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Style Of Eye & Slagsmålsklubben "Homeless"

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Download "Homeless": http://smarturl.it/StyleSlagHome Subscribe to Fool's Gold TV! http://smarturl.it/FGTV An unexpected collaboration between techno trailblazer Style Of Eye and synth maniacs Slagsmalsklubben, who stack electronic riffs Jenga-style atop layers of tribal percussion and spaced-out chants for a track as experimental as it is undeniably funky. Ed Banger chief Busy P and Neus link up for a “cadavre exquis” version “remixed for the girls by Busy P and tweaked for the clubs by Neus,” while rising young producer Canblaster contributes a hyperactive, video-game inspired remix, complete with it’s own announcer! Follow Style of Eye & Slagsmalsklubben: https://twitter.com/styleofeye?lang=en https://www.facebook.com/styleofeyeof... https://www.instagram.com/smksweden/ https://www.facebook.com/slagsmalsklu... https://twitter.com/smksweden ______________________ Follow Fool's Gold! ______________________ Add us on Snapchat! http://smarturl.it/FGSnap http://facebook.com/foolsgoldrecs http://instagram.com/foolsgoldrecs http://soundcloud.com/foolsgoldrecs http://twitter.com/foolsgoldrecs http://foolsgoldrecs.tumblr.com © 2016 Fool's Gold Records
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Text Comments (38)
afreeze1986 (3 years ago)
so pwnt they will never be left alownt
afreeze1986 (3 years ago)
I found this track on a fluke and I usually I don't listen to this type of stuff but I appreciate all kinds of music. But if someone asked me why I like this song I think I would have to say it keeps your eardrums guessing. Lol
Frances Walker (5 years ago)
Those look like Aleister Crowley's eyes! Why his eyes? He was satanic. 
mogzig (5 years ago)
rad song thx m8
Hail The Snail (5 years ago)
This is amazing!
Kim L (5 years ago)
This is mind blowing!
659 Music (5 years ago)
they look homeless
Faith Walker (5 years ago)
they look terrified
KhaosxK1ng (6 years ago)
vitriolix (6 years ago)
What the hell did this just do to my brain ?
dododancer98 (6 years ago)
found thru my dance studio lol
kfortier5 (6 years ago)
I need a ring tone of that drum loop.
David White (6 years ago)
This sounds like the theme from the Goron Village from 'Ocarina of Time'
CeeBarrio1 (6 years ago)
Those is Aleister Crowleys eyes! SHAAaaaady!
clinton kelley (6 years ago)
finally something different, so refreshing
Sania Solon (6 years ago)
Ever since I saw the Grey Goose Cherry Noir commercial, I needed to find this song. THE BEST SOUNDTRACK
MeliStylez (6 years ago)
Very creative. I love this!
Christian Garcia (6 years ago)
Dope ass beat !!
scottysttylin (6 years ago)
eyes of the evil aleister crowley
krilll69 (6 years ago)
crazy beat from the vodka commercial, dope
stalligaze (6 years ago)
should be a project X theme song
WinterWithLouie (6 years ago)
Grey Goose Cherry Noir Commercial. Great song. :D
yarinka collucci (6 years ago)
amen to that
Quentin Smith (6 years ago)
Why is this not number 1 on itunes?
isicrag (6 years ago)
GoHard4Home (6 years ago)
this is sexy
GoHard4Home (6 years ago)
Grey Goose, nuff said
Evan Jackson (6 years ago)
i luv dis song its in d grey goose commercial
all1allequal (6 years ago)
Hell yes!
wmclindsaycindy4ever (6 years ago)
Same here...now that I found it, I really wanna try the Grey Goose Cherry now lol...
DaubDautie (6 years ago)
This beat is hot
Syce Yoko (6 years ago)
this song is hott
Evan Jackson (6 years ago)
this d best ever
TeckNick83 (6 years ago)
Favorite beat ever!
Josh Lowe (6 years ago)
wtf is going on?!
Udo Dorcas (7 years ago)
No disagreements hear!
nguyent2 (7 years ago)
found this thru Grey Goose Cherry Noir commercial
Saman Dell (7 years ago)
ja ja kick'n

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