... amazing!!! Have fun!!!!!
Logan Graffagnini (2 months ago)
Such quality content
Rafie Azimal (2 months ago)
i like YOLO operations . its hilarious :D
Junn Cruz (2 months ago)
The original video???? Someone???
Adam Brát (2 months ago)
Everbody here talks about Mountain not using Shrouds nick as clickbait or whatsever... and im just thinking... who the hell is Shroud?
Zabafa Archer (2 months ago)
I loved that guy at the end playing along with it
Austin (2 months ago)
bro I'm literally laughing out loud. This is the best ever. Im in tears
kapten_ sniper1 (2 months ago)
Bro...we need a YOLO video..please...at least 1 video in 2 week
Burst King (2 months ago)
Bois loll
FEED_Jamie1613 (2 months ago)
China #1 mudafucka
Philip Dew (2 months ago)
Jon B (2 months ago)
You have to make more videos like this then I'll subscribe this Shit is funny as fuck
Yega (2 months ago)
Is it me or do the graphics look super poor on this game?
Eric V (2 months ago)
That was good
Daily Dose of Random (2 months ago)
Jesus christ, never in my life have I felt so compelled to subscribe to a channel as I have now. This is everything I have ever wanted in my life but didn't know it till now. Good stuff man.
Angel gallardo (2 months ago)
Lmaoooo 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
George Reyes (2 months ago)
Oh how I missed watching your videos.

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