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Trash the jeans

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One old pair of jeans was too much for Maria, so she decided to trash them in her favorite stream mud and play in the water. It ends, when she take her scissors and cut her jeans in nice shorts... We publish here a trailer of our wet and muddy girls in wellies. Full video in HD (which lasts about 10-20 minutes) + photoset you can see at our site. Link in the end of the video.
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userbeta 47 (2 years ago)
trash the boots and the socks too.
heelrubberboots (2 years ago)
excellent clip
Leon-Philip Marriott (2 years ago)
you can Do more such Videos,please? this Video is so good
Patrick Dagnet (1 year ago)
Adventureinwellies geiles Video da wäre ich auch gerne dabei
Leon-Philip Marriott (2 years ago)
Adventureinwellies (2 years ago)
+Leon Sure, we will.
Mula Fulanito (2 years ago)
I love Maria!!!! She is so beautiful
valentino101000 (2 years ago)
Why not wearing rubbr boots without socks?Anyway great video!!
500v8 (2 years ago)
nice vid as always.
Phil Mcintosh (2 years ago)
mmm maria been at it again yummy fun !!!!!

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