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TRACKLIST INCLUIDA Suscribete para seguir escuchando más Mix´s Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/victor-emmnl-gonzlz-v/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Warrior-F-a-B-W-Selekta-1702595586662742/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel DONATION/DONACIONES : paypal.me/warriorfabwselekta Tracklist: 00:00 – Forever Loving Jah – Bob Marley 02:11 – No Fires It – Mc Woner 05:10 – Strange Things – Ronnie Davis 08:39 – Rise & Shine – Bunny Wailer 12:44 – Jah Children – African Princess 15:42 – Times So Hard – Al Campbell 19:05 – Revolution – Dennis Brown 22:02 – Feeling Irie – Gregory Isaacs 24:53 – Jah Bless – Matthew Mcanuff 27:34 – By The Look – Enos McLeod 30:07 – Fire, Fire – Yabby You 33:17 – Dread Red Dread – African Son 34:55 – Young Girl – Don Carlos 38:11 – Youths of Today – African Brothers 40:03 – One Spliff a Day - Billy Boyo 43:10 – Plastic Smile –Black Uhuru 45:29 – International Farmer – Peter Broggs 48:43 – Mystic Man – Peter Tosh 52:23 – Rasta Spirit – Alton Ellis 55:29 – You Don´t Love Me (No No No) – Dawn Penn 60:10 – Dreamlets – Fu Manchu 62:50 – Love is For Jah – Johnny Osbourne 66:06 – Zion Gate Dub – Horace Andy & King Tubby 67:35 – Roots & Culture – Mikey Dread All Right Reserved Bleess!!!
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Text Comments (2669)
Prabha Arora (2 hours ago)
Life does not show meanings lufe shows ways i got one Life never told me that i m rich but i knew i m rich from heart Looking so much on youtube showed me thrs to much to explore Life gave me a new thought ro fight that i m rich thats reggae for me Listing my viens.
Hajid Mitchell (3 hours ago)
As soon as the first song started playing 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I found my smoking playlist ESPECIALLY wake n bake
Sally Bozeat (1 day ago)
I like this music. Just the beat is soothing.
richard knowles (2 days ago)
VIBEall the way to 2019 EASY. XX
Rennan Springer (2 days ago)
Nice listen Roots sub,rub a dub... Greats singles!!
NAC (2 days ago)
LEGALize it, Mon!!
Sam Devine (2 days ago)
Raggae will always be appart of my life.
Venyra TIDJINE (2 days ago)
Gabrielly Mota (4 days ago)
Mostra KKK
BestMusic ._ (5 days ago)
TheKingHyral (6 days ago)
I love reggae music. It makes me feel happy, better about life, and most of all, I can groove to this. Peter Tosh, Steel Pulse, Bob Marley and the Wailers (of course), and many more, Jah bless you. Sad to not see Steel Pulse in this mix, but that's okay.
ernesto serna (6 days ago)
tracks , anybody?
Political Spectrum (6 days ago)
Master piece!! Yah! one love!
michel Guevara (8 days ago)
Nice 👍🏾
Felix Bakker (8 days ago)
41:00 1 spliff a day keep the evil away ^^
Yung Gaucho (8 days ago)
Those locs thooo
nick Phillip (8 days ago)
King bob👍
Felipe Lillo (9 days ago)
Fumen la weed mi hermano....😎
Linda Hughes (9 days ago)
Rasta and Reggae are requirements for spiritual growth. Don't think I can trust anyone who doesn't like Reggae. I mean, I can't relate to their frequency or vibration. and that's basic for connecting. I enjoy a variety of music. And Reggae most always first choice of the morning,or noon or night. Lol, love this particular mix!!!
Lucas Gen (10 days ago)
Bob marley y unas tucas volando tranka
Shan (10 days ago)
Big up. To the Warrior. 🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱
nicolas dominguez (10 days ago)
phil dread (11 days ago)
Brilliant. Roots Rock Underground Reggae at it's best.
renan mello (12 days ago)
Forever loving jah <3
Franka van der Gaag (12 days ago)
Chancetta Lee (12 days ago)
classic mix 2018
Phoenix Iky (12 days ago)
La photo donne envie de se laver les cheuveux avec du shampoing
Kleber Sousa (12 days ago)
Slv pra ZS de SP toda capital abc estado e nosso Brasil✌👽
wily gramajo (12 days ago)
There is nothing like smoking weed and listening to raggae at two in the morning sittin next to a basketball post on the weekend where there is nothing to do in the mid 90s!
Bahitá som..👏🍁
Petr Staněk (13 days ago)
This music is the best and it is even better when you are shanti...
SPONGE BO! (13 days ago)
Being a Rasta. Its not having Dreads nor smoke ganja . Its the spirit within your inner Vibe. Now you are a Rasta. Yyaahhman!
Buck Bowen (15 days ago)
This mix is solid as fuck AF!
Rafa RF (17 days ago)
Mary Jane 🍁♥️
珍珍忠 (18 days ago)
good music
Major Sampson (18 days ago)
Get Religion
Zoran Ramzo Kamenycky (19 days ago)
foravar lovin jah !! bless up
Germain Bresler (19 days ago)
Thanks is nice musik.Peace
Dannyboy Boar (20 days ago)
This is fucking serious, bless one love .
Belarrio Ulysse (20 days ago)
mostly people in this world's they think I am a plant of weed's and cause of my super high they might think the can smoke me out at the university . I am that nigga who can send you where B.O.B Marley at. real dead coming back 100000 time
Kait (20 days ago)
billy boyo <3
Mabutho Radebe (21 days ago)
Speed @ 0.75...melowestest tempo
mon. G Elguin gonzalez (22 days ago)
Jim de la maison Kayak (23 days ago)
😁😁😁😁😂 c'est une très bonne nuit super continue comme ça
Jim de la maison Kayak (23 days ago)
une bonne musique😃😃😃
DrivingHangover (24 days ago)
Listen reggae makes you better, more tolerant, more open minded ! To all the listeners Jah Bless
Brassie42 DeLuca (24 days ago)
That kid at 40 minutes in...
LOBO NEGRO HUELLA (24 days ago)
Space Music Beatz (25 days ago)
I do not understand how tf people come here to listen Reggae, and hit that "disslike button". hahah What is wrong with you people ?! Love this mix is just perfect !
Só pancada
malonzeambani (27 days ago)
aalll time favorite
I feel so good with this music! ¡Saludos desde México!!
Edu Oush (28 days ago)
l leite (29 days ago)
Salve salve rede conectada de vibracões, online sempre estivemos e agora é mais que corações. Familia se ajuda e se entrega não olhe observe todo que não ilumina cega
Bent Remy (1 month ago)
Oh My God.......... this mix is straight murda, fya and blessings!!!!!! What a selection.
goldbluetears (1 month ago)
this is some serious shit man!
RUM T JOE (1 month ago)
maddddddddddddddddddd.man i love this.only hard roots
shippon844 (1 month ago)
Weed Stock (1 month ago)
salve algum maconhista ai krl f1f1f11
Rubito xxl (1 month ago)
Como se llama la del 41:40
William Shakes Beer (1 month ago)
One Spliff a day - Billy Boyo
Latoria Martin (1 month ago)
Fiyah tracks
MICHEL DANTES MD (1 month ago)
Juan Mendoza Soto (1 month ago)
yo solo se que no se nada
Njuguna Martin (1 month ago)
Brandie Fox (1 month ago)
forgot Israel Vibrations!
insomniac (1 month ago)
I searched after weed smoker music
5-String rebel (1 month ago)
Awful mixing.
Tico Ario (1 month ago)
Miguel Villagomez (1 month ago)
Es tachida
Tatu Tshibangu (1 month ago)
I Like this intro. We will forever love you Jah.. Marley for life.
spencer singh (1 month ago)
Down with Babylon torarss
Small Bongane (1 month ago)
Jah is my king
Two Ganz (1 month ago)
esta piola
eduardo pasagu (1 month ago)
alguien sabe como se llama el artista del 28:00 gracias... peru
Alex Neumann (1 month ago)
mauricio soares (1 month ago)
O Reggae e como 1 dose de tranquilizante me faz ficar zemm
Joanne Salama (1 month ago)
Is not all listening reggae music is smoking weed ! Lol ! Good music anyway ! Thankx for sharing !
Jailson Melo (1 month ago)
Marvin Morales (1 month ago)
Flores Peten, Guatemala
Ocram Touffid (1 month ago)
Ryan Walker (1 month ago)
rise and shine for the sake of the younger generation!!!!!
William M (1 month ago)
FAB 10/10........
zerrouk joseph (1 month ago)
I laughed so much with your first sentence!!! Not making a joke of you, I just think you are right on this!
Silent Voice (1 month ago)
What a mix!!! spot on!...Big thanks.
Andrew Pound (1 month ago)
Live the life you love Love the life you live....
Nikson Kennedy (1 month ago)
luis aguilar (1 month ago)
Chris Carter (1 month ago)
bless up
Mick Woodworks (1 month ago)
Great mix
Felipe Souza (1 month ago)
Esse som é bom demais pra ouvir fumando uma maconha da boa !!!
Mr.GanjubaZ (1 month ago)
Что можно внимать в 8 утра,потом бурной ночи и утренней плюхи,лучше этого?Ничего!Ничего товарищи!Наслаждайтесь!Люблю Вас!
John Paddy (1 month ago)
Ya Munn
Luis VadeZ MartineZ (1 month ago)
Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción que esta en el minuto 40:00 ?
xygnusx (1 month ago)
One Spliff a Day by Billy Boyo
Si Luz do sol (1 month ago)
Reggae Love 🥂
Eric Elooz (1 month ago)
The best songs....💙
МИХАЛЫ4 (1 month ago)
Только свободные люд в полном смысле слова, могут придумывать такую музыку.
rick jay (1 month ago)
Jah raises!!!! Babylon Fire!!!!!
Casa Kalani (1 month ago)
i think wan of the musics is bob marley !! i love regie !! its a god music

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